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President Donald Trump.

The USA Today’s Nicole Gaudiano has doggedly pursued members of the Trump Second Amendment Coalition (SAC) team for weeks now. She reached a few members, including myself, and quizzed us about the Coalition’s deliberations. In the end, she didn’t get much from us and went with what she had in her piece, ‘What ever happened to President Trump’s gun advisory group?’

Early in the report, she writes that the White House now says the group is a campaign coalition. I’m good with that. Smarter readers will ask themselves, “Why publicly announce a campaign coalition mere days before the election?” What’s more, the announcement took the form of a low-key, buried-in-the-weeds news release.

Overall, Guardiano does a pretty good job summing things up. She touched on how the informal SAC team advises…well, informally. She touched on the chain-of-command and how different members bring varied goals to the table.

The USA Today scribe correctly notes that the Trump administration hasn’t mentioned it since the Coalition was announced. IWI’s Michael Kassnar sums things up well: “I suspect there’s more things on the president’s plate of higher urgency.”

Very true.

Frankly, Congress has moved at the speed of smell in Trump’s first sixty-nine days. While Trump has signed over three dozen executive actions, Speaker Ryan’s House has passed a paltry six bills that have been signed into law. Senate President Mitch McConnell’s august body still hasn’t approved all of President Trump’s cabinet nominations. Not only that, the Senate has not even voted the Gorsuch Supreme Court nomination out of committee yet.

So yes, the administration has all manner of pressing issues to deal with of greater importance. At the same time, Team Trump’s efforts to implement policy remain hamstrung by inept Republicans afraid to lead in Congress.

Rest assured that while gun regulation reform hasn’t made much news, it hasn’t been forgotten by this administration. And yes, The Truth About Guns still very much has a seat at that table.

Here’s a teaser from the USA Today story:

Co-chairman John Boch believes Donald Trump Jr., an avid outdoorsman, will serve as a conduit between the advisory group and the White House. He and National Rifle Association lobbyist Chris Cox were tapped to lead the group.

“As it was explained to me, this whole thing is about providing policy and legislative recommendations for the new administration through Donald Trump Jr.,” said Boch, executive director of the non-profit Guns Save Life Inc.

Co-chairs’ personal goals for the administration vary. But several interviewed said the Trump administration should pursue legislation to nationalize concealed carry permits, a top priority for gun advocates that Trump has said he supports. Another priority is legislation to make it easier to buy firearms suppressors, or silencers. While critics say that’s dangerous, Trump Jr. has said, “It’s about safety and it’s about hearing protection.”

Rep. Tom Emmer, R-Minn., one of the group’s co-chairs, said he isn’t sure how Trump Jr. and Cox will lead the group. But he knows how he plans to use it. He wants the group’s help to push his legislation to set deadlines for action on appeals when gun buyers’ purchases are denied.

“I’m going to try to get every single person on the coalition, and I’m going to ask the chairs — as the coalition — to support what it is we’re advocating for, because that’s only going to help me,” he said. “The best of all worlds would be that I get either Donald Trump Jr. or Chris Cox to say the coalition … actually supports the bill that I’m promoting.”

I’m proud to serve on the SAC and, as always, welcome additional input from our Armed Intelligentsia.

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  1. One thing I would like to see is an EO that puts a time frame on all NFA paperwork.

    The EO would make NFA approval a shall issue and would make all paperwork approved within 30 days of arrival. If denied, must have proof that the applicant/trust does not meet the requirements, along with steps to resolve the issue.

    The President can’t overturn the NFA items, but he can put a time frame on the paperwork.

    • If Congress cannot repeal an 85 year old law which has never accomplished shit, what are they good for? NFA needs to go.

      • The older the law, oftentimes the more difficult it is to get rid of. People tend to be accustomed to things that they have lived with for so long, not to mention that complacency sets in, along with the difficulties of mustering support. This is especially true of a law that is intertwined with other policies and laws.

        With any luck though, the paradigm breaking trend of the last year will continue.

  2. I agree that 2/3’rds of the way into his first 100 days, Trump has higher priorities on his agenda. That conceded, Trump knows who brung him to the dance; it’s less than 2 years before the next election. Either we show-up to vote because we have kept the faith; or, we get discouraged. We need the Coalition and Jr. to bear that message respectfully to the President.

