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There’s nothing like strict firearms regulation and discretionary may-issue permitting to breed corruption in public officials. Wherever police and bureaucrats are given the authority to dictate who is allowed to exercise their rights, grasping grifters will find a way to profit. If you have doubts about that principle, ask now-former Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith.

That, of course, isn’t just a feature of American government and law-making. Travel about 7800 miles to the southwest of Laurie Smith’s former office and you reach the beautiful shores of Australia where the Victoria Police have recently managed to “lose” about 60,000 rounds of confiscated ammunition.

It seems that a collector — you can apparently still collect firearms and ammunition in the land down under — who only wants to be identified as “Sam” lost his right to own guns and ammo when a dispute with a former business partner devolved into blackmail and “vexatious claims.”

When the matter was finally resolved and Sam’s rights were restored, his guns and ammunition were returned by the Victoria Police, about 60,000 rounds short of what had been confiscated.

From the Sydney Morning Herald . . .

Sam, whose surname has been withheld to protect his safety, says police failed to properly record the exact number of bullets seized from his home and when they were returned weeks later a huge portion of the arsenal was missing.

A keen clay target shooter and gun club member, Sam said two commercial safes filled with handgun and shotgun rounds were never returned, items he had photographed as police carried the boxes away.

That amount of boxed, high-powered factory ammunition could fetch about $250,000 on the black market, Sam said, and he fears it could now end up in the wrong hands.

Yeah, it’s a real mystery where two safe-fuls of ammo could have gotten to while in police hands.

Sadly, Sam didn’t get a detailed receipt when the Victoria cops grabbed his property. Rather than a detailed inventory . . .

The police officer involved instead issued Sam a receipt that simply stated “various ammunition”, in a breach of proper procedure.

You’ll be glad to know that the lazy cop has “been given workplace counselling to prevent a similar situation from occurring” due to that procedural breach.

In the mean time, the VPD said they’ve looked into Sam’s claim and they deny that any of the ammo is unaccounted for.

The [Victoria Police] spokesman said the organisation maintained all items seized were returned and deny any items were lost or misplaced.

“The investigation concluded there was no evidence to support any assertion that all ammunition seized was not returned to the complainant. However, during the course of this investigation, opportunities for improvement in record taking were identified and workplace guidance has been provided,” they said.

OK then. Note to self: If any of property is ever being confiscated by men with badges and guns, get a full and detailed accounting of it all before it walks out the door.

This, by the way, isn’t the first time confiscated range-appropriate gear has gone walkies after being taken by the Victoria Police.

Earlier, in June 2018, doubts were also cast over the firearms registry after firearms dealer Ross Barlow lodged a complaint with police alleging dozens of his guns vanished after being seized when his licence was revoked in 2014.

“Sam” might want to ask around and see if he can find out where the boys in the VPD go shooting on weekends.


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  1. I smell something stinky coming…not kangaroo poo but a cover-up.

    I can understand a couple of 50-round boxes getting overlooked or misplaced…but 60,000 rounds?

    The question becomes: did the VPD use the rounds, destroy them or sell them? Either way a Federal investigation is warranted into the mis- / mal- feasance of the Victoria Police Department.

    I don’t remember which Aussie city a few years ago went berserk when an officer lost a round or two of 9mm on the way back from the range. Officers out searching the streets in hopes of finding the errant round(s).

    • Unless something changed since I lived there, Australian police don’t use 9mm’s. They have their choice between a .40 cal. Glock 22 or a Glock 23. There are also no city police, just state/territory and federal.

    • The VPD already investigated the VPD. You sound like some kind of trouble maker to me. We are opening a VPD investigation into you now.

  2. bill, you are sadly mistaken. Most LEO are simply men and women doing a hard and dangerous job. I often asked myself why I did it. That job cost me more than it paid. Cops are scumbagss hat need to be buried? Don’t call them. Ever. Never no matter what happens to you, or your family. Why not toss the FD and EMS under the bus too? They’re risking their lives for you too. I mean, why not? I’ve seen a thousand of your type before. You make me ill.

    • FD and EMS only come when I call and don’t bother me during my daily commute and daily business. And when they do come they solve problems. Cops, on the other hand, never want to come when I call, and routinely harass people on the roads and when doing things which have no victim and are merely personal choices. And they always cause additional problems. I would gladly handle things without them, but they strongly frown on that. So don’t tell people not to call the cops unless and until we can handle our own justice free of fear of malicious prosecution. Currently we have no choice but to call the cops or do nothing, regardless of what we think of them.

