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An editorial in The Washington Post claims that the only thing that kept January’s Capitol protests from erupting into horrific, terrorist-driven bloody gunfire is Washington, D.C.’s famously stringent gun control laws:

 On Jan. 6, that same threat descended on the Capitol. Domestic terrorists attacked the seat of American democracy, intending to violently subvert the will of the people.

These insurrectionists came armed with zip ties, pepper spray, pipe bombs, smoke devices and other weapons. They wanted not only to disrupt the proceedings that ratified Joe Biden as the next president of the United States but also to inflict harm on our legislators and on Vice President Mike Pence.

We may have D.C.’s gun laws to thank for averting such disaster.

This editorial was written by a sophomore at Georgetown Day School (and Maryland March for Our Lives leader) with a little help from Carl Racine, the D.C. attorney general. The authors clearly believe D.C.’s gun control regime is the only thing that prevented serious violence on January 6.reason the January 6th.

Somehow though Reddy and Racine managed to ignore the looting and burning of the city that took place at the hands of anti-Trump protestors four years ago after the 45th President’s inauguration. They also turn a blind eye to the bloody violence and destruction wreaked by BLM, Antifa, and other leftist protestors around the country throughout 2020, much of which occurred in cities that also feature plenty of limits on the right to keep and bear arms.

No worries now, though, because gun control worked! It saved the day on January 6, 2020:

…our gun laws limited the scale of violence and will now help us hold accountable those who were caught carrying firearms to what was initially disguised as a lawful protest. These laws actively aided in the cause of protecting our democracy and our efforts to recover through accountability.

The authors also manage to bring mass-murderers into their equation too, opining that if we just had more limits on civilian gun rights, we’d have fewer school shootings:

Hiding from rioters with deadly weapons is a small taste of what children across this country risk every day when they go into school.

The pandemic may have granted a brief reprieve, but the data shows that the number of school shootings is trending upward.

Wait, what?

Hold on, there’s more. They flow beautifully from there into the need to ban — you guess it — “assault weapons” (just after stating there weren’t any rifles at the January 6th protest):

The new administration can start by reinstating the federal assault weapons ban. Legislators — even those in states with strong laws already on the books — can prioritize measures to ensure guns are not brought to public buildings and public spaces, to schools or to protests.

What say you all? Were gun control laws the only thing that stemmed the tide of potential widespread violence at the Capitol? Do riots/protests/whatever have any bearing at all on school shootings carried out by crazed killers? Or…is this all just a convoluted mess of concocted scenarios thrown together in a naked attempt to force the issue of the anti-gunners desire for gun bans?

You make the call.

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    • Well back it up washington compost…Hang a big Gun Free Zone Sign on your building that can be seen for miles and miles. And have the school kids you perverts use to bash gun rights congregate beneath your sign. And when some perp shows up with a knife, bat, car, gun, fists or feet you clowns can call men with guns to save your sorry behinds…before the kid’s of course.

      • “the only thing that kept violence to a minimum was restraint“

        Yes, 5 dead people qualifies as minimum violence.

        • “Yes, 5 dead people qualifies as minimum violence.”

          Yes, compared to all the leftist motivated murders we have been experiencing for the last year.

    • Muckraker,

      It IS “excruciatingly painful” . . . to those of us who have to witness it. I get a headache every time I read one of Minor Annoyance’s rationality-free, deranged attempts at commentary.

    • It is amazingly naive to think our society won’t continues to be violent in all aspects. Enact all the laws they want to make criminals out of solid family citizens that protect themselves ,but until we understand good and evil ,they will all fail. The decades of violence on the television shows, movies, and video games have programmed generations. Hollywood collects the money and then acts sanctimoniously innocent ! Politicians only listen to those who squeak!

      • Well said, but politicians are controlled by the money. MSM, Silicone Valley Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer, buy the DNC. The writers at WAPO belong in the comics section, they waste good lumber on these clowns.

  1. So, we’re the choir. I seriously doubt that Racine, Bowser, or any other blue leader reads TTAG. But ya gotta use whatever voice amplifier available, I suppose.

