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A Minneapolis sh!tstorm in the making . . . Woman was fatally shot through door of Minneapolis police car, sources say

A 40-year-old woman who family members said called 911 to report a possible assault in the alley behind her home Saturday night was fatally shot by a Minneapolis police officer.  . . .

Three sources with knowledge of the incident said Sunday that two officers in one squad car, responding to the 911 call, pulled into the alley. Damond, in her pajamas, went to the driver’s side door and was talking to the driver. The officer in the passenger seat pulled his gun and shot Damond through the driver’s side door, sources said. No weapon was found at the scene.  . . .

The shooting was called “tragic” by Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges, who held a news conference about it at City Hall late Sunday afternoon, appearing with assistant Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo and Linea Palmisano, who represents the 13th Ward on the City Council.

OMG! Politically incorrect targets! OMG! . . . Israeli Shooting Range Offer Tourists Chance to Shoot Down Targets Designed to Look Like Palestinians

Caliber 3, which is based in the West Bank and run by a former member of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), calls itself “the premier academy for counter terror and security”. It offers six programs for tourists, including desert “Survival Training”, krav magna martial arts, and “Combat Rappelling” using paintball guns.

Its “Ultimate Shooting Adventure” has raised eyebrows for its use of real guns and simulated terror attacks – with targets dressed up in Palestinian keffiyehs.

If it saves just one life . . . Breast implants can lessen gunshot injuries by slowing bullets

Who needs a bulletproof vest when you’ve got a bulletproof chest? Breast implants seem to provide some protection against gunshots, altering the speed and shape of bullets as they hit the body.

It has previously been claimed that breast implants have saved women from gunshots, stabbings, and even kangaroo attacks. To see if there’s any scientific credibility to this, Christopher Pannucci, a plastic surgeon at the University of Utah, and his colleagues have analysed bullets shot through breast implants into ballistics gel – a substance designed to mimic human tissue.

They used a handgun to fire shots at 300 metres per second into blocks of ballistics gel 2.5 metres away. When these blocks were placed underneath large saline breast implants, the distance the bullets travelled into the gel was reduced by an average of 8 centimetres, or 20 per cent.

We’re running out of popcorn . . . NRA attacks Washington Post: You should say journalism dies there

In the video, released weeks after a recruitment ad that received widespread criticism, conservative talk show host Grant Stinchfield attacks The Post for “tarnish[ing] gun owners in an effort to take away our Second Amendment freedoms,” calling them a “fake news outlet” and accusing the newspaper of running a “blatantly false” story.

“The Washington Post isn’t mad about the lack of guns, it’s mad about an abundance of truth — the truth about their role in the organized anarchy of the violent left by spreading lies about those who disagree with their radical agenda,” Stinchfield said.Later in the video, Stinchfield tells The Post not to “worry about how many guns are in our videos — worry about how many facts are in your articles.”


But gun control laws totally work . . . Police blotter: Felon accused of making homemade gun in Largo

Officers arrested a 26-year-old man with a prior felony conviction on charges that he made a “homemade shotgun” from a PVC pipe, copper tubing, and a galvanized steel cap, according to arrest reports.

Police found the gun in Emiliano Fernandez’s backyard at 115 Cleveland Ave. on July 7, as well as 23 shotgun shells.

We’re thinking of applying for a genius grant for our continued, unceasing support of an enumerated civil right in the face of establishment opposition from the intransigent mainstream corporate media . . . MacArthur Foundation Gives $10M In Grants To Combat City Gun Violence

Among the ten organizations receiving money is Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives (CNI).

The non-profit believes the old saying that “nothing stops a bullet like a job,” so it has worked to bring a Whole Foods store to Englewood, as well as a Walmart and a Method soap factory to Pullman.

CNI President, David Doig, says their work has helped lower violent crime in Pullman by 45 percent over the last seven years.

With the $1 million grant that will be spread over four years, Doig says CNI hopes to build on successes in Pullman, Englewood and Bronzeville — and even expand.

Piling them on . . . Former ‘Sons of Guns’ reality TV star pleads no contest to rape charges in Livingston Parish, sentenced to life again

Former Sons of Guns reality star William Hayden pleaded no contest to two rape charges in Livingston Parish on Wednesday.

Judge Robert H. Morrison III sentenced Hayden to life in prison for aggravated rape and 10 years for aggravated incest. Both sentences will run concurrent with his rape convictions in East Baton Rouge Parish. The 21st Judicial District Court in Livingston Parish noted if the 19th Judicial Court in East Baton Rouge reversed Hayden’s sentence on an appeal, then he would be allowed to withdraw his plea and have a right to trial.

You can support your gun rights (and TTAG) by clicking on the above graphic to buy your NRA membership.