    There are a few things that Trump can do by Executive Order. Repatriating M1s among them. He can pursue F&F and appoint a Director of ATF who is a lifetime NRA member. He could get ATF’s priorities realigned.

    The HPA is – or ought to be – really low-hanging fruit. We need a floor vote well before the next election so we know who to vote for/against in the next election. If a “Republican” can’t bring himself to vote for HPA we don’t need him; we have Democrats for that.

    National-Reciprocity is the real prize. Until we inoculate the voters in the Won’t-Issue States against the disease of hoplophobia these voters will continue to threaten our rights in Congress. National-Reciprocity is the best vehicle we have to restore 2A rights to these high-population States.

  3. Just do something… please. Just get supressors off the nfa for now. I need a taste of extra freedom. Any little thing. Please.

  4. I’ll believe it when I see it

    The problem with the 2nd Amendment as a political issue is that people who vote based on it are very likely to vote the same way even taking that issue out. How many people vote GOP who would vote democratic party otherwise? Not many. How many will stay home in 2018 if Congress does nothing on guns? Probably not many. What I wouldn’t give for some sort of governmental system change where where coalitions would be necessary and politicians actually have to follow through on things.

    • They won’t vote for democrats but they’ll vote for another R in the GOP primary and boot the weak 2A “supporters”.

      • Yeah, primaries are my big hope, weird considering I’m registered Independent and have never voted in a primary. Guess I need to change my ways, guess we need to encourage a LOT of people to change. Just imagine if suddenly a surge of voters showed up for primaries!

        • In many states primaries are more important then general elections.

          My state has essentially no registered Republicans because we all want to vote in the Democratic primary. That primary essentially decides all general elections since it is a blue state so we all try to vote for the best Democrat in the primary and then vote Republican in the general despite that they will lose.

    • How many people vote GOP who would vote democratic party otherwise?

      We should vote against Republican politicians who support (through action or INACTION) Democrat disarmament policy.

      The first place to vote against such Republicans is in the primary election. The second place to vote against such Republicans is in the general election. If it means putting a Democrat in office for two years, so be it. Otherwise, Republicans have no incentive to uphold our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

  5. HPA

    National conceal carry

    Allow sales of handguns purchased at FFL’s across state lines. (absurd you need to ship a handgun to your resident state FFL, shipping costs and transfer fees are an unnecessary tax/burden

    Get those oversea Garands and M1 Carbines, 1911’s, etc. imported back to the US

    Remove SBS & SBR’s from the NFA. Pointless reg and is a hassle, costs extra money, etc.

    DO NOT give ground on anything in exchange for pro 2A stuff. No compromises giving up rights to get a token of some previously stolen right back.

  6. Yawn. Ain’t nothing gonna happen. You ain’t gettin diddly. Except you might get less if there’s a mass shooting and this narcissistic, attention whoring, snakeoil salesman sees a photo op for himself. Then, likely you’ll get more background checks like, wanna gift a firearm to a relative…off you go to the FFL. The FFL’s won’t care, guaranteed coin, like the health insurers and Trumpcare, which is Obamacare with Trumps name on it. Let’s face it, if Trump can’t just repeal Obamacare, if it’s this complicated and conflicted, you ain’t seeing any movement for the better on 2A.

  7. GOP better figure it out quick if they like their current position. Because we will primary them, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll stay home if they try to ram a RINO like that loser Graham or McStain up our asses. Time for them to realize being a RINO is synonymous with DumboRat.

  8. I’m not totally buying the “he has other things to do first” excuse. Sure, he’s not going to do any heavy lifting on 2A issues. He never was going to do that, and anyone who thought (or still thinks) he will is kidding themselves.

    But he somehow finds time to talk and tweet about TV show ratings and his daughter’s clothing line. How much time would it take out of that very busy schedule to make a call to the ATF and say, “Hey, assholes, stop fucking with the rules about silencers that have been in place for decades. Don’t throw anybody in jail for running their business in the same way they have been for years, when they have been following previous ATF decisions and opinion letters, okay?” Hell, he could just freakin’ tweet that shit at 2AM, he wouldn’t even need to actually make a phone call.

    We were promised a lot of stuff was going to happen “on day one” (not just 2A stuff, either), that not only hasn’t been followed through on, but hasn’t even been mentioned at all since that first week in November, and a lot of it is executive order stuff, not legislation.

