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Dick’s Sporting Goods should serve as a giant warning sign of the perils of practicing corporate gun control advocacy. To the tune of $150 million. And Levi’s. And Delta Airlines ($40 million annually). Now Walmart’s CEO is making noises that sound like he wants to sail those same perilous seas, too, signaling his company’s support for “common sense” gun control.

Walmart has received immense pressure from anti-freedom organizations to stop selling guns after the shooting in one of their stores in El Paso. Because guns are bad.

Now it seems Walmart’s leadership has grown wobbly in its support of traditional America and its gun culture.

CNN Business offers this introduction to their story.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said Thursday the company supports strengthening some gun measures in the United States after more than 20 people were killed in an attack on a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

Although McMillon stopped short of endorsing a specific bill or plan, he said Walmart is encouraged that consensus is building for “common sense” legislation to prevent mass shootings.

“We’re encouraged that broad support is emerging to strengthen background checks and to remove weapons from those who have been determined to pose an imminent danger,” McMillon said in a statement Thursday. “We believe the reauthorization of the Assault Weapons ban should be debated to determine its effectiveness in keeping weapons made for war out of the hands of mass murderers.”

Walmart (WMT) is America’s largest retailer, and McMillon said for the first time Walmart represents about 2% of the market for guns today. Walmart believes it is not among the top three gun sellers in the industry. The company estimates it has about a 20% share of ammunition.

Walmart’s guy says that he doesn’t think they’re among the top three sellers in the industry? That’s unknown, but one thing seems certain…selling guns and ammo while advocating for more gun control does not lead to more business.

McMillon’s comments on guns could give Congress fresh incentive to act on the deeply divisive issue. Walmart is also weighing whether to take additional steps on its gun policies.

His comments could also lead to global warming too. But it’s unlikely.

During a call with reporters Thursday, Dan Bartlett, Walmart executive vice president of corporate affairs and a former top aide to President George W. Bush, said the company would offer its “perspective and support” to Congress as a retailer that has stopped selling assault weapons.

How kind of them!

Should Walmart continue with this virtue signaling foolishness, America’s local gun shops and smaller chains will no doubt appreciate Bentonville’s alienation of many American gun owners.

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      • Upright American citizens the next time an out of control liberals shots dozen of people in a Walmart store you will have no way to defend yourself—-Walmart joined the looney left. stupid

    • For what it’s worth, Walmart stopped selling guns years ago. The only Walmarts that still sell guns are in Alaska!

      • You need to get out more Jay. Every Walmart that I’ve visited in the last year in multiple states had rifles and shotguns on the shelf.

      • Jay,
        You must live where they are NO walmarts. All the ones we visit do sell guns. However I will not buy from them. I prefer to buy from AMERICAN companies not Chinese junk shops.

      • Hmmm…You are so incorrect my friend. The local Walmart I go to in Arizona sells some small caliber rifles and shotguns but they don’t sell any handguns. Arizona is a right to carry state and I never leave my house without my GLOCK 9MM Model 19 holstered on my belt. I could set a pile of guns in a room and they won’t kill anyone. People shoot and kill people not guns alone 🙂 I purchase all of my 9MM rounds at Walmart.

    • I used to buy my fishing products and alot of other products from Walmart. This is my response to you for you trying to infringement on the 2nd amendment I will no longer do any shopping. At Walmart or any of it’s associated stores.

  1. I’m in favor of “common sense cheap imported Chinese sh!t control,” but that would put Walmart out of business.

    Hey, wait a minute. I think I’m on to something.

  2. Ownership of “weapons made for war” is exactly what the second amendment was written to protect. Unfortunately, actual weapons made for war are prohibitively expensive and scarce.

    • The Colonists didn’t have “weapons of war”. They simply had their own privately owned guns, which they used for war against the British who were armed with similar guns that were issued to their own soldiers for “war”. Guess who won anyway.

      • I’m thinking the way you spell has tells a lot about what you know about history…..
        The rifles used by “colonists” were in fact “weapons of war”, just the same as they were in fact “hunting rifles”….
        Same thing today, there is NO SUCH THING as a “weapon of war”… They are all RIFLES….. PERIOD….


        • Um, I think you just proved my point without realizing it. Sort of. Except that you added a lot of pretty capital letters and exclamation points.

          If you write like an educated adult, you’ll be accepted as one. Especially if you write in a manner that honors the username you stole from a well-respected Founding Father.

        • @ “I haz”: The colonists as individuals had weapons of war. They had private owned artillery, in fact privately owned warships and when it comes to small arms they often had the same type of firearm or better than the British regulars.
          Please crawl back in your ignorant hole. Don’t climb out until you get a refund on your education.

        • Calling an AR15 a weapon of war is like calling a Dodge Neon with a spoiler a high performance race car.


      • Actually……our original Navy was made up of privately owned warships. Most of the Army used privately owned cannons and other artillery. As well as the aforementioned rifles owned by citizens as Gorge Washington pointed out.

        It’s a common claim by the (supposedly educated) left that the 2nd amendment does not afford citizens the right to weapons of war but that is precisely what it is for. The 2nd amendment is to keep our leaders in check by having the right to access the same weapons we our government does.

        So this means I should be able to own my very own A10 or F16 should I chose to do so. As well as my own M1 Abrams or 155 Howitzer. Just as the original citizens did of weapons of war that were used to repel the British.

        • Yes, you’re correct and I completely agree, so…I’m a bit confused as to why you replied with this?

        • “The 2nd amendment is to keep our leaders in check by having the right to access the same weapons we our government does.”

          And that’s exactly why some of those leaders want to ban the arms most usefull for keeping them in check. They succeeded with full autos, explosives and artillery. We are left with semi autos and manual repeaters smaller than .50″. Now they are coming for these leftovers to render us, the people, harmless to them.

        • The whole reason the government and the liberals want to disarm is to control the Patriots of America and it’s called communism.

      • Nearly all firearms used for “sporting” purposes began as or owe their base designs to military weapons. Only a very small number have gone the other way and even those are debatable.

        The point of the Second Amendment is that the People should have, must have, the arms to face a military opoonent. In no practical sense do the current laws permit this to happen, not since 1934. Whether any particular gun owners desire such weapons or not, their right to have them and use them has long been severely infringed.

        • The “military opponent” being a federal government that had gotten too big for its Constitutional britches. The 2nd Amendment’s intent was to provide the citizens of this country with weapons equal to, those that the military had. Objective being to allow the citizens of this country to fight against an over-zealous, dictatorial federal government that was set on making “subjects” out of American “citizens”

        • I have read alot about the Constitution but one thing that everyone seems to be missing. Folks wake up the reason for the second amendment is very clear.If I’m correct The People of this country not only have the right but a duty to overthrow a tyrannical government you not only have the right but the duty to do it. Need I say more???

