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And we were lead to believe that Canada’s strict gun control regimen was a model to be emulated down here below the 49th parallel . . . A young person is shot every day in Ontario, Sick Kids study finds – “A child or youth is shot in Ontario every day and three out of four of the incidents are accidental, according to a groundbreaking study that attempted to identify at-risk groups for firearm injuries. Based on government health and immigration databases, a team of Toronto researchers found Canadian-born youth, particularly males, have the higher rates of unintentional firearm injuries compared to immigrant youth. Canadian-born males suffered 12.4 such injuries per 100,000 people, 72 per cent higher than the 7.2 among immigrant males between 2008 and 2012, during which almost 1,800 firearm injuries were reported among children and youth in the province.”

OMG! A Cabela’s! Near D.C.! OMG! New Cabela’s megastore in Virginia is a monument to gun rights – “This opening, many shoppers said, was proof that Donald Trump‘s America is thriving, even near the nation’s capital. The megastore – about 35 miles up the road from the White House – is the company’s 86th location and its closest to Washington. Among its offerings: an indoor archery range, a gun library with antiques that cost as much as $6,500, and a display of special firearms donated by the National Rifle Association. Opening weekend festivities included an all-ages BB gun shooting range in the parking lot.” Sounds like every other Cabela’s we’ve ever been in. Abha Bhattarai needs to venture out of Panem’s capitol a little more often. 

This, after they’d cut custom shop jobs recently . . . Colt Manufacturing to buy West Hartford facilities, add 100 jobs – “Colt Manufacturing Company plans to add 100 jobs in West Hartford over the next five years. Governor Malloy announced Friday that Colt plans to buy its West Hartford headquarters and manufacturing facility. The company emerged from Chapter 11 reorganization in 2016 and says it’s now positioning itself for growth.”

Christensen Arms Releases new CA-15 and CA-10 Gen 2 Rifles – First debuted at Shot Show 2017, Christensen Arms is proud to announce the official release of the CA-15 and CA-10 Gen 2 rifles.  These rifles are available with either stainless steel or carbon fiber barrels and feature newly designed, billet 7075 receiver sets that were engineered to mate seamlessly with a slim-profile, aerograde carbon fiber handguard.  Both rifles feature a true free-floating barrel and boast the Christensen Arms Sub-Moa Accuracy Guarantee.

A silly millimeter longer . . . An Inside Look at Cullman’s Highly-Anticipated, Record-Setting Gun Range – “When Cullman Shooting Sports (CSS) opens its new state-of-the-art facility, it will likely be the only one of its kind in the country. Its 110-yard indoor rifle range will be the longest indoor gun range in the Southeast the longest, above-ground, public range in the nation (the current record-holding indoor above-ground range is 101 yards); and its equipment will allow activities from digital video game style shooting in a simulation room, to tactical live-fire exercises against programmable moving targets on the pistol and rifle ranges. Manager Doug Long foresees CSS helping Cullman become a regional or even national center for shooting sports.”

If you’re asked to take it outside, take it outside . . . Cops Powerless After Father Jumped on Trampoline with Gun in Holster, Report Says – “A Georgia dad faced the cops March 19, when he actually brought a handgun into a trampoline park. The general manager at Skyzone, in North Fulton County, told WSB-TV that the man walked right in with a gun in the holster. Then jumped on the trampolines with the weapon still on his person. Cops were called to the scene after this father refused to leave the firearm in his car, but officers could do nothing: They said he wasn’t breaking any laws since it was up to each business to post any handgun prohibitions.”

