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Don’t hold your breath, Mountain Staters . . . West Virginia AG Calls on Joe Manchin to Separate Himself from Dem Leadership

“I have no doubt that Senator Manchin enjoys a boost because people are not aware of his very liberal record,” Morrisey said. “On the issues that matter most to West Virginia, Manchin has failed the state.”

One of those issues is gun control.

Morrisey, who won the endorsement of major gun-rights groups shortly after announcing his candidacy, said Manchin is “clueless” regarding the Second Amendment.

“That is someone who is clueless on how the Constitution works and how the Second Amendment operates,” Morrisey said of Manchin, citing the senator’s comment last year that “due process” was to blame for gun violence.

Not exactly Putin striding bare chested through the brush with a hunting rifle, is it? . . . Dictator nicknamed the Tyrant of Turkmenistan is mocked over bizarre video of him shooting guns and throwing knives while loyal lackeys clap along

The eccentric dictator known as the Tyrant of Turkmenistan’ has been mocked in a video that was originally designed to show off his shooting and knife-throwing skills.

In the video dentist-turned-dictator Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov can be seen taking part in target practice including shooting a pistol one-handed while his ‘awe-stuck’ lackeys watch.

But an opposition group turned the footage into farce by adding music and clips from Arnold Schwarnegger’s 1985 film Commando.

If you’re the dick-tater of a Central Asian hell-hole trying to burnish your tough-guy bonafides, why do you shoot .22’s in your exercise in video autofellatio public service message to your loving people?

Many of us have been saying this for a long time . . . Beaumont Health physician says being mentally ill doesn’t predispose someone to gun violence

“About one percent or less of those that commit these crimes have a psychiatric diagnosis,” said Ruza. “Mental health does not mean that you’re at-risk for mass shootings or suicide. What pre-disposes you to a mass shooting are personality disorders like narcissistic personality, paranoid personality and anti-social personality.

Ruza said the general public have an idea that people who conduct mass shootings are psychiatric-disabled or have a psychiatric diagnosis.

“This is absolutely false,” said Ruza. “Less than one percent have a true psychiatric diagnosis.”

Teaching kids gun safety; an idea so crazy…it just might work! . . . Wisconsin Lawmakers to Take Comments on HS Gun Classes

A legislative committee is set to take comments on a Republican bill that would create gun safety courses for Wisconsin high schools.

The bill calls for the state superintendent to work with the Department of Natural Resources or police or an organization that specializes in firearms safety or certifies firearm instructors to develop the curriculum for an elective class on gun safety. Live ammunition wouldn’t be allowed.

Schools would not be required to offer the course.

What’s the bet that the local chapter of Moms Demand Action sends someone to testify against this common sense gun safety legislation?

This move seems ripe for some legislative oversight . . . Utah: New Concealed Firearm Permit Applications Subject to Sudden Fee Increase

Previously, your NRA-ILA reported that the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) was planning to increase the cost of a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP) by more than 50%.  Without the necessary consideration and approval by the Utah Legislature, BCI has unilaterally implemented that fee increase, effective August 1, 2017.

BCI has told NRA that the fee increase is suddenly necessary based on a five-year-old policy change by the FBI.  Five years ago, the FBI reportedly decided that they would only accept fingerprint submissions electronically.  Previously, BCI would mail fingerprint cards to the FBI for processing.  With the FBI’s change five years ago, rather than mailing the cards, BCI now scans the cards and electronically transmits fingerprints to the FBI.  BCI asserts that, in order to transmit the prints electronically to the FBI, they must first run the prints through their database.

Elections have consequences . . . DOJ Cracks Down on Illegal Firearms: Charges Up 23% From Last Year

The legislative director of the NRA said the Trump administration has undertaken a “fundamental change” when it comes to going after illegal guns.

The Justice Department is on pace this year to prosecute the most illegal weapons cases since 2005. There have been more than 2,600 illegal firearm charges this year, up 23 percent from last year.




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  1. We need to repeal the unconstitutional 17th amendment so Manchin can be recalled by his state legislature.

    • ‘…unconstitutional 17th amendment…’

      Amusing concept. Since the 17th Amendment changed the Constitution, it is therefore ‘unconstitutional’. However that would also make Amendments 11-16 and 18-27 unconstitutional. Although the 17th might have been unwise, it is constitutional. They should have, however reduced the term from 6 years to 4 in the process. Six years to go without answering to the voters is just stupid.