One year – $30
Three years – $85
Five years – $100
Life membership – $600

Never interrupt your enemy when he (or she) is making a mistake . . . The Women’s March is now taking on gun control. It could be a huge mistake.

For all the root causes of gun violence, the history of gun control research has never conclusively shown evidence of progressive gun legislation working. Instead, gun control has had a measurable effect on the Democratic party: it loses them elections.

The history of Democrats jeopardizing elections on a gun control platform is long and well-documented. In 1994, President Bill Clinton marshaled Democrats around his infamous assault weapon ban. The effort is credited with alienating voters enough so that Republicans took back Congress in the midterm elections that year, ceding the House to Clinton’s opposition during the second half of his term.

Ten years later, the ban expired with little fanfare, as studies demonstrated that it had no conclusive effect on gun violence.


Could Cerberus’s masters of the universe have managed the Freedom Group acquisition binge any more ineptly? . . . Cerberus’s Remington Debt Fizzles as Trump Cools Firearms Fervor

Steve Feinberg’s investment in Remington Outdoor Co. is misfiring again.

The billionaire’s buyout fund, Cerberus Capital Management, controls gunmaker Remington, which ironically has struggled ever since Donald Trump, the gun industry’s self-proclaimed “true friend,” was elected president. That wiped out fears of a Hillary Clinton crackdown on firearms, tempered gun sales and drained as much as 36 percent from the value of Remington’s bonds. With almost $1 billion of debt maturing over the next three years, the company has warned it might need to restructure if it can’t refinance at reasonable terms.

It’s the latest headache for Cerberus in its decade-long relationship with the oldest U.S. weapons manufacturer, whose setbacks have included an aborted public offering and an investor revolt after one of its rifles was used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting. More recently, the post-election sales slump has left retailers glutted with too many unsold guns and manufacturers with too much capacity.

“Lemme show you what I brought!” . . . Man shot ‘accidentally’ in the leg at Denver gun show

Witnesses told local media the man was shot accidentally by another attendee at the Tanner Gun Show on Saturday afternoon.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office said a vendor “had a gun discharge and strike another employee”, according to The Denver Post.

Officials would not say how the weapon went off.

Just a guess, but some numnutz broke at least two of the four rules of gun safety. And hurt every other law abiding gun owner in the process.

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  1. The cop on the passengers side shot across his partner and out the drivers side door to kill the woman? What was this numbnutz thinking?

    • 3 possibilities

      1.) ND, he was fiddling with the glock while exiting to search for the suspect.

      2.)Defense of his partner, she was irate and in the darkness he thought he saw her lunge at him with something.

      3.)The ugliest; the officer, a muslim, committed an act of jihad in revenge for philando castile, and in solidarity with BLM, just like the Dallas shooter.

        • #3 is a ridiculous smear on our men in Blue. Or do you think when white officers shoot unarmed black men under questionable circumstances it’s because they’re secretly KKKers? It’s a hard job and you have to make a split second decision that could save your life or the life of your partner.

        • Uh, Gator–Uh, Gator– the cop was black and the first Somali-muzlim hired to the Twin Cities PD. Not a smear on cops in any way, shape or form. More a statement of supposed fact– which will probably be closer to the truth than any politician in Mpls will admit and certainly won’t reveal to the public.

          To add to Hank’s response, I will say he probably shot her because she was wearing PJs in public and with an uncovered face.

        • You can add one more fact to the list; After over two years on the job, the ‘officer’ was called “inexperienced”, and was still riding in the patrol car’s right seat, the training position. He must have been quite the gem of protocol, huh? Ten will get you twenty that he only passed at the academy by politics, and never completed a single course to minimum acceptable standard.

        • Haha. If by “good analysis” you mean “wild ass speculation”…then I agree

      • Mohamed Noor is the officer’s name.

        Watch the city rally behind him for his accident and praise his fine work…

        • —“Mohamed Noor is the officer’s name. Watch the city rally behind him for his accident and praise his fine work…”

          Ummmm, so basically, do the same thing they do for every single cop every single time they murder someone?

          Guy is currently hiding in the safest place a police officer can after they murder someone…a courthouse.

      • You wrote the first thing that came to my mind: glock related negligent discharge. Sorry to those who disagree, but I think police guns should have a manual safety (like the military demands) or go back to double/single action semi-autos. Yes, the later have training issues involved for accuracy on the first shot, but at least the first shot requires a deliberate, conscious effort to fire the gun. I had a trainer tell me a glock was like a revolver, “always ready to fire”. I thought about it and said, “no, it’s like a cocked revolver”. Who carries a cocked revolver? Who tries to holster a cocked revolver? Maybe that’s why we’ve never heard of “revolver leg”, like we do “glock leg”.
        I guess we will have to wait and see if this officer will be responsible for this bullet, which probably was a stray shot. You or I would be, but, then, he is LEO….”some animals are more equal than others.”

