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At Mizzou, the NRA is a bigger danger than ISIS . . . GEORGE KENNEDY: The NRA’s influence is a danger to us all – “What makes ISIS so feared is its willingness to kill in pursuit of its goal of creating a fundamentalist caliphate. What makes the NRA so feared is its willingness to spend heavily and campaign aggressively in pursuit of its goal of removing all restrictions on the possession and use of firearms just about anywhere by just about anyone. In our country, the NRA is a lot closer to meeting its goal. See, for instance, the report mentioned above and the recent history of Missouri’s legislators. So which is the greater threat to the safety of Americans? Let’s look at the facts rather than the ideology.”

The importance of opsec . . . Prosecutors: Brother of cop’s girlfriend killed him to get hands on gun collection – “An off-duty Chicago police officer was lured to a quiet neighborhood on the Southwest Side and killed by his girlfriend’s teenage brother in a botched plan to steal his gun collection, Cook County prosecutors alleged Tuesday. The slaying of Chicago police Officer David Blake in 2010 was a “cold-blooded execution,” prosecutors said during opening statements to the jury in the trial of Bernard Williams, now 25, who is charged with first-degree murder.

Achtung, baby . . . H&K confirms: This is the Army’s new and improved sniper rifle – Heckler & Koch has confirmed that a modified version of its G28 rifle has won the Army’s Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System contract. The gun will replace the M110 made by Knight’s Armament as a culmination of the Army’s desire for a shorter, lighter rifle that didn’t sacrifice accuracy or performance. A press release from Heckler & Koch said the G28 is a light-weight variant of the 7.62 mm gas-powered G28 in use by the German Army, adjusted to fit the U.S. Army’s requirements.

An exercise in intellectual hygiene . . .  Newtown urges Trump to denounce Sandy Hook truthers – “Members of the Newtown Board of Education hoped a newly elected President Donald Trump would speak out against a famous conspiracy theorist and others who question the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Two months later, they have yet to receive a response. The school board sent a one-page letter in February, asking Trump to denounce the lies because the comments of those who deny what happened are still hurting the community, said Keith Alexander, board chairman. The letter singled out Alex Jones, a radio host whose “Infowars” programming has alleged the massacre was a hoax.”

Gun buyer wounded by accidental discharge in downtown Juneau –  “‘The 19-year-old male said he was interested in purchasing the handgun and the two males examined the handgun, which was loaded,’ police wrote. ‘During the handling of the weapon, the firearm discharged, striking the 19-year-old in the leg.’ Juneau police Lt. David Campbell said Wednesday that officers believed alcohol was involved in the incident. He said the victim was shot in ‘the meaty part of his thigh.’ Campbell said a quartet of commonly accepted gun safety conventions could have prevented the shooting.” You have to break at least two of them for something bad to happen.

Ya think? . . . TSA: Procedures Weren’t Followed When Cop Took Gun in Carry-On to Taiwan – “The Transportation Security Administration said Wednesday that proper procedures weren’t followed when a California police officer inadvertently left her handgun in a carry-on bag on a trip to Taiwan last week. Taiwan’s aviation police said Friday that a 43-year-old officer was questioned after turning in her gun on arrival in Taipei on a flight from Los Angeles. ‘When she entered Taiwan, she realized she had a gun with her. She reported it to airport authorities,’ the Aviation Police Bureau said in statement, according to Reuters. The TSA said the blame lay at one of its checkpoints.” Useless security theater.

Who says the intrepid Chicago Police Department isn’t out there making a difference?

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      • The Donald won his election partly because of the media giving him so much free air time.

        Of course they were mostly trying to sink him.

    • Because old AJ has been right more then wrong.

      More over even if Sandy Hook happened just as they way it happened, you do not get to destroy the 1st, 2nd, 4th Amendments because you suffered a loss.

      • Sandy hook happened the way the final report from the investigation stated. Period, the end.

        There was no hoax, there was no conspiracy, it was a nut shooting up a school, nothing more. Those kids were real, not actors, and they are really dead. Alex Jones is a nut and should be called out for being a nut.

      • Right more than wrong? There are YouTube compilations of his outrageous claims, including UFOs landing in DC etc… The guy isn’t a nut, he’s just found a niche. More likely he doesn’t believe in most of what he says, but it gets him viewers/listeners and that’s the point.

        • Bingo. It’s shtick.

          A local Tampa talk radio guy with zero love of Jones spent some time with him a few years back at a talk radio business convention.

          He reported back that he was surprised that Jones is *nothing* like the character he portrays. He’s filing a niche left open since Art Bell retired years back. (Bell really milked the late night conspiracy – UFO talk radio genre…)

        • I loved listening to Art Bell. He always played it straight, seemed truly interested in his guests’ wild fantasies, and was vastly entertaining. I learned to keep a straight face from him. It’s amazing what people will tell you if they think you’re sympathetic.

