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“Gun control will now have to wait for immigration reform, Vice President Joe Biden told religious leaders Monday,” reports. “He doesn’t think it will come back before they’ve made some pretty good steps on immigration,” said Sister Marjorie Clark, a lobbyist for Network, the Catholic social justice organization. “He said, ‘I don’t think it will happen before immigration, but it will come back.’” The Washington Post is shamelessly promoting the possibility, helping the gun control lobby bash “disloyal” Dems. To wit . . .

At least two Republican senators have signaled that they may reconsider their opposition to expanded national background checks for gun purchases, aides said Monday, suggesting that the push for stricter gun laws could return as a top issue in Washington in the coming weeks.

Wow! Who?

Capitol Hill aides Monday declined to identify the two Republicans who have approached Democrats about restarting the debate on the issue.

I bet they did. Unspoken: the gun grabbers are waiting for a spree killing. Count on it.

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  1. Once the U.S. is sufficiently brown, thanks to immigration law changes, the right to bear arms will look like it does down in Mexico. Biden is correct. More brown people + more spree killings+ milktoast court rulings protecting the 2nd amendment (like Heller)= more “gun control” pushes .

    • When was the last shoot-up by a brown person? The control type is white, male, late teens or twenties. Sirhan was a brown person (Palestinian-American); that was 1968!

      • I don’t think he said that. stateisevil wrote “more brown people + more spree killings,” not “more brown people = more spree killings.” At least, that’s the way I read it.

        BTW, Sirhan was not a Muslim. He was a Christian. FWIW.

      • Biden’s party’s’ strategy is incremental in nature standing on the presumption that more immigrant voters will support Democrat causes and candidates than not, hence the priority on “immigration” voter registration oops I mean reform.

        Washington Post’s unsupported rumors / lies whatever are simply another reflection of ongoing gun grabber brainwashing efforts designed to create doubt in the mind of politicians as to the good judgment of continuing to defend Second Amendment protections over protecting their own hides from vulnerability. The grabber’s lobbyist’s efforts are to jamb through anti gun legislation. The more the grabbers and the media hacks (who parrot what the grabbers say) report that it’s hopeless to resist “common sense” change message, the less resistance they hope to encounter with the next vote.

        The grabbers are taking pages right out of the comm**ist manifesto and employing long known advertising strategies in efforts to sway the vote their way.

        • ” presumption that more immigrant voters will support Democrat causes and candidates than not”

          not THIS immigrant.

      • Actually, there’s been a shooting fitting the ‘brown’ description nearly every year since 2007, mostly in CA. Google Lupoe for an example. They seem to be mostly shootings of one’s own family, not someone else’s “darling innocent babies.” Such is media.

      • So William, does this mean that white males are less intelligent and easier to manipulate than non white males?

    • Look at the protests and gun grabbers. They are of a pale variety. They are almost universally old and white, mostly female.

    • Congratulations. That is the most racist comment I’ve read on TTAG. This is why liberals assume gun-owners are racist.

  2. That wait is NOT until someone decides to shoot up a school… the wait is for the most strategic time to unleash it. They already have their shooters, though most of the shooters don’t realize it themselves. It could be only the whisper of a key word to a mind-controlled minion. We haven’t been in Kansas for a long time. They’ve been running these ops since the SIXTIES. There’s plenty of research on it to be found online, without much difficulty.

  3. I’m all for legal immigration. But i’ve seen a figure bandied about about the longterm cost of the reform that barry wants and its north of 6 trillion dollars. I think, just as with barrycare, that our favorite prez is not thinking thru the long term effects of his decisions.

    As for gun control coming back, it never went away. I’ve been at this since 68 and its always been here.

    • ” I think, just as with barrycare, that our favorite prez is not thinking thru the long term effects of his decisions.”

      Of course he is. What you see as a bug, he sees as a feature.

    • Our Prez does not care about “long term” effects. Consequences of his decisions are intended

    • “Barrycare”? First I heard that one. I like it!

      The Prez and his minions don’t truly give a rat’s a$$ about the long term effects of anything they do other than that it garners them more votes and helps them CRUSH the opponents of their way of thinking and their ideas of a socialistic government controlled society.

    • Speaking of ’68: I’m apprehensive about the massive immigration for other reasons than Dem voters. First, I agree, the cost will be horrendous depending on whether the final law imputes past work (FICA) credits to the illegals. Worse, I actually expect reality to set in, that Mexicans don’t identify with black Americans, and generally resent it when other people take them for granted. At least in urban settings they tend to cluster in a particular neighborhood and, uh, encourage others to move out. The last thing we need is another round of the LA Latino/Black battles of a few years ago. Their gangs conflict with each other. Their claims of entitlement to more representatives of their own ethnicity/color conflict. Just what we need on top of 17 trillion debt, a tapped out disability fund, and a shortage of physicians (which is the first thing we need to fix).

        • Actually, with all the medical mistakes and tragedies that occur we may be benefitting from a lack of doctors. Fewer MD’a equal fewer accidental deaths.

  4. Unless (heaven forbid) there is fresh human attrocity to exploit, I don’t see it even getting as far as they did in the last push. Ever day the emotional reaction gets calmer and the 2014 election season gets closer. I worry much more about what may happen if there aren’t pro-rights gains in the 2014 elections. Unless things shift towards 2a rights, the last two yeara of Obama’s reign will be nothing but a gun grab.

