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Next Post is reporting that the gun stolen from the car of a Blaine, Minnesota undercover policeman (hey, he did lock it with the remote) was a Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun. That puts a new spin on this morning’s Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day post, making the officer’s security lapse that much more serious, and the police department’s downplaying that much more regrettable.

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  1. This happened in Minnesota, not Washington.

    I'm guessing that someone was just jealous of the police since they are allowed to have MP5s here and us normal people aren't (forbidden I assume because we untrained civilians don't properly secure our weapons from theft).

  2. Why does an undercover cop need a sub-gun? SWAT team I can understand but undercover? Also the citizens of Blaine might be inclined to inquire about the circumstances under which their cops are authorized to carry such weapons, and whether or not there are additional controls in place to ensure that things like this don't happen.

    What's galling is the double standard: If a citizen had had such a weapon stolen, the police would no doubt have tut-tutted and wagged their finger at the irresponsible oaf, and seen it as further proof that "civilians" shouldn't own these types of guns.

  3. This shows you how Dumb Criminals can get. If a Banger or Junky has commited this theft and when they get caught for it down the road they will be looking at a 25K fine and 10 Years Federal Pen, minimal just for the possession of the weapon without a license as a Class 3 Machinegun, not including any other charges of theft or BnE, Im sure the FBI and ATF are already reviewing all cams and possible witnesses in the area including the Department itself, what a shit storm. PS, someone new that gun was there, no one just randomly starts breaking into the trunks of squad cars without intention.

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