      • You should read the part of the Constitution that describes amendments. Any amendment that deprives states of equal representation in the senate is unconstitutional. The 17th Amendment did that, and it is therefore unconstitutional.

        • That depends on your definition of ‘states’. If by state you mean the government of the state, yes, you’re right, but if you define states as the people of the states you’re wrong. The fallacy of the 17th Amendment is letting senators face the consequences of their votes only once every 6 years, which didn’t exist before since the states (governments) could simply recall them. Anyway, good luck getting the amendment overturned.

        • No, it doesn’t, and if you think you’re going to get support for taking representation AWAY from the people of the states in order to make it less direct, you’re nuts.

        • @Hannibal — Yes, it does, and if you think giving BACK representation to the states — the people already have the House of Representatives — is going to make anything less direct, you’re every bit as nuts as you think he is.

        • With the exception of the Civil War the 17th Amendment was the greatest disaster to ever befall this country. It transferred an immense amount of political power to the Federal Bureaucracy from the states, resulting in the out of controlled growth of the Federal Government, domination of the States

    • You can download petition forms and set up a website to coordinate with like-minded individuals, or you can whine on this forum.

  2. C’mon, it’s Turkmenistan. This is a Central Asian, male-dominated, xenophobic puppet-state whose dictator changed the words for bread and Friday to his dog’s name.

  3. The dicktator video was almost as hilarious as Commando itself was

    Wtf was the video at the end about?

    And why does the site keep asking me for my screen name and email again and again?

    • “The dicktator video was almost as hilarious as Commando itself was”

      Yeah, I’ve wondered who was stupid enough to buy those Diamond light twins with diesel engines that can’t even make it to their first TBO without having the gearcase replaced. There were *lots* of pissed-off people who bought that crap powerplant and had problems unloading them on some other sucker.

      Nice to see a twit like that is stuck with them…

    • Need to dub in a voice every time he reaches down to key up the radio, “I have fired a gun, inform my wife”

  4. In other West Virginia news, Governor Jim Justice is switching to the Republican party after being elected as a Democrat.

    Justice was a Republican before he was a Democrat, so really, he’s switching back. He’s also the richest man in West Virginia, so he can do what he wants. But still, it’s another state in Republican hands.

    Despite his tremendous personal popularity, Manchin is on borrowed time.

  5. Okay, I’ll admit that it doesn’t take a helluva lot to confuse me – but what in the pluperfect hell was that last video about? Is there now or has there ever been a racial component to the NRA? Did they ever say “Sorry, your complexion is too dark for you to be a member.”? The narrator did say that they toured the museum and the range, so barring them from those because of their dark complexion can’t be the issue. As far as I know, the NRA has long advocated for any and every responsible firearms owner to be a member regardless of race, creed, or national origin.

    Yes, I am perplexed. Will somebody help me out here?

    • That was the Voda Consulting idiot, he of the infamous video showing himself using a knife and gun on a target at the ranch and almost shooting his had off, and other training atrocities, standing in front of NRA headquarters, with his gun drawn. I think the NRA disowned him.

      • They just might have parted company with him. One of his rants is titled “YOU have no FREEDOM, Message to NRA, Colion Nior – POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK”

        Tsk, tsk…

      • Currican – It doesn’t appear that the NRA disowned him as much as he disowned the NRA Maybe I’m getting cranky and cynical in my dotage but he strikes me as someone who would like nothing better than to set up a blacks-only alternative to the NRA – with himself as the Grand Poobah.

        • I’ve watched some of his videos.
          He seems to want more people to watch his videos more than anything else. His antics seem designed to put himself on more peoples’ screens than it is to actually get any message across.
          IOW, he may be one of those narcissistic people talked about in another portion of this digest. (Not that I’m suggesting he might go on a killing spree.)

  6. Careful who you make fun of…like a certain fat bowl head Ko-rean mebbe this Turkman has an intercontinental reach? I wish I had guns in HS-boring beyond the imagination…

  7. Hey Dan, RF, anyone still sober….

    There are serious gremlins at work. 3 or 4 pages back, articles with 70 comments that I have actually seen, have about 4. Not to mention the “name” and “email” fields needing to be filled every post.

    • Yep I doubt this comment will post because almost none of my others are… and in several articles I’m seeing WAAAY too few comments. In one, only 1!

      Something is afoot.

      • Micheal Moore, *isn’t* loved, but Tom Hanks *is* loved by the brain-dead.

        Moore was legitimately scared Trump was gonna beat Hillary, and it wasn’t because we loved Trump, Hillary just wasn’t palatable to Leftists.