      • The 2nd A was written at time that the “citizens” had the same types of firearms as the military, therefore, the 2nd protects “military weapons”, whatever those are.

      • Good grief, everyone. Look again at what I wrote. I’m saying that the Colonists simply (and successfully) used what they had, and weren’t issued formal “weapons of war” as the British were. But they turned thos guns that they *had* in their private possession into successful implements to wage war.

        Therefore, it doesn’t matter whatever nomenclature anyone wants to assign to guns, military or otherwise. The 2A was written to ensure that the private American citizen has the ability to possess whatever arms he/she wants, as the Militia (as originally understood at the time, and as is still codified in U.S. Code) is meant to be the core of our civil defense.

        • Wrong the disingenuous Founding Swamp Rats were hell bent on enslaving everyone including white men while they held on to power. 2A was deliberately written in the vaguest double speak possible to give the Rats the ability to ban firearms if the people threatened the Greed Mongers at the top of the food chain (the filthy corrupt rich) sound familiar? Not much has changed since 1776 and it was never meant to change and has not.

          In the 30’s the power mad Supreme Court had to vote with public opinion so they ruled only military arms were protected by 2A and later in time when public opinion shifted on gun ownership they reversed course and have hinted strongly, very strongly that only sporting arms would be protected (whatever that means at the moment) which could mean single shot muzzle loaders. Don’t laugh its been hinted at by more than one power mad Justice..

          Considering the fact that just about every State passed Assault rifle ban or restriction has been blessed by the courts do you really think the latest ban in California has any chance of being overturned and that includes the ammo restrictions. Answer : Of course they will not be overturned because the Courts have always been as corrupt, as anti-gun and as crooked as a dogs hind leg and the Constitution has always been treated as just expensive toilet paper. Take it and wipe your ass with it because its not used for anything else by the courts.

        • Vlad, as usual you are wrong on all points.

          Slavery was perfectly legal in British, Dutch, Spanish, French Portuguese colonies at the time. So how was the US Revolution about slavery when it was the norm?

        • Thank you for clarifying, Haz. I didn’t understand at first, either, so I see where the others above thought you had meant the opposite.

          But yes, the colonists simply possessed their own arms that were brought into service during the Revolutionary War.

        • Exactly ! The common sense part to me would be repeal of all the unconstitutional infringements on the second amendment and declare constitutional carry ( open or concealed ) in all 50 states and U S Territories.

        • quote————————CC says:
          August 19, 2019 at 16:37
          Vlad, as usual you are wrong on all points.

          Slavery was perfectly legal in British, Dutch, Spanish, French Portuguese colonies at the time. So how was the US Revolution about slavery when it was the norm?———————————————quote

          Its you that not only know nothing about U.S. History but your also trying to interject something I never said.

          Fact. Thomas Jefferson ranted against slavery because he knew it was morally wrong but the hypocritical bastard owned slaves and raped a 14 year old girl and made her his sex slave. DNA testing eventually proved every sordid rumor about this rapist and liar was only far to true.

          And I might add a very large part of the Constitution was copied from what the Iroquois Indian Federation taught the Founding Fathers.

      • Those were the weapons of war back then. The Colonists and British had the same weapons, hence weapons of war as well as private use. The 2A does not distinguish between private firearms and military arms; they are considered the same.

    • Assault weapons (M-4s, M-14s, M-16s, M-60s, SAWs (M-249s), M-2 (.50 cal. MG), etc.) are military weapons and not for sale/purchase. The anti-gun/anti-freedom groups are now disingenuously calling civilian AR-15s, AK-47s, and other semi-automatic firearms (including handguns and shotguns) “assault-style” weapons because they are being blasted for using the term “assault” weapon.

      • The good news is: you can buy some of those weapons too! It’s just very expensive and the government would come for you in your sleep first if you did.

        If I could own some SAW’s without the govt stepping in, I’d be all over that shit.

  3. Do people buy guns at walmart? That seems weird to me. I never have. I’ve bought ammo though. I don’t even look at their guns usually.

    • Guns disappeared from our CA Walmarts a couple of decades ago. They scared too many people, and Wally World caved.

      For the children.

      • From what I recall, it had more to do with a failure to maintain proper records, getting them into hot water with the ATF. Not surprising considering some of the minimum wage slaves they hire. It was easier to stop selling guns than it was to try to clean up the mess.

        After Prop 63, my Walmart (there are two in town but I never go to the other one) even stopped selling ammo.

        • A manager informed me that 40 locations across CA stopped selling ammo in 2018, and more were slated for 2019. Of the three within driving distance of my home, one no longer does, but the other two continue to sell.

    • John doe that doesn’t know a thing about guns will probably buy one from walmart, they are all .223 and .22 rifles though.

      • Or something cheap for the kids first rifle. Still, better choices than wal-mart for sure.

        It’s funny how walmart CEO claims to have a 20% hold on all guns sold in America though. That is laughable.

    • Me too. But the butt behind the counter selling ammo doesn’t know .410 from 12 gauge. Once tried to sell me .45 LC because the Judge “shoots the same thing”.

      • I had some gross woman tell me I’m an idiot cause 10mm doesn’t exist, it was 9mm I needed. Still didn’t seem to register when I popped a round out of the spare mag and showed her a headstamp. Quality and knowledgeable employees they got there but they don’t stock the best mm.

    • I have bought a couple of firearms at Walmart. In 87 I got an Iver Johnson US Carbine Cal 22lr and a Remington 870 20ga. Not sure what year. The 2 Walmart’s in my area still sell firearms. Just not Ar’s or Ak’s. They also sell a full line of ammo. I don’t as a practice shop there much any more. If I can’t get something elsewhere I try Walmart and check out their firearms selection while there. They do carry a full range of rifles and shotguns. Savage, Winchester, Remington, Mossberg and Henry. To name a few. Prices are reasonable. I’ve never seen a GFZ sign. I did see a guy open carry a year or so ago. No one payed him much mind. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  4. Aaaaand, there it is. As long as he’s at it, he should also support “common sense” 1st Amendment controls for expression of speech, religion, press, redress…you know, the dangerous ones.

    It’s for the children.

    I’ve already shifted almost half my former shopping to other stores now over the past year, so those dollars no longer go to Walmart. Plus, here in CA they now ask your for receipt on the way out to prove you didn’t steal anything. I typically tell them to have a nice day as I decline and walk past them.

