Waite for It . . . Council Votes to Sell Confiscated Guns

“The Waite Park (MN) City Council has voted to sell some guns confiscated by police. By a 4-1 vote, the council decided Monday night to sell any otherwise legal shotguns and rifles. But the guns can be sold only to federally licensed dealers the city already works with. Weapons that will not be sold include handguns and illegal guns such as sawed-off shotguns . . . Waite Park Police Chief Dave Bentrud asked for direction from the council because they’ve collected about nine guns since he took over as chief three years ago.” Well, I’m glad that’s sorted out. Oh, and the august journal reporting this story is . . . The Crookston Daily Times.


  1. avatar TTACer says:

    I assume these count as “crime guns”

  2. avatar Steffen says:

    I can only hope none of the items in question was seized without due process or held by the police for a duration, and simply not returned to its owner after the situation passed.

  3. avatar Sam Wright says:

    Nine guns in three years? I am glad the law is getting all those guns off the streets.

    1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

      This is in my backyard. Waite Park has less than 7000 people and, unlike neighboring Saint Cloud, a fairly low violent crime rate. 9 guns in 3 years speaks to that.

  4. avatar Ruffridr says:

    Common sense prevails.

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    Nine whole guns? That’s, like, one per cop. There’s probably more than nine guns in Michael Bloomberg’s closet. Well, selling all nine ought to balance the town’s budget.

    1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

      “Well, selling all nine ought to balance the town’s budget.”
      You laugh, but that’s pretty close to the truth.

  6. avatar GS650G says:

    Taking guns off the street and then profiting by putting them back on the street, at least that is what FFL do ultimately. Maybe they hope they will end up on someone else street.

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