        • Cops shouldn’t be allowed on the streets with anything more than a S&W Model 10, and two speed loaders. Period.

          If cops want better weapons, then police departments better start hiring higher-IQ cops. I propose a minimum IQ for cops of 115.

        • You think somebody dumb enough to shoot an unarmed woman from inside a car, across his partner, would faithfully employ a thumb safety every time he holsters? I don’t.

        • I agree with Button. Anyone too stupid to safely operate the world’s simplest firearm is not going to be made safer by giving him a more complicated firearm.

          There is a limit to the intelligence of the people we hire as LEOs. There is a limit to how much training they can be given. Most cops go through their entire career without drawing their sidearm in response to a threat. “Keep it in the holster until you really need it” is a simple rule that most should be able to follow.

        • “the first shot requires a deliberate, conscious effort to fire the gun”

          Every shot requires a deliberate effort… called pulling the trigger. I don’t care what kind of gun it is… No finger (or foreign object from clothing or pocket junk) on the trigger, no shot… no ND.

      • Gator which is why I put it last, and qualified it with the ugly tag; of course it isn’t the likeliest. But that isn’t your “point,” is it?

        • #5: Insure the (above) idiot is a non-English speaking Affirmative Action Somali muzlim ‘refugee’ (pronounced ‘rape-fu-gee).

      • If he had really gone Sudden Jihad Syndrome, then he should have also shot is partners and anyone else nearby.

        I really don’t know what the answer is, but I don’t think it’s SJS.

    • The details are pretty horrid; I can’t wait to see how the officers try to justify shooting an unarmed woman in her jammies, at a time when “strangely” enough, neither one had his camera on, in direct violation of department rules. Which of course suggests that their cameras WERE on, but that the damning evidence was deliberately deleted.

      • That’s the really odd thing with this one.

        Say what you will with profiling, an attractive 40 YO woman just doesn’t innately trigger a “this person is gonna shoot me, my life is in danger” response.

        I also don’t buy the story on the video…

      • The way the cameras work they cannot be deleted by the officer or anyone on scene. IT people the next day aren’t going to delete it. The simpler conclusion is that they just didn’t turn it on, probably out of neglect, for all that matters.

        • That is why an officer shouldn’t have any control over the camera & it should be a felony if they tamper with it.

        • Idiot cop departments that don’t buy cameras that will record the entire 8-12hr shift.

        • Cops are not going to record their potty breaks. This is one situation where technology could help. Forget shotspotter, forget ‘safe guns’- there are exigent solutions to this where removing a gun from the holster automatically activates the camera which is recording on a loop. I.e. the minute before drawing a gun would be recorded. This would work like dash cameras and would be a great compromise.

        • Doesky might be onto something there. My employer did the same with some gas meters were supposed to wear. The battery lasts 8hr. We work 12hr shifts.

        • This police dept does have “manual” cameras…officer has to turn on. They never turned them on because they never got out of their cars. The car camera was pointed to the front, so it didn’t catch the action either. So it was not a deliberate act to avoid recording, but it does show the limitations of the use of cameras.

        • Unless you have body cams, or cruiser cams, that write to optical media, or upload to the cloud IRT,, they 100% can be easily corrupted with the application of an adequate magnetic field.

          Flash memory is rated to resist ~5000 gauss. A small neodymium magnet, rated to pull about 50#, is ~15.000 gauss.

        • One thing to remember about recording an entire shift is the resulting datafile size. It is *technically* possible for a department to record every working moment of every officer’s shift, however it isn’t *economically* possible due to the “yuge” data storage needed to house those archived video files. As an experiment, use your smartphone to take a solid 5 minutes of high quality video and then extrapolate how big a full shift video would be for a single person, then do the math for a week/month/year for one officer, then multiply per serving officer and see how incredibly big that can become. As a government entity, big data storage requirements would absorb a significant portion of the police/city/county budget since the lawyers would require data retention of, basically, forever…just in case of a civil suit.

          Okay that ran longer than I wanted, so TL/DR: HD VID IS NOT A MAGIC JUSTICE WAND.

        • Yeah, let’s drill down on your assertion that the files will be unmanageable, or too expensive, or something…

          3 gig per hour, per camera. 24 hours a day, that’s 72 gig per officer/day. 1024 gigs is a terabyte, so you could have right about 14 cops on for a whole day (3 shifts of 14, ‘natch), and use about 1 terabyte.

          A petabyte is 1024 terabytes. You can store 24/7/365 footage of 14 on-duty cops for 2 3/4 years using only one single petabyte.

