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Regular readers know that TTAG is wary about linking to anything coming from – especially as we just asked you if we should delete Loony Tunes conspiracy theory comments from our comments section. The video above overcame our reticence. The unidentified Spokane Valley [WA] Sheriff above clearly states that his peeps need an MRAP to deal with the threat posed by “constitutionalists” and “a lot of people that stockpile weapons, lots of ammunition.” I don’t know about you, but the NSA does. And they know I’m guilty on both counts – although I’d like a legal definition of “lots” to see if I qualify for a visit from my friendly neighborhood SWAT team. TTAG tipster RA has this to say about that . . .

The deputy states they have the vehicle because the area has, “a lot of constitutionalists and a lot of people that stockpile weapons, lots of ammunition.” Hmmm….I guess I’d be a “Constituionalist” since I have a firm belief in all parts (not just 2A) of the US Constitution. I also have a lot of guns. Since my guns don’t run on marshmallows I also have quite a bit of ammunition. Outside of a speeding ticket 8 yeas ago and occasionally crossing the street outside of crosswalk, l follow the law. Why is this deputy so scared of me? I grew up in Los Angeles around the big, bad wolf (LAPD) yet, I’ve never been scared of the police…maybe I should be.

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  1. “a lot of constitutionalists and a lot of people that stockpile weapons, lots of ammunition.”

    So support for the MRAP was made based to a large degree on…


    Of US Citizens.

    That have committed no crime.

    If so, this certainly makes me question his judgement.

    • If the arms and hands of the government are afraid of us, then we’re doing something right.

      Now if we could just get the head a little worried too.

  2. This mental midget must be an actor because real police officer swear to defend the Constitution. Don’t they? The Liberals control the Media and they (you no who they are) want US subservient and controlled. Gun Control has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with control. The victims of violence by way of guns are always the unarmed. I choose to make sure my death won’t be easy for the one who wants me dead.

    “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”
    ― Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

    This is the plan from the super rich megalomaniac Bloomberg and his ilk they all have body guards. Know thy enemy.

    • And not suprisingly ol’ Adolph was right. The German people still live under many of the oppressions instituted under and before his party despite the sacrifices made to end the reich. Not only that but the rest of Europe has learned the lessons he had to teach and have implemented the same tactics.

      • Drew- you are fooling yourself if you don’t see that certain Americans follow the same playbook. You can substitute Hitler’s atrocity justifying propaganda of “It’s for the Master Race”, with the Liberals propaganda of “It’s for the children” or “it’s a public health crisis” . Unfortunately government disarmed victims allowed hitler’s propaganda to work as proven through the Holocaust, and thankfully the liberal’s emotional propaganda for advancing state tyranny will be met by the world’s most armed and skilled fighting force.

    • Just FYI, that quote is fake – there’s nothing like that in Mein Kampf (yes, I’ve read it), and there’s nothing similar in anything that Hitler has ever said.

      In general, Nazis didn’t say things like that while they were in power or fighting for power. It was only after the war that some let it slip through, like the famous:

      “Why, of course, the people don’t want war. Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship. … voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

  3. Um I live here in Washington, I am a constitutionalist, (that means to me the constitution is the law of land) I also have some firearms and over 1K in ammo. The ONLY reason I would turn them on the so called police was if they were violating the constitution and thus were no longer police but gang bangers with badges. If that is their intent then bring it, as I know I am a better shot, if not then they just spent a lot of money on big toy. Also I am offended by the implication as well.

    • The Police by accepting paramilitary training and by the coverage of the recent conduct showing the current day training that they employ against ordinary people (and not just black people are being killed by police, the media only reports black shootings) shows the Police all across the Nation are the Gang Banger’s you say would cause you to stand up against.

      Just this past weekend in the County where I reside a white man was shot by a County Sheriff’s officer. Did you see any National News coverage? Not going to happen. The Media wants to make it a race issue, when in fact its a National crisis.

