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According to, the shootings in and around the Canadian parliament in Ottawa were carried out by at least two shooters. “At least two gunmen traumatized the heart of the Canadian government on Wednesday, with one shooting a soldier guarding the National War Memorial and then entering the adjacent Parliament building, where multiple rounds were fired. Shooting also was reported at a nearby shopping mall . . .

Police officers rushed to secure the Parliament building and move occupants to safety as they hunted for what Canadian news reports said were possibly two or three assailants, in what had the appearance of a coordinated attack.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported that one assailant was killed. The condition of the soldier who was shot was not immediately clear.

If these reports bear out, that would seem to lend credence to speculation that today’s shootings may be related to yesterday’s attack on two Canadian soldiers in┬áSaint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. Continue to watch this space.

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    • Yes sir- not sure if it’s an audio issue or what but I’m pretty sure I heard “Allah Akbar” after that mag dump.

    • I’m pretty sure the vast majority of Canadian and non-Canadian muslims do not support this action. I reckon we should support their interpretation of Islam as the correct one.

      • Yes… Because we see all those Muslims protesting the actions of their “radical” counterparts.

        The difference between a moderate and “radical” muslim…
        A radical muslim wants to kill you and rape your family goat.
        A moderate muslim wants the radical muslim to kill you and rape your family goat.

        • The difference between a radical and moderate muslim is the radical muslim wants to see the global caliphate formed in their (short) lifetime. The moderate muslim is prepared to wait a bit longer.

          Yes, it is curious to note how often the “moderate” muslims protest the actions of the “radical” muslims. IE: very little to none.

        • Bulls__. I didn’t see Christians protesting Timothy MCveigh’s bombing of OKC building.

          go ahead and pretend most muslims are like this even thoguh many are fighting and dying against extremism. you are part of the problem if you perpetuate ignorance.

        • NO Pwrserge, Anonymous is right! The most important thing in the aftermath of a shooting is making sure that we boost the image of muslims, lest they be (wrongfully) branded as some sort of violent theology!/sarc

        • @anonymous — If you “didn’t see” any protests of the OKC bombing, then you quite simply didn’t even look for any. Look at how many Christians turn out to protest the WBC, too, jackass.

          Get a clue.

        • Man wish they were like you openly protesting anything ever committed by a criminal christian to make sure everyone know its not how all christian feel. Insert whatever belief you may hold because its not limited to the 2 religions with the most followers.

        • Hey anon… Look no further than the mass “protests” supporting Hamas. When was the last time a Christian strapped a bomb to himself and blew up a nightclub in the name of Jesus?

          The difference is that Christian criminals don’t pretend that their mass murder is being committed in the name of Christ.

    • In the wake of the terrorist mall attack in Africa Interpol’s police chief advised armed citizenry to help combat the renewed terrorism threat and now this is just further proof that disarming citizens is a threat to public safety. hopefully the members of Parliament will realize that the lack of armed resistance such as armed citizens threatened their lives.

    • Time to think about this today and I’m going all in. This is all the evidence you need about the Canadian Government condoning the murder of its military service members. To have a ceremonial (prop if you will) solider standing guard unarmed, when the day before two soldiers were attacked, demonstrates military & civilian leadership inability to adapt rapidly to non conventianal warfare.

      Take notes America…we’ll be next…

      • It’s not like U.S. soldiers just walk around with loaded weapons in the states. I highly doubt that Old Guard soldiers have a round in the chamber of their ceremonial rifles.

    • I would wager someone has an op-ed already lined up for the morning dead-trees that will express that sentiment exactly.

  1. If only Canada has some common sense gun control in place, none of this would have happened.

  2. If only Canada had instituted broad regulations on gun ownership, bans on scary black guns, and universal registration of everything else.

    …what’s that? They did that 20 years ago? Oh…well crap…

  3. Two or three shooters…a sand flea nibble on the ass of government. Radicalized (new speak for jahahist) need to bring a bigger crew if the want to move the needle in their direction. Perhaps a small thermonuclear device might be the answer, supplied of course by their Iranian friends.

    • IMHYDAO:
      I don’t see that happening, unless the
      fissile material in the device was from somewhere not Iran. If it could be spun as a ‘false flag’ operation with regard to the origin of the device indicating another known nuclear power, one might see the Iranians participate. Maybe.