          Storing a petabyte is frakkin’ cheap. And constantly getting cheaper. $~80K for the hardware. hire a sysop for $70K, some money for maint, call the whole package ~$300K for almost 3 years. $100K per year, that’s less than adding another cop to patrol (depends on your hood).

          Storage is no longer an excuse, and gets closer to free everyday.

        • The taser brand cameras the officers were wearing record up to 2 minutes on loop until activated, at which point they’ll record until full or turned off.

          From what I’ve heard the dept had set the cameras for a 30 second loop. I’m not sure how neither officer was able to activate their camera within 30 seconds of the shots fired.

      • Take it for what you will, but the NY Times story on the incident says officers in the department are required to activate their cameras at ‘critical incidents’ which implies that they DON’T have to activate them for general calls. If this is true it explains why they didn’t turn them on but it’s an utterly insane policy.

        • I’m guessing that, by the time you become aware an evolving situation has turned into a “critical incident”, you probably have other things on your mind than activating your body camera.

      • It was an alley, probably poorly lit. They received a call of a threat in the alley. A figure approaches the car. Officer whose vision is even more obscured than the driver perceives a threat. Dave Grossman teaches officers to be warriors. Minnesota police take his warrior classes to learn how to be faster, hesitate less, save their life in a deadly situation. If you have a problem with the training take it up with the trainers, not the officers who were trained to react.

        • Sorry dude, cops aren’t robots, void of responsibility, programmed by their masters.

        • BS flag. Under those circumstances or any other that I can think of, cop would not shoot through the door, probably not across his partner through the window. I’d give odds for ND, only question before absolving cop will be a justification as to why he was dicking with his Glock in the first place.

        • “Minnesota police take his warrior classes to learn how to be faster, hesitate less, save their life in a deadly situation.”

          This is pure drivel. The “warrior” fired *across* his partner, through the car door, and killed an unarmed woman in her bedclothes. Warriors. Yeah, right.

      • Simple…woman in pajamas with a cell phone……..I feared for my life.

        This is what you get when you hire with PC.

      • I am saddened by the loss for this lady’s family…as for the camera it was reported these officers followed policy…still in patrol unit and persuit had not started…seem like policy review needs to be re-worked….and pray we find out the true facts of incedent and justice is complete and true…left to the system…of course the system already has a major fail.

    • Everyone pretty much covered all the reasons why this incident stinks. Another awful fact was she was the one who called the police. 🙁

      • “Another awful fact was she was the one who called the police.”

        -Well, she won’t be doing that again, will she?

    • Not sure, but if i were to have an “oops” like that, I’m doing 10-25 years. Be interesting to see how the police determine their guy was not at fault for this.

      They seem quite adept at that.

      • Yep, if your name is Ted Wafer, Noncop, and you ND through a door when somebody wakes you up and scares you in your own home at 3am, you get 17 years in a truth in sentencing state where it means you stay behind bars for 17 years.

    • There is a lot to this story we don’t know, but generally a person must do a ridiculous amount of threats to get shot by police. The cop’s faith is irrelevant as is his previous record – he had a split second to decide and that split second will not allow him to argue Sharia law. Unless the investigation finds something really wrong with this, leave the cop alone…

      • I wouldn’t say the previous record is irrelevant. A bunch of sketchy “self-dense” shootings would make me think they were all bad.

        I would say his previous record is inadmissible in court (unless there is some sort of exception).

      • A pattern of behavior, i.e., very poor judgement, failure to follow procedure or lack of self-control, can be pertinent to evaluation of an incident.

      • Yeah, I saw this coming. Some people can justify ANYTHING a cop does, for ANY reason… or none at all.

        For the cop fanbois, this guy could have proclaimed his allegiance to ISIS, and sawed her head off with a rusty bread knife, and they’d STILL claim that it was a “split second decision”.

        For some, the Taliban/ISIS “morality police” are the very model of “law enforcement”…

      • “Leave the cop alone” – surely you are being sarcastic.

        The cop killed someone. Unless there is reason, he needs to never be left alone (as in a permanent cell).

        By the way, spinning this as a “cops versus us” story misses the point of his cultural background being of utmost relevance (not his faith, but his failed cultural equipment). It is very possible that this guy was advanced to a position of responsibility far above his ability to behave responsibly.

        • Uhhh, YEAH. I think shooting to death an unarmed woman in her pajamas who had called you for help certainly counts as evidence of poor decision making ability.

      • “…The cop’s faith is irrelevant as is his previous record …”

        But we can justify using a person’s previous record as a ‘felon’ to not allow firearms possession.

        What’s good for the goose… etc.

        The guy is a Somali and probably/most likely a muzzie and will definitely get off with a slap on the wrist and perhaps a new position on the P-C Mpls PD.

    • Probably thought the person approaching the vehicle was a threat. Probably had obscured vision. Blue Lives Matter.