      • I don’t know about the police accepting paramilitary training but I do know that they are accepting full on military training. To what extent though, I’m not sure. I’m wrapping up finals for and EMT course I’m taking. One of the things we were required to do before we test for the national registry is two 12 hour rotations with an ambulance service and one 12 hour shift in an ER. The ER I got stuck at was Bailey Medical Center in Owasso Ok. We had a cop come in because he was transferring a patient to down town Tulsa to the funny farm. The cop had an Air Assault badge on his uniform, the exact one earned after completing Air Assault School. I asked if he was prior service and he said no. I, as a former infantryman, had to inquire as to why he was wearing a military skill identifier if he never served in the military. His department paid for him to go and attend the Air Assault School at Ft. Campbell he said. Why do police officers need to be trained in how to conduct Air Assault operations? I don’t know, I’m not a cop nor do I make the rules for them.

        • It’s very common for police departments to assign their own meanings to military medals and use them as their own departmental commendations.

          Don’t assume it has the military meaning if it’s not on a military uniform.

    • Like RF said, I would like to know what legally constitutes a “stockpile”. As of right now there is no law against it. But what you have described as “some guns and 1K of ammo” is no where close to who this assclown is talking about.

      Hey RF. How about a question of the day: What is a stockpile of guns and ammo?
      I submit that 10 guns and 10,000 rounds per person is the baseline.

      But what has caused this pig to name his enemy?

      • A short while back Ralph mentioned 10 thousand rounds of centerfire was the most without a permit due to fire codes…

        • There is no legal limit on number of rounds you may own.
          There are suggestions by organizations that you have no more than 10k in primers but even that is not illegal.

    • 1K rounds of ammo… TIME TO STOCK UP!

      I have a friend that is a local LEO. we were at the range (one of his VERY rare trips as he only goes just before he has to qual). Anyway, we were at the range, and he noticed I had 2 or 3 different brands of 9MM on the bench. Asking why they were mixed I said “Well I buy what I find affordable and have a bunch shipped”…
      He then asks, “How much 9 do you have at the house?”
      me: “Maybe 2,000 rounds”

      The look on his face. He was dumbfounded. Most cops rarely shoot. Even these swat guys (most) dont keep hundreds much less thousands of rounds at home. They burn department ammo. They dont have to buy 1000 or 2000 when its cheap. Thus the crazy responses you see from these cops lots of time where the think those with that much ammo are crazy.

      • From my experience, you’re exactly right on all that. There may be exceptions, but rarely so.
        The ammo is free; when you run out, if you use it, you’re done.

      • “He then asks, “How much 9 do you have at the house?” me: “Maybe 2,000 rounds”

        And in that moment you just went from friend to suspect.

      • 2k? Pssh… Do you even stockpile bro? I got 6k for my handgun, Nevermind my rifle ammo count. 😉

        But in all seriousness, I don’t tell folks how much ammo I have. Not even my wife, who is onboard. lol So I certainly wouldn’t be telling a LEO, unless I trusted them with my life, which I wouldn’t with most of them. Have you seen them shoot?

        • Yeah, I have a friend who’s a member at the Seattle PD range.

          One of my goals in life is to never give anyone in an SPD uniform cause to draw on me. Yikes.

    • Is “over 1K” considered a lot? MRAP worthy? Uh oh.

      The last time I saw an MRAP deployed on the news involved nailing a guy in Springfield Heights, Springfield, VA. The guy was hugging a screen door and had nothing but an old revolver, which he’d parked on the stairs behind him.

      • I would say the bigger problem is actually the high center of gravity. With their height and armor weight, they have a tendency to tip over relatively easy. Had a Soldier in my unit who died because the MRAP he was riding in got hit by an IED and the MRAP rolled down the adjacent hill. The blast didn’t kill them, it was the fact he wasn’t strapped in properly when it went down the hill that did it. I also saw a new driver tip their MRAP over on the first week of driver’s training at Fort Hood before getting deployed. Luckily it was just the him and the TC that was in it.

  4. Like I have said reportedly on this site; Our Nation has already been overthrown from within.

    What right do these people in the public service, who have all taken oaths to protect and defend the Constitutional Rights, to somehow put arbitrary and capricious limits on such rights.

