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George Zimmerman (courtesy

Divorce can be a disgusting and ugly thing, and it only gets worse when the person you thought you wanted to spend your life with starts filing false police reports and making up crimes. That’s the reason that one of my co-workers at the day job can’t pass a NICS check anymore: his (soon to be ex) wife claimed that he hit her, when in reality he was hundreds of miles away. It’s starting to look like the latest news about George Zimmerman might be a similar story, with Shellie Zimmerman and George Zimmerman going through a divorce and Shellie wanting to get a little revenge on her infamous husband. From USA Today . . .

The estranged wife of George Zimmerman opted not to press charges against her husband Monday after police in Florida responded to her sobbing 911 call reporting he had punched her father and was threatening them with a gun.


Deputy Police Chief Colin Morgan said officers did not recover a gun, and Bracknell said Shellie Zimmerman later dropped her claim that a gun was involved.

“Domestic violence can’t be invoked because she has changed her story and says she didn’t see a firearm,” Bracknell said.

We will probably never know exactly what happened in this case. But I can definitely believe the idea that Shellie Zimmerman saw an opportunity to punish George for what he put her through over the last couple years and went for it.

Hell hath no fury…

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  1. Yep stories like this just confirm my opinion that any and all women are or will become a vindictive money grubbing gold digging bloodsucking thundercunt after marriage its just a matter of time vs lifespan vs how irritating you are to put up with.

    • Don’t hold back, man, I think we’re on the threshold of a breakthrough. We could make some real progress on this issue tonight.

    • Eh, I have a cousin whose husband took most of her money before and during the divorce. She had to sell off the beautiful ranch on which she grew up.

      A friend of mine of mine was shot to death by her husband during their divorce, in front of their two little boys. Then he shot himself, in front of the boys.

      From this anecdote and similar ones in the news should I make the assumption that all men, or all gunowners, are potential murderers?

      Hey, at least he didn’t shoot the kids, as many men do during breakups, so there’s that.

    • It’s like anything else in life. Just choose wisely, and you’ll be happy. And don’t settle. But don’t lambast all women. That’s not cool.

      • No one teaches people how to choose wisely, and if there are books on the subject, I’d guarantee you they’re BS. So how does a person learn how to choose a partner “wisely”? People often don’t show their true nature until after marriage.

        • There are many resources to help people choose wisely. There are books on it, the Bible. If not the Bible, many others, and they’re not BS.

        • I think the poster above nailed it on choosing wisely – don’t settle… look for the challenge, the passion, and above all the compassion… because even if she does turn out to be psycho at least she’ll feel guilty about it later! 😉

        • It doesn’t help that modern dating practices set people up for divorce. However, a long period of dating, followed by a long engagement helps tremendously in ensuring compatibility. Looking at someone’s family life also does a lot to tell you if they’re going to be psycho. In the words of one Yorkshire farmer:
          “Before you marry a girl, TAKE A BLOODY GOOD LOOK AT T”MOTHER.”

        • Guys – Without fail, during premarriage counciling, ensure you attend the top secret (and hard to find) menopause seminar. You’ll probably try to skip out of the PMS section. Is so be assure there is not way you’re going to make it thru/like menopause

    • But it wasn’t always this way! What’s different now?

      I believe it’s the result of unrealistic expectations about what marriage is supposed to be about, and not be about. And “not be about” is probably much more important in the equation.

      What else could it be?

      • I believe it’s just unreaslistic expectations from the wife as to how much sh!t the husband should be willing to put up with and keep bringing home the pay check. And vice versa.

        Actually I think that it’s just unrealistic expectation by people indoctrinated by the media all their lives about what an ideal relationship is supposed to be. When it doesn’t work out, for whatever reason, they feel betrayed and forced to lash out. Too bad people can’t just get over it and move on. My ex and I realizd after 8 years that things had changed so that neither of us was happy.The divorce was fair and amicable and we both moved on with our lives and were able to remain friends. YMMV

        • I think it’s media also; lots and LOTS of media. A LIFETIME of media indoctrination showing relationships that bear little or no resemblance to what real-life relationships are really like, and should be like.

          I mean, if Harriet could put up with Ozzie, there’s no reason Zimmerman and his wife couldn’t make a go of it.

        • By the way, I’m glad you and the ex were able to remain friends. Mine and I were like static around each other for, what?, over 20 years after we broke up.

          Only in the last couple years have we really been able to be calm and nice around one another.