      • If you are breaking the law by speeding or passing a red light or stop sign you “deserve to be ‘harassed’ by the police”.

        • Why? Because some unelected bureaucrats, or worse yet some fraudulently elected politicians, set an arbitrary number or decided something they don’t like should be illegal? Phck that, phck the law, and pick the police. as long as someone isn’t harming anyone else or anyone else’s property they should be free to doa s they please.

    • Sorry, but police that go in and confiscate items from citizens are trained to give a good count. When they don’t, it looks like theft. How much money from big drug busts goes missing?
      This does happen because people will rationalize anything, especially those that feel that they need it.
      Putting a badge on someone doesn’t automatically make him/her honest and moral.
      I am not saying that it is normal or even that it happens as much as 10% of the time, but I am saying that it does happen.

    • it is sad thst there are a few bad apples that make the police look bad. most are very good people, but not all. some entire departments are crooked corrupt scum, I have had the misfortune of living in a town in ohio that was evil and corrupt, money was everything. if you had it you could do anything you wanted, if you didn’t you better get out of town while you can (I did). the judge’s son got away with murder (there was a book wrote about it). a prisoner escaped county lockup in a limo and a few years later the sheriff committed suicide with a 12 gauge to the back of the head. this was in north east ohio you can look it all up for yourself

      • In other news, a major drug lord, head of a large drug cartel has vanished from federal prison and the federal prison authors reportedly have no idea where he is. If I said I find that hard to believe, would you think my credulity being so stretched was appropriate? I have long felt that most federal bureaucrats couldn’t find their gluteus maximus with either or both hands. This latest dumber than dumb act is so egregious that even in my wildest imagination I can’t believe that they don’t know at least who has their prisoner even if they don’t know exactly where he is being rendered to. A more responsible answer would be “We know exactly where he is but are not at liberty to disclose that information, so sue us.”

    • Thankfully, in the great state of Florida, the cops here encourage us to shoot home invaders and run over people that threaten the public when they illegally protest.

      Good police officers don’t infringe on the liberties of good people. The problem starts when police, that have spent a career on the job, feel that no one is a good person and everyone should surrender their rights to the guy with the badge.

      Your safety, ultimately, is your responsibility. Cops that believe that your safety is their job and not yours are a large source of the erosion of our freedoms.

    • Well, I worked in court for 25 years and listened to cops telling outrageous lies to establish probably cause to make a stop. In fact, just a couple of years ago I had a discussion with a cop whom I believed to be a righteous peace officer. He just dumbfounded me with his defense of lying in court under oath in order to establish probable cause for a stop. He vigorously defended the felony crime of perjury in order to establish p.c. Despite what Maxine Waters saying about nobody going to jail for lying under oath, I can say unequivocally that folks other than presidents do go to jail for lying under oath. The fact that judges countenanced outrageous lies from police officers is one of the reasons why I finally had to quit in disgust. I don’t have any problem with putting bad guy away. I don’t believe felons who are already on probation and commit another felony should be continued on probation. They should go to prison to serve both sentences consecutively. I believe in the death penalty promptly carried out. I don’t believe in cases being remanded after 20 years of appeals. Then the media talks about an innocent man wrongfully convicted. No, all the witnesses have moved away, died or the physical evidence supposed to be on file has mysteriously disappeared in the intervening two decades. Yeah, yeah, I know, you can point to some DA who concealed exculpatory evidence and the wrong dude spent 30 years in prison for something some other unknown dude is supposed to have done. That’s part of the problem the system and I honestly can’t offer any way to get rid of DAs who act like they get a bonus for bogus convictions.

      I could go on with all that the DA in the Rittenhouse case did that at a bare minimum violated the ethics code for prosecuting attorneys. Unfortunately, other than a slap on the wrist by the bar association, there is no real punitive punishment like time in the pen for DAs who violate the ethics code of their profession.

      The war on drugs has corrupted more police since its inception than prohibition ever did and prohibition corrupted thousands of cops. And by corrupted, I don’t mean that they are taking money to protect drug dealers, although there is enough of that. I mean officers who believe committing a felony is justified to put away a drug dealer whom otherwise would not be prosecuted. When the “justice” system commits crimes or ignores crimes in order to convict other felons, the system has failed and should be dramatically revamped. The supposed motto of the court system is “Better that ten guilty men go free than one innocent man be wrongfully convicted.”

      Sorry, boys and girls, the real motto is “Better that we convict ten innocent men to get a twist on them with plea deals than one guilty man go free.”