    “LOTS”! Give me a break.

    I am now an older man. But my Father taught me as a young man that no piece of legislation can address every possible scenario. Problem is, in my Father’s day, the Constitution was respected. Public servants took their oaths seriously. Today, our public servants are not public servants protecting the rights of the people. They put the paycheck over the people by doing as they are told despite the fact it violates the Constitutional Rights of the People.

    I was not afraid to be born, and I was born free. I am not afraid to die, and I promise I will die free protecting the values my Father’s generation believed in and were taught. Of course, when I was in school, just like my Father, we said the pledge of allegiance every day and started the day in School with prayer to the true and living God of Abraham as a Nation that was taught we were a Christian Jewish Nation. Freedom of religion did not extend to any other Religion. And no such freedom should exist today. We can all look to the American Civil Liberties Union and the belief that the Constitution if a living breathing document for the downfall and decay of the moral fiber of this once great Christian/Jewish Nation.

    • The way they treat that “living breathing document” says a lot about the way the progressive/left “liberals” would treat living, breathing people if they had their way.

      On another note, the attitude on display in this video fits right in with what I’ve heard about the district attorney’s behavior in Spokane. I’m not sure whether there’s an R or a D in front of the guy’s name, but each side has its authoritarians — and I think we’ve got a pedigreed example of the breed here.

  5. You’ve convinced me! There really is a vast government conspiracy!

    …By that one guy without name, rank, insignia, and barely legible shoulder patch, publicly detailing his superiors evil plan to any Jane Doe who asks about it. Meanwhile, back at The Truth About Guns…

    • Mmmhhhhmmm I understand that this one video doesn’t make you fully wake up to the fact that the government has been and will continue to obliterate your rights. However, is there nothing else that the government has done to make you question their full support of your rights (2A specifically)?

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m quite aware that there are people at work with less than auteristic goals in mind considering our constitutional rights. But if you’re going to carry the conspiracy theory water, you’d better have something a sight better than this for exactly the reasons I mentioned. However, when you sensationalize something as ambiguous as this and present it as evidence, you do nothing but harm your case.

        Tell me somebody couldn’t have dressed joe in basic green coveralls without jack for identifying markings (conviently as to not impersonate a real LEO), set him out in front of that MRAP and staged an interview just to whip some website with much lower reporting standards (ahem) into a frenzy. I’m not even saying that’s what actually happened, but there’s so little here that waiving Farago’s pet evil cops banner is negligent at best. Especially coming from InfoWars as El Mac mentioned. Seriously? It’s like asking to get smacked down unless you have an airtight piece of contributory evidence.

        This video is nothing but some guy and his opinion, but is getting paraded as Defense Exibit ‘A’. That’s my issue, not that there can’t be a shred of truth to it.

        • Who said anything about a conspiracy? A “vast government conspiracy” is not necessary to believe an officer of the law is afraid of constitutionalists. Cops don’t seem to be trained anymore to de-escalate consultations, so the only way they have to deal with people is to scream their authority or employ violence. Someone like that, who is at heart afraid of guns would indeed also be afraid of anyone who is adamant that the authority of government (and its agents) is inherently limited and owns lots of weaponry.

          The phenomenon is real, even if the conspiratorial explanation for its cause is not.

        • The “we need MRAPs cuz militia terrorists” angle is nothing new, and it has been pretty official. There were those documents from New Jersey where they tagged the local libertarians (Free State Project etc) as the problematic bunch that might cause trouble that’d require armor and heavy firepower to deal with. Not some Alex Jones crazy shit, but official documents, not disavowed or anything.

          It’s not a conspiracy in a classic sense. It’s just the prevailing attitude of our times, and in many cases it’s very much grassroot in the LEO community.

    • @Panzercat, you nailed it. I was about to say something similar. This site is great for showing how negligent discharges and criminals with guns don’t represent the rest of us but some cop somewhere said something and of course he is the voice of every cop everywhere…I’m so thankful that he let the cat out of the bag for the big plan and some patriot was there to capture it on camera! Hooray!