    • Costco does the same thing, but the real deal is to mark the receipt so people can’t go into the store, pick up the same stuff, and walk out again using the receipt. In my parts, there is a huge issue with the homeless trying every which way to steal stuff from Wally World.

      Separately, car theft is a big issue in town. What is funny is that almost all of those thieves go to the Walmart superstore in the next town down the road. Many a stolen car is recovered there, and the police are waiting for the thieves when they finish shopping. You think the crooks 2would have caught on by now.

      • I actually inquired of this by speaking with two separate supervisors at two separate Walmart locations. They both confirmed (at least for Walmart) that the main purpose is to deter theft.

        They also – along with several other employees with whom I spoke – confirmed that there is no obligation to show your receipt or stop. You may politely walk past them to exit the store.

        Basically, once the transaction is completed, the money becomes the company’s possession, and the merchandise becomes your property.

  5. “Should Walmart continue with this virtue signaling foolishness, America’s local gun shops and smaller chains will no doubt appreciate Bentonville’s alienation of many American gun owners.” Maybe. If payment processors and banks allow them to do business. It’s nearly impossible to dictate terms to Walmart, but it is easy to discriminate against mom and pop gun stores.

  6. My local Walmart doesn’t sell any semi-automatics. I had given them props in the past for not virtue signalling about no longer selling “assault rifles.” Oh well, time to find a new grocery store.

    • Our closest Wall Mart outlawed the selling of all firearms over 10 years ago. If a Wall Mart is located in a section of town they deem “dangerous” they sell no guns period.

  7. People still refuse to wear seatbelts while driving, people still smoke cigarettes, people still vote for proven liars like Elizabeth Warren. How the hell can we expect people to have common sense when they still do obviously stupid things?

    No such thing as “common sense gun control “.

    • It should be “common sense violent criminal control.” Bring back mandatory long sentences for violent crime, and illegally possessing a weapon during commission of a nonviolent crime (like drug deals). The weapon was brought along for a reason.

      • Protection might be the reason, since due prohibition on some drugs prevents them from calling cops to bring necessary firepower if needed.

    • This is one of the greatest reasons to have the smallest government possible. We should not be ruled by the idiots of the world. A smaller government means stupid people can’t vote your rights or your property away, unlike what we have now. The problem is most people don’t pay attention to anything. They are too consumed by their sportsball teams, or reality television. They lack solid principles and make decisions based off of what feels or sounds good at the time they vote. They are ignorant of how government currently functions and how it is supposed to function.

  8. How about Walmart supply armed security at there stores? Or even better just allow patrons to carry in all your stores. Maybe acknowledging that a store that is a “Gun Free” zone is a target for nut cases to kill people.

    • Knowing Walmart’s profit focus, they’ll hire the cheapest company available.

      That means Kevin from the mall will be reassigned to Walmart to stand at the front door next to Barry the 80-yr-old employee who checks everyone’s receipts on their way out. Between the two of them, Walmart will be completing the picture that they suspect everyone of possible thievery or crime. There already isn’t much loyalty to the store anymore…the only reason I myself go there for anything (which is half of what I used to) is for the low prices. Put a security guard at the front to look at me sideways like I’m a potential criminal, and I’ll gladly abandon Walmart entirely and spend the extra 5% to 10% at my other stores of choice that actually treat me like they want my business.

      Our Walmart has been installing locking cabinets all over the place, and adding more. Electronics, shaving razors, wine and alcohol, cosmetics (for my wife), sandpaper in the automotive section (still can’t find any employee who can explain that one).

  9. Toldja’ WallyWorld would go anti-2A. All about the benjamins…oh wait Gillette lost $8000000000 getting all sjw😄

  10. These corporations understand that illegal aliens are the future of this country….
    They understand that Democrats are replacing Americans with illegal aliens….
    So with the destruction of America, Americans and their guns are soon to be a thing of the past…

    If Americans do not stand up to EVERYTHING these traitors are doing, everything will soon be lost to the dregs of society… And their rich, elite overlords…

    • quote—————————These corporations understand that illegal aliens are the future of this country….
      They understand that Democrats are replacing Americans with illegal aliens….————-quote

      Wrong Republican Businessmen have been luring illegals here for decades. The Crooked Businessmen know they will not be prosecuted and they also pay off their prostitutes the Republican Congressmen so that no legal immigration reform is passed such as a “guest worker program” which would make the greedy Republican Businessmen pay workers comp, and minimum wage. Republican Businessmen and Congressmen say one thing to their glazed eyed brainwashed ignorant followers and then do exactly the opposite knowing their followers are too ignorant to catch on or even care.

      • Republican business people may have lured them with jobs, but it’s the Democrats gets illegals to overstay their welcome with the welfare state.

        • quote——————-Republican business people may have lured them with jobs, but it’s the Democrats gets illegals to overstay their welcome with the welfare state.————quote

          Sorry your rabid racism and total ignorance is sickening (a hall mark of the far right). The people caught in the latest storm trooper Nazi sweep were all working at at various businesses and paying taxes. And because of your ignorance and racism you are not intelligent enough to realize that when they pay taxes they are not eligible for soc. security benefits when they retire nor are they eligible for income tax return money either which lowers your income taxes and bolsters your social security funds. Because they work for slave wages your prices for meat and produce are far lower as well. If anything you should be getting down on your knees and kissing there asses for being your personal economic slave which makes life far easier and less expensive for you but again your racism will never let you accept the unvarnished truth as that would make you start to earn “how to think” and destroy what you have been “told to think” and that is a terrifying concept for you.

      • I knew about Vlad The Impaler; but now I see Vlad The Inculcater: you can repeat your conspiracy nonsense endlessly, but it will not make it truth. The majority of small business persons are conservative because they see on a daily basis that liberalism is the road to ruin. Big business management on the other hand has often lost touch with what work for a living persons know as life’s realities. The idea that business is inherently evil is a truck load of bovine scat being foisted off on the ignorant by the liberals indoctrinated in our failing educational system which values only conformance.

  11. So Walmart is about to cave to a group of activists who would NEVER shop in their stores. Liberals despise Walmart and all who shop there. I don’t shop at Target because of their politics. Moreover, I have bought several rifles at Walmart. Walmart tried this before, about 13 years ago when a former aide to ALGORE was in it’s too management. Sales plummeted then. These elitists are a cancer.

  12. I wonder just how many Libertarians Liberals and the Left are happy
    with this statement from a company that has imported a foreign worker, an Australian, to run the US division of Walmart. Just like the millions of anti-liberty, anti-gun foreigners flooding into this country, that the three L’s support.

    I make it a point of buying ammo from a family owned gun store every month. All my gun purchases have been at these small firearm dealers. I have never bought a gun from a big box store. And I never will.

