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A week or so ago word came that Walther was being investigated for illegally exporting one of their firearms to a “conflict zone,” something prohibited by German law. The evidence provided by a German gun control activist organization was that one of their guns stamped “Made in Germany” had been found on sale in Colombia…and that was all the proof they needed that Walther is an evil gun-running organization with malicious intent. But according to Walther, there’s nothing to the trumped up charge . . .

At IWA, the effect of the investigation was pretty clear. Even though the guys at the booth knew I was only interested in the product, they wouldn’t let me photograph the models on the table — they were concerned about the media reports in Germany and didn’t want any press getting their hands on such pictures. That was OK, though, as I had already snapped some shots of the models they had on the wall outside the booth. Still, it shows how seriously Walther’s taking the accusation.

I spoke with one of the Walther reps, and according to him the gun in question was not imported into the “conflict zone,” at least not by Walther. Instead the specific firearm in question had been legally sold to Finland. Then the company there had shipped it without Walther’s knowledge or consent to Colombia. Naturally the gun control advocates in Germany don’t care. They just want Walther tarred for having committed a “war crime.”

The reality of the situation is that there’s no way to control the flow of small arms. Gun control advocates can continue to demand “stricter controls” all they want, but no matter how the laws are implemented there will always be bad guys willing to break the law to supply criminals. In Mexico, it’s the military illegally selling guns to the cartels. In Afghanistan, it’s caches of surplus Soviet gear provided (at one point) by the CIA that feeds Al Quaeda. And even in England, “banned” guns keep turning up and are used more often in crimes. The world is a giant sieve, and gun control activists are doing everything they can to try and plug one hole at a time. But it’s an impossible task, and as soon as one hole is plugged two more open up.

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  1. “In Mexico, it’s the military illegally selling guns to the cartels.”

    Not to mention a certain federal agency.

      • The Cartels are flush with cash that they don’t know what to do with.

        The Average American not so much.

        The Cartel bigwigs have so much cash laying around, that they can gold plate and bedazzle everything with jewels. I guess its an investment…..

  2. Shuuuure Walther, it’s just common sense that you know at all times where every gun you have ever made is located.

    • Yup, that’s why we need all guns to have satellite tracked RFID unicorn farts – it’s just common gunsense. or something.

  3. “The penalties of smuggling must rise in proportion to the temptation. The law, contrary to all the ordinary principles of justice, first creates the temptation, and then punishes those who yield to it; and it commonly enhances the punishment too in proportion to the very circumstance which ought certainly to alleviate it, the temptation to commit the crime.” Adam Smith, An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, 1775.

    • “…smuggling gives frequent occasions to forfeitures and other penalties, which entirely ruint he smuggler; a person who, though no doubt highly blamable for violating the laws of his country, is frequently incapable of violating those of natural justice, and would have been, in every respect, an excellent citizen, had not the laws of his country made that a crime which nature never meant to be so.” Adam Smith, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, 1775.

  4. Forget about the illegal arms trading, ask them when were getting our next batch of P99cs dammit!

  5. Should be, “…EXPORTED into the war zone” Walther would not be the importer in Venezuela. It would be the “importer into”. Or not, as the case may be.

  6. “but no matter how the laws are implemented there will always be bad guys & GOVENRMENTS willing to break the law to supply criminals.”

    There, fixed it for you. Seriously though, Governments use the black market to distribute arms all over the world to there causes de jour. I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of the small arms trade is gov. backed.

  7. False accusations are despicable. Nonetheless, when Walther-outer Jürgen Grässlin’s satirical cartoons depicting the Prophet are reported on Al Ji Hahad, he’ll understand. I’m sure. And he’ll deal with it. Or else.

  8. It seems to me that if Walther legally exported the firearms to Finland, then that should be the end of the inquiry. Whether the Finnish importer acted illegally in exporting them to Columbia is a question of Finnish law, not German law. And if what the distributor did was legal under Finnish law, there is no case.
    To even have a shot at Walther, it would seem the prosecutor would have to prove that Walther “conspired” with the Finnish distributor to ship arms to Columbia–good luck with that.

  9. So does this mean they can’t export to south Chicago?
    It is not their fault. “Ve ver only filling ordurss!”

  10. Sounds like it’s time for Walther to move from Germany to Alabama, or Georgia, or ……..

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