  2. Last I heard pipe bombs are illegal everywhere, unless you live in a state that allows it and comply with all NFA regulations, or hold the appropriate class of federal license. Over throwing the government and harming people are also illegal. So if one decided to violate all of those laws why would they give a fuck about the damn gun laws?

    Good to know the left is still moving farther and farther away from reality.

  3. So they ignored laws about creating bombs but obeyed laws regarding guns? Seems like someone didnt use their thinking cap for this piece.

  4. the article states that they had pipe bombs, but somehow gun control laws kept them from creating a bloodbath. ??? 1 pipe bomb can kill or maim far more people than a “high cap” magazine of 30 rounds any day of the week. pipe bombs are very illegal, but “pipe bomb control laws” were shockingly ignored by criminals! who could have ever dreamed a criminal would violate the law? and on that note, surely criminals would obey more gun control laws (or would someone who cares nothing for breaking the law against explosive devices also not care about breaking any gun control law regardless of how strict)? all I know is that I would rather someone try to kill me with a MSR with 30 rounds in the mag than try to kill me with a pipe bomb. at least I have a better chance of surviving being shot by said hypothetical criminal since his/her/it/whatever must have some semblance of marksmanship skills to shoot me. a bomb (unless it is a shape charge) is omnidirectional in the blast and shrapnel. the old saying that close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades comes to mind…

  5. The most-liked comment was :

    “Though some individuals within the mob were armed with handguns, consider what could have happened had these impulsive insurrectionists been able to legally carry long rifles or semiautomatics in D.C.”

    “Well first, the handguns were semiautomatics. Second, assault rifles were found in a red pickup parked outside the Capitol. Third, you only know what was seized, not how many and what type that were there in total. Fourth, I very much doubt that the out-of-towners were familiar with DC gun laws to start with. Fifth, and most importantly, none of the firearms were actually used. You’re just claiming credit for what DIDN’T happen. And ignoring what little effect the DC gun laws are having over in Ward 8 every day.”

  6. Radio host Gordon Liddy, RIP, called them the “Washington Compost”. He was correct. They are an anti-civil rights newspaper.

    The white people who own and run the Compost paper, are very racist white Liberals. They are very comfortable having a majority population city of blacks, disarmed. They like being able to walk around knowing that the blacks they see have been disarmed. By a compliant “black slave class” of political leaders. Blacks who are very wealthy. But who gladly follow the orders of their white socialist progressive white slave masters.

    Col Jeff Cooper, founder of Gun Site, was correct when he said , “give inner city residence guns and they will solve their own problems”.
    The problem in the “gun community” is that many so called Libertarians, Liberals, and Leftist gun owners, don’t really support the open carry of long guns. Not do they support the open carry of handguns.

    But they and their ACLU butt buddies, do support the KKK marching through black neighborhoods while carrying guns.

    Open carry is your Second Amendment birthright. If you don’t support open carry, then you have never supported the Second Amendment.

    They are very comfortable with, THE GOVERNMENT HAVING THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT, to open carry guns.

  7. This stuff is beyond laughable! How many murders are there in DC? How many armed robberies are there in DC? Carjackings? etc. Keep you powder dry and shoot straight……..ammo is hard to find!

    • Playing the “What if” game is fun and easy!

      If silencers were legal in DC, then that guy they just arrested could have (and would have?) attached one to his sniper rifle with a tripod and picked off the Capitol police one by one. Everyone knows people would risk a murder charge, but not a firearm related charge.

  8. We may have D.C.’s gun laws to thank for averting such disaster.

    … along with the apparent willingness of treasonous, murderous insurrectionists to abide by them?

    Somehow these two things just don’t fit together.

  9. “the data shows that the number of school shootings is trending upward”

    Anything can trend anyway you want it to. All you have to do is select the appropriate start and end dates.


  11. That article is just peak Clown World. These leftoid brainlets that consider these protests on the 6th an act of domestic terrorism but they also think that those same people are going to be stopped by a law.

  12. So all that is needed is incredibly violent men to take guns away from everyone and we’ll be in a better democracy.

    Got it.