    • Same here. Guns and ammo from local firearms shops. Training, also. BTW, same for food: we buy everything we can from local health food stores and farmers. We like being on a first- name basis, and even friends with the owners of where we shop.

      • Glad to hear it. When people say buy local. Do it. Keep your dollars in the community as much as you can.

        • I don’t get the ‘buy local’ logic. America got rich by free trade. The whole world got richer by free global trade. If everyone did it and just spent their money locally, the poor communities remain poor and richer stay richer, but we would all be worse off overall. Maybe for fruits and vegetables it makes sense to get them fresh, but other stuff? I buy what quality I need for a price I’m willing to pay, never mind the origin.

        • someone
          Just think what it would be like if the only guns you got were imported under the federal government regulations?
          Instead of a home grown gun industry where you can have nearly any gun you want. With any accessory you want.

    • Chris T in KY,

      Unfortunately, I live in a hyper-Liberal enclave in a purple state and there is only one local gun store within 35 minutes of driving. Sadly, that store caters to the “elite” in our hyper-liberal enclave and everything is priced 50% above normal retail.

      There is a regional sporting goods chain that is a 10 minute drive. They are heavily focused on hunting supplies. And while they do have a decent supply of handgun target ammunition, they have an incredibly poor selection of self-defense ammunition and their prices are about 20% higher than I would like to see.

      There is a Wal-Mart that is a 20 minute drive away. I am often near there for personal business and stop-in. I purchased a lot of .22 LR ammunition in the last two years because they were selling 550 round boxes of Federal copper-plated ammunition for $19.95 per box. Now that I have enough, I see no reason to shop there any more.

      • We all have different circumstances we have to live in. Just do the best you can for yourself.

  13. Dear sir or ma’am, I am currently building a 12″ barreled 375 Raptor bolt action pistol built on a Remington 700 action in an ultralight Pork Sword chassis. And I don’t mean a braced pistol, I mean a pistol.
    2,500ft/lbs+ of muzzle energy in a 4 lb package.
    Now does it sound like I am interested in “reasonable”?

    • I’ve followed and respected much of what you say in comments, but this is…um…well, I have no idea what prompted you do post this babble.

      • Your finally waking up to the “real” JW Taylor. I had him figured out when I read one of his posts for the first time. I feel much safer knowing he does not live in my neighborhood.

        • quote———————–JWT is the exact kind of person you would want living in your neighborhood.—————–quote

          Maybe you would but I am not that far off my rocker.

    • That sounds intriguing and a little brutal… Seems to fall somewhere between the .454 and .500 S&W in recoil, perhaps? That will make an interesting review. What powders were you considering for loading for a 12″ barrel?

      • Alliant 10 or 1200R
        Probably closer to the 460SW, but I’m hoping lighter. Really just experimenting with the PS chassis and what the 375 Raptor can do. I’m dedicating this next year to pistol hunting, so I’m trying lots of platforms.

        • Where do you hunt pistols and are the tags for those on a lottery system?

          As I get older my wrists and joints get weaker, doesn’t seem like you have that problem 🙂

        • We’ll find out if I do!
          In Texas, there is no specific pistol season. It’s treated just like a rifle. In addition to deer, pigs, and a few exotics in Texas, I will be hunting antelope, mule deer, and black bear in Idaho and Wyoming this season. I plan on doing most of that with a pistol.

  14. Let me get this straight. Walmart decided to either stop selling or stop displaying “assault weapons” (can’t remember which one) in 2015 and cited sluggish sales. Now they are okay with banning them because ……….. oh yeah it doesn’t affect them. That is the whole issue that people of the gun are running into. People are okay with banning something that doesn’t affect them. Doesn’t anyone operate with a unwavering integrity?
    Walmart VP of PR: should we ban guns and ammo?
    Walmart CEO: no, we make money off of that.
    Walmart VP of PR: what about “assault weapons”
    Walmart CEO: sure, we don’t make money on that.

    • A 20% share of the ammo market is nothing to sneeze at. I guess they figure out of that number, they will only piss off some, and out of that number, some will still be customers out of convenience and price.

      • None of the common sense gun control proposals talk about ammo. And none effect the operation of a FFL. Wall World therefore does not sell arms without a background check–so why does it have to jump on the band wagon when its own sales will not change?

  15. Banning semi-automatic rifles because they a black and scary looking is hardly “common-sense” gun-control.
    What it actually represents is Walmart’s Doug McMillon’s shameful cowardice. This guy probably peed-his pants after the El Paso shootings, decided the company had to “do something” and then did a little virtue signalling as a way of covering his corporate ass. He doesn’t give a shit about “assault weapons” or gun-control—he just wants to keep the Mom’s from picketing outside his stores. Screw his most loyal customers, he’s more afraid of the Mom’s and Antifa. Coward.

    • Yes, this is exactly right. If you can afford the weapon the Second Amendment says you can own it. Tanks, planes, heavy machine guns, 18″ naval gun, whatever your budget can pay for.

      If there is a reasonable limit it is about zoning. Large stocks of explosives should not be stored in dense residential settings.

    • quote————————–Banning semi-automatic rifles because they a black and scary looking is hardly “common-sense” gun-control.—————–quote

      Black color, irrelevant, scary, wrong nomenclature, terrifying is a more accurate term (pun intended). Comm Sense, absolutely when they spit out 100 rounds out of a drum magazine in seconds. Makes perfect sense to ban them.

        • When the results are the same i.e. piles of dead innocent people why argue over semantics????? Semi or full auto all the mass carnage is the same.

  16. How quickly they forget. Sam Walton was an avid outdoorsman. Wal-Mart brand dog food, Ol’ Roy, was named for Sam’s favorite bird dog. Bring on the Fudd comments.

    • Hunting birds with a double barrel shotgun is far, far from using an assault rifle with a 100 round drum magazine moving down people in seconds. Think about this logically , if you can.

      • Vlad the Flaccid, your stupidity knows no bounds. You’ll never change a mind here. But you’re fun to laugh at. 😄

      • Vlad Tepid,

        A determined spree killer could quickly and easily create a stack of dead bodies with shotguns. A spree-killer with panache could simply carry three double-barrel shotguns loaded with #000 buckshot and promptly murder 12 dead people without reloading. And a spree killer who pays homage to the common man could simply carry two pump-action shotguns (with common 5-round tube magazines and one in the chamber) loaded with #000 buckshot and easily murder 24 people in short order without reloading.