    I wasn’t expecting miracles immediately on January 20th, but it would be nice to see just one bone thrown our way, even it didn’t have any meat on it and has been bleaching in the sun for a while.

    • This times a million.

      I was saying this after he first 30 days….that if he couldn’t spend 5 min signing a very basic EO or direct that those Korean M1s could come in…ANYTHING to throw gun rights people a bone….that NOTHING was gonna be done. Was told by the Trumpers “it’s only been a few weeks….it’s coming soon!” Yeah right

      Same with this whole Coaltion crap….just more politics to keep gun owners on their side “We can’t do anything now without 60 votes and in the Senate….so if you help us win in 2018 THEN we will pass your stuff!”

      I’m sure we’ll see another post like this after the 100 day mark….and the 6 month mark….etc etc

      We were played by the Rhinos again. If they won’t repeal Obamacare…u think they’re gonna touch Surpressors or National Reciprocity?

      • Never understood calling them “RINO”s…. the Republican party is only a friend of gun owners because they’re paid to be. This is the party of Lincoln, big federal government is kind of in their blood.

  9. Get the AK74 7N6 ammo off the crazy banned list. Allow the full line of russian ammo and arms back in the country.
    This would include all Saiga variants.
    Stop blocking FNH arms at customs so they get the availabilty up and prices down.
    Cut BATF responsibilities and staff by a mighty percentage. Do not fold them into the FBI as that would just put more teeth into their mission.

    • Very vital suggestions, allowing imports of various foreign arms and ammunition and also doing away with ammunition classification as “Armor Piercing” would be an excellent decision. The classification hinders projectile development by limiting what materials can be feasibly utilized in bullets.

      Castrating the BATFEaRBF is yet another excellent suggestion.

  10. So what’s the plan for lobbying congress?

    What can WE do John, who can WE apply pressure, phone calls, etc. to to move the agenda up?

    Republicans risk creating the narrative they’re broken, dysfunctional crony capitalists that can’t do anything but be corporate stooges and try to pass tax cutting things for corporations or the rich.

    This is dividing the party. GUNS on the other hand, is an actual damn issue the majority of Americans- not just Republicans- SUPPORT. So congress COULD prioritize guns, get members back in agreement and working/doing things and putting democrats in a no-win position, and regain their mojo.

    Instead, we have to listen to how there’s more important things, that Trump is functional, congress isn’t- and we don’t have a ground game or plan to pressure congress.

    Uh.. that sounds really smart. Put pressure on the guy who has the power to tweet and then sit on his butt while waiting for a bill to sign. No call to action to pressure the congress, which is like a man who can’t get it up so blusters and bullies to disguise the fact he can’t get it up.

    Trump waits for a bill to arrive on his desk, where he will gestate and let it emerge alive. Trump is the egg. Congress is the sperm. And I’m seeing us waiting for a kid to happen and blaming Trump/hoping Trump will make things happen.

    I think we need to focus on civics 101.

  11. Repeal the national gun free zone law. Make the violation of a persons second amendment rights a civil rights case. Make gun owners a protected class? Prosecute the offenders make them pay the lawyer fees when they loose. That would be long lasting protection for the second amendment.

    • I second repealing the GFSZ Act. Even flaming liberals should be able to see the nonsense of expecting a sign on the door to stop bad guys.

      • “Even flaming liberals should be able to see the nonsense of expecting a sign on the door to stop bad guys.”

        Should be able to, yes. But somehow they can’t.

      • Unfortunately, the sign, law and absence of logic are what brings peace of mind to them. The spontaneous realization that the world isn’t as safe as many pretend, might just be too much to accept.

  12. Don’t need Congress to:

    – Get those oversea Garands and M1 Carbines, 1911’s, etc. imported back to the US.

    – Simplify NFA application process – at least reverse the bad changes from last summer

    – Issue a friendly interpretation of “sporting purposes”

    – Remove bans on Russian and ChiCom imports

  13. Start with the garands. Then ammo eos. Then the sporting use bs. The legislators can worry about the hearing protection act.