You’re not going to argue with doctors, are you? . . . Firearm suppressors prevent hearing loss and should be made readily available to the public – “Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership strongly supports making firearm suppressors readily available to the public as a critical health intervention to prevent Americans’ hearing loss. Reducing barriers to firearms suppressor ownership and decreasing the likelihood of gunshot blast noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus in tens of millions of U.S. firearms owners will have no material impact on criminal firearms use.” The science is settled.

iPhone App Promises to End Gun Violence  – “Every act of gun violence in America, searchable and mappable from your smartphone. Shot Spot, a visionary new app whose creators are changing the conversation on firearm use by putting it directly in the crosshairs of the American people, shows just how powerful shootings can be — whether far away or right around the corner. Currently available for free in the App Store, Shot Spot is revolutionizing the way Americans think about gun violence. The app, which lets users plug in their addresses and view every place in the United States someone has been shot, displays the data through a simplistic, straightforward user interface. In order to keep users up to date with the violence in their communities, the app updates every 24 hours and provides links to detailed journalistic stories on the shootings.”

Officer killed after stun gun fails to subdue fleeing suspect, police say – “(Tecumseh, Oklahoma Assistant Police Chief J.R) Kidney said (Officer Justin) Terney was working with dispatchers to verify information given by one of the vehicle’s passengers, a man, after becoming suspicious that he might have been giving Terney false information. As dispatchers were telling Terney that it appeared the man had an active warrant for his arrest, the man ran from the stopped vehicle and toward nearby woods, Kidney said. Terney fired a stun gun at the man. ‘The (stun gun) doesn’t have any effect on (the suspect) and he continues running through a wooded area, over a fence,’ Kidney said. ‘About 25 yards inside that fence area, the officer and the suspect both exchanged gunfire.’”

Speaking of what could possibly go wrong, police edition . . . Corvallis police convert shotguns to use less lethal rounds – “The shells of the new ‘pancake bullets’ have a clear casing and orange band and label to differentiate them from standard rounds. The shotguns themselves are still able to fire standard lethal ammunition, so in late February, department officials completed a clean sweep and removed all standard shotgun ammunition from every officer and vehicle.”

Pro-gun = pro-choice leaves Glenn “Americans Aren’t Ready for Constitutional Carry” Beck no choice . . . Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren has now been banned permanently from The Blaze after she being suspended for saying she was pro-choice – “Some were particularly offended that she made a comment that saying she would be a hypocrite for being pro-life. ‘I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies,’ she said. According to TMZ, the decision to bench Lahren came from Glenn Beck, who was ‘incensed’ at her comment, claiming that it was a betrayal of the network’s core values.”

Good advice . . . Don’t Get Hit by a Nerf Dart Traveling at Twice the Speed of Sound – “On impact with a hard surface like a wooden board, the dart disintegrates into scraps of foam shrapnel. Replace that board with a person, and it’s going to do a lot worse than just leaving a massive bruise. Given the size of the dart’s soft tip, and the light weight of the foam, it might not break the skin, but that’s why Giaco Whatever is already working on a second version of this cannon. Please, keep it away from us.”

Gangstas really do hold their guns sideways.

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  1. Miss Lehren showed herself to be a bubble headed tween by her comments.

    “Explaining that she was all about the constitution and limited government she told the show: ‘Stay out of my guns and you can stay out of my body, as well’…

    …In the past, she has even made comments that suggested that women who get abortions are murderers.”

    Not sure why she’d pull the 180 to cozy up to the likes of Joy Behar and Whoopie Goldberg.

    • Because now people are talking about her. The worst thing that can happen to you if you’re in the professional Look-At-Me business is to be ignored. Before all this brouhaha, she was a third-stringer at best. Now she’s the center of attention. Well, for a week or so, anyway. Then she’ll have to come up with another “outrageous” statement to get people all het up again.

      • Frankly, from what I’ve seen of her, what she needs (for fame and adoration) even more than a logical ideological basis for her opinions is a voice coach. Kind of shrill and whiny. Cute, but shrill and whiny.

      • Perhaps it would be best for everyone involved if those pregnancy scares occurred BEFORE conception.

        • Great plan! Who is it, again, that has the power to arrange that for the whole planet before the sun sets? And why has it not been done?

        • The word you’re looking for is the ‘individual’. If faced with actually having to deal with the consequences of their actions there’s no end to what the ‘individual’ can learn to do.