        Moving away from shotguns to yet another old firearm technology, a spree killer who wishes to pay tribute to the Old West could carry two lever-action rifles (130+ year old technology) chambered in .44 Magnum loaded with 300 grain hardcast lead bullet cartridges. He/she could easily murder 30 people in less than a minute without reloading. (Each rifle holds at least 5 cartridges with each bullet easily capable of killing three people since heavy, hardcast bullets are designed to have lethal capability after travelling through 36 inches of dense mammalian bone and muscle.)

        There are countless means available — both with and without firearms — for spree-killers to murder people in the double and even triple digits. Focusing on the means is a foolish game of wack-a-mole that will never produce significant results. Our focus should be on people, not the myriad tools, products, machines, chemicals, poisons, and weapons that are available in our free and open society.

        • Your examples are laughable. Neither the shotgun nor the lever action rifle hold 100 rounds of ammo so no they are not as deadly as an assault rifle with a 100 round drum magazine, As a matter of fact neither weapon usually holds more than 10 rounds and after he would stop shooting to change rifles it gives people or law enforcement time to shoot him or beat him to the ground. again your examples are ludicrous.

        • Vlad Tepid,

          Your examples are laughable. Neither the shotgun nor the lever action rifle hold 100 rounds of ammo so no they are not as deadly as an assault rifle with a 100 round drum magazine.

          Someone who possesses two common identical pump-action shotguns holds a combined 12 shells, where each 3-inch magnum shell contains fifteen (15) #00 (double-ought) buckshot pellets — which weigh 54 grains each, just 1 grain shy of the 55 grain bullets that are common to modern semi-automatic sporting rifles. Thus, such a person holds a total of 180 lethal projectiles which dwarfs a 100 round drum magazine.

          Even more to the point, a person can “slam fire” a shotgun and discharge all 6 shells in about 6 seconds — and therefore launch all 90 lethal projectiles in 6 seconds. No one in the world can fire off 90 rounds in 6 seconds on any semi-automatic rifle. And with two such shotguns, allowing even four seconds to drop the first shotgun and ready the second shotgun, a spree killer could discharge all 12 shells — all 180 lethal projectiles — in a total of 16 seconds. Again, no one in this world can launch 180 projectiles out of a modern semi-automatic rifle in 16 seconds, no matter how many cartridges his/her magazines hold.

          Furthermore, 100 round drum magazines are a novelty. They are unreliable and nearly always (if not always) jam. The Aurora, Colorado movie theater spree killer demonstrated this. He started his attack with a modern semi-automatic rifle and a 100 round drum magazine which jammed. He dropped it and continued his attack with a … wait for it … pump-action shotgun as well as a handgun and amassed a horrific casualty count (70 victims killed or injured).

          And that brings up another FACT: you are demonstrably wrong — no one can rush an attacker in the time it takes the attacker to drop a shotgun or rifle and bring another one to ready. The several heroic men in the Aurora Colorado theater who either tried to rush the attacker or shield their wives and girlfriends were unable to take him down.

        • Vlad Tepid,

          Two lever-action rifles (chambered in .44 Magnum) have the same destructive potential as a modern semi-automatic rifle with a 100 round drum magazine because .44 Magnum bullets have 4 times the frontal surface area and 5 times the weight of the bullets coming out of that semi-auto rifle. Thus, each .44 Magnum bullet is easily capable of killing 4 adults in dense crowd. We cannot say the same about the bullets coming out of a 100 round drum which will rarely (if ever) go through the first victim and have sufficient momentum to seriously wound a person beyond.

          Equally important, those two lever-action rifles are almost guaranteed to launch all 20 bullets without jamming, whereas a semi-automatic rifle with a 100 round drum is virtually guaranteed to jam long before it is empty.

          This is why we should be focusing on the people who desire to harm our fellow man. Focusing on a single delivery platform is a waste of time when there are countless alternative delivery platforms.

        • The Naval Yard shooter used a shotgun and a pistol he scavenged from a victim to kill 12 people. Someone with a 100 round drum is probably going to be firing indiscriminately. It’s a lousy choice otherwise since it weighs more and is more prone to jam than conventional magazines. The Aurora theater shooter’s casualty count was inflated by non-life threatening shrapnel wounds richochetting off the concrete floor from his AR-15 before it jammed.

          A shotgun would be a more vicious weapon to use in such a workplace type shooting. Besides devastating wounding, the shotgun magazine can be continuously topped off. As long as you’re not being charged by a dozen people simultaneously, you’ll have plenty of ammo and cowering small groups of cowering, unarmed victims at your leisure.

  17. Common Sense Gun Control = I own a gun + I’m in control of it.

    That’s the only common sense gun control that needs to exist.

    • And so is a maniac with a 100 round drum mowing down large numbers of people in seconds. Then no one has control of the situation quickly enough before there are piles of dead innocent people. Is this getting too complicated for you?

      • Vlad Tepid,

        And so is a maniac in a large pickup-truck with a snow plow blade mowing down a hundred people in seconds crowded at the entrance to some venue.

        And it should be obvious that quickly identifying a spree killer will not do any good when that spree killer chained/locked the doors to a theater and ignited a 2 gallon container of gasoline on fire inside. (Burning gasoline and synthetic seat/carpet materials would fill the theater room with impenetrable and deadly black smoke in seconds.)

        Nor can we stop a maniac from distributing poison into our food supply (either at a food manufacturer or at a restaurant) until it is too late.

        Once again I re-iterate: we should be focusing on the people who intend to become spree killers, not their means/method.

        • Your replies as usual are completely nonsensical. Its far more difficult for people to use other methods of mass murder and those methods are far more preventable as well.

          France erected road blocks after the Paris tragedy when a maniac in a van mowed down people and setting fire to buildings is again way more preventable than defending anyplace from assault by a maniac with a weapon of mass destruction i.e. the assault rifle with the 100 round drum magazine. The person who set fire to the artists building in Japan did not work there and if the Japanese who usually have low crime had been more American Minded (because we live in an insane country) and had a “buzz in” lock on the doors and better and more smoke alarms and fire drills that attack would have been easily and probably completely thwarted. Not so when a maniac comes shooting the door down with an assault rifle to get in.

          The point I am trying to make is when you can prevent mass destruction and death by assault rifle you do something about it and not make idiotic lame excuses like “gee by golly” we had a lot of people die of cancer this year so lets do nothing about maniacs with assault rifles. I think any person of sound mind and will can see how ridiculous this line of excuses is when the Far Right keep saying “lets not do anything” because we are too ignorant and bull headed to face the horrific truth and that is we can do something about maniacs running around loose with assault rifles and 100 round drums of mass destruction. What s next a new law making it legal to have your own atomic bomb and flame thrower? Don’t laugh the Far Right is actually that demented.

