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Sometimes you just have to go out and look at the stars. Sure, you could do that to relax, but right now we need to give the heavens a quick check to see if the Earth has been sucked through a wormhole and into an alternate universe.

Why? Because it’s sure looking like we’re in a some kind of bizarro world where the authoritarian left loves guns. Check this out that’s making its way around the Twitterverse . . .

In the space of just a few years, Occupy Democrats went from “no onne needs an AR-15” to “Ukraine is handing out guns and we’re all about it!” Before you think this a fluke, here’s another recent example:

If you or I carry a gun into a restaurant, we’re paranoid wackos. Maybe even insurrectionists. Because all gun owners are just itching for Donald Trump to assume his rightful place as dictator. But, if you’re far away from America and you’re fighting an invading force, different rules apparently apply. Guns are now good.

But Seriously, Though . . .

As fun as it is to make fun of twits like Occupy Democrats right now, it’s important to point out why this is happening and find something useful we can learn from it.

First, it’s important to point out that Ukraine’s gun laws aren’t as strict as most of Europe, but they’re nowhere near as gun-friendly as we enjoy here in the United States. Before the current conflict, a “may issue” license was required for all gun ownership, meaning that only people the government liked could get permission.

At age 18, you could get a license for an air rifle. At 21, you can get a smooth-bore gun. At age 25, rifles with a maximum magazine capacity of ten rounds are allowed. All guns must be locked up and unloaded when not at the range, even in people’s homes.

Things changed a lot starting last year, though. Reserve forces grew and reactivated as the country faced a growing threat from Russia. In other words, Ukrainian civilian gun ownership started to appear in the American media, but most of the people shown with rifles were actually reservists or otherwise working for the military in some capacity.

It was only after the invasion that things suddenly changed for civilian gun ownership. On February 23rd, a declaration of emergency and a quick change to the law allowed civilians to carry firearms they owned for personal defense, both inside and outside their homes. Next, Ukraine’s forces started handing out guns to civilians who didn’t have their own, with an estimated 18,000 rifles delivered as of the 25th.

How This Is Helpful, And How It Isn’t

Like the United States, Ukraine has the benefit of a large number of experienced combat veterans. Past and ongoing conflicts with Russia and Russian-speaking separatist forces haven’t given the country much of a break. While many of them have moved on and taken up other careers, Ukraine was able to call many of them back into service, while others volunteered for it. Handing out guns to these “civilians” isn’t what it sounds like at first glance, and has proven to be extremely helpful at combating the Russian advance.

But, we know that it wasn’t just combat veterans who received the rifles and ammunition. Some really were civilians in the fullest sense of the word, with no combat or military experience before this week. A person with a rifle, even inexperienced, can do some good, but it can’t do nearly as much good as someone with even a little training. Ukraine’s military knows this, and they’re reportedly trying to train these inexperienced civilians as quickly as possible.

In the end, Occupy Democrats proves that they really don’t know as much as they think they do (as usual). Instead of being a serious force multiplier, arming civilians proves to be a big chore with less bang for the buck than many think. Sure, it’s better than nothing (which is basically what they are getting from Biden), but it’s nowhere near what it could be if there had been some foresight.

If anything, other countries (like Taiwan, Korea, and Japan) should be looking at Ukraine and rethinking their defensive strategy. America probably isn’t going to be there to help like they’d hoped when things go down. Instead of trying to arm civilians at the last minute after the situation goes sideways, they should be actively working to get their civilian populations at least a little bit of training now. Before a crisis happens.

That, however, requires trusting the population and respecting their right to the tools of armed self defense. And that’s a step many governments aren’t willing to take.

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  1. America probably has more gun owners than Russia has population.

    If the Russians are bogged-down in Ukraine with 75% of their military assets in theatre, Russia definitely won’t be invading the United States anytime soon.

    We must keep our guns at all costs.

    • Your name reminded me of something. I haven’t seen a comment from MADDMAXX in a long while. Maybe I missed it? I hope he’s okay.

    • “America probably has more gun owners than Russia has population.”
      america has more guns in the hands of civilians than all the militaries in the world combined.

