Cincinnati Bank Shooting Omar Perez Police Bodycam
courtesy and PoliceActivity
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The man who went on a shooting spree in a downtown Cincinnati bank this week killed two and wounding three more. He’s been identified as Omar Perez of North Bend, Ohio. Perez, who purchased the gun he used legally, was apparently under the impression that he was being watched. By someone.

A plaintiff named Omar Santa-Perez, whose listed North Bend, Ohio, address in court documents is the same searched by police on Thursday, filed two lawsuits in 2017 and 2018 claiming that large organizations “maintained electronic watch” or made “unwarranted intrusion” onto his personal devices, according to court records.

In December 2017, Santa-Perez filed a suit against NBCUniversal Inc. and TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court. He sought $5.1 million in punitive damages claiming NBC Universal harassed him by eavesdropping on his personal electronics and that TD Ameritrade colluded with NBCUniversal to make that happen.

Bank security and bodycam footage has already been released which shows Perez walking through the Fifth Third Bank shooting at people he encountered. The video then cuts to the responding police officers running to the sound of gunfire and then shooting Perez through the bank’s window.

Some might consider the video NSFW.


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      • Wow! Just, wow.

        When seconds count, the police are only minutes away — and carrying useless (unloaded) firearms!

      • he dropped his mag out his rifle. you can see it was there in previous shots then you hear it drop and him say fuck

      • I was wondering why none of the cops had a rifle with them in what I saw on the news. Now I know why, the cop that had a rifle didn’t even have a mag in the gun.

    • Because he’d emptied the mag killing the guy, you can clearly hear, and see, the 2 long bursts, he didn’t bring a reload as in Cincy the patrol rifle is in the passenger compartment, and the tactical rig is in the trunk, or hatch if it’s an Explorer.

      • Perhaps we need to discuss having a reload saddle on police shotguns and a magazine reload carrier attached to the butttstock of police AR15s? These are just two examples.

        condor M4 buttstock Mag pouch

        How to install a TacStar Shell Carrier on a Remington 870 shotgun

        Weights is always a factor.

        • I have seen guys carry an AR-15 mag on their person for when they have to grab their patrol rifle and go.

        • I don’t want to second guess the cops in this situation. And, I don’t “carry” an AR-15 regularly as it would frighten everyone and get the cops called on me.

          But for home defense (in addition to my carry pistol) I use a magazine doubler (2 X 30 rounds) and have a Mako stock that incorporates a smaller 10 round mag.

          Why the difference? Well, mostly cops in shooting situations outnumber the offender(s). It’s entirely possible (and it almost happened to me once with a dispute about a roof job) that in home defense I’d have to face multiple assailants.

          Also, the added weight helps stabilize the weapon’s sights by reducing felt recoil which allows me to better keep the sights on the target. The sling can take care of the additional carry weight load (I’m always slung-up even for range practice unless I’m using bags or a bipod and just sighting in the weapon).

  1. What was it, all of five days ago that I mentioned the advantage of barrier penetration in choosing .40 S&W over 9mm Luger? I think this case illustrates the rationale for that strategy.

      • Using 147 grain (versus popular 115 grain) bullets would certainly help to increase penetration through intermediate barriers.

        I have to think that shooting through thick commercial plate glass takes a lot more steam out of a bullet than going through thin residential window glass.

        • U-S, if you examine the video, the only thing accomplished by shooting the glass was to break the glass. He was killed by a cop shooting him in the back (pretty sure twice) with no glass in between, the cop who came through the door on the left side of the scene. Bad guy ran from him (“Oh, SHIT!! A good guy with a gun!”)and was shot in the back.

  2. While I know we do not have a perfect justice system, we do have the best in the world. Only in Heaven is the justice system perfect. In this case, justice was done right. Try to kill other people and die trying. MUCH taxpayer money saved in this case.

    • This case had exactly zero to do with justice system. Cops shot the perp not as punishment, but only in effort to stop him from hurting more people, themselves included. Killing him was not justice dealt, it was just an unfortunate side effect.

      Same as with DGU – defender is not playing judge, jury and executioner as some grabbers suggest. Defender (just like these cops) shoots to stop a threat.

  3. Looks to me she( the female officer) made the shots and hits, the cop with the AR almost pushed in front of her so he could get some shots off (red mist syndrome) and then realized he either dropped his mag somewhere or forgot to load it. Looked like a complete greener.

    • Watching the video again, I think you are correct that the female officer put some rounds on target. Good for her.

      Barney Fife with the unloaded rifle, on the other hand, actually got in her way after her first volley. It’s a good thing there were other officers there to assist since she would not have been able to shoot through Barney Fife in front of her.

        • Yup. You can see the bullet holes in the glass like she was tracking his moves.
          Great shooting under pressure. (Even though it looked like a terrible “teacup” grip.

        • Nope. Go back to the video from the camera inside, you can see the holes appear in the glass while the perp was not in view. Then the perp runs into the scene from the left and was shot in the back. The body cam from the cop who went on ahead of the female and the AR shows him/her opening the door and entering the building, then shooting the perp as he ran away. And, Tom, her shooting was great except for the fact that she had no visible target.

