Mandela Barnes
Wisconsin Lt. Gov. and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Mandela Barnes (AP Photo/Morry Gash, File)
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Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, a classic millennial, loves social media.

Indeed, Barnes — a Democrat challenging Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron  Johnson — has tweeted more than 18,400 times since joining Twitter a decade ago, an average of nearly five tweets a day…

“We should drastically reimagine society, our communities, and what quality of life actually means in a moment like this,” Barnes tweeted in March 2020, just as coronavirus was starting to spread.

Barnes once said he “really could not care less about a 2nd Amendment ‘right’” to bear arms.

— Daniel Bice, Bice: On Twitter, free-wheeling Mandela Barnes called Trump a ‘Russian spy’ and rejected George Washington as a top president

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      • you gotta understand, that trump drove insecure people literally insane.

        2 years out of office, and these people are still affected daily, some probably think about orange guy every waking minute.

        They aren’t normal democrats. These people have a mental condition and need therapy. They will comment about trump on the internet until they die.

        Sounds like hell, I sincerely hope this guy gets the help he needs and doesn’t waste any more years thinking about some old guy with fake hair on Twitter.

        • TDS can only be cured by Death or Lobotomy. Trump will reside in the afflicted’s minds for the rest of their lives, pooping on their thoughts, ripping out neurons and clogging their brain cells.

      • That doesn’t even make sense. Trump was making more money in the private sector. His income decreased while in office because the left doesn’t tolerate dissent. Then he gave back his presidential salary which was $1.6 million over four years. Is the Puppet giving back his salary? Did Obama give his back? They’re both multimillionaires.

        “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” -Obama
        I guess Obama hasn’t reached that point yet.

  1. “quote————-He’s just in office to get kickbacks. He doesn’t care about anybody but himself.———–quote

    Guess what, both Republicans and Democrats get elected so they can rape the public into bankruptcy. Capitalvania was set up from the founding as a corrupt criminal Oligarchy of the super rich and remains so to this very day. Originally the criminal greed monger merchant founders did not even allow the people to even vote. It was a tragedy George Washington was not captured by the British and hung by his dirty balls.

    And remember both the Republicans and the Democrats both recently passed a landmark anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment Law, blessed by Donald Trump’s corrupt Supreme Court. Where were you when all this was taking place????

    • The same Trump that gave us 9-3 Supreme Court that ruled carry outside the home was a constitutional right, and the only gun control laws that were in place in the late 1700s to early 1800s were allowable?

      That Trump? Sucks to be you, Leftist Scum ™…. 🙂

      • Trump, the dyed-in-the-wool lifelong NYC democrat, friends of the Clintons and the Jeffery Epsteins of the world, who said “take the guns first, due process second.” Banned bump stocks which gave the ATF just enough wiggle room to do all of the asinine and tyrannical crap they’re up to now… anything that he has done to advance 2A rights he’s done to pander at best and completely on accident otherwise. Trump is no friend of the red blooded American, regardless of the fact that a bunch of Deliverance/cousin-lovin lookin delusional Bible thumping morons worship him for some bizarre reason. Also in case you’re as much of a numbskull as I think you are, I absolutely and unequivocally despise democrats and Republicans equally. Two wings on the same stupid bird.

        • Trump was a lifelong Democrat because he was a Real Estate developer in New York. He didn’t really have any choice, such is the level of fraud and corruption the Democratic Party imposes on the people of New York and New Jersey. It’s kind of mandatory to get anything done.

        • Nathan, no rational mind can equate the right with the far more damning left. The right is imperfect, warts and all. The left is the Elephant Man by comparison. Both take money & control from the individual, but the lefts desire for a larger state is light years greater. Who is after weakening the Second Amendment more is the answer to who is worse. And you KNOW it is the evil, insane left.

    • This TTAG post was about Mandela. Not any of the other bilge you just vomited. Looks to me as though you troll just to bring meaning to your life. You have my condolences on your – clearly – very empty existence.

      • “Guess what, both Republicans and Democrats get elected so they can rape the public into bankruptcy.”

        I’m not trying to encourage him, but I agree with this. If you listen to lil’d, you’ll notice that he’s also a populist. He usually takes one side in politics, but he’s correct here.

    • “Originally the criminal greed monger merchant founders did not even allow the people to even vote.”