      “We can’t afford to put all the felons in prison” is another fallacy. The real story is that we can’t afford to allow felons to prey on innocent citizens that the cops are unable or unwilling to protect. The question I always ask the utterer of that fallacious b.s is, “How much is it worth to you a year to keep your 10 year old daughter from being brutally raped and murdered in a particularly depraved and vicious way?’ Don’t tell me we can’t afford to keep felons in prison for extended periods of time.

      “Oh, prison doesn’t work.” Oh, yes it does. The longer the felon is kept in prison the fewer years he spends on the streets preying on innocent, law-abiding citizens. That is the practical side of longer prison sentences. I don’t believe that incarceration cures the propensity to commit crime I believe either the very first time a felon goes to prison he either resolves not to commit again or can’t wait to get out and wreak his particular view of justice on society. The longer he spends in the joint, the less time he has to spend in civilized society.

      Well, I will pick up my soapbox and steal away in the night, hoping I don’t get mugged and have my soapbox stolen before I reach home.

  3. “Sir, there’s some guy at the front desk who calls himself ‘possum’. Says we have 60,000 of his emus and is insisting we return them.”

    “Emus?? I’m pretty sure we do not have any emus, whatsoever.”

    “I agree, sir, but I do not want to be the one to tell him.”

  4. Happens all the time. I can’t count how often I’ve misplaced 60K or so rounds just rearranging the bunker, not to mention losing the entire arsenal in that horrible boating accident.

  5. It’s been ten years or so since I lived there and most Australian police officers I’ve met seemed to be good guys, but… Victoria Police historically have a… somewhat… uh… negative reputation for stuff like that….

    • Back in the 90s it was almost war between Victoria cops and crooks with numerous shooting incidents between the two.

      I’ve heard from numerous sources if seized firearms are ever returned they are frequently returned with rust, scratches, and gouges. Accessories such as optics are either broken or missing.

      • I was first in Melb maybe around 2000 or 2001… there were some people who I remember seeing who considered themselves legitimate businessmen but they had a “thuggy” ambience and probably scored most of their inventory after it fell off the back of a truck.

    • I wonder whether the early origins and their sources when Aus were originally being populated by a “certain class” of folks sent over from Merrie Auld were first getting round to forming a nation………
      seems the VPD are behaving much as their forbears did….. apples generally don’t tend to fall very far from the trees that drop them.

    • Psssst. Hey buddy. Want to buy some ammunition? It’s labeled as “various”. I’ll sell you ten boxes, you figure out what it fits later.

        • I can’t tell if you’re really as dense as you seem. Cuz you seem real dumb. Like, D-U-M dumb.

        • Guth Rader Binsberg If having common sense and intelligence are being “dumb”, I am proud to wear it.

        • Your inability to see he was joking proves your point; you lack intelligence and common sense.
          Dude, you dum.

        • Guth Rader Binsberg, Intelligent people don’t joke about stealing ammunition. And how do you know I wasn’t joking? Do yourself a favor and STFU!

        • Guth Rader Binsberg, Your credibility is lower than whale dung dropping to the bottom of the ocean.
          I personally don’t give a rat’s behind if you are convinced or not. Time for you to go see your buddy, Ruthie

  6. But, but, but – it’s the POLICE! Cops would never do anything wrong! There’s a reason we trust them with guns after all. They’re the GOOD GUYS! We oughtta get them to wear white hats, so everyone knows they’re the good guys.

    Actually, we should borrow from English law. We really should disarm the cops. If they can’t solve a problem with a night stick, they shouldn’t be wearing a uniform.

  7. “Note to self: If any of property is ever being confiscated by men with badges and guns, get a full and detailed accounting of it all before it walks out the door.”

    This is what is now known in the U.S. as the “Mar a Lago” defense.

    • Yeah the problem is that it may be hard to negotiate that with the people waiving guns at you while cuffed quite frankly.

  8. Not much comment on the story, except that corruption is present in all forces. Watched a vid earlier where a guy only guilty of riding an unregistered vehicle on the street was purposefully rammed by a patrol car doing 60. Tried to assassinate him for a freaking minor traffic misdemeanor…

    Holy shit, they are out of control.

    Among other wonderful things that happened today, apparently Trump has stated he want’s to get rid of the Constitution.

    Being that I am a Constitutional Originalist, that just noped me right the fuck out of any support for him in the slightest, except in a head to head against whomever the Dem’s field. While that 1/6six bullshit isn’t an insurrection by any stretch of the imagination, FDT with this bringing him right in line with FJB.

