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McLennan County has released autopsy reports on nine bikers killed in the May 17 Twin Peaks shootout, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported Thursday. Not included with information released to the public are the ballistic reports, leaving open questions of who fired fatal shots . . .

“Police have said the ballistics investigation is being headed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which has possession of more than 475 weapons from the scene, including at least 151 firearms,” the news report explained. “The newly-released reports do not indicate who killed which men…”

This lack of complete and timely disclosures by investigating agencies adds to the serious, as-yet unanswered questions about the role authorities have played, not just in the shootout, but also as to decisions made by the district attorney and the State District Court judge. As TTAG reported earlier this month, 16 news organizations have filed suit fighting a gag order imposed (and since reversed) by Judge Matt Johnson at the request of his former law partner, DA Abel Reyna. That order had kept a video of the shooting from public scrutiny, as well as shut down lawyers, law enforcement and witnesses from talking about a case where 177 individuals have been charged with organized criminal activities.

With those questions still unanswered, this latest development can only further fuel conjecture that information is being withheld for reasons other than the potential to taint a jury pool. Among new concerns are why the ballistics tests, on what appears to be a local law enforcement matter, have been taken over by a federal agency. And why, after almost three months, ballistics testing has not yet been completed and reported — especially after ATF pledged this case was “being given top priority over other cases.” Watch this space.

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    • Would be hilarious if an undercover federal agent was involved, and that agents involvement was traced to operation Fast and Furious, or something anti gun-running operation. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

      • Even more hilarious will be the forensic gymnastics that will have to take place in order to explain how several 5.56 rounds went though that undercover federal agent.

        • Honestly? At this point even if they did tell the truth could we trust them enough to believe it? When I worked for the .gov we were constantly told to not only avoid wrongdoing, but to avoid the appearance of wrong doing.

          Even if they’re being diligent and honest their approach smells of cover up.

        • In the Waco Trib story, one of the rounds that was recovered had been stamped on the bottom. Now who stamps their info on the bottom of a custom load? Oh yeah, Snipers do that shit.

    • top priority ,,yaa ,just like the fast and the furious inquiry .very revealing ,border patrol agent brain terry was killed by a cartel member with a “tracked weapon”, and still no answers?

    • Isn’t there always a fed somewhere in every biker “gang”? Just like every gun-nut militia has at least one FBI informant or undercover agent.

    • According a short story on Amazon. There were several. The ATF caught wind of the Cossacks wanting to join a popular club in California. The Cossacks went on a recruiting drive and the Feds happily joined. From reading the short story, I would say that the chances-and it would be wonderful if it were true-that any agent or informants were shot is very slim. The Undercovers always wear something distinctive. That is reason number one that the Snipers are there. If an Undercover gets threatened they are to shoot w/o hesitation.

      The LEO’s wanted a riot. That is why the Justice of the Peace was on hand with the Waco/DPS SWAT teams. They had those arrest warrants in-hand, waiting for the fight to kick off.

      Then something went terribly wrong and the entire affair became a hell on earth for everyone.

      Look at the fact that the bikers present were just being corralled for over an hour before “someone” made a decision to lock them all up. Then the LEO’s took every cell phone and tablet in the area. The waitresses and all. Now the cell phones are being returned after having been subjected to a Master Reset that deleted all of the data on the phones.

      “The Waco Texas Biker Massacre.” Amazon.

  1. I’m not saying that this is a cover up…but, this is a cover up. Manufacturing/manipulating evidence takes time.

  2. At least if it’s local criminal justice system vs federal I think the feds would thoroughly investigate. Since the trend was blaming the cops for the actions of thugs and burning down local businesses…

    • Please, the shooting victims were white and hispanic. At best few shades too light to qualify for federal intervention.

  3. Cover up. It will come out in criminal and the civil cases. Takening notes from the Baltimore DA I guess.

    • You hit the nail on the head with the insurance companies. Sargent Swanton said that it was a fact that the Twin Peaks were negligent and that they had advance notice and so on. Wanton Negligence comes with treble damages. Twin Peaks is being sued now and the suits will come calling in large numbers.

      Insurance companies did not get wealthy by paying claims that they do not owe.

      The big money insurance companies fight law suits in federal courts far removed from Waco.

      And one problem that Sargent Swanton created for the LEO’s was that he said that the LEO’s knew all of this days in advance and that they were getting real time information from their undercovers in the restaurant.

      So why didn’t they stop it? They forgot how to stop and harass people on the highway for hours on end? They lost the ABC cops phone number? They couldn’t remember how to get the Fire Chief on the phone?

      Check out The Waco Biker Massacre on Amazon.

  4. “Not included with information released to the public are the ballistic reports, leaving open questions of who fired fatal shots . . .”

    The omission of the ballistics spectacularly fails the smell test, no?

    • An autopsy report on a gunshot victim without ballistics? Takes time to conjure the paths of magic bullets.
      Gots to splain all those head shots, and downward, and in the back.

      • I was just thinking along the same lines. Kinda like the “magic” bullets that shot Kennedy. Give em a little more time to wave their little magic wands.

