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If the Turkish-made UTS-15 [above] is the world’s ugliest bullpup shotgun, it must be said that it achieved this dubious honor by beating two competitors. The first, the Neostead 2000, was built in the Republic of South Africa in limited quantities just after Y2K destroyed the world’s computer systems. The videogames Fallout and Mirror’s Edge featured the NeoStead 2000. According to, it was not a great choice. “The structure is very heavy, causing the Faith to run slowly and jump very low (about 25% as high as jumping with no weapons equipped) which is a very bad disadvantage if she has low health, indicated by a darker gray screen, or has to run somewhere quickly . . .

When she’s holding this weapon, Faith can’t use any of her running skills (speed vault, climb, pole swing, etc.) except for sliding. It unfortunately only has enough ammo for 3 shots, but it does have a slightly better damage rating if only some of the shotgun blast hits the enemy so it is smart to get close to the enemy when holding the Neostead 2000.

Well that sucks. But at least the NeoStead 2000 has that sleek, streamlined Batman-meets-Volga-carburator steampunk look that was so fashionable at the turn of the century.

In contrast, the Kel-Tec KSG suffers from a pox of grip squares: the same sort of indentations that help distance Springfield’s XDs from the Glock’s Batman-meets-lead-ingot style.

The KSG is all picatinny rails and snout. Flip up the sights and it looks like Darth Vader’s five-dollar foot-long Subway sandwich with a hard-on. Well, two. Add an optic and the KSG looks like Darth Vader’s five-dollar foot-long Subway sandwich with two hard-ons imitating a python that ate a large mouse about two days ago.

And now this, the Turkish-made UTS-15. I’ll start by saying that it’s way cool that the shotgun’s made out of carbon fiber—a material famous for disintegrating to dust during high impacts. But the police and law enforcement officers for which the gun was copied—I mean “designed” will appreciate the light weight.

And don’t discount the UTS-15’s WTF factor; imagine a perp staring at a snout so ugly a feral pig wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. The UTS-15 is so aesthetically-challenged the ATF doesn’t consider it sporting.

Saying that, creating a Barbie version of the plastic fantastic KSG simply requires removing the firing pin. Like most modern Turkish guns I’ve encountered, the UTS-15 looks like it’s got some heavy duty metal bits. Well, excluding that funny little hinged door hanging off the side. And I like what U.S. importer Hatfield Gun Company has done with the graphics (i.e. nothing).

Bottom line: in the not-entirely-crucial fugliness contest between the Neostead 2000, Kel-Tec KSG and UTS-15, the latter two tie for first. Both guns get nul points for style. But it you’re facing a bunch of bad guys in anything more spacious than a prison cell, well, it’s got to be the Saiga 12 doesn’t it? More rounds, more style, more velocity.

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  1. The NeoStead 2000 is a real gun, well in the same way the WA2000 is a real gun anyways (some, but not alot, have been made and do work). It was developed in South Africa in 2001, and looks a lot different than the pic you provided. It is still ugly though, so no worries there.

    Also, the mirrors edge is not the first game to sport the NeoStead. It appears in Fallout 2, and I think (but can’t recall for sure) even Fallout 1. The really interesting thing is fallout 2 came out a full year and a half before the real neostead was made public.

    Also, sorry to include this here RF, but i can’t get into my meta account from work, you should know that the gunwalker scandle made the drudge report today, about 45 minutes ago.

      • No problem, and I did some research. The picture you have is accurate after all, I remembered it being a little less … umm …. rounded, but apperantly my memory was faulty.

        EDIT: yep the new picture is the real deal, and better portray’s it I think.

  2. The UTS-15 and the Kel-Tec shotguns are IMHO both solutions in search of problems. I have trouble imagining a situation where you would need more than 6 or 7 shotgun rounds with absolutely no opportunity for reloading or switching to a pistol. For the few I can imagine, I would rather have a short carbine (or even a pistol) than a shotgun.

    I am sorely tempted by Kel-Tec’s Sub-2000 for Beretta 92fs mags, because that’s what Number One Son and I own. It also can be converted to the S&W 59 magazine, which Milady owns. The Sub-2000 is ugly and looks very gangly (all barrel and stock), but having a unified magazine platform has serious tactical advantages. (And yes, I’ve considered the Beretta CX4. I don’t have that much cash.) If you insist on bullpup or pistol designs, there’s always the FN P90/PS90 or any number of 5.56mm pistols and carbines (like Kel-Tec’s own SU-16D).

    If you absolutely, positively have to have a high-capacity shotgun, I’d agree with the Saiga 12 under protest.