      • Plenty of medical radioactive material on the roads every day. Easier to make a dirty bomb than a thermonuclear one. All one would have to do is knock off one or two clearly marked delivery vehicles.

  4. The situation is very much fluid at the moment, and unfortunately the reporting is confused. It could be several days before we begin to get a clearer picture.

    Regarding all the “lol Canada’s gun laws” posts:

    Yes, we in Canada are quite aware of the stupidity of our gun laws, there’s no need to keep reminding us. Sensible folks up here are doing our best to fix them. Keep in mind that as bad as they are, NJ and NY have managed to outdo us.

    • All those mocking Canada have no idea of the battle being waged up north. Rolling back a national gun registration system are major acheivements to be proud of. I stand with my Canadian brothers on a very grim day.

      • Thank-you for the support. It’s confused at the moment, but reports are still coming in for at least 2-3 gunmen. I know that early reports are confused at best, but it’s not unlikely.

        Unfortunately, the soldier who was shot at the National War Memorial has now died. He served as a reservist with the Argylls in Hamilton.

    • From Texas, condolences on your two murdered soldiers. I’m including the one hit by the car. I’m livid at this attack on our friends to the north.

      BTW, I just heard a reporter say this hasn’t happened in the US, but Puerto Rican nationalist terrorists shot up our congress in 1954. President Carter granted three of them clemency.

      • They also murdered a secret service policeman and got clemency for that too.

        Terrorism is apparently ok as long as you’re from an influential voting block.

    • Let the Canada bashing about firearms freedom continue, I say. When the story’s about NY or NJ, we’ll get to them, too. Where infringements exist here, they’re in violation of the Constitution and certain lawless people in robes are fine with that. In Canada, however, there is no universal right to keep and bear arms. You get what the government allows you to have. Statism deserves constant and unapologetic ridicule, wheresoever it lurks.

    • Not entirely true.

      Canada is annoying and restrictive on long guns, but if you want a long gun for hunting or sport it is pretty doable. And there are a few cool things not allowed in the US like short-barrelled shotguns and cheap Chinese imports.

      Handguns are VERY restricted, and even if you own one, there is ZERO ability to carry for self-defense. The only non-cops allowed to carry are certain private security guards engaged in the transport of large amounts of cash. That’s it.

      In upstate NY, if you live in the right county and are will to spend the cash and give a few BJs, you can get a carry license.

  5. does Moms Demand Action have a Canadian affiliate? Seems like fertile ground to convince burqa-wearing moms to demand for common sense gun laws. For the Children(TM).

    • Canada strongly opposes the UN Small Arms treaty, mainly because it conflicts with our destruction of the long-gun registry.

      • Not talking about Canada. We are the main target of said treaty. The UN has lawyers in detroit claiming water shutoff for non payment is a human rights violation so as to get their authoritative foot in the US door . The UN is the puppet master for the globalists/rockefeller cabal.

        • LOL, da brothers in da hood in Detroit will welcome the blue helmeted victims and take everything from them in a blink of an eye, cause UN peace keepers have rules to obey, the hood rats, none!

          So let the UN try, it will be their Viet Nam!

    • Likely, but one of the prog MPs was tweeting from his hiding place that he blamed Harper and his policies. Seriously, the gunsmoke hadn’t cleared before he started politicizing it.

  6. I find it disturbing how people are immediately jumping to conclusions about who did this, why they did it, and exactly what has transpired. Isn’t it amazing how people jump to conclusions that align with their world views instead of waiting for the facts?

      • What I’m saying is that people are immediately jumping to the conclusion that this was a group of muslim extremists hellbent on killing canadians. The simple fact is WE DON’T KNOW AT THIS TIME. There are a number of possible (and REASONABLE) explanations. The two incidents could be completely unrelated with coincidental timing. The guy at the parliament could have just been a pissed off guy who couldn’t get into the army so he decided to attack a soldier and then storm parliament. Or maybe he hated the canadian government for one or more actions (or inactions) it had performed. Or any other blaze-of-glory reason.