    • Obama needs furor in the media to distract people from the devastating results of his economic policies. If he fails to stir up political news, the main news item becomes the nation’s dire economic straits. Because of this, we can expect him to push forward as many controversial issues as he can. Such things are the easiest way to distract the public from his many gaffes and broken promises. By “entertaining” the public with such things, he increases his party’s likelihood of retaining power in the next elections.

      • This. We are about 17 Trillion dollars in debt as a nation. That, ladies and gentlemen, has multiple layers of disaster written all over it. Not only are these new gun laws poorly written and ineffective at reducing crime, but they also come with promises of spending money which we don’t have.

        Yet Obama convinced numerous useful idiots to vote for him because – God forbid – you might otherwise vote for the candidate with personal knowledge of wealth and finances. Not only does BHO *know* the plight of the poor man, he’s presiding over the unprecedented debt crisis out our nation.

        Of course, I could be wrong. What’s 17 trillion in the hole matter in the grand scheme of things?

  5. These Senators that are supposedly under fire for voting no on the background check bill need some encouragement and thanks from the pro 2A side. We need to let them know that they made the correct decision and have our support. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

  6. More immigrants = more dems = more support for the gun grab.

    That is their strategy. Our strategy is to oust the libs in 2014.

    It’s a race, one we must win. Fighting this immigration bill should be our new temporary focus, as well as identifying and supporting our candidates for 2014.

  7. Hahaha watch their toomey video. “Pennsylvania has a strong background check system but Guns don’t respect borders” from my understanding is all u need in pa is ur nics check I’m not sure if there’s a state background check also. They need to realize criminals don’t respect laws.

  8. One thing I noticed with all these gun control videos is how they don’t allow voting or comments. More evidence that MAIG is also anti-1A.

  9. Translation: gunshy amnestied Mexicans will bolster our anti-gun platform and vote D all the way down. God knows they want the D.

  10. The Federal government wants to compound its failure to fulfill its basica responsibilities by granting amnesty every two decades or so to the millions of illegals it allows to flood this country. After their failure to pass immigration reform, they will try to ram road more unconstitutional gun control legislation through the senate.

  11. “Unspoken: the gun grabbers are waiting for a spree killing. Count on it.”

    This is called conspiring…”to act in harmony toward a common end”

    Wake Up Sheeple, Conspiracies exist!!!

    • Big difference between planning and executing the murders of children to push an agenda from just hoping there will be another event before they try again. There is no conspiracy to kill children to push their anti-gun agenda, but they are hoping for it.
      Quit the crazy talk please, you are not helping.

      • Wake Up Robodrone! I never said anyone is conspiring to kill children, you brought up that crazy talk.

        As RF mentioned, these Elites are conspiring to act to take our Freedoms/Liberties once another spree shooting occurs.

        Your ignorance is not helping the fight to preserve our Freedoms and Liberties.

        There are people out there right now conspiring to disarm the entire civilian population. WAKE UP!

  12. Justice Department: Gun Violence Is Down

    So, before we get on with this history lesson, let’s look at what the Washington Post reported today on this issue of guns – and gun violence.

    Gun violence has dropped dramatically nationwide over the past two decades, but nearly three-quarters of all homicides are still committed with a firearm, the Justice Department said in a report released Tuesday.

    The report, by the department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, painted an encouraging picture of long-term trends at a time of divisive political debate over guns and legislation to regulate them. Firearms-related homicides declined 39 percent between 1993 and 2011, the report said, while nonfatal firearms crimes fell 69 percent during that period.


    Overall, the Justice Department report said, firearm-related homicides dropped from 18,253 homicides in 1993 to 11,101 in 2011, while nonfatal firearm crimes declined from 1.5 million in 1993 to 467,300 in 2011. The drop extended to schools: Homicides at schools declined from an average of 29 per year in the 1990s to an average of 20 per year in the 2000s.

    Although the rate of firearms homicides for African Americans declined by 51 percent over the past two decades, that rate was still 14.6 per 100,000 people in 2010 — compared to 1.9 for whites.

  13. After giving Obama his bottle and putting him down for his nap to ensure the Crybaby in Chief didn’t do anything (else) stupid, his handlers realized no new gun legislation was going to get through at the federal level until another shooting. They’re taking their time planning and implementing a false flag shooting, using immigration to get people’s minds away from gun control so they can be freshly yanked back into the emotional manipulation later. They want to get it right this time.

    • I agree with everything you say except the false flag nonsense. The gungrabbers are not planning and executing a mass murder of children, they are just hoping it happens so they have more ammo(no pun intended) to use for another gungrab push.
      Enough with the Alex Jones BS.

    • If there is going to be a conspiracy, it will most likely be one of bureaucratic and administrative neglect. The typical “Not My Problem, it’s someone else’ problem”. And even more so if State and Federal agencies are both involved.

      Just after Port Arthur in 1996, the heads of the Tasmanian departments of Police, Health, and Community Services were all blaming each other other Martin Bryant’s spree while stating they were not responsible for his actions. Live and on-air, the state police commissioner was saying Bryant wasn’t a police problem, he was a health and community services problem. The person in charge of the state health department said Bryant was an issue for the police and community services. And finally, community services said Bryant was an issue for Police and Health. The coronial inquest wasn’t quashed out of alleged “respect for the families of the victims” (who actually wanted the investigation) but because there was going to be a lot of political embarrassment at both state and federal levels.

  14. What’s really funny and ironic here is the fact that there will be no new immigration legislation passed under this admin. So Biden is basically saying after the next FAILURE we will move back to the gun issue where we already FAILED only to probably FAIL again. Anyone catching the key word here?

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