  3. This thing looks like a black double gun case, with an AR-15 pistol grip sticking out the bottom. I can’t imagine carrying it more than 100 yards, which is the end of its effective range anyway.

  4. I, for one, can’t wait for the Kel Tec KSG’s to hit the market. I won’t be an early adopter, but I’ll be combing the Google for reviews/videos.

  5. Well, if all else fails, you could beat the holy crap out of someone with that thing… at least until the carbon fiber failed!

  6. Looking at the article and comments, it seems that lots of people still think that the longer the gun, the longer effective range it has. And that it’s very unlikely that someone would have to fire more than a few round in a firefight. And that 5,56 pistols are as effective as bullpup rifles in the same caliber.

    But the best thing is that AMERICANS are talking about STYLE here…

  7. ^^^ I agree, basing all judgment by looks is kinda pointless, although that is kinda all we have at the moment. But 90% of all confrontation is between the 0 and 10 meter range, as far as I’m concerned a 12 gauge pushing out anti personel rounds/ incindiary rounds is way more damaging and intimidating than a pistol. Anybod expecting a fire fight of any length of time should have a pistol anyways. But a shotgun that’s pushing out 15+ rounds of 1.5oz hydroshock slugs is far far more effective than a 9mm pistol or a 9mm carbine(Beretta CX4). Being a pump action also means that it can feed a whole list of specialty ammo that an auto loader won’t. If this thing is reliable, I think it will be one of the most effective shotguns available. Let’s be honest here… Who wants to Catch a shotgun slug? Even through body armor, it’s gonna break bones….

  8. I am just wondering why the performance of a video game character (Faith) is being used to describe the shortfalls of a real weapon (Neostead 2000). I guess video games are reality for some folks. Gee.
    I get it now. Sorry. The writer is just being funny.

  9. Nick, you need to buy a clue instead of trying to get people to NOT buy a shotgun you know jack about. First, a Saiga is the biggest hunk of crap shotgun you can waste your money on unless it’s had half of the internals changed out or altered. Buy one new in the box and you’ll be lucky if you get off 5 shells without a jam. As for looks, yeah it looks of if you have Trommix fix it up for about $3,000. I don’t think looks alone is going to do much damage to an intruder or someone law enforcement is after. I can’t say I’m too fond of Kel-Tec’s either, but the KSG doesn’t seem to be like all the previous pieces of shit they manufactured, not to mention it doesn’t take a drum the size of a basketball to hold over 10 rds, and the KSG is shorter than a Saiga with an 8″ barrel but doesn’t cost an extra $200 for a tax stamp and have a 60-90 day wait. As for this UTS-15, I haven’t had my hands on one, but if it’s reliable you would have to be an idiot to pick a Saiga over it unless the Saiga was VERY modified, like say the whole fucking shotgun was CNC’d from platinum. Carbon Fiber disintegrating to dust during high impact?? What the fuck is going to cause this high impact….a cruise missile? Before you go running down someone’s new firearm that you have the slightest fucking clue about, and seeing as you like to review/makeupshit guns, spend some time and learn a thing or 2 about them, because after reading the first 3 sentences it’s obvious you wouldn’t know a Colt M-16 from a BMW M-3.

    • Well said. The UTS may not be much in the way of looks to some people, but since when do looks really matter when it comes to putting as much lead downrange as you can, as quick and accurate as you can?

      The only honest downside to this firearm I can think of (without knowing its actual reliability) is that it’s 1,600$, roughly twice that of the Kel-Tec KSG; the only real advantage over the KSG is the fact that you don’t have a manual switch to forget to operate in a hurry. On the other hand, name one other shotgun that can hold 15+1 standard. Not possible. Saigas and the new RAA MKA-1919 both come with 5 round standard mags; higher capacity is only capable through third party mags that may or may not work (or are huge fucking monstrosities). Sure, in the long run, a mag keeps the shells together and you can carry more, but when each mag is 40-80$ a pop, I doubt you’d be buying too many. Then there’s the SRM-1216, which has 16 rounds, semi-auto, and a four-tube detachable magazine… It also costs around 2,400$ with each additional mag being 200$.

      All in all, say what you will about their looks, the KSG and UTS have the highest standard capacity of any shotgun on the market today (and at the lowest relative price in the case of the KSG).

  10. I’m about to pull the trigger on a UTS-15 purchase (excuse the pun). By the way, they are only $12oo (not $1600 like you seem to believe). I don’t give a rat’s ass what you losers say about it. I’m going to find out first hand, whether it’s a POS or not. You guys are bashing a gun you don’t know shit about… WTF. Get away from your video games for a day or two and shoot some real ammo. Losers!