      • Always entertaining watch people scream fake news when something downer fit their worldview, and then defend the same news agencies when they do support their worldview. Good stuff.

    • Many complain that the NRA isn’t willing to compromise. I agree with the NRA. Living in California, I see where the progressive commies are taking us and they are not willing to compromise.

      I believe in the military system of demand the most, expect the least, and settle for what you can get. We demand the full extent of the 2nd Amendment as it was intended. We expect the anti-gun crowd will give us nothing if we don’t fight for our rights. We should settle for no less that our God given rights.

      The NRA is but one of many gun clubs, associations, etc. (Ex: California Rifle and Pistol Assoc, Seven Lakes Gun Range, etc). They only have a reported 5 million members who pay dues out of 315 million people. There must be a very large number of like thinking people in those other groups or our guns would have been gone long ago. The NRA is just the icon, the figurehead, of a movement to protect our rights. They have the experience of many years fighting for the same cause. The have the connections that we as individuals or even as clubs, do not have. I’d rather see Wayne get richer than see the loss of my rights because there is no bull in the china shoppe bellowing in the night.

      • The NRA’s primary value is as a lightning rod. They don’t actually accomplish much, but they serve as a bright shiny object for all the anti-gun morons to focus on and demonize, while the other 2A rights organizations like the Second Amendment Foundation (among others) fly under the radar and get shit done. That alone is worth $35 a year to me.

        • This is a good point. I’ve been unhappy with the NRA recently because of some of their efforts to compromise on gun issues last year AND due to some of their ratings being way off on state legislature folks (i.e. Florida RINOs). I haven’t paid dues this year but you’re probably right, it’s worth it just to keep the bogeyman out there in the minds of the political left.

        • The really funny thing is that the NRA is damned for both an unwillingness to compromise and a willingness to compromise.

        • Good. That’s a start. We need to do this to all these lunatic universities. Starve ’em of tuition. The university is the front lines in the battle for the soul of America. People who send their kids there, and pay these universities, are aiding and abetting the enemy.

          Sheesh, I sound like Joe R. Maybe I should try typing in all caps next time.

        • Seems to me that the easiest way to correct the stray into ridiculousness afflicting our colleges and universities is to simply end government guarantees of student loans. Make ’em like any other consumer credit, subject to discharge through bankruptcy. Once a few banks realize that loaning people $100K to get an Angry Studies degree is a guaranteed way to lose that $100K, the problem will largely self-correct. People pursuing valuable degrees that teach them marketable skills will still be able to get loans (because they’ll likely be able to pay them back), but those who want to write dissertations on the socioeconomic implications of lesbian aromatherapy will have a much harder time, reducing the size and influence of the “liberal arts” departments and the communist clowns they attract.

        • I’m a junior at the UM system’s engineering school. Watching the administration have a meltdown over the budget crunch has been a source of great amusement…we went through their budget and determined that, even with the cuts, slashing their administrative budget by 20% would put them in the black. If I remember correctly, they were already running a deficit.

          Most of the UM system wants Mizzou to wither and die already so that we can go about our business without worrying about what the spoiled little communists will destroy next.

  1. “..was lured to a quiet neighborhood on the Southwest Side and killed by his girlfriend’s teenage brother in a botched plan to steal his gun collection”

    I can’t understand why it didn’t work. I know that I always take my entire gun collection with me when I go to sketchy neighborhoods on questionable pretenses.

  2. So ISIS pursues killing, the NRA pursues freedom, but the NRA is more of a threat because it’s closer to its goal? Funny how they casually equate freedom with death, isn’t it?

    • The antis do not equate gun ownership with freedom, but instead with death, and death alone.
      Preferable the death of children.

  3. The problem with Sandy Hook is that the State of Connecticut conducted a non-transparent investigation, ideologically based and with an anti-gun agenda. This breeds ideas and theories which can be considered outside the acceptable mainstream. Bulldozing the school didn’t help either. To maintain the public trust, these types of investigations need to be conducted by professionals following long established investigative protocols. The left leaning elites in Connecticut used the tragic event as a political opportunity in furtherance of their anti-2A goals. “Suffer the little children”, as Jesus said…

  4. Alex Jones is the Right’s Piers Morgan.

    Speaking of which, is it just me or is Piers Morgan and Wasserman-Schultz the 2016 Cleveland Browns of debaters?

    • Alex Jones isn’t rightwing, isn’t conservative. He’s like some others, living in their own lunacy but not on the right.

  5. Oh, no! A cop got on a plane with a weapon and passengers were safer for the time of the flight! Such non-news!

  6. “At Mizzou, the NRA is a bigger danger than ISIS”

    Yeah, I was shocked when that NRA member at Ohio State ran over people then started slashing others while screaming, “Charlton Heston is great!!!”…


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