          Hey, she got old and mellowed, what can I say? I still try and keep the exposure to a couple hours at most, lest something detonate her. We find ourselves together now and again at my daughter’s place, with the grandson. It seems my daughter tries to arrange sometimes for us both to be watching him at the same time. But maybe she just has her mind elsewhere. If grandma is there with the grandson, I just tell her, “let me know when you’re about to leave, and I’ll come watch him.”

    • A bachelor is a man who HAS thought seriously about marriage (LOL). I say this after having been married for 17 years, and seeing my dad go thru 4 marriages, none of which lasted as long as mine. Some work out great, others are hell on earth, and it’s a bit of a lottery as to which one we get.

  2. Hopefully, she will lose a considerable amount of her anticipated divorce settlement as punishment for her criminal fraudulence.

    • Eh… Don’t count on our court system ever taking action against women who file outright false claims of abuse or rape.

      There are many cases where during divorces, young daughters are sort of “brainwashed” (Eric Holder style) by a vindicative mother into saying that the father molested them. Of course, the fathers often to go prison, where they go through very REAL abuse at the hands of other inmates. Years later, the daughter admits that the abuse never happened and that it was a total lie.

  3. They went through a lot ,false charges spurred by race, the Whitehouse,the Justice Dept illegally sending agent to Florida to organize marches against them,Kangaroo Court with a Judge and Prosecurter who should be up on charges for Witholding evidence,death threats from the Blackpanthers ,who also should be in JAIL for publicly putting out a ‘Hit For Money’.You and I would be in Jail for that funny the Aholes who were on TV threatening are walking the streets.Being made a public spectacle for defending himself against a 17 yr old( not 12 like the family and news media like to portray) 180 lb football player high on LEAN.( in case you don’t know that’s SKIDDLES anSWEET

    • It is always amazing to me that the gun community picked this guy as their hero.

      Imagine if it was your son who got accidentally shot by a neighborhood watch nitwit. The police show up, test your son for drugs, release the shooter, and then start digging up dirt on your son.

      44 days later, they still have not bothered to test the shooter for drugs, even though he admitted that he may have been on adderall, an amphetamine.

      What would you do if it was your son who got killed? Would you just shrug: “Oh well, he used pot, so he deserved it.”

      • If it were my son, of course I would be angry. If it were my son, I would have raised him to be a man, not a wanna be thug. There are certain things you don’t do in society, one is attacking someone without just cause. I would do my best to instill my son with a sense of honor and respect, but I would also know that you cannot raise a son to never make a mistake. In the end, after I grieve, I would likely come to the conclusion that even though I am biased, if the evidence supported that he acted the way TM did, the other party acted within their right to defend himself.

      • If Trrrrayvon was related to me I would have ensured he was in jail where the punkass druggie POS belonged.

        Daddy Wantabehood could have help the kid by giving him a normal respectable name (like Sue or something similar).

  4. HE didn’t put her through jack. The administration and race-baiters put HIM through two years of life-screwing hell – which, I might add, will not abate until the day he dies or the black community and their white-guilt-ridden liberal toadies find some other poor “white hispanic” to torture for taking exception to being used as a punching bag by a hoodlum – and she, as his wife, was unfortunately also caught in the crossfire. I can’t speak to what all caused their marriage to go south, but her lying to the police doesn’t lead me to think she tried very hard to stand by her man when he was getting the crap kicked out of him in the public sphere. As a matter of fact, it strikes me as the action of a woman who assumed that once she got married, she didn’t need to work at the relationship at all; she landed her man, what else did she have to do? Nobody told her that sometimes things get hard and you have to work at it! /sarc

    Not all of us are so callous. Having grown up in a home where my mother manipulated the hell out of my dad and made him feel about as big as a bug, I can’t treat somebody that way. My dad has made some mistakes, but he’s always been there for me and watching her wear him down was enough for me to vow never to do that to anybody. Especially somebody I had promised to love and cherish, in good times AND in bad. Not all women are bad people out to steal your money and eat your soul. Just a seemingly large portion, unfortunately.