    Seditionists both, Trump for the second time, having exposed himself again yet today (afaik). I’d happily see both their necks stretched while being hammered like a piñata.

  9. Clarification. Trumps first was the bumpstock directive, that I know of. Neatly bypassing Congress be executive fiat, the taking clause, and the 2a.

    And while I don’t care for bump stocks and never owned one. He clearly violated the law and Constitutional law, and advocated for it publicly, triggering sedition.

  10. Australia is a tyranny, simple as that. Not because of ‘firearms mandatory surrender’ and/or corruption in their law enforcement but because the government has now established control of the rights of people.

    In the context of this article, this is so normal in police forces of other countries where the populace has been disarmed or is being disarmed.

    This is not to say there is not corruption in our law enforcement here in the U.S. because there is. But for countries that have a disarmed populace its an ingrained, permitted, unrestricted corruption because their governments have imposed control over the rights of the people and now its the rights they say you can have or when they say they can have them. They have moved from ‘inherent right’ to ‘controlled-permitted rights’. Its demonstrated in this case – they took personal property essentially by ‘force’ through establishing a ‘law’ to make it mandatory that you surrender your personal property or face the force of law to be imprisoned and/or branded a criminal – and that is simply tyranny and now they have no accountability to the public to account for the property they seized under tyranny so they say “nope, didn’t happen, everything is accounted for ’cause we say so.’ with no checks-n-balances system in their government to which the people can turn to hold them accountable here. Those controls the people had have been removed ’cause ‘firearms mandatory surrender or else’.

    Australia is not a ‘civilized country’. It is not ‘civilized’ for the government to be able to impose its will over the people by threat of force. The people of Australia are a conquered people and they literally live under tyranny. Now that the precedent has been established in their law, its just a few word changes to make it applicable to the next ‘right’ the government wants to control more fully. In a free country a government is not suppose to have this power. Every country that has a strict/complete ban on firearms is a tyranny, not because its firearms but because their governments established control over one of the most basic inherent rights a free people have and that is private property ownership. Just because they apply it to firearms doesn’t mean its not private property a person has/had.

    Sure, this tyranny varies from country to country for the ones that have a strict/complete ban on firearms. In appearance and optics and politics, these countries government (most of them) claim to be ‘free countries’, they make speeches declaring ‘democracy’, but everyone of those countries share a common trait and that is they were all born of a ‘feudal tyranny’ state where any rights of the people were granted and subject to control of the state rather than being inherent and their governments kept all that power of that feudal tyranny instead of throwing it off and establishing liberty by inherent right. The people, generations, became so used to that, being born into it, being trained into it, even being forced into it, that its all they know as a people so when the government tells them they are free to them it is ‘freedom’ because its what they have been subjugated to and its been ingrained in them to believe because the government has told them so. The people largely willingly submit to this because they don’t know better never having tasted true liberty, the governments tell them ‘we provide you safety and security, you are free’, so they accept it never realizing its the government granting that and its not something that inherently have – its the modern day version of a feudal monarch saying “You have what I provide and its this way because I say so”, its a feudal tyranny. They are a conquered people living under the modern day version of ‘feudal tyranny’, a conquered people literally living under tyranny.

    • I agree. Australia is following Britain into being an anarcho-tyranny.

      Anarchy from criminals being allowed to act unchecked and effectively protected by the law.

      Tyranny from overwhelmingly crushing weight of law imposed on the individual. It is said Australia is most regulated country on earth with the amount of law and regulation imposed on the individual.

      The movie “A Clockwork Orange” was a warning of what is to come.

      • Yep, the beginnings of an anacro-tyranny.

        Anarcho-tyranny is a concept, where the state is more interested in controlling citizens so they do not or can not oppose the ruling elite (tyranny) rather than controlling real criminals (causing anarchy).

        In an anarcho-tyranny the ruling elite takes advantage of the citizens ’emotional reactions’ and liberalism and ignorance to drive a wave of popularity for ‘policies’ put forth by the ruling elite with such ‘policy’ usually relying on a facade of ‘facts’ which when exposed and examined are not really facts, or political rhetoric that is slanted to give an impression that isn’t true. For example, here in the U.S. the key democrat false logic point that correlation=causation, e.g. “More law abiding people with gun carry permits means more murders.” (or similar) and the more recent false claim by Biden that he is responsible for the COLA adjustment to social security.

