Louisville Raising Cane Robbery
Courtesy Louisville Police Department
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Justin Carter figured he’d knock over a virtually empty chicken joint in Louisville Saturday night. How hard could it be? It was late — about 10 p.m. — probably near closing and the store had only two customers.

What could possibly go wrong?

As the video above shows, Carter chose…poorly. Those two customers minding their own business and eating a late dinner were off-duty cops.

From the AP:

A masked man attempting to rob a Kentucky chicken joint at gun point wound up fleeing the restaurant empty-handed when two married police officers on a date night chased him from the scene, authorities said.

Elizabethtown Police Officer Nicole McKeown and her husband, Det. Chase McKeown, were off duty and eating Saturday night when the man tried to rob a Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers eatery in Louisville, The Courier-Journal reported.

An arrest citation said Justin T. Carter, 30, entered the restaurant wearing a mask and flashed a gun at an employee several times while demanding money from the register, the report said.

Louisville raising canes robbery cops
Courtesy Louisville Police Department

Both officers were seen on surveillance video getting up from their table, drawing weapons and chasing Carter outside. The arrest report said Carter dropped the gun and fled.

The two officers chased Carter on foot and he was later arrested, authorities said. Carter was charged with first-degree robbery, receiving a stolen firearm and possessing a handgun as a convicted felon.

Justin Carter (courtesy Louisville Police Department)

Authorities determined that gun Carter was stolen from Jeffersontown police, the report said.

Carter appeared in court Monday and was represented by a public defender. A preliminary hearing is schedule for Feb. 25.

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        • And I’m the stupid one. LOL

          Oh, and how many gubmint paychecks have you cashed, “Gadsden Flag”? Again, LOL

        • There’s nothing inherently wrong with a government paycheck for services rendered or a job well done. In fact, the private sector routinely receives government checks for doing jobs contracted by the government. Being a private employee, you’ve likely received a portion of these government funds yourself. And there’s nothing wrong with that, we’re a constitutional republic with a free market. Now… A government paycheck for doing nothing however, is a different story.

        • “There’s nothing inherently wrong with a government paycheck for services rendered ”

          Inherently no, but in practice, for the last…oh… few thousand years, hasn’t worked so well.

    • “He should have had “LOOSER!” put on his forehead while he was getting those tats.”

      Hopefully, he’ll get a ‘teardrop’ tat for each year he gets in the clink…

    • Neck tats indicate “the cost of my incarceration will exceed the value of any taxes I may pay”. Also makes criminals easy to identify. I get the feeling criminals are narcissists and WANT to be seen.

    • Who knows, if the husband and wife are really gung-ho types and adrenaline junkies, that armed robber may have just made the best date-night ever.

  1. The gun was stolen? But, but, but…registration prevents that and allows the Gov to know where our guns are at all times. Plus everyone knows criminals obey laws our dear leaders pass for our own good…for the children!


    • If only people were limited to one firearm purchase per month because…wait what’s the reason for that law again? And I think that law did pass in Virginia.

      • Probably stolen out of a police vehicle when the cop left it behind because he was entering a gun free zone. It happens more often than the police or the media lets on.

        • Yes there are. Any privately owned business can ask a sworn LEO to adhere to their GFZ policy, just as with any other patron who walks in their doors. There are also Federal properties (military, courthouse, etc.) that LEOs must abide by. A badge is not a Willy Wonka ticket to carry anywhere they wish.

          Although in CA they certainly do have more free reign than us non-LEO noobs.

    • Don’t tell Bloomberg.

      Speaking of the devil, I just saw a Bloomberg campaign bus on the interstate in TN. His minions are everywhere.

      • I get a piece of mail from Bloomberg campaign almost every day here in California. The last one is a doozie–it blamed Trump’s policies for the pollution and wild fires here. HUGE lies.

        First, California has been run by Democrats for the last two decades or longer.
        Second, there have been wild fire risks here for decades, for two main reasons: state environmental protection laws that have eliminated 80% of the logging industry, and drought.
        Smog was a word invented to describe pollution in LA. It isn’t as if this is a new thing, or that it is getting worse. (It is still bad, but not as bead as it was back int he Sixties.)

        Then again, I expected no less of him. Sadly, there is hardly a Republican Party anymore to point out his lies.

        • I’ve never received any mailers from any Democrat campaigns. Always Repubs and/or conservative Libs. Never Dems. I wonder if you’re party registration records in your county placed you on the wrong candidates’ radar.

        • I got one in a text from a “Bernie Bro”… Been a registered Republican since 1971 no cell info attached to any voter registration… They must buy lists from Amazon or something…

    • He was already wearing a “White Flag” to hide his face…. coward that he is… and lost his gun while running… and surrendered without much resistance…. Musta been a DEM…. thought their last anti-cop bill would save him?

  2. And the gun was stolen from the police? Wait a minute, according to the red shirts they are the only ones responsible to have them.

  3. The tats and attempted armed robbery and previous felony convictions confirm he is not too intelligent.

    Probably got participation trophies when in school and couldn’t adapt when he got out in the real world.

    • Tattoos are so common, mainstream and boring that face tattoos are all those who want to appear rebellious have left. Not having a tattoo is the new tattoo!

  4. I am having a hard time understanding why the armed husband and wife duo did not shoot the armed robber. Doesn’t an armed robber, who is actively threatening his/her robbery victim with a deadly weapon, constitute a credible and imminent threat of death or great bodily harm which legally justifies use of deadly force?