      OMG! MRAPS!!

  6. I find this “deputies” statements extremely offensive.
    HE should be a constitutionalist. At one time, he did take an oath.

  7. Sooo new site idea, the truth about mraps….

    This baby gets 5 iron jackboots for customisibility, but only 1.5 for fuel economy (unless you aren’t paying for it wink wink nod nod)

  8. As a Spokane County resident, I find this disturbing, if true.

    Yeah, I heavily question the source, and am searching for the rest of the dialog the 30 seconds of
    rewound video came from.

    I have now seen this video in a couple of different places, but little to corroborate. Developing.

    • Is that a Spokane County Sheriff’s patch? Doesn’t look like he one I have seen on an web site for police patches.

  9. People rightfully believe it is right and proper to: “Obey, honor and sustain the Law.”
    These people are not violating the law that concerns you! Do you really know the laws that concern you? Obviously not. You are not only subject to constitutional (common law) but also Administrative law as well. Study to show yourself approved. Here’s a link to get you started:

    • “You are not only subject to constitutional (common law) but also Administrative law as well.”

      If, by “Administrative law”, you mean laws that U.S. Congress writes consistent with its narrowly defined powers in the U.S. Constitution, I agree. If you mean anything and everything spewing out of U.S. Congress, regulatory agencies, and executive orders, I emphatically disagree.

      If the federal government created a law mandating that we kill all male children under the age of 4, are we obligated to follow it? If the federal government created a law that outlawed the wearing of red shirts, are we obligated to follow it? If the federal government created a law that mandated we give all of our income to the federal government, are we obligated to follow it?

  10. Don’t be offended. It’s only because they’re better than you.

    “Poop to That” – (Constitutionalist) Marvin Boggs

  11. I live in Spokane Valley, WA The Spokane Valley Police Department is contracted through the Spokane County Sheriffs office. That video is of some Deputy with an inappropriate off the cuff remark that means diddly squat. Ozzie, our Sheriff, HIS BOSS, does protect the 2nd amendment. Face it, departments short on cash, as is the Spokane County Sheriffs office are happy to get free equipment. When the camera was poked in that guys face and asked to justify the department having it, he was short for an appropriate answer. My opinion, and I live here and they know right where to find me, that was an idiotic comment. That’s why he’s not an information officer, one of which is Deputy Craig Chamberlain. I suggest anyone who wants a real answer and comment from the SCSO, talks to Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, and don’t take a stupid comment from some Deputy as meaning anything.

  12. Wait, what? A cop who thinks that people who support the Constitution are enemies of the state? I’m so stunned that I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.

      • @S.Crock, but RF does it so well!! (Hint, the more shit he can stir up, the more clicks he can get……..right RF?)

        • Yea totally, he created this blog just so he can stir up hot conversations about police using gear they shouldn’t have and get a lot of page views.
          Its obviously a topic that interests him (and many others) so he posts a lot about it on the blog that HE created.

        • El Mac…dude…you’re here. Commenting. Your giving away clicks. It’s OK. It costs you nothing, and makes his site worth the trouble. Loosen up. Hell, click on one of the ads. There, see? It didn’t hurt! Laugh.

          “TTAG. It’s Better Than HuffPo.”

      • Finding an “anti constitution cop video” is really easy – just search for SWAT raid recordings. 9 out of 10 of those are unconstitutional, being served with a no-knock “warrant” or no warrant at all.

  13. Isn’t this piece of equipment like our guns, neither good nor evil, but it’s how it’s used by the people controlling them? As a resident of Spokane Valley Washington and a person with a stockpile of guns and lots of ammo I find myself indifferent to this MRAP, as long as it is not misused. Just like a good guy with a gun is only so until he commits a crime, them he is the very person I carry a gun to protect myself from.

    • It’s not a question of whether the equipment is “good” or “bad”. The question is, “Is an MRAP for East Backwater, WA the best way to spend public money?” If the cops want to go together and take up a collection amongst themselves to buy a toy to play with, have at it. If they’re spending money taken from the taxpayers, then the taxpayers should have some say in how it’s spent.