  11. THAT WAS A VERY POOR REVIEW. You based it on looks when theses are clearly utility guns, designed for function not form. You added a video game review which holds no bearing to the actual gun, and you recommend a full length mag fed semiauto shotgun in a pump action bull pup caparison. Try comparing apples to apples here. IE: Recommend a comparable gun, I’d want bull pup because if you’ve ever used one I’m combat or training you’d understand how a short firearm keeps you close in to your cover, while still having your weapon leveled, ready to pop up, aim and shoot in under a second, full length rifles force you to collapse your stock amd lose accuracy, or sit back from your cover to maintain a level rifle, which leaves you venerable on narrow cover. A rifle leveled at your shoulder is fast, it can shoot on with side or over top of tight cover, and do so very quickly and accurately, Bul pups have little to do with tight spaces or easy storage, Theor all about inches keeping you functional and tight to your cover, nothing does it better without sacrificing power and/or accuracy. So your Sagina 12 fails my review. I’ll take the Kel-Tec any day. Plenty of shots to get the job done and you can keep them topped off as you move. You can select fire slugs or shot, it’s fully ambidextrous because the shots eject out the bottom, which helps with switch ups for right hand corners to keep you 50% behind cover as you fire, rather than keeping it to your right shoulder and firing exposed. And a pump shotgun can put out as more fire as you’d really need, so semi auto is not helping really. And a short loght design is handy as a back up to your rifle, the Sagina 12 is just to long for that duty. So you see how an ugly utility gun can save your life.

  12. THAT WAS A VERY POOR REVIEW. You based it on looks when theses are clearly utility guns, designed for function not form. You added a video game review which holds no bearing to the actual gun, and you recommend a full length mag fed semiauto shotgun in a pump action bull pup caparison. Try comparing apples to apples here. IE: Recommend a comparable gun, The KSG is vastly superior gun for reasons you are clearly neglecting for reasons related to a total lack of combat experience. In essence you’ve give a soldiers gun a city slickers review.

  13. I looked at a Saiga as nd a Kel-Tec, and I
    Found both to be shabby…at best. On the advice of a trusted friend I bought a “you-tax” . Initial impression was dubious, but upon shooting and really putting it through its paces, this gun has a spot in my armory. Yes it holds 15 rounds, but it also has a selector switch which allows you to change from one 7 round mag tube to the other…enabling loading of, for example, slugs on one side, and buckshot on the other. This provides great flexibility to the shooter. The gun will take 2.2.75s” or 3″ and you can load each side tube with any combination of 2.75 and 3″ shells. (Each tube holds 6 3″ shells) The action seemed bit crotchety at first, but must be worked “with authority” for smoothest functioning. I have +200 rounds thru mine with no malfunctions. The gun has a top rail for an Aimpoint and metal back-up. The rail seemed flimsy, but has held up just fine. I shoot 3-4″ at 50 yards…good enough for deer. (Except the wardens won’t like it!) The trigger is rough and a good smith could likely smooth it out. One last negative – the butt stock is just hard plastic. Big deal, you say? YOU try lighting this gun up with a 3″ magnum up the snout!
    I’m sure you’ll agree that a foam stock pad is a needed addition.
    For $825, tax included, this is an excellent value for a very flexible firearm. And, oh, forgot to mention, for $160 more, you get an in-unit laser and tac-lite combo with the controls logically mounted just in front of the trigger guide on the right side.
    A thoughtfully designed and effective firearm with unsurpassed OMG, WTH?!!!
    Capabilities. (AND NO, I DO NOT WORK FOR ANY firearms or marketing co!

  14. i have fired all three,i didnt care for the keltec,because you haft to operate a lever to get all ammo into, play,the saiga,my son has,no thanks,jamsor mag problems.i did buy the uts made in america by the way,and it is a great weapon for what it is designed for, you can have your choice of barrels,breacher,standard,or a 7.5 extended can place the control lever in the middle and have all 15 shots without doing anything,it alternates between each mag tube till empty,or you can change from side to side manually say buck on one side slugs on other.this gun may not ever win a beauty contest,but a firefight,you better believe it.dont try to judge or kill it untill you have used it,i am a very happy owner,and you cant beat their customer service,anywhere.

  15. I have a UTS15 and I love it. It has shot every kind of 12 gauge shell that I have crammed into it. No problems. It is like any pump though. You can outrun the cycle rate. Great gun. Mine is the gen3. The first two gens did have feed problems
    No more.


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