  2. Where to start…yeah they forgot the massive bronze statues,giant aquariums and stuffed critters at Cabelas. Anyone know the status of the sale toBass Pro? Definitely not thriving. I don’t care if Canadian kids are stupid…and I support Beck(the 1st time!). In Chicago they just arrested a teen thug for a shooting with no evidence save a “shot finder” spy technology. Other than NYC I believe Chiraq is the most survailed big city in America…

  3. Colt is getting a $10 million dollar forgivable loan to buy up its old facilities, forgiven if they create 100 jobs in 5 years:

    I guessed that this was what was happening as soon as I read the news digest here. I worked for a company in Windsor that got a bigger version of that loan, in exchange for a similar “500 jobs in 5 years” target.

    Needless to say, the company hired people at minimum wage to sit around all day. Of course, that company provided an actual service, and might have been able to get private financing. I guess Dannel didn’t think to ask Colt “So, what exactly do you think you’ll be selling?”

    • Not to mention how convenient it is to get those over-paid skilled workers out the door since the new hires will probably be only loading feedstock and swapping worn tooling for the new CNCs they will be buying.

      So continues the steady march to using unskilled labor to tend the very machines that took their jobs.

      And worse, those workers will be temp hires for $10 USD an hour with zero bennies…

      • It may be time to start picking up education credits beyond the 8th grade and planning to support yourself! Anybody who cannot see the writing on the wall is going to spend their lives whining about natural progress, as in, keep insisting on higher wages, and watch your jobs disappear.

    • My favorite bit is that Colt “says it’s now positioning itself for growth.” I wonder, is that growth going to come from the AR-15 rifles they make that are essentially identical to a virtually unlimited supply of similar rifles from dozens of other companies, or from the 1911 pistols they make that are essentially identical to a virtually unlimited supply of similar pistols from dozens of other companies? Does Colt know that Trump won, and the market for their products has softened considerably?

      Colt needs at least one or two firearms in their lineup that aren’t just a commodity design relying heavily on the Colt name to sell it, because that prancing pony isn’t quite the selling point it used to be.

    • Buy their old building back? As in actually purchase instead of lease? Why in the world would a company (supposedly) strapped for cash and trying to rebuild sink money on fixed cost assets? Expecially in an anti-gun state?
      Something is fishy here. I wonder who owns currently owns Colt’s old factory? Probably some politician or close friend.

  4. So a woman that goes on the view and staunchly advocates gun ownership is no friend of ours because she also advocates abortion? This isn’t ‘the truth about fundamental conservatism’ last time I checked.

    • We are a vicious click that’s for sure…

      I have never understood why we are all for seriously late term abortion as in 18 to 30 year olds but loose our shit when it’s not old enough to shoot ourselves.

      Personally I will not stand in the way of someone exercising what ever rights over their own body as long as they don’t stand in the way of me exercising rights to defend my body however I choose.

      • My thoughts exactly. I still believe this country is about freedom, not conservatism. You stay out of my business, I stay out of yours.

        • If it’s none of my business if you murder your children then why would it be my business if someone murdered you? Why should my tax dollars go toward paying for your murderer’s trial and incarceration? Why do you think that you deserve the protection of the law but others do not?

        • The problem with the burgeoning partisan in this country is that it causes extremism among those in the public eye.
          Statement: “At some point, a developing human being is deemed a person, and entitled to the rights thereof”

          It’s not such a controversial statement, is it? It used to be that (most) people focused on arguing about the time during pregnancy that such a determination was made.

          Today, the loudest voices are the rabid left, demanding abortions up to the day before birth, and the arch-right asserting that the embryo was a person from the very instant that the condom broke.

          And anyone who tries to find a reasonable compromise is assailed by both sides.

          I think that there’s ample room on the right, and in the pro-gun community, for someone in the middle. Of course, I might be biased because I find myself in the middle, indeed probably closer to the left (for pragmatic reasons), myself.

        • The problem from the right’s perspective is that the left is full of rabid science deniers. Yes at some point something in the child’s development constitutes a transitioning into a human deserving the rights and protections enshrined in our constitutions (state and federal).

