mobile gas station woman gun stranger
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mobile gas station woman gun stranger

“SHUT MY D$&N DOOR BEFORE I BLOW YOUR …… BRAINS OUT!” That’s what a Mobile, Alabama woman reportedly told a random stranger who had opened her passenger side door while she was in a gas station Tuesday.

Surprised when he opened the door, she reached for her gun and told him to keep out of her vehicle. As further reports,

She said the man was very persistent, even saw her reaching for her gun and didn’t stop until she yelled at him, “(It was a ) very scary moment and I can only thank the good Lord above for watching over me and not allowing anything bad happen.”

What’s the take-away here?

“Get in your vehicle, immediately lock doors. That’s the lesson I quickly learned after this man, whom I never saw coming, opened my door, seconds after I had got in, and aggressively tried to get in my truck,” she said.

The video doesn’t seem to show much aggression or even an attempt to get into the vehicle. Then again, that may have been because the woman immediately reached for her gun. The intruder didn’t exactly run off in terror after deciding that closing the door was the better part of valor. He slowly ambled away.

Still, the woman’s forceful command and the threat of a ballistic response was enough to convince him to shuffle off. We can’t know what would have happened had she been unarmed (and glad she didn’t have to find out).

All’s well that ends well. Another successful defensive gun use — one of more than 1.1 million each year — that didn’t require a round to be fired.


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  1. I always lock my car…and I’m a (still) big OFWG. I avoid areas where I can’t see ’em coming. I see a multitude of gals in gas stations,supermarket aisles and sundry stores with zero situational aware. Not just unlocked car doors but leaving their purse unattended. Or up OPENED in a store. Glad this lady had a gat…

    • that’s why carrying your gun in a purse is so worrisome…purses get snatched all the time…

  2. I do not understand why people fail to lock their doors when at a gas station. I always lock all but the driver’s door and remove the keys from the ignition and placing them in my pocket.

    • I do the same thing when I’m at the gas station (service station or petrol station to us). Turn off the engine. Open the fuel door via the remote. Get out and lock the doors with the key fob. Put the nozzle in and wedge the cap into the pump handle. The pump will automatically stop when the tank is full. Pay at the register. Unlock the doors and go as quickly as possible

    • had it happen to me once…black guy opened passenger door and started to get inside…then we went eyeball to eyeball for a tense moment..after which he smiled and said he had mistaken me for someone else…can be a jarring experience….

      • Is his color a necessary descriptor here? Does it matter? Please don’t say whites don’t ever do stuff like that.
        Are we supposed to be more excited and sympathetic because he was black? That alone didn’t put you in increased risk. What’s more at issue is that he was a stranger.
        If you get my drift and you claim innocence then just stop using identifiers that aren’t necessary. When they are they are.

        • Shut up snowflake. You and your ilk whine about “white privilege” ALL DAY LONG, and if you don’t , you also NEVER say anything to your communist boyfriend who screams it.

          Either lose your intersectional / triggered attitude or go self deport, your BS is ruining this country.

  3. Do you think he asked her if that was a 9mm or .40 before he decided if he was gonna back off? If she had a reload? How expensive her self-defense ammo is?

    • Hannibal,

      And we know for a fact that he also asked her whether she had several hours of advanced training under her belt and could hit a hummingbird at 25 yards.

    • LMAO. My first thought after reading that comment was the same as uncommon_sense’s.

      I also suspect her WML came in handy and I’m sure she made a detailed entry in her Field Notes.

  4. For someone having a firearm pulled on them with a supposed aggressive response. He seemed rather casual about backing away and closing the door. May have to call bullshit on this one. Keeping in mind this is a third party telling a supposed story.

    • Not everyone gets scared when they see a gun. Some criminals who are pathological in some way will not show any emotion at all, even at the point of certain death. If you care to learn more, research what some convicted murders say and do in the time leading up to their execution. Some look forward to it with glee.

        • another tactic they like to use is coming up to you and asking for a cigarette…that’s when you need to get your guard up…also happened to me (white guy this time)…you can almost sense them sizing you up…in this case he backed off and went away…maintaining eye contact and stiffening up seems to discourage them….

    • Having had some experience with drunks, I will suggest he was drunk. he had that slightly unsteady, slow amble many drunks affect.

  5. That sure didn’t look dangerous, moving slow and he closed the door? Didn’t run away fast as he could, just sort of anders about.

    Followed the links to the news story and looked for more on it, the guy sounds mentally defective. He’d been watched by the convenience store workers for his peculiar behavior in their parking lot and they already called the cops on him. Newsies found other people had been watching the guy too. Still no word on what his deal is, if he will face charges or what. Could be one of those mentally ill or retarded people with no place to go and be looked after.

    That’s the problem we face in a country with nearly no mental health infrastructure. How do you know the person acting weird, maybe trying to open your door, isn’t just a brain damaged adult with the capacity of a child or a mad dog killer looking to grab his next victim?

    You just can’t know. So you have to pick your own survival and act accordingly.

