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Connelly Springs, NC. – U.S. Optics™ is pleased to announce the release of its new flagship variable-power riflescope line, the Foundation Series™.

The Foundation Series™ is domestically manufactured and establishes a new standard for reliability, durability, and performance for which US Optics™ is renown, and will replace the current line of B-series optics. All Foundation Series™ models will be available in Q1 2020 through U.S. Optics’ national distributor and dealer network, and direct from the U.S. Optics™ website. All open B-Series sales orders are eligible for a free upgrade to the equivalent Foundation Series™ model.

“We’re incredibly excited to release a new optics series that defines the core of US Optics’ mission, our Foundation: smart & intuitive design, unparalleled quality & durability, and commitment to domestic manufacturing,” says U.S. Optics™ President, Pat Harrigan. “As we continue to build upon the legacy and drive the future of US Optics™, we will do so upon a Foundation that sets a standard our Company and our Customers will be proud of.”

The Foundation Series™ incorporates and improves upon core components that U.S. Optics™ has developed, proven, and popularized in over 29 years of optics industry leadership. The Foundation Series™ is machined from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum, and features a low profile ER3K elevation knob with a Zero Stop, capped US#1 windage knob, adjustable integrated parallax and illumination knob, rapid adjustable 180° magnification throw, and customizable options to easily meet the needs of every end-user


  • Durable, Dependable, and Ergonomic ER3K Elevation Knob with Zero Stop
  • Double Stacked 1/10 MIL or ¼ IPHY marks for use across first and second revolutions
  • Redesigned Capped US#1 Windage Knob
  • 34mm tube across the entire Foundation Series™ line
  • Compact turret section for compatibility with commonly used mounts
  • Integrated Parallax and Push Button Illumination Control
  • Type III Black Hard Anodized Finished or Customizable Cerakote™ Finish
  • Waterproof and Shockproof
  • 180° Magnification Throw

Models include:

FDN FX10 10x42mm ($1999)
FDN 10X 1.8-10x42mm ($2499)
FDN 17X 3.2-17x50mm ($2899)
FDN 25X 5-25x52mm ($3449)

To learn more about the Foundation Series™, visit

About U.S. Optics:

U.S. Optics™ is a U.S. manufacturer of custom riflescopes and optics for 29 years. In this span of time the functionality, durability and clarity of our optics has evolved through research and development efforts, invaluable end user feedback, design innovation and proven engineering principles. A family of core products has emerged from U.S. Optics™ as a result of our dedication and perseverance to build the best optics available for the precision shooter

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  1. Met these guys at Shot Show last year and was really impressed with them. Glad to see the latest offering.

  2. So comments are completely off for the sponsored articles? Nice, uncle Stalin would be proud.
    So I guess I will post it here then. LMAO!
    350$ for 100 rounds through a minigun? What a rip-off. You can buy a 1000 rounds for that kind of money, take it to a machine gun shoot at Knob Creek, Big Sandy or any other, give half to the gun owner and he’ll be happy to let you run the other 500. It will probably closer to you and easier to get to as well, than middle of nowhere in South-West Texas cartel country. 🙂

    • Then you can get a facility, an SOT, a staff, and a marketing department and then undercut their prices. And then buy all the replacement parts on a gun with that kind of round count. And pay taxes, and insurance, and a lease, and them post your P&L statement.

    • I was on the big Sandy website yesterday, and they charge lots of money to fire the MG rentals as a spectator (4.00 per round of .50, 35.00 for 20 rounds on the other ones (they provide the ammo)), and it’s against the rules for you to shoot the machine guns that the shooters who purchase a spot bring (Shooters may not let spectators shoot their guns for insurance reasons.”

  3. I wonder what DERP thinks about these US made optics? Come on DERP, enlighten up with one of your insightful comments.

    • Nothing DERP? Why, this is the most insightful input you’ve had in any TTAG comment section.
      Because whenever you post, it’s nothing but BS.

  4. What are the good brands or product lines for sub-$1000 rifle scopes that are made in the US (or at least a country freer than China)?

      • Burris is owned by Berretta and makes most of their optics in the Philippines. The are good, rugged scopes, just not with the same level of glass as the better US Optics and Leupolds. I know my Burris handgun scope is ok and all, but nowhere near the quality of my Leupold handgun scopes.
        Leupold is great, and with the “light management” filtering on the scopes of the last few years, they are my go-to brand for optics. However, the ones in the same category as these US Optics cost much more than $1K.

    • Burris XTR and XTR II are made in the US, but not quite as good quality optically. Leupold Mark 6 are pretty close, but also at a similar price point.

      • Kind of. They are, according to their initial press release on the II and III, “designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA,…”

        I’m taking that to mean the parts are made in the Philippines and assembled and QC’d here. Which is pretty good for the money.

  5. Vortex has unfortunately moved some their optics from Philippines and Japan to China. Even their top end Razor binoculars are Chinese made.

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