    • Russia can barely project power at its borders, let alone across an ocean. China is better, but still not anywhere even remotely close to our capabilities. No one is invading the US anytime soon.

      Nefarious actors are seeking to tear us down from within, however…

      • Some ancient politician a whole lot smarter than I said something to the effect that the U.S. would never fall to an outside enemy but would self-destruct. If Vegas were running a pool on which way we would fall, I would put my money on the latter course. Too many folks seem bent on self destruction of this shining country on a hill.

  2. If you do not trust me with a gun during peacetime I do not trust you to command me during a war. I am not going to fight to protect a tyrant from another tyrant. And I will use whatever influence I have on family and friends to get them on board.

    joe biden is on his own. I will not risk my life using a weapon he does not want me to have to protect him.

    • If you were a citizen of Ukraine, you’d de one of the filthy traitors setting up artillery beacons for the Russian Army. I’d also like to add that President Biden will get along just fine without your assistance, dotard. Enjoy your KKK meeting tonight!

      • Wow. The truth really hurts you fascists, doesn’t it. We both know that if biden needs you to fight he’s already lost. Which is a good thing.

        How’s this for a fire team. Our nameless, faceless troll, miner49er and dacian the nazi.

        The Three Stooges.

        • Well, I’m sure they’d be effective at at least one thing . . . “friendly fire” accidents would outnumber actual shots on target by an order of magnitude. Wonder how long it would take for them to eliminate their own unit????

        • “How’s this for a fire team. Our nameless, faceless troll, miner49er and dacian the nazi“

          How desperate and empty your life must be, when you you offer nothing but vapid insults to gratify your own child-like ego.

          Have you nothing of substance to contribute to the discussion?

      • Wow….just WOW…please LIOLI please have your nurse wipe the drool off your chin and keyboard…UnPresident Bidet can’t even open a door without help from JillyHO assisting him to keep from falling flat on his mug. Have nursie park your adult stroller in the sun so you can warm up a little. Don’t worry about the USA we will survive the toilet installation known as UnPresident Bidet just like we survived the Odemwit Kenyan Squatter disaster.

      • Hey nameless, brainless troll!! I’d tell you to s*** my d***, but I wouldn’t let your filthy mouth anywhere near my Johnson.

        Go micturate up a cable, you Leftist/fascist POS. Then go pound salt in your @$$.

        • “I’d tell you to s*** my d***, but I wouldn’t let your filthy mouth anywhere near my Johnson.”

          Thinking about homoerotic sex again, it seems that subject occupies your thoughts a great deal, based on the number of times you discuss homosexual sex acts on this forum.

          What a revealing window you have opened to your internal thoughts, thanks for sharing!

        • Minor MINER(ER He can’t help it, He’s speaking the truth about your sorry posterior. We just make valid observations based on your behavior. If you don’t like it, change your own behavior, Lefty.

        • Oh, d, don’t be so quick to underestimate the absolute deranged idiocy of our nameless, brainless troll. I can almost guarantee that, if he hasn’t already, our village idiot will post something even stupider. I wish Darwin would hurry up and eliminate him from the gene pool before he has a chance (however unlikely that might be) to reproduce.

    • JWM,

      Agree. Any move Biden makes to assist Ukraine is really to protect his family’s financial interests. None of us want to go to war the protect the Biden crime fortune.

      • “Any move Biden makes to assist Ukraine is really to protect his family’s financial interests“

        Where do you guys get this stuff?

        Could you be any more transparent in your support of Putin and his war crimes, doing your best to discourage America helping the Ukrainian freedom fighters.

        While you were serving Putin, the nations of the world have stepped up to help support the Ukrainian people, Australia just committed over $100 million in military and humanitarian aid to help “protect the Biden family interest in Ukraine”.

        Ha ha, just kidding, I couldn’t resist repeating your bullshit, it just sounds so funny when you say it out loud!

        Slavi Ukrani!