        • Vlad Tepid,

          Its far more difficult for people to use other methods of mass murder and those methods are far more preventable as well.

          Really? Let’s see …

          France erected road blocks after the Paris tragedy when a maniac in a van mowed down people …

          So, France has roadblocks at every location where there are lots of pedestrians? At every school entrance? At every roadway crosswalk?

          … and setting fire to buildings is again way more preventable than defending anyplace from assault by a maniac with a weapon of mass destruction i.e. the assault rifle with the 100 round drum magazine. The person who set fire to the artists building in Japan did not work there and if the Japanese who usually have low crime had been more American Minded (because we live in an insane country) and had a “buzz in” lock on the doors and better and more smoke alarms and fire drills that attack would have been easily and probably completely thwarted.

          There are countless buildings of public access/accommodation which cannot possibly have security doors and swipe card access. And what good are security doors and swipe card access when someone who has a swipe card takes the gasoline and matches into the “secured” building?

          The point I am trying to make is when you can prevent mass destruction and death by assault rifle you do something about it and not make idiotic lame excuses …

          First of all, I am not convinced that any law or government action can prevent spree killers from using semi-automatic rifles. Nevertheless, I will play along. Suppose some law or government action could reduce some mass murder events where the spree-killer would have used a semi-automatic rifle. I would enthusiastically support such a law or action as long as it did not interfere with my right to effective self-defense. The trouble is, no one has yet to define a law or government action that does not seriously interfere my right to effective self-defense. Just as we should never outlaw feminine hygiene products, no matter how many attackers use them to start fires and kill tens of thousands of people, we should never outlaw semi-automatic firearms and magazines. (Yes, feminine hygiene products — especially tampons — are excellent fire starters and are a common item in survival packs.)

          What s next a new law making it legal to have your own atomic bomb and flame thrower? Don’t laugh the Far Right is actually that demented.

          I oppose private ownership of atomic bombs for two simple reasons:
          (1) They pose a HUGE threat to tens of thousands of people if not stored and maintained properly and no individual is capable of storing and maintaining them properly.
          (2) They are far, far too indiscriminate when detonated. The radius of immediate and total destruction is on the order of two miles. Deadly radioactive fallout can spread tens if not hundreds of miles beyond the blast site. And the associated ElectroMagnetic Pulse can damage/destroy everything that uses electricity well out to 500 miles if detonated at altitude. There is no scenario where a patriotic individual could righteously detonate a nuclear bomb on U.S. soil. (As for a patriotic individual who wished to righteously detonate a nuclear bomb on enemy soil, only a handful of people would have the means to deliver it and could not guarantee its safe handling and maintenance en-route to enemy soil.)

          See, there are ultra-conservative people who oppose private ownership of nuclear bombs. Try looking at facts, rather than emotion, to paint a clear picture of reality.

        • to uncommon sense

          quote——————————-Really? Let’s see …

          France erected road blocks after the Paris tragedy when a maniac in a van mowed down people …

          Wrong there were no road blocks of any significance because they had no idea the trend was going in the direction of using trucks for mass murder, but there have been very well thought out road blocks erected since. and it has not happened since at large gatherings either———————-quote

          quote—————-First of all, I am not convinced that any law or government action can prevent spree killers from using semi-automatic rifles.——————quote

          Ha that is a laugh its obvious you are totally oblivious to European gun laws. After the School massacre in Britain they said enough was enough and that was in the 80’s and ditto for Australia as well. Never again was there a mass murder on such a huge scale in either country. Their laws have worked and worked far better than I ever thought they would. Germany also had a young maniac commit a mass murder and that was years ago and they cracked down as well. Again more proof from another country that was not afraid to do something about it and did.

          quote————————-I oppose private ownership of atomic bombs for two simple reasons:
          (1) They pose a HUGE threat to tens of thousands of people if not stored and maintained properly and no individual is capable of storing and maintaining them properly.——————quote

          You can say the same things about assault rifles as well.

          quote—————————- I would enthusiastically support such a law or action as long as it did not interfere with my right to effective self-defense.——————-quote

          You do not need an assault rifle with a 100 round drum magazine for self defense. Troops in WWI and WWII took out machine gun nests with 5 shot bolt action rifles and 6 shot revolvers, seven shot pistols at close rang as well as using shotguns.

          As far as your rantings about weapons we need to have vetting not only of all gun sales but vetting of all gun buyers as well. Psychological testing by a trained professional to get a gun purchase card as well as interviews with neighbors and the police should be mandatory just as it is done in many civilized countries.

        • to No Common Sense

          quote—————————-There are countless buildings of public access/accommodation which cannot possibly have security doors and swipe card access. And what good are security doors and swipe card access when someone who has a swipe card takes the gasoline and matches into the “secured” building?—————–quote

          As far as public buildings with access by the public, just where do live in cave that is where security guards come in. It took a lot of flammable liquid in the Japanese fire to get it going it was not just throwing in a match into a building. No security guard would have failed to notice this nut case hauling all that stuff into the building. And security guards at private buildings are an option as well. As a matter of fact at the Sandy Hook massacre there was a unarmed security guard and a locked door but the maniac with the assault rifle shot his way in. If an armed security guard would have been there even he would have had only a 50/50 chance against a maniac with an assault rifle which again points to the need to out law them altogether. A maniac with a pistol or even a shotgun storming a building is far less dangerous than one with an assault rifle with a 100 round drum magazine.

        • Vlad Tepid,

          Ha that is a laugh its obvious you are totally oblivious to European gun laws.

          And it is obvious that you are totally oblivious to how criminals operate — especially how resourceful they can be. Even in the tightly controlled environment of prisons, inmates have been able to cobble, build, and/or smuggle all manner of items, including firearms.

          And European gun laws were clearly impotent to stop the Bataclan Theater massacre in France with … wait for it … modern semi-automatic rifles! Oh, and how about the terrorist who acquired … wait for it … modern semi-automatic rifles! in Amsterdam and attacked passengers on a passenger train in France? (You did not hear much about that event because two U.S. servicemen on that passenger train pounced on the attacker before he killed anyone.)

  18. One doesn’t have to shop Wally World for cheap imported Chinese sh!t,it’s everywhere now a days,Wally World may want to contemplate that before they piss off 40 % + of their customers,look at what that mentality has done for Dick’s Heads bottom line.

    • Haven’t been in Dick’s Sporting Goods after they infringed on my 2nd Amendment rights. They still sell guns but not AR’s don’t know about other semi-autos as I don’t go into their store.

      • They didn’t infringe on your rights. They showed contempt for your rights and lobbied to have Congress do the infringing. That’s reason enough to stop doing business with them. If they follow through on halting all gun/”hunting game” sales, you’re still able to keep and bear arms.