  2. “Officers arrested a 26-year-old man with a prior felony conviction on charges that he made a “homemade shotgun” from a PVC pipe, copper tubing, and a galvanized steel cap, according to arrest reports.”

    A shottie with a barrel made of PVC?

    Criminal stupid…

  3. Something’s clearly wrong in Minneapolis policing. I like how the liberal media isn’t rallying the troops to get room to destroy on this one though… I wonder why that could be… I guess a white womans life isn’t worth burning a few city blocks down over.

    • That’s so strange…
      Are there no poor, disadvantaged white people in Minneapolis? I have been assured that being poor and disadvantaged are the main causes of violent behavior.

    • White Lives Matter. The media’s racist ignoring of police violence against whites must end. I suggest everyone go out and burn down their least favorite local television station.

    • Would like to have someone verify this but I have a lot of family in the Twin Cities area and they have told me that Minneapolis is the most racially segregated city in the country, has been since the 50’s.

      • Nope. Minneapolis is the interracial dating capitol of America. Only the poorest neighborhoods are ‘segregated’, but that’s mostly because more minorities on the dole than whites. Even then I see plenty of whites in poorer parts of town. Somalis tend to self-segregate based on culture/religion, but Minneapolis is far from being the Jim Crow in the north.

      • The most racially segregated city in America is actually San Francisco. I wish I could remember where it was I read an article about it just the other day so I could provide a link,

  4. Shocker! Not surprisingly at all, none of the body cams, or cruiser cams, were supposedly “on”.

    Hannibal, Accur81 – this is SOP from your “brothers”. I get that you’re decent cops, and I wholeheartedly support decent cops, but this horsesh1t happens. Every. Effen. Day.

    In other news, the MPD just purchased 3 new 5# neodymium magnets from Amazon Prime….

    • To be fair, when you take one bad cop and use it generalize police officers, isn’t that the same as when the antis generalize gun owners for any criminal shooting? It sure does happen everyday, but, America is a huge country with a huge population. Everyday there are hundreds possibly thousands of rapes, murders, and tragic accidents. We only hear about select ones because the media wants our attention focused on certain subjects only. That’s what real brainwashing is.

      • That, and the millions of cop/citizen interactions that also happen every. effen. day. that don’t result in such tragedy.

        • So not all of them end in tragedy… what about the hundreds of thousands of interactions where the cop is just a colossal asshole, for no good reason?

          Is that still acceptable?

        • Pretty much. There was only one Jesus who could love everyone equally. If that was my step-mom I would probably be outside that cop’s house too. But she wasn’t. All I can do voice my outrage and hope justice is served. We don’t even know all the facts yet.

      • It is amusing when people actually use the “one bad cop” lone in regards to ignoring body camera policy. Chicago PD has been caught sabotaging body cameras en masse and Denver PD has compliance rates of as low as 30%. I suppose the reason most cities have not published numbers on compliance rates on camera policy is because they know the result would demonstrate large-scale malfeasance by police.

      • “To be fair, when you take one bad cop and use it generalize police officers, isn’t that the same as when the antis generalize gun owners for any criminal shooting?”

        To be fair, it’s more like when Chicago cops call EVERY Black person on the South Side a “savage”.

    • “In other news, the MPD just purchased 3 new 5# neodymium magnets from Amazon Prime….”

      Neodymium magnets erase mico-SD cards?

      NAND flash is erased by electricity…

      (Yeah, I’m aware of the relationship with magnetism and electricity…)

      • Since we’re all being pedantic…

        The memory has metal interconnects, both within itself and between components. Move a wire loop through a magnetic field (or vice-versa) and you can induce voltage and currents within the circuits.

        So, yeah, you likely could damage the memory via eddy currents, if the magnet was strong enough and you waved it fast enough. In extreme cases you could get it hot enough to melt it. (That’s the physics of how induction furnaces work, by the by.)

        • Brilliant! Could just setup a rig like a lawnmower magneto. Put 2 of those neodymium magnets on a flywheel with their poles alternating and a jig to hold the memory unit a few mils over the surface and give it a whirl, I betcha it would work. Guaranteed it would work on a hard disk too, leave it on there long enough and you could take care of that pesky remittance even.

      • Yes, magnets (of adequate gauss/Teslas) scramble pretty much anything electronic. Especially volatile memory.

        Coupla decades ago I met a Moto engineer at party. He was the one who got them to stop using ceramic in chips, because the mild radioactivity of ceramic was causing the odd dropped bit. Magnetism? Egads….

        • “He was the one who got them to stop using ceramic in chips, because the mild radioactivity of ceramic was causing the odd dropped bit.”