  6. A commenter on this website recently claimed that we need oodles of training and weekly target practice before we can responsibly and effectively defend ourselves with firearms.

    Somehow, I don’t think this nice lady has oodles of training — nor do I think she practices weekly at her local shooting range.

    As I have stated on this forum before, simply producing a firearm and projecting the determination to use it will send about 90% of violent attackers on their way — without even firing a shot.

    Kudos to the victim!

    • A high point loaded with steel case FMJ and an hour worth of practice is better then sitting there shitting your own pants.

    • just putting your hand in your pocket in a purposeful manner is enough to give them pause…need to avoid actually displaying a firearm…..

    • Despite the best efforts of the gun-control movement, America is steadily arming itself. As more and more people begin carrying guns, incidents like this will surely increase. This will undoubtedly have an effect on the approach strategies of criminals (not that this guy necessarily was one) using parking lots and gas stations as hunting grounds.

  7. I usually make a point of locking all my vehicle doors when driving.

    One time, I apparently forgot to lock the passenger door. It was about 10 PM in a not-so-great part of town that I passed through on my way to and from work. I was stopped at a traffic light and a fellow walks up to my car, opens the passenger door, and starts to ease into the seat, all while babbling some stream-of-consciousness line of bullshit about where I was going to be taking him.


    It took me until he was nearly in my passenger seat before I reacted. My .357 was clipped on my side of the center gear shift console. I reached down, drew the gun, and before I could fully raise it, he exited my car at warp speed apologizing.

    As soon as he slammed the door shut, I reached over and locked that door. The light changed, and off I went. For a good few months following, I used another, much longer, route home…

    • The only rationalization I can think of as to why he even did that is –

      He had done it before, and it worked. He got a free ride to wherever it was he wanted to go. Probably the people who’s car he got into were so shocked they simply complied.

      Not that time, for this boy…

      • NOTE – The ‘boy’ in that case was me, not the un-invited vehicle intruder.

        He wasn’t gonna get a free ride from me…

      • always a mistake to be accommodating and complicit…stiffen up and show resistance from the get go…they’re looking for someone “easy”…

      • @Geoff

        Agreed. I have female clients who have been abducted in this way. Unfortunately they were unarmed. Fortunately they survived. People will do what has worked for them before.

  8. I used to work on the edge of a rough part of town. A colleague’s wife drove through it to pick him up after work. A couple of times, bums tried to climb into her car when she was stopped at a traffic light. Fortunately for her, the car’s doors locked automatically. She was able to drive away before the bum tried harder.

  9. “The shooter asked the judge for permission to write a letter of apology to the shoplifter’s family. The judge granted that request.”

    Pro tip: A letter of apology is literally a letter of incrimination. A latter of non-statement, supervised by your lawyer, is better.

    • damnit, I’m commenting on the wrong ****ing article, on the wrong website. WHERE IS THE EDIT BUTTON!?

        • What face lift? I didn’t notice anything until you pointed it out. looks minimalist now.
          I go through too many websites to pay any attention to how they look, only functionality.

  10. People are talking about why HER fault for not locking doors SECONDS after she got in the car.
    I’m faulting her for not blowing the creeps brains out.
    This creep will move onto next victim, next time probably from the back.

    • I’m faulting her for not immediately putting it in REVERSE and FLOORING IT.

      When properly applied, cars and car doors beat the crap out of bullets.

  11. Drugged or mental.
    A co worker had her backpack with laptop taken at a gas station by a sneaky guy who crawled up to the side door and lifted it. Make sure the other doors are locked at all times.

  12. I took a guy out once in a similar situation, only there was a female buckled in the passengers seat. He first came to the drivers side asking for a light and I said “no” and shook my head “no” through my closed window. He walked off thinking I wasn’t paying attention (but I was) so he circled back around the passengers side.

    Believing my doors were locked, I was not immediately in fear. When the door opened and a wild -eyed drunk speaking something in Russian reached and grabbed at the female, I became really alarmed.

    I threw the Town Car into reverse and the open door flung the guy back at least 20 feet onto the pavement. He could have easily been run over, crushed between the car and the curb, or suffered any number of injuries. I’ll never know because I sped off.

  13. Thank you for detailing your Crime Comrade … Now when and where was this murder attempted , does the car service that employs you know about this felony ?
    So you thought this would be “your ” secret ? Eh, Comrade ?
    My.. how little you know of the Communist State !
    Your device has been instrumental in securing the time /date and GPS location of this crime….

  14. WHAT NO MORE ” WAR STORIES” ? Admissions of guilt, bragging, Don’t be shy….
    You always detail your Crimes online…..and now they have “ALL YOUR DIRT”.
    Dont think they’ll use this against you…? Everything……that’s right…
    EVERYTHING YOU POST HAS BEEN ARCHIVED….Saved for the right moment ….
    INTERNET TERRORIST…..Will be the tag line…..
    90% of Comments are BOTS…..&……TROLLS….. Looking to entrap persons into criminal Conduct, comments….to be used at the appropriate moment/ trial….

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