        There is a lot of psychological research around why we humans have a burning need to have an explanation for events around us. People love to jump to conclusions about events like this before they have all of the facts because it’s comforting. We then have an explanation to what happened, regardless of whether we know the facts of the event or not.

        I should be clear: I am NOT saying that this WASN’T a muslim extremism attack. I’m saying we don’t know if it is or isn’t.

        • Well, at this point, a number of Canadian officials are drawing connections between this attack, the attacks on Canadian soldiers yesterday (Which are now considered terrorist acts) and the fact that Malala Yousafzai is getting honorary Canadian citizenship today. Yousafzai is a Pakastani woman that advocates for educational opportunities for girls and women in Pakistan. The Taliban have already tried to kill her once.

          Is this a terrorist attack? Maybe not, but… well, I’m going to be surprised if it isn’t, the way things are lining up as I write this.

        • I’ll bet you $1000 it wasn’t the Presbyterians, and I don’t think this because of my worldview or to feel comforted: I think this because of what has happened before, and what is happening now in the world.

          I do agree with your basic point that it’s always good to get the facts before opining, and I would add that first reports are usually wrong. I think I’d win that bet though.

    • Well, the race is not always to the swift or the battle always to the strong, nor the terrorism always committed by the muslims……..but that’s how the smart money bets.

  7. I have a hunch that this incident is going to move Canada closer to tighter gun laws.. if there is such a thing.

  8. The poor soldier shot on ceremonial guard duty probably was holding a non-firing ceremonial thing which looks like a rifle.

    • I was wondering if they have live ammo, myself.

      It’s bad enough not to be able to defend yourself normally but when you’re in a military uniform guarding a site and someone can take you out… ugh.

      • Like the Marine sentries had ammo on guard duty in Beruit in 1983, oh wait, they didn’t, my bad!

      • I am quite sure not. I did Cenotaph duty and guard commander on a few November 11s, and we certainly did not.

  9. The definition of bravery is moving forward whilst all external stimuli are telling you otherwise.

    Kudos to our northern neighbors, brave and true.

  10. I fear that if this happens on our soil we’ll have a Newtown-esce response from the media and non-gun owning public.
    Do we have a PR contingency ready if this does happen?

    • Unlikely. We just had another Fort Hood shooting and the Oklahoma beheading, both post-Newton. Neither re-ignited the Newtown surrender mentality lunacy.

    • If this, or something similar, happens here in the US there’s a reasonable chance that armed citizens will defend themselves. This is often talked about in fiction and casual conversation but the demographics on gun ownership and the corresponding proliferation ccw license holders certainly points in that direction. If terrorists attack an American shopping mall, they might find themselves outgnned.

      • Mall? Probably not. Most malls in the US are free fire zones with policies against legal carry. Most other shopping areas in the free states of the US, however, like a Walmart or Kroger’s in Arizona, the bad guys would probably be stopped faster than a person could type 911 into their mobile phone.

  11. The dead shooter has been identified as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau. He reportedly changed his name from Michael Joseph Hall after recently converting to Islam.

  12. I haven’t seen many comments on what looks like bad tactics. I have seen a considerable amount of video with officers simply poking their heads out at ‘standing level’ and not taking tactical positions, running upright in front of windows, being all grouped together, etc. I was surprised at what seemed like questionable tactics.

    • The video I saw showed what looked like regular “beat cops”, not a “tactical team”.. they were doing what they could to help in an awful situation. I’ll hold off on the keyboard commando post-facto quarterbacking myself, especially given the fact that the country they live in has been disarmed, for better or worse.

      The only thing worse than a random nutball going all shooty in a public area is occupation by a militarized police force that goes all shooty on it’s own disarmed innocent citizens.

    • Real life isn’t like “Flashpoint.”

      There’s a time for that… when you’ve got the upper hand and time on your side. But when someone is killing people right now, sometimes it’s best to go stop them instead of waiting… particularly since a lot of these killers fold when they face armed resistance anyway.

  13. What was he carrying? The cover story on fox news shows a lever gun, like a Winchester 94 or a Marlin 36.

  14. Canadian Perp #1 spent lots of time in US Mosques, he has listings in several US cities
    If there a #2 maybe he drove to Jamaica, NYC?
    and lets not forget the OK beheading a few weeks ago

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