        Face it, had they wised up and ran the Bernie, they would have won. Moore isn’t stupid, I think he’s realistically looking at Fauxahauntus Lizzy Borden, er, Warren as who they’re gonna go with in ’20. There’s gonna be some competition from political unknowns on the Left, like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, who for all practical purposes, has *unlimited* amounts of money he can throw at it if he decides to run:

        “Zuckerberg hires top Clinton pollster amid rumors of presidential run: report”

        Next time around, it’s-a-gonna be an interesting election…

  8. OK, that last video seems to be by an organization called VODA Inc., or VODA Consulting.

    They *seem* to have a problem with the NRA. This is VODA’s YouTube page –

    An awful *lot* of folks have issues with how they train, rebuttal videos with titles like:

    Mental Retardation and Voda Inc.

    Worst Firearms Instructor EVER – Voda Consulting

    Now, this gives you an idea of what you’re getting with VODA:

    There are many reasons as to why we do not utilize “Blue Guns” for our training purposes that are not listed here. However, we do not use them for the following purposes

    Biochemical – When facing the “business end” of any weapon system the body will produce a response: “Fight or Flight”. It is then and only then that we obtain the opportunity to truely explore the varible that matter most – “willingness to fight”. Biochemically the body will change its composition [cortisol (stress) levels, dopamine, epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine (brain, body, action)]. By working in this manner, we at VODA seek to effectively take small steps to help rewire the clients neurotransmitters thus, increasing the likelihood of survival.

    Repetition & Muscle Memory – Good luck cycling a slide on a “Blue Gun” or nearly any training pistol worth anything for that matter. At VODA we are big on building efficiency through continuous repetition and muscle memory. Whether cycling the slide or loading the cylinder, pressing the trigger, or aligning sights on a real human subject, there is not training pistol that will give you that. Why? Because training pistols simply do not have the same physical attributes of a actual firearm; what they lack are the character, feel, and authenticity of an actual firearm. Like Coke-A-Cola: “There’s Nothing Like The Real Thing”.

    Realism – Why train different that you fight? Even more important, why train different than you fight then expect to perform at optimum levels when it really counts? Even though you are training with a “Blue Gun” or training pistol and you may simulate that with all your heart following the “Safety Rules” (which are meant to be broken to a degree) your brain knows it’s not a real gun thus, it will act accordingly for purposes of efficiency. It should be noted that our Force on Force work is truly one of a kind. See more at:

  9. I cannot believe this VODA idiot isn’t locked up yet. 😀
    Did some research on his ass, apparently Michael Douglas Thervil is his name, he was a really lousy correctional officer for a few months years ago and shot someone in 2014, you can find his mugshot.

  10. Someone should remind Joe, when you lay down with dogs you are gonna get fleas! The people of West Virginia can already see old Joe scratching!

  11. BCI asserts that, in order to transmit the prints electronically to the FBI, they must first run the prints through their database.

    …and it’s very expensive to run fingerprints through a scanner and a computer?

    That makes two blatant lies.
    No liar and fraud should ever hold a position in law enforcement.

    Whoever is pushing this needs to be fired and walked out the door before they can do any more damage. I’m serious, throw them out, or better yet fire them while they’re at home and don’t let them in, clean their personal belongings out of their desks, and ship the stuff to them.

    • Fed,I’ve tried a few different ways to get itals and bold, but I haven’t cracked TTAG’s code yet. Can you tell us how?

      • html tags:
        Put an i for italic or b for bold inside a set of the brackets found over the comma and period at the bottom right of the keyboard, and close it out with a /i or /b, also bracketed.

  12. Nice to see a country run by a guy with a nigh unpronouncable name that looks and sounds like his daddy decided to choose his son’s name by banging on a keyboard….

  13. About that bump in CCW permit fees by the Utah BCI…

    The old fee (prior to August 1, 2017) was $37 for 5 years. The increase is $20, which is the cost of the fingerprint review processing required by the FBI. So now it costs a resident a total of $57 for 5 years. It costs a non-resident $67. So in light of the fact that the increase comes out to $4 per year, it seems pretty safe to say that it’s not the cost that most people find objectionable. It’s more about the principle.

    The increase was authorized by the State House of Representatives in Bill 124 from the 2015 legislative session. So given that the increase was authorized by our elected state representatives, those of us in Utah do have recourse if we don’t like the increase: vote those representatives out of office.

  14. Dude that dictator movie thing is hilarious. Kudos to the internet for bringing mockery to those most deserving.

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