  14. They can take that “National carry permit” and shove it up Paul Ryans ass! I thought the second amendment WAS our permit. Can someone tell me where I can get a free speech permit? Or perhaps a permit to not self-incriminate?
    He could have repealed all the Clinton-bush executive orders week one, put 7N6 ammo back on the table and dumped the Barry Sotoro era ATF head.
    I’m convinced that we are going to get next to nothing but smokescreens and excuses for the next four years.
    Until the Hughes act gets repealed we are all still slaves asking permission for a RIGHT!

  15. Wiping away legal distinction between different “classes” of firearms could be a boon to the cause. Simply put, draft legislation that for all intents and purposes classifies rifles, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, SBRs and SBSs as merely just firearms(Or Arms). With no legal distinction between these various items, it could theoretically nullify prior restrictions by creating one umbrella distinction. Such classification would also render any new attempts to outlaw “certain classes” of firearms ineffective. Just an inane musing, but perhaps there is something to it if refined.

    • Tell ya what, I used to get confused by all the silly rules, but now I actually have both pistols and a no shit SBR, and I am REALLY confused about the distinctions. I am assuming that if I decide to, I could just call up Rock River or somebody and order a 10.5″ 5.56 upper and have it shipped out the next day, suppressor ready, then slap that puppy on my lower and rock and roll. But I don’t really know, perhaps I’d be headed for prison. For placing an order? When I grew up, you had to actually DO something to be sent to prison, not simply “possess” something.

      • Indeed, subjective terminology that can criminalize for the mere “illegality” of not being indoctrinated into the esotericism of bureaucratic arbitration, is far beyond being just and lawful. Such adjudications are only present to keep the “common man” aware that he not only “needs” the government to pronounce what is both right and just, but also remind him that he is never “innocent”, and at anytime can be convicted of violating some cryptic diktat.

  16. “I will get rid of gun-free zones on … military bases….My first day, it gets signed, okay? My first day. There’s no more gun-free zones.”


    • And waiting….and waiting…..and WAITING. Guess what…i think we’re gonna be waiting till St. Smittins day.

    • I’ve heard that the Nov 2016 changes to DoDD 5210.56, “Arming and the Use of Force,” that were supposed to open the door to carrying personal firearms on military installations, will in all probability be walked back. A couple of the service chiefs didn’t like the idea of their armed forces actually being… well… armed.

      I hope and pray POTUS delivers on this campaign promise, and soon.

  17. I’m happy keeping my semi-autos and pump guns and having a pro-2A SCOTUS in the works.
    Had the Wicked Witch of the Left won, we would have Australian style gun control in the pipeline now and the SCOTUS would be permanently anti-gun.
    The rest of the issues concern things that I personally don’t really care about one way or the other.

  18. Here is the email I sent to one of my senators. I am going to post it to my other senators and to the administration. If we send a few hundred of emails something like this, we could probably push back the ruling from the BATFE.

    “Hello Senator Corker –

    Very pleased with your positions on the new administration.

    Please get the BATFE to lift the illogical, illegal and anti-2A restrictions on all ammunition imported from Russia, especially the 7N6 round for the AK74 (5.45×39) military surplus. The BATFE, at the Obama administration’s urging, ruled the ammo as armor piercing out of a handgun. This ruling is misinformed and inaccurate.

    1. Though a few weapons smaller than rifles can fire a 5.45×39, they are not handguns at all but more like carbines that could never be carried concealed inside pants for anyone but land whales like Roseanne Barr or Michael Moore 🙂

    2. The ammo for the quintessential all American firearm – the AR15 – has the same characteristic as the 5.45×39 but is not banned by the BATFE. Nor should it be!

    3. The Obama administration and the BATFE are simply attempting a line by line demolition of all ammo and firearms per their overarching disarmament agenda. Let’s push back the darkness of their anti-freedom agenda with the light of reinstating all 2nd amendment options.

    Thank you for your support of freedom for all races, creeds, colors, and the right to keep and bear arms!

    In Liberty,”

  19. Here’s an easy one, tell ATF to remove the fingerprint and photo requirements from 41p. Takes no action by Congress, is obscure enough that people would get bored listening to the media explaining why they should be outraged, and yet many on our side would still see it as a concrete step in the right direction.

  20. Trump’s in a pissing war with there only congressmen that actually give a hoot about rights since they submarined his garbage healthcare plan. Better than Hillary I guess merely because he’s too incompetent to do anything and I’ll federal inaction as opposed to federal action 90% of the time.

    • “I’ll federal inaction as opposed to federal action 90% of the time.”