    • Amen, brother. The BurnLootMurder/Antifa riots and looting over two years apparently woke up at least a percentage of our oblivious fellow citizens, as “new” gun owners multiplied dramatically, and gun sales reached all time records. Now that they have the instructive example of Ukraine (and the Walking Rutabaga, Senile Joe Biden’s pathetic response), I believe we’ll see at least some other countries begin to wake up (Canada and Australia, I’m lookin’ at YOU!!), too.

      Like I’ve been trying to explain to that Limey “subject” Albert Hall, an armed man is a citizen; a disarmed man is a subject. I have no intention of being a subject, and I will decide for MYSELF what conflicts I feel like I need to participate in. I find it highly ironic that the “counterculture” Leftist/fascists are now the biggest Karens on the planet, and those of us who actually think for ourselves are now “traitors”. If not accepting government lies at face value (Dr. Fauci, you lying POS!) makes me a traitor, sign me up.

      When the goverrnment starts ASKING me, or trying actual reasoned persuasion, I might pay attention. Until then, Senile Joe can s*** my d*** (not Kamala; who KNOWS where that mouth has been!!). Like they used to say on the old “Malcolm in the Middle” show, “You’re not the boss of me!”

      And they have cemented my already firm conviction that they can have my guns (one bullet at a time) when they pry them from my cold, dead hands.

      • Lamp, see my reply/comment to jwm below. Also, no need to “look at Canada” (me) as we don’t have the luxury of riding on the 220yr long coattails of previous men who did the Right thing, so to speak. And it was not so long ago that fully 80% of your great nation (I say that sincerely) was every bit as messed up as ours regarding gun rights, notwithstanding those coattails or 200yrs of practice. So help out if you can or keep your eyes to your own, thank you. Cheers.

        • Rider,

          Not meant to denigrate the millions of great Canadian patriots (like your truckers, who started takin’ care of business before WE got our act together), but your “government”, like that of OZ, is simply a fascist s***show. And JUSTIN TRUDEAU???? AYFKMRN??? There’s no fascist like a stupid fascist, and with Justin, making the call between “is he more stupid, or is he more fascist?” is virtually impossible.

          And we have plenty of Leftist/fascists down here to contend with – Shannon “Low” Watts, Michael “MiniMike” Bloomberg, Gabby Giffords, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom . . . the list goes on.

          But, yes, we did get lucky at the beginning, and have managed not to COMPLETELY throw away our head start (although God knows enough idiots like MinorIQ, dacian the stupid, and the creeps listed above keep trying!!).

          Smart, independent Canadians and Aussie’s, like yourself and SouthernCross, would be welcome additions to the US, as far as I am concerned.

          No insult intended to you or your fellow Canadian CITIZENS, but your government can go pound salt in its collective @$$.

        • Rotter and Lamprey, why don’t you guys just get a room.

          In other news, Sweden is sending 5000 Saab/Bofors NLAWs to Ukraine to help protect the Biden family fortune.

          Belgium is sending 3000 FNC assault weapons to arm Ukrainian citizens who will be personally guarding the Biden family fortune.

          And I’m guessing the Klitschko brothers would like a word with a few of the Russian trolls on TTAG.

          But that’s unlikely, the Klitschko brothers are on the street protecting their country, and the Kremlin’s keyboard commandos are hiding in their basement, just like Putin and Trump do.

        • Hey,MinorIQ, your jealousy ill becomes you. Sorry you’re all butthurt because a commenter I RESPECT and I tried (and I hope succeeded) in establishing a level of mutual respect that will never be afforded to you by anyone by your useless, feckless, idiot Leftist/fascist troll friends. Sucks to be you, dunnit??? Maybe if you weren’t such an indoctrinated @$$wipe, and actually tried to use your brain on occasion, you might be afforded some measure of respect on this forum. Instead, you choose to parrot Leftist talking points like the trained monkey you are. Hope those Sorosbucks are worth it, Leftist/fascist soiboi. You are an @$$clown, and you’ll get ZERO respect from me until you earn it. Sorry that chaps your @$$ . . . actually, no, I’m not. Grow the eff up, and get over yourself. You ain’t that smart, and you sure as HELL ain’t that educated. You do have Leftist indoctrination down pat, however. I guess that will have to substitute for actual ratiocination.

