[VIDEO] Governor Greg Abbott Presents Texas Medal of Courage to Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson Church Shooting Texas

Jack Wilson (AP Photo/Jake Bleiberg)

By the Associated Press

Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday gave Texas’ highest civilian honor to a 71-year-old man who shot and killed an armed attacker at a church in December.

Abbott gave Jack Wilson the Governor’s Medal of Courage during a ceremony in Austin, calling him a hero for stopping the shooter at a church in the small town of White Settlement.

Wilson, a firearms instructor who trained the West Freeway Church of Christ’s volunteer security team, shot the attacker once in head after he opened fire with a shotgun in the church’s sanctuary. Wilson’s single shot quickly ended the attack in which two parishioners, killed 64-year-old Anton “Tony” Wallace and 67-year-old Richard White, were killed.

“When events arise, you’re going to do one of two things. You’re either going to step up and do what’s right or walk away. And I’m not one to walk away,” Wilson said in accepting the medal at the Texas Governor’s Mansion.

Authorities identified the attacker as Keith Thomas Kinnunen, 43. who had a history of criminal and psychological trouble.


  1. avatar blackforest hp says:

    Well done Sir. Well done.

  2. avatar Boogaloo says:


  3. avatar A says:

    One shot, in the head, under stress, from 25ish feet…….Christ that’s good shooting.

  4. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Couldn’t hurt that Wilson was in church on the Sabbath defending fellow worshippers. Gotta figure God looked favorably on that.

    1. avatar Nigel the expat says:

      Many thumbs up for this comment.

  5. avatar JR Pollock says:

    Well done. Mr. Wilson. Many thanks!

  6. avatar Prndll says:

    Good job sir! Thank you and congrats!

    I’ll buy that man a box of ammo and time at the range any day.

  7. avatar 007 says:

    here the whole video:

  8. avatar UpInArms says:

    Another story that CNN won’t report.

    1. avatar Miner49er says:


      “(CNN) Regardless of whether Jack Wilson considers himself a hero, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Monday it’s inarguable the church security chief saved lives when a gunman opened fire last month during Sunday services at a house of worship.
      When the shooter opened fire, killing two parishioners in the West Freeway Church of Christ sanctuary, Wilson ended the incident as quickly as it began. As most churchgoers took cover between the pews, Wilson pulled out a handgun, assumed a shooting stance and dropped the gunman with a single round.

      It was that quick action that earned him the Governor’s Medal of Courage, the state’s highest civilian award — even if the 71-year-old doesn’t find his own actions extraordinary.”

      Contrary to what fox may be reporting, CNN, as well as ABC, USA today, etc. did run the story. And every one of these articles portrayed Mr. Wilson in a positive light, discussing his courage and skill under pressure in a positive manner.

  9. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    Jack Wilson,Big Iron On His Hip,a deserved honor in service to your fellow man,Congratulations.

  10. avatar possum and the"Coons of Doom" says:

    While medals are nice they’re really not worth much to a pawn shop, if they’ll even buy them. On a heroic deal like this I say, “Hey Gov, how about you feed and house that guy for life, you do it for the murderers how about you do it for the people that stop them”

    1. avatar Boogaloo says:

      Seriously? I was thinking maybe there would be one thread on TTAG that would not feature an idiotic comment. Nope.

      1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

        marsupial hater.

    2. avatar Ing says:

      It’s not just about food and housing…it’s the quality thereof, and your neighbors, that make the difference. Especially the neighbors.

  11. avatar Greta van sustren says:

    Does anyone know right off what Mr.
    Wilson’s choice of handgun and ammunition were during this event?
    I think I heard
    .357 sig was the caliber, but i’m not sure what pistol exactly….

  12. avatar Joseph says:

    Sig P229 in .357 Sig caliber, according to Mr. Wilson.

  13. avatar Imayeti says:

    Nice Stetson.

  14. avatar Ing says:

    Well deserved. More governors should be doing this for more people.

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