      The Founders when writing the Constitution left voting eligibility to the States. It is wrong to say they didn’t allow anyone to vote. You know that, if you half as educated as you claim.

      “It was a tragedy George Washington was not captured by the British and hung by his dirty balls.”

      Not the first time you have mentioned his privates. Fetish?

  2. “Bear arms all you wish, but you should pay for your mishandling.”

    That’s a position I can generally support in terms of broad principles … with rights come responsibilities. The devil will be in what’s considered “mishandling,” and who’s doing the considering.

    • Not so fast…There is no connection whatsoever between the Second Amendment and the criminal misuse of firearms or bricks or bats or knives or vehicles or hands or feet or anything else criminals misuse.

      Failure to stand and draw a wide seperating margin between crime and a Constitutional Right is exactly why knee jerk two bit politicians and their screaming History illiterate useful idiots get away with taking chunks of your 2A right away.

    • if we could bear arms all we wish that would be nice, without NYC or even Florida yes you can here, nope not there, oh wait post office parking lot, definitely the most sensitive location in America, can’t have guns there.

      instead of going after people for ghost guns, forced reset triggers, solvent traps, pistol braces, and Glock switches, imagine if you could really keep and bear whatever, because they were going after murderers, rapists, thieves, and corrupt politicians.

      Existing law should already deal with crazy people or reckless behavior like brandishing guns as threats or negligent discharges while pointing a gun at a friend or kid.

      Of course based on the Democratic platform I don’t think this person is really arguing for such freedom.

    • And then.
      That oath is meaningless and as always they lawyer it up with loopholes. -To protect the constitution to the best of my ability.- not worth a rat’s ass

    • This is why they’re always trashing the Constitution, our country, and the founding of our country. “If our founding and Constitution was [bad word] then we have to ignore it.” Voters should recognize what you said, but they don’t care. Our country is already beyond the de_moral_ization* stage of ideological subversion.

      *This word goes to moderation

  3. “I really could not care less about a 2nd Amendment “right”. Bear arms all you wish, but you should pay for your mishandling.”

    What does he mean by “mishandling”?

    All who serve in public office should care about all rights, care about them very much even to the point of being willing to die to defend them. We expect our military to swear or affirm to do so if its necessary, why should we not expect our President and congressmen and congress women to do the same.

    Senate and House of Representatives Oath of Office:

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

    “…defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same”

    Its not …

    “…defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same except for those parts I don’t like or when its convenient for me to do so.”

  4. A typical affirmative action quotaboy moron. (See Kammy Harris) Couldn’t even complete a degree in “communications”. (sod DUMBER than Harris) No doubt he had the on the full fed funding for his “higher edumaction”.

    Just one more useless idiotic Obumer acolyte. To Liberia with you.

      • “I suppose however I could do without the War that goes before it.”

        Kain’t have no war crimes without a war to crime in.

      • We may not have a choice. Besides, they’re already committing the crimes. If we never have a war do we excuse them? They are serial human and civil rights violators.

      • Why are you worried about a war? Not many people are shooting at marsupials during a war. Just hunker down in your den, come out now and then to scavenge some dead humans. Life will be good for furry critters in the woods.

  5. meanwhile if he’s elected he’ll stand with hand on bible swearing to uphold the constitution. zero consequences for breaking that oath

  6. If you follow the advice of the Libertarians??? Then you get what you deserve. And you deserve to use to lose your rights. But Don’t worry you’ll have legalized marijuana intoxication to keep you warm at night.

    “Why It’s OK Not To Vote” – Katherine Mangu-Ward video 1 hr long

  7. Anyone who wants to “reimagine society” is the worst sort of communist filth imaginable and should never be allowed any near elective public office.

  8. Reimagine quality of life?

    So is he one of those privileged 1st world Americans who thinks the highest quality of life in the world is still not good enough because of racism, sexism, climate change or some other nebulous existential threat or is he one of those Great Reset types that thinks our 1st world quality of life should be taken down several pegs because of racism, sexism, climate change or some other nebulous existential threat?

      • You don’t debate. You insult and lie about your education. It’s like talking to a 13yo that’s on the spectrum.

        • Is there more than one fake dacian? Also seems to be less effort on the new name troll posters (and several recurring ones) now that Russia is more in the news.

      • An idiot with split personality wants to debate himself? FFS, that wouldn’t even be entertaining. An idiot is still an idiot, no matter which personality is speaking.