    • Nope, governments and their various branches are to be strictly controlled. Their powers limited and their motive suspect. That’s what the amendments as a whole are about. Stop confusing the government with people, it is fire and it will burn you. If the deputy wants to commute to the office daily in his mrap with M16 slung by all means he should but as an agent of the government he is not “free” and is most certainly subject to limitations on his power and even more certainly limitations to the trust put in him by the people.

  14. We’ve got to stop letting the left re-define our language. Since when did the term “constitutionalist” become disparaging or derogatory?

    • It’s my understanding that the people calling themselves “constitutionalists” are not what normal people would associate with the Constitution. It consists of people who often believe, among other odd ball things, that courts lack “legal” power because they have flags with gold fringe on them.

      • Yep. The guy probably meant members of the “Sovereign Citizen” movement. Which I consider truly a movement, the kind laxatives encourage. But I’m sad to see a DS having such a hard time finding the right words.

        Which reminds me of a Kinky Friedman opening joke that starts out “what’s brown and sits on a piano bench…”

  15. Wait, you mean there are cops out there who are authoritarian statists?!!! Say it isn’t so..

    Seriously though, they comment on here all the time. El Mac, Lou Ringe, etc.

    • @stateisevil, uhm, well not exactly. And besides my conservative constitutional principles and desirings of a very limited central godvernment are well in place. But call me crazy, I don’t fear made up bullshit nor scary looking trucks.

        • @Howdy, and who says they aren’t? But. like in every other aspect of life (operational word there is EVERY) there are people that aren’t. Soooo…..what exactly is new? Oh that’s right, there is nothing new under the sun.

  16. Like it or not, Infowars has been first to report on quite a few stories that turned out to be truly huge scandalous issues. Alex Jones gets my blood pressure up, and he tends to exaggerate at times, but they also report on issues that are largely (and probably purposely) ignored by the MSM. I would wager you get more truthful and useful information from Infowars than you will get from most mainstream corporate media whorehouses.

    • Even if they get something right first- and I’m not convinced of that- it doesn’t matter if 98% of what they peddle is crap, because there’s no way to tell what’s chaff and what isn’t.

    • “I would wager you get more truthful and useful information from Infowars than you will get from most mainstream corporate media whorehouses.”

      Talk about setting the bar low. “He’s full of shit, but he’s slightly less full of shit than Fox News and MSNBC!”

  17. The fact that the government and police feel they need MRAPs to defend against their own people show that we are doing something right. A government should fear its people. Now we just need the government to actually listen to its people, then they would have less to fear.

  18. Darn it! I know it’s not your fault, Robert Farago, but I fell for watching a video from “infowars,” the looney toons who say the the 9/11 attacks were part of a US government conspiracy. Nothing they say after that is worth hearing.

  19. Hmmm. Cop needs MRAP because he fears the citizenry. I imagine that is how the founders envisioned it.

    • I think if our founding fathers were able to envision today they probably would have added “the right of people’s ability to own and mraps shall not be infringed of course machine guns” as I am pretty sure they wanted us on an equal playing field.

  20. Meh…what’s new? And who said upholding the constitution? Like Barry Soetoro and Holder and the rest of the dumbocrat bunch? And lots of repubs? Just train for headshots…

  21. Any authority figure that fears “Constitutionalists” is, at heart, a fascist who knows he’s in the wrong.

    Freedom is defined by a government that fears its citizenry. I’d like to thank this sheriff for helping prove the fact that criminals and authority figures share the same psychological profiles.

  22. I would like to know what he think’s a constitutionalist is.

    I would like to know what he thinks is wrong with stockpiling er collecting.

    More importantly, I would like to know whether he considers himself a constitutionalist when he swore an oath to support and defend the constitution.

    I really wonder wether he knows it or not that to target people who actually believe in the constitution is tantamount to being a traitor.

  23. My tinfoil hat and I are offended that y’all mock “conspiracy theories”, about folks with secret, nefarious intent. Hey, if everybody knew, it wouldn’t be a secret, if they weren’t colluding it wouldn’t be a conspiracy and if it weren’t nefarious nobody would care.