    • “As a matter of fact, it strikes me as the action of a woman who assumed that once she got married, she didn’t need to work at the relationship at all; she landed her man, what else did she have to do? Nobody told her that sometimes things get hard and you have to work at it! /sarc”

      This goes hand-in-hand with “you’re so perfect!” BEFORE the marriage, then setting out to completely change The Beloved as soon as the knot is tied…

      As for what your mom did to your dad, I can empathize 100%. I saw the exact same thing done by my mom to my dad…

  5. Tea and rhobitussin which Travon( thug,drug dealer punkass bully,kicked out of school for fighting destroyed liver at 17 yrs old) was trying to get that night(mr caught with stollen jewelry and burglar tools twice) So no sympathy for that punk jerk ,but we should have much sympathy for the Zimmerman’s as no one should go through what they went through.We carry,at least I do everyday that could be you or I in that situation.He stood up to the scrutiny of the world and the liberal condemning of news media and late night stupid talk hosts. Divorce was inevitable,My hat is off to him.He helped a lot of people all Martin did was drugs and bullying and stealing and they make him out as some prince( He coulda been my son’…Obama) Hollywood praises ‘hoodies'(where do you think the word ‘hood’came from?) Martin was trying to make a drink called LEAN that night( skittles,Sweet tea and rhobitussin.) Unlike what Piers Morgan would have you believe,( an innocent 12 yr old minding his own business when he was brutally attacked by the big bad wolf)Martin’s liver was half destroyed at 17(not 12 Piers) yrs old from the concoction .
    So let’s give the Zimmerman’s a break and put the blame where it belongs on the punks who would just a soon kill us as play a video game.

    • I think it comes from “hooded sweatshirt.”

      But, don’t let me get in the way of your semi-coherent and peripherally racist rant or nothin’. Tell me more about your debunked stories of Purple Drank and bags full of B&E gear that GZ telepathically knew about TM owned and stored somewhere that wasn’t on his back when the altercation happened.

      GZ did the right thing in the TM incident, but that doesn’t mean we have to canonize him. He’s more or less an idiot with poor judgment who’ll inevitably do something terrible. Like punch his wife in the face.

      I’d suggest we, as in the gun owning community, begin to cut him adrift before he drags any of our reputation down with him.

      • Problem with reality today mr fookbar? Pointing out a skull is a POS is not racist. Perhaps you are a racist for reading stereotypes (based in statisiical reality) of rampant lawlessness by blacks into cubby’s comments? Or perhaps you’re trolling?

  6. Read the story and pay attention to the quote “after speaking w her lawyer”. Translation: “you are a convicted perjurer and if you screw this up by making another false claim, kiss the jackpot goodbye.”

    Unless he really did assault someone unprovoked, putting him in jail to be a b!tch weakens his case against NBC for slander (they will want to try vs settle the case). She wised up. Some advice I was given years ago has always served me well “always bet on the whore”.

  7. Folks forget that stress can push a marriage to its limits. The stress of being attacked and having to use deadly force was bad enough. Then Obama said Trayvon might look like his son and this was taken as a sign that it was ok to persecute a man that the police thought acted in self defense. The piling on by politicians, the media, civil rights personalities (I refuse to call them leaders) and large numbers of the uninformed public caused a terrible amount of stress on their marriage. Perhaps our commander in chief should offer a ‘beer summit’ style counciling session in the Rose Garden since he helped start this process. He could get Dr. Phil involved too. What’s that Mr. President? Got more pressing problems? Cry me a river.

    • And idiot talking heads still at it. What part of “Not Guilty” do they not get? Zimmerman did not get away with murder, he got away with self defense. You can rag on women all you want, but those six women on the jury did the right thing.

      BTW: I don’t take your comments personally, I’ve been married to my husband for going on twenty years, second marriage for both of us. For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, until death do we part. Been though all and expect to go all the way to the last one.

  8. “We will probably never know exactly what happened in this case.”

    I read on CNN that Zimmerman was offering to hand over tapes from the security cameras at the house to the police. I have a feeling that is what caused his wife’s story to change.

  9. I have a wonderful wife,she took me in ,because she loves me,after I had a stroke in 2001.I was trying to work things out with my ex wife,who told my now wife to take me as she had her hands full with raising our kids,and didn’t have time for me!My now wife helped me to get 85% of my ability back,we have been happy,and I love this woman more than anything but God above.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  10. The estranged wife of George Zimmerman opted not to press charges against her husband

    Well, that was damn decent of the beyotch, dontcha think?

  11. Guys, some of these comments are unworthy of this site’s readership. We’re looking at a couple whose marriage wasn’t too solid before the unfortunate night when Treyvon Martin (briefly) learned the first rule of gunfights. These poor people have gone through six different kinds of hell since then, so perhaps the decent thing would be to cut both George and Shellie some slack.

    If I wanted to read ignorant ranting, I’d be reading the Huffington Post’s story (which has hundreds of comments after it, each one dumber than the one before it).

    We’re the people of the gun, who believe that “A well-armed society is a polite society.” Please, let’s show other people that we mean that.

  12. So can a man lose his gun rights permanently if his girlfriend or wife just claims that he hit her? Or would it just be a temporary loss while police investigated or something? How does that work?


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