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  1. Why can’t we see a video of some cops getting back in their cars and just going away? Without doing anything and not escalating some stupid situation? Like the one I just watched.

    They can do anything they want. The police will be just as happy to shoot you too. All you have to do is be scared, run around and not listen to them just like that dog was doing.

  2. I’m sorry about the dog, but the cops seem to have done the best they could given time and other constraints. This is true with other animals, from deer to moose to feral cats. When they are a hazard to safety, they need to be (safely) shot.

    That said, cops are probably a more aware (and risk averse) regarding the handling of dogs – they are more likely to shoot in ambiguous (self defense) circumstances. It’s understandable. Just as the average person is more likely to accept a bite and go bleating to an attorney.

    A lot of dog owners are naive about dog bites. But it is a problem. Talk to an ER nurse.

    • I was a dog trainer. I’ve been bitten by attack dogs. I’m still alive, and I didn’t need to kill any of the dogs to stay that way. The cops were trigger-happy. Wan’t proof? Listen to the tape. One of those cops couldn’t wait to shoot that dog. What a bunch of schmucks.

  3. OMG! This video makes me sick to my stomach. “Niiiiiiice!!!!!”? Now imagine that dog as a small child, a family member, frightened and alone, and being chased by strange men with guns, because that’s what a dog is in today’s world. Those cops should be, at the very least, anally raped with their department issued batons.

  4. They not only wanted to shoot the dog, as evidenced by their willingness to just shoot the dog and be done with it, early on in the video, but being excited and turned on by what a great shot they’d just made (“Niiiiiiiice!!!!”). Indeed! I am beyond disgusted!

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