        The anarcho-tyranny ruling elite also relies on creating ‘divisions’ in society by racializing or polarizing issues so that another ‘society or political group’ is portrayed as the ‘enemy’ while the ruling elite work to undermine all rights and freedoms of the populace to seize control of them by laws they create and relegate them (eventually) to a ‘privilege status’ controlled by their government (the ruling elite) that is touted as rights and freedoms, and they downplay faith & spirituality & moral constraints in favor of their ‘laws’ to control the populace touted by the ruling class as for (basically) ‘security or safety’. The goal of these is to ‘train’ the populace that, overall, freedom and what the government says and provides are the same thing. The goal is that eventually the populace accepts it as inevitable and becomes comfortable with it and then its touted to be a ‘civilized democracy’ when in reality its a tyranny in which the populace has been deceived and controlled and conquered.

        This is the end stage goal of anacro-tyranny. The U.K. and all European (and most all Asian) countries and governments are at this stage today. Their ruling elite were successful in conquering their populace. It varies from place to place, but for a small example, this the reason the U.K. loves having a monarch – because it was ‘trained’ into the populace to accept this is how it is, when in reality the people are still ‘subjects’ of the crown where the word ‘subject’ in their laws was changed to ‘citizen’ (to appease the populace – another form of control).

        An anacro-tyranny is what the Democrat party is striving to put in place today in the United States. There is already Joe Biden who seeks to ‘legislate law’ by executive order. This is usually the first step in establishing an anacro-tyranny, that a head leader of a country ruling elite begins to ‘dictate by their word’ (executive orders in this case for Biden) for some cause or condition they want to bring about to fulfill a plan that affects rights and freedoms, in other words, in this case, Biden has circumvented the law making body of the country in an attempt to put in place his agenda plan that affects rights and freedoms.

    • All versions of tyranny, unless stopped and thrown off in favor of liberty, eventually devolve into more complete tyranny then eventually totalitarianism. For example, Europe today is beginning that slide towards a more complete tyranny by deception by establishing more firm government control over the exercise of speech after establishing ‘human rights’ as essentially granted by establishment under a document they created rather than affirming in their document they were inherent rights there all along like our Constitution did. In other words, the people of Europe have the ‘human rights’ the (‘participating’) governments say they have, not what they inherently have.

      Our own government in the United States did this. We had just thrown off the yoke of British tyranny and our own government had started to devolve into that slide by starting to assert it had power over the peoples rights, power they were not intended to have. Why would we throw off that government power over the people only to have our own new government have the same power?

      It became necessary to stop our government from doing that by explaining to the government where their limitations were in their power over the peoples rights. Thus the Bill of Rights enumerating what those rights are the government can not infringe or exercise control over. And over the years the government has continued to attempt to chip away at these rights in the name of various things ‘for the good of the people’, and each time they get a small piece they turn it into a larger thing that infringes more and more. For example, even though all administrations have sought/desired some form of control over the inherent rights enumerated for some reason or another its never been more obvious as it is today with the democrats.

      For example, Americans don’t realize that Joe Biden tried a power grab over our fourth amendment rights to bring it under government control and at the same time the second amendment to implement confiscation, how close we came to loosing our fourth amendment rights to government control. In the SCOTUS case CANIGLIA v. STROM Biden sent the DOJ in to intervene in the case to assert the warrantless seizure of the firearms was permissible, basically, under the “community caretaking exception” from the SCOTUS decision in Cady v. Dombrowski which was also the same thing the police were arguing. At the time Biden and democrats and anti-gun were declaring firearms a ‘public health emergency’ to justify the idea in the public mind of a government confiscation, it was unprecedented for a president to intervene in a case of this nature dealing with infringement of core inherent rights to try to actually support infringement and control over this right. CANIGLIA v. STROM was the perfect time to get the court to sign onto the idea, so Biden sent in the DOJ. Now, people think “oh, that would only be firearms.” well no it would not – it would be control of the fourth amendment right precedent for a warrant-less seizure of what the government wanted to seize by declaring “community caretaking” in some aspect – how about the government declaring “community caretaking” in a hate-speech context because they say its hate speech without proving it before hand and they march into a persons home and seize their computers without warrant – that’s an idea of what their “community caretaking” precedent would allow any time the government wanted to do it. Thankfully the SCOTUS saw through this attempt and CANIGLIA prevailed.