        • Minor MINER49ER Oh give it a rest. The Biden family has not had much influence in the Ukraine since Hunter’s escapades were exposed.

          You are so busy supporting your Russian and Leftist masters, you can’t even get your facts straight.

    • Nor would I trust, with even the most menial of duties, let alone directing the nation and it’s finances, any gov who has or seeks to disarm their constituents (employers, really, which shows just how far things have deteriorated) in any fashion. Licensing and background checks can be tolerated but must have proper safeguards against abuse, for whatever that’s worth. Registration of firearms, as has been forced on us up north for decades (basically on handguns and ARs) is an absolute deal breaker. Mid April may very well see me, along with a few uniforms, literally bleeding out in my driveway over the new prohibitions as our “amnesty period” ‘expires’ end of March. Time to cowboy the f*ck up, people. May we live in interesting times…

      • I’d say, “Stay safe, brother”, but that’s not really possible, is it? Since “Stay safe” doesn’t work, let’s go with “Shoot straight”.

        • Lamp, understood on the above, thank you sir (I just get tired of being told by others who have a much easier fight to win to ‘shape up’) and best wishes and respect back at you. Easy to misread sometimes. And yes, our idiot manchild is in a class all his own while being utterly devoid of any. If I didn’t know his father was cuban I would swear he’s the incestous lovechild of Pelosi and Newsome. Would absolutely love to see an Enfield freedom seed sprout a bloom on national TV right between those two ridiculous caterpillars the pandering, lying coward calls eyebrows. And no, it’s not safe anywhere anymore. Especially for him. Cheers and pleasant dreams Lamp.

        • And Lamp, thanks, I intend to. Hope you won’t have to but I’m sure you will if the time comes.

        • Rider,

          Well, as much as I despise your blackface-wearing, slogan mouthing nitwit of a PM, I can’t honestly say he’s worse than the Walking Rutabaga we are saddled with. May we both survive our respective burdens.

          I always try to keep in mind that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I truly hope it doesn’t happen, but if it comes down to cases, the Leftist/fascists are going to find themselves sad, tired, and sore. They really are picking a fight they CANNOT win, for an “ideology” that CANNOT succeed. It would almost be sad, if it weren’t so stupid.

    • The Ukraine was lost a very long time ago. I have no interest in saving another tyrant. But that does not let our stupid incompetent and weak President Biden off the hook. The disastrous Afghanistan pull-out was all the Russians needed to show that the United States was weak. It was no longer the giant that it once was. Once President Trump left office the world knew we had a President Biden who crapped in his pants.

      From 2016

      “Why Is The Ukraine Government Disarming Its Citizens?”

      • Chris T in KY The Ukraine has a DEMOCRATICALLY elected government. It is not a “tyrant” as you allege. No one is intent on not holding Sleepy Joe accountable for a host of issues.

        Are you a “one issue” voter?

  3. The problemo for putin is…Are Russian Troops all in or just biting their tongues and doing what they were ordered to do? I have yet to see a valid reason for Russian Troops to be all in.

    And what’s all this surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear dump? Must be something there or hidden there someone wants real bad.

    Ukraine is just another example of why Gun Control zealots all over the globe can go pound sand.

    • Putin is blaming the whole mess over that they saw a few nazi flags
      So they GOTTA roll in to get rid of them all by stomping the whole nation for a dozen people

      yes its that simple and the threat is smaller than a boy scout troop and he rolled troops on on it
      (but pssst, the real reason? All the gas pipelines to Europe’s p-ussies run through Ukraine and he gotta control them!)

    • Debbie W.,

      The only “reason” for the Russians to seize Chernobyl that I’ve heard that makes ANY sense is that they can use it as a safe place to park/rally/regroup their armor, ’cause NO ONE is going to shell or bomb that location (and risk spreading radioactive contamination). Other than that (if that IS the reason) it does seem like a pretty stupid target.

    • With all the nuclear accidents and “tests” in Kazakhstan, you would think they were trying to make nuclear powered mutant super soldiers.

    • The Russian private draftee serves for ONE YEAR. Even a competent Army, can barely teach a 18yr old troop to consistently tie their boots correctly.