          So what point is that? Conception? Just because the little guy (or girl) has his/her own set of unique human DNA? Naw, too early. How about fetal heartbeat? 18 days after conception the child’s heart starts pumping blood through his/her own completely separate circulatory system. The child’s blood type is frequently not even the same as the mother’s. Is the child human then? Nope, too early. Viability? Still too early and getting earlier and earlier thanks to ever advancing medical technology. Someday the womb won’t even be necessary and then we’ll be back to conception. The ability of a fetus to feel pain? An arbitrary period of time we just pick out of our ass? When the mother decides so? What about the father? If the mother has the child against the father’s wishes he’s on the hook for two decades of child support, but what if he wants the child and the mother doesn’t? Tough shit for him (and the baby)?

          You would think that anyone with an opinion on the matter would have a specific point in fetal development that they consider the start of a human life.

        • My best solution is just to say 6 months (ie. start of 3rd trimester, barring the usual special circumstances like risk of life to mother (real risk of life to mother, not just “She might get depressed and cut herself”) or severe birth defects in baby).

          And then not to get too worked up over determining to the day when 6 months have passed. That’s what got Wendy Davis her headlines a couple years back, some dumb Republican demanded that the burden of proof be on the mother that the child had been cooking for fewer than X weeks, and that ultrasound (the only version of which that was accurate enough to determine that being transvaginal) be used to prove it.

          6 months is long enough for (most) women to realize that they’re pregnant and come to a conclusion what they intend to do about it.

          I’m also in favor of some form of unwilling father protection, but everything I’ve thought of has its drawbacks.

        • I get why you’d make a number, but if it’s not okay a week before birth, how about a week and a half before the due date, and so on?

        • So you’re OK with a mother killing her son or daughter long after he/she has her own heartbeat, can feel pain and is sentient enough to try to fight off the ‘doctor’s’ forceps? Just because that fits in with the random number you pulled out of your ass?

          You’re sick, dude.

          You probably wouldn’t even treat an unwanted litter of kittens like that.

        • There are plenty of things that I am not OK with, personally, that are not, should not, and indeed cannot practically be enforced by law enforcement.

        • I think you’re are confusing the concepts of ‘effective law enforcement’ and ‘condoning murder’. Of course the gov ain’t gonna catch everyone that kills their babies, but why should the gov bend over backwards to appease a bunch of baby killing sycophants? Last I heard only about a third of murders (of adults that is) are successfully solved and prosecuted. Should we just abolish the laws against murder because we cannot effectively enforce them?

          Furthermore, beyond the issue as a law enforcement issue, why should we condone infanticide socially? My wife has had coworkers nonchalantly mention their abortions. Should there be no social stigma in killing a human fetus? Can we at least make women who kill their babies ashamed to admit to doing so?

  5. That app seems like a really neat idea. It’ll illustrate exactly how terrible Democrat-run cities are.
    I wonder if they count DGUs as “gun violence”? Since they’re planning on including details of the shootings, it might get more people to report their DGUs and get on the app.

    • Dollar to doughnuts this app to get people “to think about gun violence” is really a crafty way to get around the Leftists that would call this app “Rayciss!!” for highlighting bad neighborhoods.

      An app like this (Sketch Factor) got pilloried in the leftist media in 2015 because the developers were up front about what service they were providing (safety information for people who don’t want to end up dead by accidentily driving into gang ridden areas).

      Now I bet somebody is repackaging the idea in a Lefty disguised fashion.

      Hell I’ll download and use it for what 99.9% of people would find it most useful for….avoiding of sketchy neighborhoods.

      • Ha Ha….just watched the video advertisement of the app and it pushes all the Lefty messages so they can claim the high ground. I’m still betting that this app knows EXACTLY what the majority of the users will use it for.

        I want it on Android!

  6. This from the Corvallis OR article…Bailey said the goal was to convert the shotguns, which have essentially become obsolete as more effective tools have become available, and turn them into a new tool that could potentially save lives.