        • Grrr.
          You’re right Larry. I had to watch it a few more times to see that.
          Good eye.
          (I still think her “teacup” grip sucked. )

      • Looks and sounds like he mag dumped, realized he was out and tried to pop back into cover
        Though his situational awareness needs work as he cut off his partners line of fire and could have taken a round from her.

        • Nope. No mag in the AR.

          If you look really closely, what you think looks like a mag actually isn’t a mag. It’s something in the background. Slow down the video and you’ll see the object doesn’t move when he moves the AR and as he rotates the AR you can clearly see an empty mag well.

  4. Officers doing what they were supposed to do. Unlike some sheriff’s deputies we have seen. I am suitably impressed.

  5. The 5/3 Center isn’t a bank, it’s where 5/3rd is headquartered, but lots of other businesses are in that tower, and it connects with the indoor pedestrian area around Fountain Square.

    The unarmed security guy keeping between the worker and the shooter was excellent, of course, if they’d paid extra for armed security guards, then that may have saved someone, or at least shifted him to a different unarmed target.

    The guy was a tinfoil hat loon. Large organizations surveilling him? sure, it was TD Bank and NBCUniversal, not the FBI/NSA government acronym. That’s just a weird delusion, isn’t it usually the black helicopter government lizard baddies?

    • Yeah, TDAmeritrade has a bunch of my money, and even then they are not surveilling my devices. And how do you suppose he settled on 5.1 million?

  6. Seat the mag, yank the mag….pretty much SOP with any AR I’ve ever shot. Loss of situational awareness on his part was great, too, one shot – mag drop – swear – jump next to nearest barrier, and if it happens to put you in front of a muzzle, oh well…

    • That only work if there a mag in your gun.

      If you look really closely, what you think looks like a mag actually isn’t a mag. It’s something in the background. Slow down the video and you’ll see the object doesn’t move when he moves the AR and as he rotates the AR you can clearly see an empty mag well.

  7. ok, this nut should have been in NICS.

    i might get flames from the rest of the folks, but he was a paranoid schizo. he shouldn’t have been able to legally buy firearms.

    i don’t want my rights as a sane, law abiding person to be infringed just because no one want to effectively deal with the nut-bags.

    i understand the concern that we don’t want every bout of depression or every emotional problem in soneone’s life, or unsubstantiated allegations, to cause a person to be disenfranchised of their 2A rights. however, those are different circumstances than a person who thinks NBC and Ameritrade are eavesdropping on him.

    • Personally I would like to see the rest of the info come out, but I’m betting he has far from a clear record (besides the law suits.) People sue for stupid shit all the time and I’m not just talking about crazy people. Elon Musk did an interview on Joe Rogan and he had a guy who ran over someone in a Tesla sue him saying the new car smell put him to sleep.

  8. It would be interesting to know more of the shooter’s background.
    Sounds like the guy was just plain nuts.
    I cannot pinpoint a real motive unless he thought the bank was spying on him?
    Wonder if he talks to his kitchen appliances?
    Originally thought it might be a Muslim terrorist but that does not seem likely.
    Hispanic gang member? No….

    • You can talk to your modern appliances and it can talk back. Just sayin’.

      Maybe he was a crazy guy who wanted to take down the system if he couldn’t sue them. Something like that guy who shot up the newspaper office. Sort of personal, but not really.

  9. “…claiming that large organizations “maintained electronic watch” or made “unwarranted intrusion” onto his personal devices…”

    Um, yeah. It’s called data gathering. It’s why, when you shop online, you get ads for similar products from that website appearing on all other websites you visit. It’s also how the FBI watches and keeps track of you, it’s how Microsoft keeps track of you, it’s how anybody anywhere can track you…

    Sad thing is, there really is no such thing as personal privacy anymore. Even websites you visit on your phone might show up on your computer when you browse the internet. Really, I’m not sure I blame the guy. I mean, if my life was completely and utterly ruined by some organization, I’d go off the rails too. Of course, perspective is also a good thing to have. Thus far, my life has not been completely and utterly ruined by any organization or person, so until then, I think I’m good.

  10. WTF…

    How does that officer not have a magazine in his AR?

    If you look really closely, what you think looks like a magazine actually isn’t a magazine. It’s something in the background. Slow down the video and you’ll see the object doesn’t move when he moves the AR. Also, as he rotates the AR you can clearly see an empty magazine well.

    I had to slow the video way, way down and turn up the brightness on my screen to notice.

  11. I bet most if not all critics have been in this many gunfights. 00000000.00000 Why don’t you just shut the fuck up.

  12. Officer video will get to the truth. Hahaha.

    Even where no one is arguing about a shooting being controversial (e.g., unarmed black man) everyone is armchair quaterbacking and arguing about each other’s interpretations.

    The rifle wielding cop never had a magazine? He dropped a mag? He fired off two bursts from his rifle and emptied the mag?

    Like the spent cases the descriptions are all over the place.

  13. At least the officers ran toward the threat and put an end to it unlike the SROs in Parkland that hid outside the building or in a closet until the gunfire stopped, or maybe hid in a stairwell like the LVPD did.

  14. Ever notice how self-centered crazy people are? The FBI is spying on ME, the aliens are beaming stuff into MY head, NBC and the bank are snooping in MY cellphone, and on and on.

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