  11. Once again you are making the mistake of conflating AMERICAM LAW with AUSTRALIAN LAW. IN Austrailia CONFISCATION means exactly that. Unless this SAM was a registered dealer he would have had to have a ver,very very good reason to hold 60,000 rounds of any type of ammunitionand even then I it would probably problematical and subject to oficial inspection and audit at any time just as it would be in the UK and most other civilised societies. AS I understand it from your opening comment SAM had made threats of violence against aanother person with the possibility of FIREARMS being used.
    Of course the Police in Australia are not judge neither are the jury so SAM a can resort to law but I rather doubt bthe ‘60.000’ rounds have ”disappeared”. In my opinion they would eithyer have been destroyed or otherwise disposed of but as I sat SAM has recourse to law’
    Ypu may well have anopinion of how the LAW relating to gun control operates innAUSTRALIA and I Mwqould suggest that yopu do some research BEFORE to make comment about it.

    You may well not agree, in your obvious ignorance of them, with Australian Law but it’s got absolutely NOTHING to do with you or to America. I Can see absolutely NO CONNECTIION between what happens in Australia[or any other country] concerning firearms control and what happens in America. ONe thing,howver I do know is that the incidents of GUN RELATED DEATH in Australia, on a Per capita basis is no more than the ONE PERCENT of that in AMERICA. Perhaps you would be better served in concentrating on THAT.
    Half myn famioly live in nAus and I can assure you that Aussies are every bit as tough as anyn American. You interfer with an AUSSIE at your peril !!

    • Albert…

      did you post everything? I’m wondering because I can’t find the part that is not nonsense.

      • My favorite part of his entire screed is….. ” Half myn famioly live in nAus….”
        Dipshit misspelled anus.

    • ” AS I understand it from your opening comment SAM had made threats of violence against aanother person with the possibility of FIREARMS being used.”

      Allegedly. Remember, it takes two to tango – you can bet if there was any proof to a threat of shooting the other, those guns and ammo would never have been returned.

      • Unfortunately it only takes an ex wife, GF etc to say he threatened me and you are going to have your guns confiscated until court case happens.

        Most Australian states let you transfer weapons to friend or family but the Victorian police has a well deserved reputation of being anti gun and over policing the law. Ammunition is Not required to be moved unless there is a court order but as mentioned Victorian police regularly go past the law.

        They also give out the great legal advice of Don’t contact a lawyer just come to court. Then forget to tell your the hearing date.

        I’ve signed various warrants for local police in Queensland for drugs and firearms but in Victoria they can issue their own warrant. Not an idea that should happen anywhere.

        60 K is a lot of rounds but if he was reloading for shotgun club or similar not uncommon.

        • It is also common for when a separation commences women are advised to lodge an “apprehended violence order” regardless of the actual domestic situation which results in firearms being seized. Very expensive and difficult to get this overturned.

      • He does drink-and-post. And the drink is very cheap gin that can be used as glass or bathroom cleaner.

    • Sigh, Prince Among Kings Albert. Our local firearms regulations are but a google search away. The sections on ammunition ONLY limit the amount of propellant powder you can store, which is 10 kilograms. But there is NO limit on how many “Safety Cartridges” you can store. Also it states the ammunition must be stored in a lockable container and a small tin cashbox is considered acceptable. My storage is far better than that and much bigger too.

      • Whoa! Only 10 Kg in powder…I have three 8-pounders of Bullseye, Unique and H-4198 which already put me over the Aussie limit. Not to mention the random 1-lb / 4-lb canisters.

        My outdoor shooting is on a bit of a winter hiatus in that the outdoor daytime temperatures have ranged between -5 and -20C for the past several weeks. Grateful for the indoor range.

        You and your son still competing in Service Rifle matches?

        • While that is the limit in law I’m not sure how it is enforced. I buy 1 kg canisters of AR2206H about every other month. Yes we are still competing. A slight hiatus caused by a leaking radiator in the car and my son’s zone level athletics competition last week. This weekend’s match will have to skipped because it is his athletics club’s Christmas function. We plan to go to the 200m match next weekend(17th).

          The Scout has had the scope changed from the Leupold 2.5×28 M8 Scout Scope to a Leupold VX3 6.5-20x40AO. Should be fun.

        • @ Southern Cross

          Wish my son lived close enough for us to shoot matches together.

          Was not familiar with AR2206H powder designation…it translates to H-4895 powder here in the States. Keep a couple of pounds around for .308 Win.

          Enjoy your summer.

    • I’m not sure how much I have. I probably need to do a stocktake. What I commonly use is reloads so I have a few hundred at a time reloaded in 100 round lots.

      My bulk stuff is either rimfire or less common military calibers such as 7.62x54r, 8mm Mauser, and .303 British.

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