    How about that? 12 gauge shotguns are obsolete! And are now changing careers into bad guy life savers…

    Well okay, sure…

    • For departments that also issue AR15s as patrol rifles in addition to shotguns, it might almost kinda sorta make sense to switch from buckshot to less-lethals.

  7. Oh my God, she said she doesn’t want .gov involved in any aspect of our lives? And now she’s a traitor? Sounds just like the other side. It’s ok when the .gov is pushing the agenda YOU want, isn’t it? Bunch of hypocrites. I’ll stick with the age old saying…”mind your own damn business”.

    Also, I would like to see a ballistic gel test from that nerf dart.

    • You’re right that “banning her permanently” for pro-choice opinions and making things Federal issues only when we think we can win them are both pretty much Leftist logic: But 10th Amendment say that if the Constitution / Bill of Rights mention an issue it IS a Federal issue. The 14A says no “State [shall] deprive any person of life . . . without due process of law”: In my non-lawyer mind, that covers abortion.

      It’s amazing how much and little Liberals can read into and respect the Bill of Rights.

      • That part of the 14A only apples to state actions. The state not criminalizing an action is not covered by the due process clause. If a fetus is a person (which is the whole abortion argument), then the equal protection part of the 14A would mean that they are entitled to equal protection of the homicide laws.

        • I missed that it was talking about states, and you’re also right that If you don’t think someone counts as a human until X-number of days or months, the whole discussion should be about that and not the 14A. I just think that logically and biologically a zygote is a fetus is a baby is a human, and therefore abortion is more or less murder.

          That said, I do not look down on people who had abortions (“Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her” — not that I’ve mastered that by any means).

  8. Those Canadians need to REMOVE all those “GUNS” that are shooting young males [especially IMMIGRANTS] !
    Thank goodness, just remove the apparent “ROBOT Autonomous” guns that have invaded Canada. It should be easy, lots of LARGE magnets should do the trick.
    Wait, you mean OTHER “immigrants” are the ones SHOOTING innocents in Canada? You damm racist homophobe white male ! We must save the CHILDREN !

  9. Tomi is a conservative that actually has a working brain. I applaud her for speaking out about how she really feels. Although i enjoy listening and occaisionally agree with some of the views expressed on the blaze, many of the views are “to far out there out there”!

    • I’m not really sure if Tomi is a conservative or if she just plays one on TV. The same goes for the most of the Fox lineup. I have a feeling that she is not done though. I expect she’ll be back and be a bit more perky and less angry acting. I like Judge Napolitano for his legal insights but now he seems to have ventured into hot water with his British Intelligence claims that were picked up by the Twitter in chief.

  10. I’m super-stoked about that range in Cullman, it’s only about an hour from where I live.

    Granted, I can shoot safely shoot off my back porch a lot further than 110yds, clear across the valley…. but all the kudzu kind of makes spotting and keeping the targets in the clear a pain.

    Hell, I’d make the drive just to avoid the mosquitoes & ticks…. and dust off some of my more funner pistols to take into the shoot-house. Shootin’ has gotten so boring lately, I might just break out my brace of NAA .22mags and have at it, dressed as a riverboat gambler.

    • I pass through that intersection to visit family less than 5 minutes down the road. I’ve been going out to the range in Bankhead, about an hour drive away. This just made my day.

  11. I doubt this will get much attention, but in relation to the article/story about the increase of youths being injured/kill. The study they showcased has been proven to be complete bunk, and the notion of children being hurt is quite wrong.

    From Doctor Caillin Langmann

    Some criticisms of the recent hype:
    1. The major flaw with this study is the type of injuries is not specified in the paper. The ICD codes (disease codes) include pellot guns and other air gun injuries which would involve airsoft and paintball.
    2. As well “accidental injury” includes a legal intervention such as police shooting or discharge. I would not include this as an accidental injury necessarily.
    3. The age group cohorts are less than 15 and 15-24. The injuries and assaults in the less than 15 are very small numbers and obviously the majority of data comes from the more adult age group. Many of these may not be children as we define them (<18) at all. In medicine a pediatric patient is <18 years old. Hence no real valid data on pediatric patients can be obtained from this study.
    4. Rural can be an area like Brampton. The major real numbers of assaults and injuries come from the Urban areas. More specifically associated with a demographic that is involved in criminal activity. This cannot be applied to your average rural gun owner.
    5. Any recommendation, if any can be made from this study, would be that to reduce harm, we should be targeting at risk youth involved in pre-crime or low risk crime to reduce their entry into criminal risk behaviour. The study itself indicates some of the demographics of who these people are.

