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Alan already posted his analysis of the gun control cheerleading talk at South By Southwest, but since he also had the full video of the event we thought you might be interested in viewing the whole thing. Grab some popcorn and enjoy.

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  1. Nick you CAN’T MAKE ME CLICK PLAY!! You can’t you can’t, oh darn…. I did it….
    I think I am going to need a bigger bottle of whiskey!

  2. I keep wanting to shout at my screen, but I realize they won’t hear me. Then again, even if I were there in person, I doubt they would listen.

    • I shout at my screen all the time. It’s great therapy on the days I can’t make it to the range.

  3. Absolutely, pathetically, hysterically, funny. I paused it when he said “a collection of the smartest minds” and am microing some popcorn . Going back now, I hope it holds up.

  4. This is why gun control fails. They assume that the NRA lobbying and money is the power. The NRA is simply the front man, they tell the politicians “I wouldn’t do that, you will upset our members.”

    It is the members that overwhelmingly vote based on gun rights. Gun control just can’t get that numbers. Sure it sometimes does well in polling, but unless the tragedy happens within a short time before the election, it is not something that people will actively vote on.

    • IMO, gun control proponents I’ve noticed consistently make a few major mistakes:

      1) Assuming the NRA is a front for the gun manufacturing industry. Gun manufacturing is a tiny industry, like $12 to $15 billion. That is pocket change in comparison to a company like Exxon or Wal-Mart or Lockheed and so forth. The defense lobby, oil/energy lobby, financial and banking lobby, Wal-Mart lobby, etc…those are lobbies. No way a little industry like gun manufacturing is going to have the same level of influence. What gives the NRA its influence are the American people.

      2) Thinking that the NRA membership is solely what gives the NRA its influence and that the NRA just represents a very loud minority. There are a lot of non-members of the NRA who nonetheless look to the NRA for leadership on the issue and support the NRA’s general mission. I’ve read (though I forget the source) that the number is estimated to be about 10X the number of members of the NRA that support it’s basic mission. That would be around forty to fifty million people.

      3) That the numbers of people who own guns is tied to the number of people who support gun rights. That IMO is no more true than the number of people who support same sex marriage being dependent on the number of people who are homosexual.

      • The crier at my local gun show has a favorite line; “40 million people CLAIM to be NRA members, only 4 million actually are. Are you pulling your weight to protect your gun rights?”

    • It’s consistent with why “they” fail in other ways, too. For example, the failure of left leaning talk radio betrays a complete lack of understanding as to why right leaning talk radio succeeds.

      In a nutshell, it results from too-strong influence from the Ivory Tower – an environment where ideas are artificially supported by “rule” or “funding” or similar non-free market approaches.

      It’s also why they have to continually shut down debate and open discussion to maintain anything like support for their ideologies. The concept of “consensus” is flagrantly flawed, yet that’s the only way to bolster the illusion that ANYONE supports them.

      It’s ALL artificial. That is why it is so important to expose them as fraudulent at every opportunity.

  5. Wow, from looking around the room it looks like there were more people at my niece’s b-day party than there are MDA supporters…

  6. I refused to watch it. I’m not giving that MDA twit one second of my time. To me, the group and those that fund them rely on lies and deception to further their cause. It’s sort of what the mainstream media has done for decades…..but isn’t working anymore.

    • IMO, we have a duty to watch such things so as to know the strategies, tactics, and overall mindset of them. This is a never-ending war remember.

        • Precisely! Their strategy is paper thin. Lies have to be covered, the truth can run around naked.

        • They could get creative though. The moment we start assuming “we’ve won, no need to be vigilant any longer,” is the moment that we will get bitten in the rear.

    • Exactly. Why would I want to have a rational conversation with someone who publicly accused me of murdering children? I see them, they get a piece of my mind. The rude piece.

  7. Thanks for making this recording. I like to keep an eye on their activities. Know your enemy.

    I’m about 2/3 through and so far I fortunately haven’t heard anything that sounds terribly “disruptive”. They have tons of money though, between the billionaires and Kelly’s super pac.

  8. Did you catch it when the MC referred to Gifford’s former flunky as “one of the leading lights in this business”? So it’s a business? Kind of a slip of the mask, ya think?

  9. It is not a major issue. Tool is a tool.

    Ah…ah…ah… Illegal guns…ahh..ahh.ahhh….obama….aahhh…..watts…..ahhhhhh….facebook….ahhhhhh… Vital…aahhh…. Game changing…. Aaaaahhhh pissedd offf….aaaaahhhhhh…. murder rate…. aaaahhhhh….violence….. everyone agrees….aaaaahhhhhhh….. politics screwed up…..aaaaaaahhhhhhhh…… ummm (it’s a token ummmmm)…..investigations…….

    Oh Lord, I can’t take anymore of his crap.

    • Oh hell, be a man. Let Dr. Pol use one of those pinching things and castrate you!
      God, it hurts just to type that!

    • Trying both in order to come to that conclusion was far beyond the call of duty.

      I do get the impression Shannon would prefer doing the blow torch bit to all of us rather than fulfill her contract as trained circus poodle under the Barnum & Bloomberg big-top.

    • I actually used a blowtorch on my testicles BECAUSE I watched 5 minutes of this painful video. I stopped because, compared to the video, the blowtorch was becoming enjoyable.

    • Ok, I was just about to say something completely inappropriate.
      Ralph you are a bad influence.

      Let me edit-
      I’d rather watch multiple replays of the PJboy obamacare commercial, than MDA clips.
      I’d rather watch the entire season of lena dunhams Girls, than MDA clips.
      I’d rather ….

      ok, enough I am making myself sick. yech.

  10. I didn’t actually watch the whole thing because my wife is on the phone & the noise could be distracting. i did however, step thru the video & noted that apparently 99% of the attendees were seated on the LEFT

  11. My father was killed in his home by some knife weilding thugs. To bad that he was not allowed to keep a gun in his home in New York City. And that is the way the folks in the video want it.

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