      Boy, will I ever second that. If Trump does not do SHIT for 4 years, he’ll have been 1000 times better than Hillary.

  21. Nothing will happen on any political initiative until the Republicans wring out their undies, stand up straight, look the Dems in the eye and say “You’re really going to filibuster everything we try? DO IT. DO IT RIGHT NOW. DO IT AND DON’T STOP UNTIL THE 2018 ELECTION. I DARE YOU.”

    I guarantee the Dems will blink first because they have by far the most to lose in the next election. They could be driven into filibuster-proof minority if they abuse it badly enough. It’s up to the Republicans to call the bluff and start getting justices appointed (it’s not just 1 Supreme Court justice, it’s over 100 federal judges all over the nation), laws passed, laws enforced and freedoms protected. Do it. Do it right now.

  22. But several interviewed said the Trump administration should pursue legislation to nationalize concealed carry permits, a top priority for gun advocates that Trump has said he supports.

    Yeah, because nationalizing absolutely ANYTHING makes it better.

    I really hope that the above quote doesn’t actually represent the several interviewees’ fondest aspirations.

    (But, it would be handy for the powers to be if a monarchy were to be established, say within the next four years.)

  23. Changes in federal law have to go through Congress. We’ve just seen how well that doesn’t go. Executive orders are a different matter. Trump needs neither approval nor cooperation from anyone to cancel existing orders or issue new ones. The SAC team should prepare a batch of such and dump them in his lap with a demand for immediate action.

  24. There are a ton of EOs that can go and show an immediate improvement. They take no time and they can be done really quick. Throw the gun owners a bone already.

  25. “USA Today Follows Up on Trump’s Second Amendment Coalition”

    Hey, at least someone is following up. I wonder if anyone from the White House will ever check in to see if this “coalition” still exists.

  26. Too many RINOs. People like McCain need to GTFO of office if they don’t believe in our rights. We need less McCains and more Pauls.

  27. The cynic in me says that Trump’s gonna be inactive on any major 2A things during this whole term so that he has something to dangle in from of the electorate for the next election.

    He’s a successful businessman. Expect him to take advantage of anything and everything, including voters.

  28. Must Have
    These two items blend firearms freedom with political realities and should be easy to pass:
    (1) Enable purchase of all legal firearms across state lines.
    (2) Remove suppressors along with “short barreled” rifles and shotguns from the National Firearms Act of 1934

    Wish List
    These two items anticipate much harder push-back from gun-grabbers and hence a lower probability of passage:
    (3) National concealed carry reciprocity.
    (4) Repeal Hughes Amendment
    (5) Remove full-auto firearms from National Firearms Act of 1934

    That “Must Have” list really should be easy because functional equivalents already exist. That means there are no new “public safety” rationales or emotional arguments available. (Caveat — there is no equivalent to suppressors right now. However, they truly are a safety item to protect hearing AND they will reduce the “public disturbance” aspect of firearm blasts which is a compelling public interest. These emotional arguments can counteract the emotional arguments of assassins running around silently murdering people.)

    Specific defense of “Must Have” list:
    (1) If I purchase a handgun from an FFL in another state, they will run the EXACT SAME background check that the FFL will run in my home state under the current legal arrangement. Going through an FFL in my home state therefore accomplishes nothing other than increasing the expense of purchasing a handgun. Thus there is no “public safety” rationale. As for private purchases in another state without a background check, private sales in-state do not have a background check either (in states that do not require background checks for private purchases).
    (2) “Short-barreled” rifles and shotguns are equally concealable, “powerful”, and “shootable” as their direct “pistol” counterparts and indirect Magnum revolver counterparts. Therefore, there is no “public safety” rationale to support the tax stamp and registration process.

    The “Wish List” will be harder to pass because gun-grabbers will have emotional arguments that do not exist under the status quo:
    (3) National reciprocity does not exist in any equivalent form now. Gun-grabber bastions that do not recognize concealed carry licenses from other states would now be awash with armed visitors from other states. That means more armed people in public than they already have … and no “control” over the training requirements in other states!
    (4) Gun-grabbers will equate repeal of the Hughes Amendment with a few million new machine gun owners … which will lead to thousands of additional murders every year from psychos who will spray bullets into crowds.
    (5) See previous sentence and increase the numbers ten-fold with respect to removing full-auto firearms from the National Firearms Act of 1934.