          *Very* interesting. I have wondered why they went away from ceramic in u-processors, and that makes sense…

    • Hank, et al, this is SOP. Close ranks, delete the evidence. Especially when some sub-standard ‘affirmative action’ hire is involved.

      Let’s see the ‘evidence’; and judge this by what actually happens to the copper, shall we?

      Or do you live in fantasyland policing?

        • Maybe because he shot an innocent woman to death for no reason? I bet, worldwide, 100 million cops a day manage to not do that. Which makes him pretty darn sub standard.

        • Somewhere south of 90? Try 68.

          This is NOT racist, just a fact. In other facts, if you look at black Nigerian immigrants, they make more money (and have more education) that whites and Indians. Guess all that institution racism and oppression isn’t as effective when you actually are an “African-American”. From Nigeria anyway.

    • I think it’s a bit early to be suggesting a massive coverup. I suspect that if this was a ‘bad shoot’- and it’s hard to think otherwise at this point- there ain’t gonna be any covering for the guy.

      I’m kind of thinking this might go the way of the Liang case (the NYPD negligent discharge in a stairwell)

  5. In reading the article, it had a very interesting link in it when referencing Black gun rights.

    Check this out:

    “In the antebellum period, the chief justice of the United States, Roger B. Taney, wrote a grave warning into the heart of the execrable Dred Scott decision. If blacks were permitted to become citizens, Taney cautioned, they, like whites, would have full liberty to “keep and carry arms wherever they went.”

    The Left loudly proclaims SCOTUS historically has had next to nothing (besides Miller) to say about the 2A.

    They further claim the 2A was only intended to apply to the Milita. Yet here is chief justice Taney clearly referencing the *citizens* right to “keep and carry arms wherever they went.”

    As in, out and about in public. “wherever they went.”

    Interesting, don’t you think? 🙂

    Has that angle been explored?

    • Found the full sentence in Dred Scott v. Sandford (
      “It would give to persons of the negro race, who were recognised as citizens in any one State of the Union, the right to enter every other State whenever they pleased, singly or in companies, without pass or passport, and without obstruction, to sojourn there as long as they pleased, to go where they pleased at every hour of the day or night without molestation, unless they committed some violation of law for which a white man would be punished; and it would give them the full liberty of speech in public and in private upon all subjects upon which its own citizens might speak; to hold public meetings upon political affairs, and to keep and carry arms wherever they went.”
      Sure looks like Taney was summarizing the Bill of Rights and how it would then apply to black people. I think you are on to something. But this might be common knowledge to lawyers, so beats me.

        • YES, Dred Scott *was* lousy precedent.

          His comment was about the commonality of civil rights in general…

          • “Sure looks like Taney was summarizing the Bill of Rights and how it would then apply to black people. I think you are on to something. But this might be common knowledge to lawyers, so beats me.” I think he was referring specifically to the decision written by Taney (which is what caused the Civil War, though that may have been inevitable anyway).

            But to the general point, everyone knows the 2A is being treated differently (or they’re just not paying any attention). Just look at Scalia and now Thomas’s dissents from decisions not to grant cert. What most people don’t know is that a lot of the amendments are often treated differently. The free speech is a good example of the breadth of treatment a single right can receive.

        • And yet Miller is still considered a good enough reason to shoot down lawsuits despite being a case where every single aspect of it has an egregious violation of law. Aint politics grand?

    • The RKABA aspect was one of the main points in the arguments for the passing of the 14th Amendment.

  6. The 1st amendment combined with internet / You Tube technology is truly scary to the “establishment”. That applies to dead tree journalism as well as any outdated political group.
    Thanks Mr. Stinchfield.

    • “You people do more to damage our country with a keyboard than all our members combined ever have with a firearm.” Is this factually or grammatically correct? Hell if I know. Does it matter? It’s rhetorical gold. I’m getting the proverbial Chris Matthews tingle up my leg. Keep the hits coming, NRA!

        • If you are a political group trying to affect political change and aren’t making effective propaganda you’re defrauding your doners. The NRA is finally counter signaling the corporate media and it is glorious.

  7. Damond, in her pajamas, went to the driver’s side door and was talking to the driver. The officer in the passenger seat pulled his gun and shot Damond through the driver’s side door.

    “We’re from the government. And we’re here to help.”


    On a realistic note – where is BLACK LIVES MATTER on this? Oh wait. I guess white people get shot by the popo too.

    • BLM is already spinning this as “see? white people only care when a black cop shoots a white woman.”

    • “On a realistic note – where is BLACK LIVES MATTER on this?”
      The same place the police union in North Miami has been on the shooting of Charles Kinsey.

      Black Lies Matter and police unions are just dueling bands of sociopaths seeking to create unaccountable castes of violent felons. Only their constituencies differ.

