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You read that right. Courtland Milloy, a Washington Post columnist, is touting the efficacy of allowing concealed carry in the District. This after a man who was walking his dog was attacked and killed by a knife-wielding neighbor. We know that the ‘we’re winning’ articles and posts can get pretty repetitive and tired but you know what? We’re winning . . .

Milloy does a nice job of tying in the recent Maryland court ruling, too:

Whether or not this story proves to be as insane as it sounds, the incident as reported does provide a textbook case for legalizing handguns in the District, as well as buttress a ruling Monday by a federal judge that declared significant parts of Maryland’s gun-control law unconstitutional.

To get a permit to carry a gun in Maryland, residents must prove that they have “good and substantial reason” to do so. Hogwash, says the judge. He might have noted that someone like Wright would never have been able to prove that he needed a gun to walk his dog — until Sunday, that is. By then, of course, it would have been too late.

The columnist also chronicles the fact that in D.C., knives outnumber guns as weapons of choice when committing an assault. Milloy also takes not of something called “assault knives” – whatever those are – that local kwikky marts sell for a little as ten bones. But let’s not quibble, shall we?

To be clear, that’s a long-time local columnist at a big, liberal establishment dead tree newspaper telling his readers in a Dem-contolled town it’s time to ease the restrictions and let people carry guns. That kind of heresy makes Martin Luther look like a piker.

This comes as the D.C. City Council voted (the mayor has promised to sign the new law) to unravel part of its crazy-quilt of obstacles thrown up in the way of Washingtonians who want to pack heat. Sure, they only did it because after the Heller decision Congress probably would have done it for them, but again, this is a quibble-free zone. Today anyway.

So to answer RF’s question in a word, yes.



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  1. Smart people learn from their mistakes, while wise people learn from others’ mistakes. Let’s learn from other societies that have disarmed and fallen prey to rampant violent crime and tell our politicians that we are by and large good people who can be implicitly trusted.

  2. You make a good point. As Boomers age, they (we) feel less inclined to get involved in a direct-contact fight, and it seems reasonable to us that we should simply be able to shoot someone coming at us with apparent intent to slice us up with a knife or pulverize us with a baseball bat. Makes sense to me, and translates well into both votes and judicial reflections as our cohort ages.

      • Yes, you are right. I was intoxicated by the strangeness of Milloy, A WaPo columnist, repeating the phrase “never bring a knife to a gunfight, pal” in a good light. The rest is projection on my part. I do think the age factor will lead to more voters appreciating legal carry. No?

  3. Ask the all knowing DC city council if Mr. Wright begged for his life enough or somehow didn’t follow their recommendations to live through the attack.

  4. This is SO out of character for both Malloy and the Post and SO opposite of everything they have printed in the past that I can’t help but think something is fishy.

  5. Something doesn’t sound right with the fact pattern presented in Milloy’s article:

    (quoting from the article:

    Instead, Colbert caught up to him, police said, and a “verbal altercation” ensued — then turned violent. The knife slashed at Wright, cutting his arm then opening up what witnesses described as a “large bleeding gash” on his neck. Apparently in shock, Wright went home and returned to confront Colbert with a shovel.

    “You going to stab me?” Wright asked, according to police.

    He was stabbed multiple times and died an hour later. )

    Wait…he was stabbed, went inside, got a shovel….then returned to confront the assailant with a SHOVEL?

  6. A “news” paper eventually must worry about it’s credibility and profitability at some point. Otherwise the readers become aware of the fact that they are being lied to and manipulated, which results in reduced sales and the paper going out of business. So too politicians, who desperately wish to remain employed in their cozy little or big, well compensated positions. Both stick their fingers in the air and then decide about the appropriate amount of capitulation they must grant, in order to maintain the status quo and their personal happiness.

    Both will grant only that amount necessary and no more because it is all about maintaining them, and their status, and their power, and their privilege, and prestige, and their desires, over the lesser barnyard animals, who pay for it all, in so many ways. It is never about you and your freedoms or wishes and dreams. It is all about them, as long as you don’t realize it. When you do, they are all smiles and reasonableness, all of a sudden…….. For a while, until you become distracted again.

  7. “You read that right. Courtland Milloy, a Washington Post columnist, is touting the efficacy of allowing concealed carry in the District. [Mr. Miller stated that] “…the incident as reported does provide a textbook case for legalizing handguns in the District…”

    In recent news from Inside the Beltway, reliable observers reported spotting a flock of approximately 14 pigs flying over the Mall. Film at 11!

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