  13. The progressives all know damn well that the crowd out there on Jan. 6 didn’t want to violently overthrow anything. They also know damn good and well that if the protesters *had* decided Congress needed to go up in flames, it would have — and that has them scared spitless.

    They’re also clever idiots who fundamentally don’t grok the stubborn independence of most Americans, so they’re propagandizing it as some kind of mass insurrection and pursuing a course that’s only going to result in more of what they don’t want.

  14. I thought it was the razor wire, fencing and 25,000 troops that saved democracy.
    Patriot Act.
    Affordable Health Care Act.
    Freedom Certificate.

    Notice a pattern?

  15. Umm, what’s the penalty for a pipe bomb on federal property, transporting it across state lines and intending it to be used in a public space? I’m betting it’s more than violating the DC gun ban.

    Some people are just dumb.

  16. The gun shot fired into the insurrectionist, combined with the arrival of police tactical teams, convinced the insurrectionists to depart.

    Washington DC Anti Gun Laws had absolutely ZERO to do with halting the insurrectionist riot or the attempts to locate, kidnap or kill Senators, Representatives, Police Officers or Congressional staff.

    As always, criminal scum follow no laws. True of a hold up at a liquor store, a home invasion, or a coup attempt by anti-Americans inspired by years of the Big Lie being forced fed to them.

  17. That idiotic Op-Ed presumes that “democracy” is alive and well in America. In reality, democracy is dead. The Republic is dead. Freedom is on it’s last legs. Only stupidity reigns, and it reigns supreme.

    Take advice from ignorant addled children and you’ll be stupid too.

    • ^^^___ FUCKING MORON ALERT ___^^^

      You wouldn’t know what a democracy is if you were pissing on one.

      Which is what you do, all day long and twice on Sunday.

      Try Venezuela. Nice, authoritarian, temperate climate, great food, lots of oil and gas, a free gun in every pot ….

      • Says the guy who voted for the fucking morons who think gun control saved democracy and have turned DC into a military camp. This is your vote for Biden in action, idiot. Enjoy the consequences.

  18. Lol….as if laws ever stopped anyone before!

    The Washington Post is run by fools who follow idiots.

    What saved DC was that nearly everyone their had self control and did not want to harm anyone. There were a handful that didn’t care and took selfies at Pelosi’s desk. WaPo really needs to look into the reality of it. But that will never happen.

    • You are right on. The WAPO consists of comic writers and are controlled by elitists out to destroy America and create two classes , elitists and those dependent on the Government. Their goal is to eliminate the middle class and all commons sense ideology. Socialism and Marxism is now in play with the DemonRATs.

  19. If these people really wanted to break the law and hurt people they would have ignored the gun laws, only law abiding people respect gun laws.

  20. Because people who want to depose the government and murder Congress are going to balk at breaking a gun law.

  21. Everyone knows that all the act’s that’s going on is the Democraps way to get what they want (TOTAL CONTROL ) THE Democrats want all the RIGHTS of THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA, they WiLL STEAL, CHEAT,LIE, FALSIFY DATA, THEATER, FORCEFULLY IF NECESSARY, WHATEVER IT TAKES FOR them to achieve their GOAL, TO DEFUND THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA OF ALL THEIR RIGHTS, the way the Constitute is now the government works for the people, but the demoRATS want the people to work for the government, the people of America needs to come to THEIR senses, and REMOVE THE SCRUM FROM OUR Governmental offices, LET’S TAKE THE TRASH OUT PEOPLE, LET’S KEEP OUR RIGHTS TO KEEP FREEDOM IN AMERICA. AMEN

  22. Right……………..and NY Governor Benito Cuomo didn’t kill any elderly nursing home resident.

  23. So, I’m supposed to believe that a “well planned” and “coordinated” “insurrection” was foiled because guns were illegal? Did I miss something? Aren’t “insurrections” illegal? Even more importantly, isn’t the penalty for “insurrection” significantly HIGHER than illegal firearms? Hey, anybody want a ride on my unicorn? I promise its rainbow farts don’t smell bad.

    This is the kind of “logic” one would expect from a 3 year-old. Definitely NOT the ideas of an even average intelligence 19 year-old, let alone an adult!

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