  29. I consider national concealed carry reciprocity a low priority for one main reason: we already have darn close to national concealed carry reciprocity. About 40 “shall issue” states already honor concealed carry licenses from nearly all other states.

    I don’t think it is wise to exhaust our limited political capital acquiring concealed carry reciprocity in the remaining 10 states at the expense of radically simplifying purchase of suppressors, short-barreled rifles and shotguns, and firearms across state lines.

    I am not saying that we should not try to get national concealed carry reciprocity. All I am saying is that we should get the easier stuff (suppressors and short-barreled goodies) first. Furthermore, there is a significant chance that a U.S. Supreme Court decision could make national concealed carry reciprocity the law of the land. Such a decision would not cost any political capital at all.

    • And look at it this way: we don’t lose very much with the 10 states that do not recognize concealed carry licenses from other states, at least from a tourism perspective.
      — Hawaii is a tourist destination that few people visit and most of us probably wouldn’t bother to bring our concealed carry handguns there anyway.
      — While California “has it all”, you can find just about everything in other states: rain forests, desert, mountains, skiing.
      — Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island: who cares.
      — New York: other than the mountains which you can find in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Vermont, who cares.

      Anything that draws me for vacation I can find in states that recognize concealed carry licenses from other states. Of course this doesn’t help someone who has to travel on business. We have to pick our battles. Giving up everything else so that business travelers can carry concealed on business in California or New York does not seem like a good use of our limited resources.

    • That’s a really nice consumerist list, but a terrible warfighter list.

      Suppressors are great and all, but who cares if you get a suppressor and in 5 years the semi-auto it’s attache to is banned?

      Gun rights has failed because of a continuous consumerist focus, and not an outright desire to destroy our opponents. Look at how close they came to taking our guns this election- it was CLOSE. And Hillary ran on a RADICAL anti-gun platform. Get someone who’s better at talking softly, then pushing an agenda through? A Cory Booker? We’re toast.

      We need to be like the Russians. Their economy has cratered- and THEY DON’T CARE. They care about winning influence and power abroad. They don’t think 5 years ahead, they think decades ahead. Hence why they have been losing population, losing money, losing all the supposed “necessary” things to project power- and they’ve INCREASED their power globally. From Syria, to Ukraine, to the US elections, to France- they truly ARE a global power, which, going from the CIA world factbook shouldn’t be possible.

      Until we’re actually ready to sacrifice and fight hard, we’re going to continue to be a paper tiger that elects George W. Bushes, and get nothing, let the blue states continue to drag more people in, brainwash them, price them out, and then repopulate low population red states. And we will lose. All because you think getting suppressors a few months earlier is more important.


  30. It’s not enough to say that the Republicans in congress are a bunch of elitist fat cats who depend on gun owner support but never ever do any single thing to earn it. Trump needs to push them. He need to explain to the amount of time that has passed without American gun owners getting anything at all is totally unacceptable. If the Democrats has the house, senate, and presidency, we would have an “assault rifle” ban by now. Hearing protection act is a slam dunk and it needs to be slam dunked NOW.

    • Donnie is too busy playing golf and getting his family members inserted into positions of power to give a shit. You think a big cheese statist like he wants to be cares? Guns are as big a threat to him now that he’s in power as they would be to Hillary.

  31. Mr. Boch, I agree with many who posted here that the Trump administration could do a great deal on firearms right now, without any support from Congress. I would be shocked if less than 90% of all federal laws were regulations and not statutes.

    This is true of firearms laws as well. Trump could make getting a tax stamp as quick as a NICS check with executive action. Most of the requirements for getting a NFA tax stamp are regulatory and not statutory. Most requirements for getting an FFL are regulatory, not statutory. Hell, even most requirements for buying a gun from an FFL are statutory, not regulatory.

    In his first two weeks, Trump was issuing executive orders grouped together by issue to fit nicely under headlines everyday. I am still waiting for gun day. These are laws that impact people of the gun on a regular, if not daily, basis.

    If we do not get something major on firearms, most of us will remember when it comes time to vote. Many of our votes will depend on getting something major. Simply not being Hillary is not good enough. Not being Hillary is like a little Dutch boy plugging a dyke with his finger. If the Second Amendment Coalition actually means anything, then you are in a position to make this known to the administration.

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