    So essentially they took a study that spun and twisted the notion of "kids" getting injured and that they have an increase of potential death due to these injuries. If anyone takes the time to read the study you learn very quickly the conclusions the MSM is pushing is complete tripe.

  12. Re the Canadian study- it’s just another antigun article preparing the way for some more antigun legislation up here. It’s a painful twist on the truth- as Carroll D. Wright said, “The old saying is that ‘figures will not lie,’ but a new saying is ‘liars will figure.'” It will be used as a bludgeon against ordinary law-abiding gun owners. Notice how the study does not break down the injury/death rates between illegally and legally held guns. Gang-bangers are not well-known for their gun safety habits!

    Anyways, I have both good and bad news for you- in the coming months you’ll have more disarmament news from Canada to talk about in your daily digests.

    • I have been in Toronto for nearly a month on business and for a disarmed nation there are a lot of shooting on the news, at least 1 every news report. Hell, there was a murder about a mile from my hotel. I think that the canadians like American liberals are blaming the guns for a gang problem. I can’t wait till I get back to Texas, where I can shoot back if God forbid I need to.

      • Toronto is a pretty magical place. It would be nice if the gun laws they wanted only applied to Toronto, and not the rest of us (same goes for Quebec).

        • Toronto is a gangster hole.
          They also didn’t mention that the ‘study’ included bb guns, nerf guns, paintball guns, bruises, etc oh, and the kicker….up to age 25…your ‘gangsta’ group.

          It’s being laughed at everywhere…even seeing some libtard news sites debunking the study…but yes, something underhanded is happening as there were gun grabber demonstrations (with ‘home silk screen shirts’ wink wink nudge nudge) same day as the propaganda.

  13. Tomi was never there for her opinions, she was there because she could be painted as an überconservative wunderkind to appeal to her fellow millenials and hopefully snag them from the left. They wanted to use her looks and her age to the advantage of a movement trying to appeal to those beyond the stereotypical OFWG by giving a voice to a YSBG [young, skinny, blonde girl] who shares the movement’s views.

    And as soon as she expresses an opinion that doesn’t fit with the prescribed screed, she’s out. Hardly a surprise.

    I don’t like her, and I disagree with her on a great many things, but on guns and ‘ginas, she got it right. A shame that she’s been booted for daring to *not* worship at the golden calf of legislating morality based on hysteria and the fear of an invisible man wagging his finger at you, but if she didn’t see this coming, she’s a fool.

  14. “A child or youth is shot in Ontario every day and three out of four of the incidents are accidental, according to a groundbreaking study that attempted to identify at-risk groups for firearm injuries.”

    According to another groundbreaking study, the results of 3 out of 4 groundbreaking studies are made up on the spot. *THAT* story is not possibly real, even in a country which has NOT outlawed guns.

  15. My problem with Tomi is that she said it is hypocritical to say you support the constitution and be anti-abortion.

    The “fundamental right of privacy” is found in the “penumbra” of the constitution (penumbra – a shadowy, indefinite, or marginal area). The “fundamental right of privacy” is where the “right” to abortion is found. This is a living constitution interpretation. (Abortion is a right).

    You don’t have to believe a fetus is a person to object to constitutional rights coming out of vague notions of self, life, and the universe. You just have to believe the constitution means what it says. Under this view, abortion is a states’ rights issue. (Abortion is like any other act left to the states to decide).

    Believing that a fetus is a person entitles the fetus to the equal protection of the law. Under this view, abortion is a 14A equal protection issue. (Abortion is murder).

    There is nothing hypocritical about opposing the right to abortions and saying you believe in the constitution.


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