  8. This woman should not have been shot. A tragedy and most likely a crime. But……why was she in the alley?

    • She had called 911 to report a possible assault/rape, and had come out in the alley behind her home to talk to the police when they arrived.

  9. Both cops were rookies—somali cop shooter may have language interface understanding problems with Aussie woman’s dialect–but must sure have scared the spit out of the drivers seat cop–unmuffled unexpected loud BANG KERBLAM in enclosed cop car from 2 feet away !!!!!! almost more than even “Glock Leg” !!!! DMD

    • The evil cynic in me wonders if this will be a case where the police department rules shooting the woman was justified but the shooter gets a separate reprimand for endangering his fellow officer.

  10. I don’t know what the hell happened in that alley, but I know this:

    If the cop is not thrown in jail, regardless of the facts, the narrative will be that cops have a license to kill anyone

    If the cop is thrown in jail, regardless of the facts, the narrative will be that the only time it mattes is if a black cop shoots a white person.

    Funny, BLM and associated people are always saying ‘man, if that was a black man the cops would have shot him’ or ‘if he was white, no way he’d be dead.’ Well, here we are. They won’t see it as a repudiation of their narrative- they’ll spin it their own way.

    • Oh puhlease. An affirmative action POS shot a white-priviledged woman.

      There will be no narrative.

      • No, what affirmative action means is that only whites are *required* to have a modicum of intelligence in order to be placed in positions of authority.

        • +1 This. Officer Noor wasn’t just any police officer. He was a poster boy for multiculturalism being one of the first Somali officers and the first in his precinct. The Mayor was touting him on her Facebook page. It makes you wonder if corners were cut or deficiencies glossed over in the rush to make political hay.

        • Agreed, it is possible to be a fuckup without it being tied to race.

          But when people get through academy, and get turned loose on the public simply because of their race, then it gets a bit more difficult to claim that.

          People are routinely passed over for hire, promotion, termination. Not due to qualifications, but simply due to the amount of melanin in their skin.

        • Obviously I think the same standards should be set for ANYONE but I haven’t seen any evidence, other than race, showing that this guy somehow was advanced despite lack of ability. Frankly I’m not sure recruiting at most police departments is particularly adept at picking out good cops anyway. The biggest problem is that you don’t really know if someone is particularly good at it until they’re doing it, i.e. the field training period, and by then most departments have already spent a lot of money on them. In a lot of urban departments the pressure is on to pass people along through FTO not only because of the money spent but because there are very few qualified applicants even getting to that point.

      • Are you comfortable with groups that have below average IQs patrolling the streets?

        • We judge individuals, Chris. Not groups. That group judge thing is what hillary and kapo bloomberg do.

  11. I don’t know why they even bother with a sure to be sham of an investigation. All the shooter has to say was “I was fearful” and he walks. That’s it, that’s all.
    Total police state bullshit, but it’s the law of the land

    • No camera footage, irate woman, no statement from partner… how could he not walk? Whether he did was right or wrong, there is nothing strong enough that was shown so far to try the cop. Remember that we need to have really good reasons to try cops otherwise we weaken the authority of the law. Would be surprised if he gets more than a statement from Internal Affairs

    • I might take that bet. Assuming the reports are correct that she was unarmed, I don’t see him walking. If the decedent were a 6’4 male it would be a different story.

  12. When I was in school I had a few Muslim acquantences. A few of my employees were of the Islam variety. They were all really nice and we joked and talked all kinds of philosophy. Another co-worker who originated in one of those former eastern bloc countries and I were talking about it and something he said sort of made an impression on me. He told me that many muslims are some of the nicest and generous people you will ever meet and that they are devoted to their faith to no end. But he said that Americans generally don’t have any long term experience with them, like his country had. He said something to the effect that Islam doesn’t always rape and pillage their way into a society but that they always bring with it an ideology that seeks to take over. They gain a culture’s trust by sending in their most diplomatic and even naive adherents.

    So…. I judge every individual on a case by case basis. And I’m not racist or anything., I just think that given my own brief experience in Europe where I saw the Islamic influence that seems to take over following a very marxist and socialist controlled state, that we should be paying very close attention… no need to lynch everybody wearing a turban (learn the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim for heavens sake) but it will be interesting to see what happens in regions in this country when a culture that has a strict moral code infiltrates a community. Don’t think it’s happening? It’s just history repeating itself. Country throws away its dignity and values *ahem* then the Trojan horse sees a ripe opportunity. -Stay armed.

    • “… He told me that many muslims are some of the nicest and generous people you will ever meet and that they are devoted to their faith to no end…”

      Which is why the Sunni and Shia get along so well. Kind of like the Baptists and Lutherans, don’t you think?

      • …or Catholics and Protestants?

        Politics has a lot to do with it. Religion acts as an accelerant.