  19. I quit going to wallmart and sams club years ago when they got in bed with the Chinese…..besides, Costco and Target are far better run stores….

    • Can’t buy ammo at a Costco or Target though. Also Walmart is the about the only place that you can buy ammo reasonably in California.

      • Big5 is expensive. Turners, there’s 27 in CA, has sales every week on ammo and you usually don’t have to buy in bulk to save unlike most LGS.

      • I backed up the truck and bought bigly over the past three years in anticipation of our now-in-effect ammo law. Now there’s no reason for me to go to Walmart every week to visit the ammo counter, so even less of a reason to go to Walmart at all anymore.

        I’m a legal gun owner, but won’t pass the quick-check, and don’t want the hassle and wait time of the $19 CADOJ check. So I simply loaded up with enough to last me until my planned exit from CA a few years from now, or until the law is overturned in court.

  20. Walmart, the company whose business model is based on undercutting local Main Street businesses by selling Chicom products while wrapping themselves in the American flag. They are a temporary symptom of our collective national suicide, and as a result will ultimately contribute to their own demise. Going anti-gun will only speed up the process.

  21. Don’t give a damn what Walmart says. I virtually NEVER shop at that dump. Once in a blue moon I may order something because they have a good price that smokes everyone else, but that’s once every five years if that.

  22. I myself do not own an assault rifle or modern sporting rifle, nor do I desire to own one. I also know it won’t stop there. Back when Clinton was President, Chuck Schumer said in these words”relentless legislation we will hammer guns in to submission.”
    I also believe a lot of gun owners, the type that likes to make believe they’re military commandos or wanna be SWAT team members created a bad image for all gun owners. These so called assault weapons have been around for over 50 years. People like myself bought guns for target shooting, hunting to put food on the table. Yes we bought a weapon for home protection, but we were discreet about it. We didn’t dress up like wanna be SWAT or military special forces. You people discredited legitimate gun owners like wanna be outlaw types on motorcycles tarnished the image for legitimate motorcyclists. I linked on to a few websites and some of these posts I see are killing us all. If you really feel the need to do this stuff, do what I over 30 years join a law enforcement agency. Or go pay uncle Sam a visit at one of his recruiting offices.

    • John W. Weber,

      So, you are saying that only police and military personnel should own modern semi-automatic rifles. Why? What difference does it make who issues your paycheck and what clothes you wear?

      In case you are not getting it, I will spell it out for you. A government paycheck and costume (uniform) does not magically ensure that a person who possesses a modern semi-automatic firearm is a force for good. Likewise, lacking a government paycheck and costume (uniform) does not magically guarantee that a person is a bumbling idiot or criminal who will cause death and destruction with modern semi-automatic firearms.

  23. I was not previously any sort of significant patron of Walmart. Respcting the course that their top level management seemingly is adopting, there are 4 chances of my becoming a Walmart customer. Fat, Slim, Little and No.

  24. “We believe the reauthorization of the Assault Weapons ban should be debated to determine its effectiveness in keeping weapons made for war out of the hands of mass murderers.” So says Walmart CEO. Ignorance is no excuse, ‘weapons made for war’ have been outlawed for +- 50 years. Someone should tap him on the shoulder and tell him that the difference between ‘weapons made for war and similarly looking weapons for civilian use is the difference between automatic fire and single shot with each pull of the trigger.

    • Sorry but the piles of dead bodies are the same with either weapon. And in case your not aware of it many Vietnam Vets have stated they seldom used full auto fire to conserve ammo and actually made more hits with more accurate fire on semi-auto. That is right from the horses mouth.

      • So what? Do we ban any item that was or can be misused to kill bunch of innocents?
        Crispy burnt piles of bodies of arson victims don’t make you call for banning all flamable liquids. Why? If I had to burn to death, I would rather shoot myself.

        • We ban should ban assault rifles because its a lot easier to prevent arson than it is to stop maniacs with assault rifles.

  25. I too support common sense gun control.

    1) All firearms are loaded so treat them that way.
    2) Always control your muzzle. Do not point it at anyone you are not willing to shoot or anything you are not willing to destroy.
    3) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on a target and you have made the decision to shoot.
    4) Know your target, what is in front, around, and behind your target. You are responsible for every round that comes from your firearm.

    See common sense gun control we all can live with.

  26. I don’t give a crap about Dicks they can and should just disappear.
    Levis. Havent bought a pair of their jeans in 20 years.
    Now Wally World Id miss.
    Not as a retailer but as my food store.
    I save buckets a week using them rather then Publix.

  27. Now that the children have spoken. The adults would like to point out that the CEO is trying to explain that he can have it both ways and that’s his position.
    My position is to let him eat his cake because I appreciate buying lots of cheap ammo from Walmart and plan on continuing to do so.
    What I’d like to know is just where are you girls shopping now instead of Walmart, Target? Hahahahaha!!!! You guys are are full of it.
    Walmart is here to stay and we deplorables want to see that it does. So, get smart read then think. Its not that hard.
    You guys are giving us a bad rap due to your ignorance.

    • Walmart is the cheapest place to get ammo? Talk about ignorance or the fact you live in a terrible location.

  28. I haven’t cared much for Walmart when they decided the General Lee car was divisive but it was OK to sell gansta rap. I’m pretty sure the Dukes of Hazard album had nothing divisive on it but snoop’s latest had a toe tag for Trump on it. Good ol’ Boys bad, promoting killing cops is OK. Go Figure. On top of that, they quit selling gallon cans of Potato Stix.

    As far as buying ammo, there are a dozen web sites that sell it cheaper and ship it to my house. I have a local dealer I support for gun purchases.

  29. Stopped shopping at Wal Mart after they started refusing to sell to people under 21. I really haven’t missed it.

  30. Wouldn’t bother me a bit if Walmart had 9% of the firearm and ammo market. What they do carry now is garbage ammo and garbage guns, and you’re damn lucky if there’s a sales person in the “sporting goods” section at all.

  31. Keep on virtue-signalling, Wally-World; the hard-left will still hate you, and now you can add us to the list, as well.

  32. The Nazi Weapons Law of 1938 was “common sense” and “reasonable” gun control laws. How did that work out for 6 Million Jews and 10 Million others? Soviet Union passed “common sense” and “reasonable” gun control laws in the 1930s. How did that work out for 8 Million Ukrainians that Stalin and his Soviet henchmen starved to death by stealing all of their food to feed the rest of the country? What about the “common sense” and “reasonable” gun control laws in Venezuela? 100s of protesters are shot and killed each day because they are protesting being starved and deprived of essentials by their own gov’t. How about North Korea (gun control has murdered over 5 Million of their own people so far), Cambodia under Pol Pot (2 Million murdered), North Vietnam (2 Million murdered).