  9. Imagine that you are at a public playground with your toddler. Your thought: it would be nice if someone would watch your toddler so that your toddler could keep playing and free you up to go buy a nice lunch for your toddler and yourself.

    Now, with that scenario in mind, would you entrust your toddler to some random person who walks up to you and announces that he/she would like to watch your toddler so you can go out and run errands? Would you entrust your toddler to that random person even if he/she was well spoken and wearing a nice suit or dress?


    Then why would you entrust your society to some random person, e.g. a political candidate? If you would undertake an extensive vetting process before entrusting your toddler to a random person, why wouldn’t you go through a somewhat similar vetting process before voting for a political candidate? It just blows my mind how many people blindly vote for pretty much any candidate.

    • My toddlers are all over 30 years old. And, I would entrust them to any woman who would get them out of my hair. But, that’s just me . . .

  10. considering he is an empty the jails democrat I don’t really believe him on his concern about people mishandling firearms.

  11. Well at least he’s honest it’s somewhat refreshing to see a Democrat admit openly that they’re all about tyranny & oppression and all about themselves and not the constitution that they swore uphold before a God they do not believe in.

    • Sums it up nicely. No point in dragging it on for countless paragraphs like the idiot dacian when you can say it all in one sentence.

  12. his comments are made by an individual who wants to overthrow the US Constitution.. he’s a domestic terrorist.. areast him and treat him as such

  13. The Second Amendment isn’t the only part of the Constitution that Barnes doesn’t give a sh1t about.

    No surprise there. He’s a Democrat grifter after all.

  14. “We should drastically reimagine society, our communities, and what quality of life actually means in a moment like this,”

    Agree. Actual quality of life means no one works, everything is free, and all crime is punishable by death.

  15. Better ask South Africa what “reimagining communities” looks like: crumbling infrastructure, out of control violent crime everywhere (rape/murder/carjacking), massive corruption and a largely incompetent police force incapable of meeting those challenges.

  16. From the article:

    Scalise understands that a rabid Democratic Party member attempting to kill Republicans playing a ball game is not a reason to negate the rights of 329 million others who did not try to kill anyone.

    If we were to follow Barnes logic, Illinois has had 4 Governors go to prison for corruption, so all Governors should have to go to prison because a minority of Governors committed a criminal act.

    There were about 38 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants in the US, so all men should have their body parts caged until they have a notary that a women consents to intercourse.

    43% of respondents admit to have driven drunk, so all cars must have breathalyzers and video recordings to prove who used the device.

    1 moron just killed a teenager by running him over in a car allegedly over a political argument and the victim was called a far left Republican by the perpetrator, so no one with a Democratic Party affiliation should be allowed to operate a motor vehicle.

    We can follow this failed logic all day, but the current crop of up and coming politicians will always push logic to the breaking point.

  17. Ok, the quote did not come thru:

    Barnes once said he “really could not care less about a 2nd Amendment ‘right’” to bear arms. He also criticized House GOP Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana for not changing his position on gun control after being shot in the hip during practice for the Congressional Baseball Game in 2017.

    “Taking one for the team,” Barnes wrote even as Scalise was using crutches and a scooter to get around the Capitol. “I question how people vote against self interest but this is next level. He literally almost died on this hill.”

  18. WHat exactly is WRONG about anhaving an opinion about THe Great Orange EPHELUMP or GEORGE WASHINGTON. I’m pretty surevthatbthere are many out ther whoshare h BARENES opinions If you read you own US History you might also consider that George Washinton was a not an ideal President and a bit of a charlatan to boot.

    • Albert, you’re a jackass, and nobody wants to hear a jackass’s opinion about anything. Charlatan, you say? You idiots are still kissing the arses of royalty – how can anyone outdo royalty on charlatanism?

    • Al,

      I never said having an opinion about George was wrong. I questioned his ( your ) mention of the man’s private parts.

      Washington like all men had faults, what he did despite those faults are celebrated.

      You complain no one offers you a intelligent debate to what you post. Well considering your reply, you are pretty lousy at stimulating a thoughtful debate.

  19. If you live in Wisconsin, as do I, please make sure everyone you know gets this message. The people of Wisconsin need to know this criminal, as well as Evers, will only perpetuate violence against conservatives.

  20. The only thing they care about the 2nd is it’s removal so they can confiscate and rule like the tyrants they are. You’re an embarrassment to Nelson Mandela.

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