  13. “of the Islam variety.” This is how we should refer to people of a particular religious belief system from now on. I don’t care if they’re Catholic, Buddhist, or even atheist. “Dad, stop offering him beer. He’s of the Baptist variety.”

    It’s just too funny not to do.

    • He’s going to Angola, as I understand it.

      He’s likely to get worse than death there for being a child rapist…

      • For the officer’s sake, if he finds Jesus (not Issa), he may be more understanding of others

  14. Is this the same women’s march that just shouted out cop killer Assata Shakur’s birthday on twitter? The same one that has Louis Farrakhan’s home-girl Tamika Mallory as a national co-chair? The same one that has terrorist supporter Linda Sorsour as a national co-chair? That women’s march?

    The women’s march is the confluence of multiple groups of anti-American groups from islamists, to feminists, to black supremacists. Helicopter rides for them all.

  15. It’s been a bad couple weeks for cops in Mpls. Last week a cop shot two dogs supposedly being aggressive but was caught on video of the dog walking up to him wagging it’s tail and pretty much ignoring him until getting shot.

    The lack of trust in twin cities cops is at an all time high.

  16. Ugh I just sent a $100 rebate form to Remington last week… if they declare bankruptcy before they fill my rebate I’ll be so pissed.

    And I only bought the gun at all because of their 2016- lifetime warranty policy…

  17. Clearly, that unarmed, blonde woman was a grave threat to the two officers… she was in her PJ’s and all talking to them and junk…

    Good shoot. Now move along; nothing to see here.

  18. Well finally a cop shooting folks here won’t defend. knew y’all were racists. Blue Lives Matter.

    • Feel free to cite the cop shooting an unarmed black woman, in a similar situation.

      I’ll check back tonight, and see if you come up with anything in the last 10 years.

      • So, come up with a similar scenario yet? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

        I don’t care if they’re black or white, I just care that a (likely) obviously innocent person got shot/killed for apparently no reason, other than sketchy/stupid cop.

  19. As far as killing the attractive blonde Australian woman, hey as long as the officer got to go home that night, that’s the important thing after all . . .

    • Oh man, the racist card. That card NEVER gets used. Solid move, bro – one saw it comin’!

      The “your a rasict” deal is played out… it doesn’t even effect people anymore. I see people getting called racist on TV all time and it’s brushed off by everyone, except the people name calling. It’s been all used up, folks.

      You need to find something new. And you cannot use Nazi or Fascist either, that was played out even before the racist card, back in the 80’s when the punk-rockers dressed like Hilter be ironic. It’s not old enough to be cool again.

      Maybe start calling people hippopotamuses or scalawags or something, find something different.

    • At least call us Nazis. The Klan is so low rent. Who wants to be associated with the Democrats? Being a jew-hating, mass murdering, silly mustache guy is definitely a step up.

    • So if you don’t immediately support the cop in a case like this, regardless of how egregiously incompetent he seems to be or how questionable the shooting is, you’re racist? But if you do “back the blue” in a white-cop-black-victim shooting, you’re also racist, right?

      Is there some kind of wallet-size cheat sheet card I can carry, perhaps with a flowchart, so I know what the correct opinion is in various combinations and permutations of the races involved to minimize the number of people calling me a racist?

      • Smells that way. I back the blue, as anyone that has been here more than a week knows.

        But this shooting smells like an accident. Not murder. But a really bad call and blunder on the cops part.

        Manslaughter? Negligent homacide? A grand jury needs to sort this one out.

        • jwm, Seriously, accident? This sub-retard-level f-wit cowboy has his piece unholstered inside the effen cruiser while the driver is being approached by a complainant? Not to mention finger on the trigger, then shoots her 3 times through the door? Beyond criminally stupid.

          Feed him to the wolves. Alive. Or stone him, Muzzies like that. Then feed him to the wolves. Even if it was somehow “accidental”, I don’t want this POS’s next accident to to cost even more lives.

  20. Re: bullet-proof boobs. Is this why the US military is paying for transgender surgery for soldiers?

    [Sorry, after that execution of a woman wearing non-Sharia compliant clothing, I needed to escape]

  21. All the theories about the woman being shot on purpose because she looked like a threat are wrong. The shooter cop was sitting in the passenger seat and I doubt even Jerry Michulek would try a shot across the driver’s body and through the car door window. That’s a shot that would only be taken if there was a very threatening character sticking a gun into the car.
    Neither of those are true. A woman not acting like a threat and without a gun.
    Unless he went Muslim on this woman it had to be some sort of AD.

  22. The keffiyeh in the picture is Jordanian, not Palestinian. Palestinian would be black and white.

  23. a muslim cop shot a pretty white woman who was out in public in her pajamas

    muslims hate women

    theyre commanded by their “god” to

    thats all that happened here

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