      • I’m a forensic pathologist. We never have ballistics reports as part of the autopsy report because we are not ballistics experts and don’t do ballistics examinations. We note the path of the bullet(s) through the body, the entrance and exits, the injuries, and a general indication of range (e.g. contact, close, intermediate, or indeterminate). When we retrieve bullets from bodies, we don’t do the toolmark analysis and we don’t measure caliber beyond the general “small,” “intermediate” and “large.”

        There is no reason to expect a ballistics report as part of an autopsy report. It’s a different discipline done by different people who generate their own reports.

  5. I have a retail store and love to talk to my customers. When I see stories like these I am reminded of the naturalized citizens from communist block countries who tell me the US is becoming like the countries they fled.

  6. So, you’ve got this gathering of “evil outlaw bikers” all gathered at a saloon and because you have advanced word, you surround the place with cops including SWAT and because those evil, outlaw bikers are known to be….well, “evil” all the cops take out their patrol rifles so they can look like SWAT and you’ve got them covered from all angles. Then, a fight spills outside of the bar.

    What could go wrong?

    I keep looking at this from the stand point of a long retired cop and I am thinking one cop screwed the pooch and popped a round off by accident and every other cop thought “THIS IS IT!” and opened fire.

    I really think there is a chance that everyone of those bikers was killed by a cop’s bullet and none of them opened fire at the cops at all.

    • It would seem from preliminary evidence that at least one person was shot before police opened fire. Itchy trigger fingers did play a large part, and a lot of unnecessary deaths resulted.

  7. My guess is that if you look at their training. . . . . . Amount of time, scenarios, ability to coordinate. . . Etc, you will find many police depts lacking, not the cops in the street fault but their leaders.
    The Waco Massacre, Ruby Ridge etc all could have been avoided with patience, which federal police agencies do not have as they like big city police chiefs are really politicians with little or no real experience on the street but they get to make command decisions, and then move on.
    Have I mentioned to be careful around the police as they will kill you . . . . . .these new camera systems they are putting in place have an off button . . . . .what could go wrong?

    • Waco would have been avoided if the ATF had just allowed the county sheriff to arrest Koresh while he was in town buying groceries. But they needed the spectacle for funding and to justify their SWAT teams.

  8. Guessing they are or will claim federal jurisdiction (when it benefits them) because of the interstate crime aspect of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. Which begs the question why isn’t the FBI heading it up.

  9. The 20+ people that went to the hospital can still tell you which bullet wounds they got.

    A medical examiner DOES NOT need ballistics tests to know the difference between 9mm, .45, or 5.56. Why would the medical examiner need to not determine that?

    The beauty of the ATF’s thing is in the case where bullets are recovered, there’s a chance they can tie it to specific guns, but you don’t need that info to determine the bullet wounds. And it’s pretty shaky to the families that they didn’t get to know before the bodies were buried whose bullets likely killed them.

  10. Why is the ATF involved in this case ? I did not think this kind of thing is something they are authorized to do.

    • Just in case you haven’t been paying attention lately…..the BATFE/not agency has been doing lots of things they aren’t authorized to do lately.

  11. 475 weapons.
    151 firearms.
    3 Waco PD firearms.
    9 dead.
    20 injured.
    177 arrested?
    As my 12 year old daughter says…..Really? As my mad math skills point out to me, that leaves a grand total of 324ish other weapons.

    • Table knives, forks & spoons
      Nail Files
      Wrenches, screw drivers & other tools
      containers of more than 3 ounces of liquid

      You know, all the things that the govt has declared as weapons in other locations

  12. From the article……bullet marked 15 – 080200 over JU. What the hell does that mean? I’ve loaded thousands of, as the article states, small rounds and medium to large rounds, and have never seen anything like this. Do I need to pull some factory rounds down and see if the projectiles are marked? Anyone know anything about this? I’ve heard of sniper rounds being marked to confirm kills. Anything to that or urban legend?

    • A precision shooter WOULD NOT mark their bullets. Leaving a mark on the bullet could screw up the consistency of their shots. Precision shooters are extremely anal about the smallest deviations in bullet changes.

    • “I’ve heard of sniper rounds being marked to confirm kills. Anything to that or urban legend?”
      Complete myth.

    • Some type of identifier the examiners use for recovered bullets, most likely. The number matches the case number given on the PDF.

  13. The real story here is not whether there is a cover up. The real story is that the credibility of the federal government is so bad that a person of reasonable intelligence cannot trust the federal government to tell the truth anymore.

  14. Cops gun down unarmed white bikers, no protests, media blackout. Cops shoot black gang banger, entire nation in uproar, non stop 24/7 news coverage. Welcome to Obamaville.

    • Gee, maybe white people should stop fellating every cop in sight and actually start caring about police gangsters murdering people for fun and funding.

  15. From the stonewalling and cover up one can only conclude the doughnut eaters did it. If there is even a hint of another viable explanation , I would like to hear it.

  16. There are a few outliers, but most of the entrance wounds were pretty consistent. Almost like they were all made by the same caliber round…

  17. In the end it will either be Lee Harvey Oswald, LBJ, Fidel Castro or Sam Giancana. Oh sorry – right state but wrong century.

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