    And, then we come to Communist China, under the thug warlord Mao Tse-tung (darling of the American left). He passed “common sense” and “reasonable” gun control laws, confiscated all of them, and murdered over 100 Million of his own people during the euphemistic “Cultural Revolution” where millions of liberal elitists were executed.

    Great Britain and Australia confiscated firearms from the law-abiding populace. Violent crimes and home invasions have skyrocketed. Australians and Britains are buying firearms on the “Black Market” for self-defense. The police in the U.K. now have to carry “assault” rifles to even the playing field against violent criminals and the terrorist faction they’re allowing into their country under diversity.

    It is neither “common sense” or “reasonable” to pass gun control or anti-freedom laws. The right to own a firearm, equivalent to what the government has, is a human right for self-defense, pre-dating the Second Amendment.

    • Hitler never outlawed firearms that is another ignorant Right Wing Myth.

      And British gun laws as well as European Gun laws have resulted in only two mass shootings in the last couple of years while in the U.S. we have had over 248 just this year and the year is far from over. Again History shows your rant as nonsensical and it proves gun control works and works very well indeed.

      • And you’re an idiot if you think more gun control will stop more shootings …more shootings are committed by street thugs and drug dealers , than by someone just getting pissed at society …it’s funny how MSM ( fake news never reports on these shootings ) now you see why obuttwipe wont go too his favorite city,, More gun laws and gun control won’t change a thing …

  33. Buzzwords
    Some of the common meme among the leftist gun grabbers. Buzzwords are key tool that are used. A buzzword that is commonly used in political circles. if you really start digging into what many of these politicians actually believe, you will find out that they actually support “common sense restrictions” on the 2nd Amendment. But it has always been obvious to people who actually think in any rational manner that that confiscation is the ultimate goal of all of all marxists.
    It’s why the “common sense solution” talk quickly gives way to broad denunciations of a “national gun culture”, of “white privilege”, of rural folk “clinging to their bibles and guns”, of American militarism and toxic masculinity, and of all the things for which guns are merely a symbol to the leftists who hate them. A cultural critique is very different than a common sense solution.
    Gun rights are not negotiable.. We really don’t need to have a conversation about our rights to keep and bear arms. They’re rights. There’s nothing to talk about.

    The 2nd Amend is a RESTRICTIVE admendment. It states such in the Preamble to Bill of Rights. the 2A does not grant nor convey any right, but RESTRICTS and PROHIBITS the government from infringing upon this enumerated, pre-existing, God given right.

  34. Soooo…walmarts new strategy is to DEPRIVE AMERICANS OF GUNS AND AMMUNITION while building the PRC (chinese military) and sending them technology and $$$$$$

    Seems to me like a business plan favoring china and BUILT ON TREASON to the U.S.. are they deliberately trying to undermine and weaken America?

    Could this be part of a plan to reduce the number of “snipers behind every blade of grass” and open us up to invasion? Is this part of a plan to provide American comfort women to chinese troops? What will your daughters be doing in 30 years when 90% of U.S. “males” are gender neutral fairies and china wants woman and food for their soldiers? Will they be standing up against china or laying down for their soldiers???

    Chinese children can do advanced math on thier fingers……….many American kids can’t even spell……….china has long term plans. walmart is only a contributor

    F walmart

    • I love this forum its a scream. Its so hilarious when you read posts like yours because you actually believe them. And yes we should eliminate all the snipers in the U.S. that are becoming so numerous they are behind every blade of grass and gunning down innocent women and children.

    • Attention Walmart shoppers the next mass murder is in 10 minutes because we failed to outlaw weapons of mass destruction.

      • They have gun control in Cuba. They have health care in Cuba So why do they want to come here??? Paul Harvey. Stopped shopping at Walmart months ago. Poor customer service.

  35. Walmart screws: American workers,American communities,American businesses,is anti-2nd Amendment[e.g.the 18 year woman in Oregon,denied right to purchase long gun when OR regs are 18 years old],is over priced on its products[especially food].Why shop there??
    BTW:L.L.Bean lost a 46 year long customer[me] because of their hoplophobic agenda
    Quid pro quo.

  36. Can anyone, let alone a pandering CEO, anyone at all show me any law that will reduce gun crime since there’s no such thing as gun violence. There’s no attention seeking nutcase or criminal that cares about gun free zones or what kind of weapon needed.. Just run Wal-Mart like Sam would have and not like a whimp.

  37. Why don’t we ban Air Planes. When they crash they kill LOTS of people. It is not the weapon but the people that kill with guns. I am a old man and when I was young lots of men carried straight razors and the woman carried Ice picks. Both can do a great job of killing. Lets go all the way and ban Air Planes, Ice picks and straight razors for starters

  38. First off I would like to ask a simple question of those “in the know”. How can anyone say that the AR 15’s on the market right now are considered to be weapons of war. And for that matter, an ASSAULT WEAPON. If this version of the famous M-16 was ever to be used in a war, the user will not survive. He or she may take a few of the bad guys with them but the AR-15 is not a weapon you would want in a battle situation.

    For that matter, I own a new version of the famous M-1911, a 45 semi automatic weapon. Will that be classified as a weapon of war? And would it be subject to a ban as well? All though it is outdated, it will still knock down a rushing man.

    Back to the Assault weapon issue. These know it all politicians and that includes that bass ackward individual known as M. Blumberg who, has no idea what an semi-automatic weapon is. These people relate the letters A R as standing for the term `Assault Rifle’. Let me explain, the A stands for Armalite and the R stands for Rifle, hence the nomenclature of AR-15.

    That’s it, I will get off my pulpit and let someone else do the rest of the dirty work.

  39. Ironic that Wally is taking a position against the yery type of firearms they previously sold for decades. They also adopted the ugh: “Weapons of War” themes. Anybody got a list of Wars where semi-auto ARs and AKs were used? We all know that any time the phrase “common sense” is used: it’s to push an anti gun policy which is not common sense and will not acheive the stated purpose.

    This is Wally knee jerk “we gotta say/do something” because crininals commited crimes on their property. As always these responses target more restrictions on law abiding citizens than criminals.

    Wally: if you want to make a difference, call for televised public executions of mass shooter and an express lane through the judical system.

  40. Firearms for self defense should be used like fire extinguishers. Prepare for and dread the day you’ll need to use one, but you’ll be damned if you don’t have one when you need it. Use it wisely when needed. There are many charges filed against lawful shooters when a pepper spray would have sufficed.

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