    Kidding aside, (That’s KIDDING ASIDE. The tinfoil hat bit is irony.) the problem isn’t that this guy is well reasoned, or representative. Rather the opposite. The problem is that this is what pops out of the mouth of some under-considered implementor, spouting off. it’s in his brain, and he’s going to act on it.

    You can reason with considered evil – they have a goal. You can’t reason with evil biases. They just do the only thing they know, because it’s all they can. (As is often the case, this is brilliantly put in one of Screwtape’s letters: virtue recast as the slug-brained insistence to keep being what they are. One might imagine The Screwtape Letters as an investigative report vs. a creative piece of Christian apologia, written as fiction. But that would be paranoid.)

    I’ll go back to my bunker now.

  24. I hope I can shed light on the issue at hand here since I have am both a police officer with SWAT duties, as well as a citizen that believes in Constitutional rights. Let me start by saying I don’t know the person in this video, or the agency he works for. What I do know, is that I regularly have the benefit of using an armored vehicle while I engage in specific duties pertaining to my employment. The bottom line is that in my experience these vehicles are not deployed or obtained simply because an individual has guns. To make this a gun only issue, is making it too simple. Yes, firearms can be a FACTOR in when these vehicles are used. But they are used for the protection of police officers engaged in operations where an elevated risk exists.

    If I believed current gun laws would stop violent criminals from using firearms in the commission of crimes, and against civilians and police officers. I don’t believe this, the very definition of a criminal is someone that does not follow the law. These are the people that these vehicles are intended for. And are some of these people extremists (right wing and left wing)? Absolutely. This officers words may have been poorly chosen, but to criticize a tool that will allow me to come home to my family after serving the community to protect and UPHOLD the constitution is craziness.

    • >> What I do know, is that I regularly have the benefit of using an armored vehicle while I engage in specific duties pertaining to my employment.

      Can you give some examples?

      Can you also consider whether the way in which you’re serving a search or arrest warrant is what necessitates an armored vehicle, as opposed to the violation itself for which it is served? (e.g. trying to arrest a drug dealer in his house, as opposed to snatching him on the street when he leaves)

  25. Spokane is a city that’s rotting from it’s trash-strewn center with a facade of gentrification on the outskirts. Last time I was there I noticed the telltale SSIDs of wireless mesh network spycams like Seattle has been amassing to feed their Fusion Centers and DHS, like “E Sprauge & Napa” but I couldn’t put eyes on the signature white boxes. When Cascadia forms and secedes from the US I say put them on their own Trail of Tears style walk of shame back West to Seattle like the narcs they are.

  26. I will say, having family living north of Deer Park (N. Spokane area) I have met some people who are involved in white supremacist groups. When I met one of my cousin’s friends, I thought he was joking when he said he was KKK. It didn’t take me long to realize he was not joking at all.

    There are parts of the triangle of NE WA, N. Idaho, and NW Montana where I would not want to ever have to serve a warrant. That’s where the armored vehicles come in, and I think that’s specifically what this guy is talking about.

    Unfortunately my experience is that in some parts of the country, there is definitely a small bit of overlap with constitutionalists and white supremacist groups. I consider myself a constitutionalist, and am not a racist, but I have found this to be the case. I’m sure this statement will probably offend some TTAGers, but that’s my experience.

    Washington is a very weird state, and NE WA is a weird part of it.. Parts of it are like the deep south on crack. People outside the state have no idea. Granted, I love the shit out of that area of the state, and would love to live there. It’s a very live and let live place, people are helpful but stay out of your business.

  27. Being a WA resident, this sounds much like an anti-gun promotion, spun-up. If he is in Eastern WA, as stated, (Spokane Co.) it tends to be quite rural. Ranchers pose no threat to anyone except criminals and bears who eat cattle (or grapes). The overwhelming majority of cops here were against the anti-gun law just passed so if this guy is real he is an anomaly. And maybe this is it. He may be a trouble-maker type of cop and is not well liked which would explain his paranoia.

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