    Not firing at that armed robber could have proved fatal to the robbery victim because the armed robber could have raised his firearm and shot the victim at any moment “just because” or even as a response to the husband and wife duo yelling at him to surrender. Of course the armed robber could have turned and started shooting at the husband and wife duo at any moment as well, with or without the husband and wife yelling at him to surrender.

    Both possible outcomes are really bad (one for the victim and one for the husband and wife). Thus, it seems to me (from my Monday morning quarterback chair) that the husband and wife “dropped the ball” on this one.

    Am I right? Am I wrong?

    • Hard to know.

      … maybe the last phrase of the 4rth rule? Be sure of what is beyond your target.

      Looks like a door with glass panels opposite of the criminal.

      • The video shows a person (another customer?) walking toward the door. Note how that individual wanted his/her chicken finger so badly, there was no concern or pause over the perp and two armed cops running out. He/she let them pass, and just walked in to get that dinner.

        But yes…4th rule was clearly in play here. Kudos to the married couple for stopping the threat and not blasting away. The perp dropped the weapon and was caught soon afterward, anyhow. Well done.

    • This is going to be harsh but you’ve missed the entire point of the story and are taking it as an opportunity to bash and question. So here’s your questions.

      What do you did when you were on duty with your department and this situation arose?

      You cite law but is it for that state? Do you know policy? How many people have you killed?

      You shoot and get crucified by the public. You don’t shoot and he gives up you get sharpshooted by the public for not. You shoot when he runs and you get titled a bad guy by the public for shooting them in the back. He gets away and does something else and the officer is at fault.

      They did the best they could. He’s caught. No one else got hurt. He didn’t get his wife in a gun battle. Chickens cold and yet another meal missed due to paperwork. Still gotta answer questions from admin, IA, the media and “concerned” citizens who don’t think right was done.
      It’s still a win.

    • My armchair take is they went with their gut feelings that he was a coward seeking easy pickings, and wasn’t going to shoot. One part of me is pleased to see cops with enough judgment to turn the page past the alleged “Shoot First And Ask Questions Later” chapter of the manual. Another part wonders whether they may have been afraid he’s a minority, and stopped at taking up the slack to make sure it would be a clean shoot, which gave the coward a split second to begin fleeing. Another part suspects the coward doesn’t have the processing power to render split second judgments, as suggested by others. Yet another part wonders whether they recognized his voice from past, er, encounters, and knew him to be a coward. And, another part, that I will now listen to, wonders about chicken and notices it’s lunch time.

    • Do you know how many reams of paper they would go through filing a “Justified Shooting – Death” report? OMG if the Perp LIVED they’d be filling out reports on it until he was in his 60’s IF he survived that long… (sarc/off)

    • If you shoot him, where do the bullets go afterwards? If you shoot him, are his lights out immediately (takes a lot of skill… and some luck) or does he blow someone away before he loses consciousness?

      There are times when there is no reasonable alternative but to open fire. This doesn’t seem like one of them to me. They would have been justified to use deadly force up to the time he disarmed himself but that doesn’t mean it was necessarily the best idea.

  5. It will all be downgraded to a couple of misdemeanors, time served (3 weeks) and $350 fine as long as he promises to attend his drug rehab sessions. So, all is well that ends well.

    • 3 weeks and $350? That’s barbaric! He should move to New York where he would be released immediately and given a sammich and a cab voucher.

  6. I know this area very well. Its generally pretty crowded on a Sat. night. Lots of cameras around – no easy escape routes. I suppose the idiot should be happy they were cops. Im pretty sure of what I’d do with this guy between me and the exits.

  7. Idiots. I guess he failed the master thief class in prison. I was on a grand jury a while back and got to watch a guy rob a dollar general on video. He was masked and stuck a gun in the cashiers face demanding money. She apparently told him she couldn’t open the register without ringing in a sale. He set his gun on the counter, pulled out his wallet. When he reached for a candy bar, the cashier picked up his gun and held him for the police.

    That was just one of about four or five different security videos that were just hilarious.

    You almost feel sorry for idiots like that. Almost.

    • Fortunately, Randy idiots like that are who would try to rob one of us armed Citizens. Drawing from concealment and accurate, quick shots are what to train for. Plus, a little hand to hand with your support hand could be necessary if you let threat get too close.
      Whenever a junkie tries to rob me in the parks with a knife or needle, it is always reassuring to know that they were not the one in the encounter to fear. After all, it is the person behind the weapon that makes the danger. Don’t get me wrong, the junkies lifestyle makes them desensitized to inflicting violence, which could give them an edge on someone not prepared to use superior violence.

  8. Wow — the robber was run down and captured by a cop named “Chase.” How very ironic.

    I wonder if he’ll be assigned a lawyer named “Sue.”

  9. But but but white boy can’t get a job with those face(& neck) tats! He’s a victim of pred-jew-diss😃😎😏

  10. So proud to hear about these police officers. May God bless them. They didn’t hesitate to take action. This is more proof of the lies of bloomberg. He has his body guards he has guns he wants to take away our legal rights. Nothing is going to stop criminals from getting guns. Nothing!!! Democrats = Pro Criminal. Vote out anti gunners!! Or lose rights.

  11. Strange how gun controllers want to punish lawful gun owners if they don’t report a stolen firearm in time, yet here we have a criminal with a firearm stolen from a police department. Punishing the victims of theft doesn’t do anything to prevent bad guys from stealing.


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