      Many of these IVANs have been sitting (living) in a field assembly area for THREE MONTHS before some 2oyr old idiot told them to get in the tank/APC and drive “that way”. If you have not lived in the field for an extended period of time you have NO IDEA (HUGE PITA/NOT camping). These guys just want to go home.

      • “Even a competent Army, can barely teach a 18yr old troop to consistently tie their boots correctly.“

        And you’re convinced that the same individual who can’t tie his LPCs is perfectly capable of handling any weapon on civilian city streets with complete safety…

        The cognitive dissonance is fascinating.

        • Oh, don’t be any more obtuse and stupid than absolutely necessary, MinorIQ, you complete dolt. OF COURSE most “new recruits” and civilians will be inept, at first. Many (most??) will not survive that. The ones who DO survive will be useful guerillas. Your lack of knowledge, generally, CLEARLY extends to the realities of military service. A SOLDIER needs to learn many things; a guerilla needs to learn to shoot and survive/escape.

          FYI, in “front line” units in MOST of our wars, the most “involved” units frequently experienced 200-300% casualties (do the math, I know you can struggle through it). The rule of thumb was, if they made it through the first two or three weeks, the veterans bothered to learn their name. The “casualties” were almost exclusively among the “new meat”. A new troop from repple-depple was just a walking dead man until he’d made it through a few weeks of combat. If he was still alive, then, he was a potential soldier.

          Cold, brutal, Darwinian, and . . . effective. Yep, many Ukrainian “volunteers” are going to die stupidly. As are many Russian conscripts. That’s kinda the nature of the beast. In that, the Ukrainians actually have an inherent advantage – fewer life-preserving lessons to learn, so the learning curve is steeper, but shorter.

          The Russians didn’t achieve their anticipated “rollover” of the Ukrainians, and Vlad now has a problem. If he DOESN’T deliver a swift, complete victory (now a rapidly fading hope), his own internal enemies will use that to take him down. Vlad is desperate, and desperate psychopaths are dangerous and unstable. If the Ukrainians can hold out for two or three more weeks, Vlad is toast. Couldn’t happen to a nice megalomaniac, psychopath, nutjob. I hope he rots for eternity in the Ninth Circle of Hell.

          It isn’t “cognitive dissonance”, you @$$clown, it is simply recognition and acceptance of harsh reality – like the OPPOSITE of you Leftist/fascist idjits refusing to accept the historical lesson (long ago learned by all RATIONAL people) that your vaunted, utopian ideology has NEVER worked, never WILL work, and only fools and the willfully ignorant even PRETEND it will work. So don’t be giving me any of your s*** about “cognitive dissonance”, you purblind fool. You want “free shit”, and not to have to engage in actual competition (your insecurity is manifest). If you admitted it, I’d have more respect for you. PRETENDING that you are “for the working man”, while ACTIVELY working against their actual best interests, simply makes you look stupid and/or evil (but embrace the healing power of “and”!!).

          You want to be treated with respect on this forum, Leftist/fascist soiboi??? EARN IT. Actually start to USE that pound of stale, gray mush between your ears.

    • I’ve been trying to figure out Russia’s strategy ever since this mess started, and I think maybe I finally got it.

      Russia does not want to destroy Ukraine. Just the opposite. The want a regime change to a more Russia-friendly gubmint. So they are not going scorched earth here. They want to capture Ukraine, but they want to do it intact, including the military which will be essential to the new regime. They do not want to occupy Ukraine — they know that is a losing game.

      Most of the victories that the Ukrainians are claiming are not victories. The Russian strategy is to advance until they meet resistance and then pull back and move somewhere else. This allows them to minimize the damage and the civilian casualties and lets them set up more or a siege situation and eventually wear the Ukrainians down.

      Russia could have squashed Ukraine in two days if they wanted to. But they didn’t, and they won’t. The are not sending in their best troops, and most of their equipment is old and nearly worn out. Stands to reason — why send in your best stuff to set up a siege? Send in the old junkers and bide your time. When the new gubmint is installed, the Russians will go home.

      • I think that’s what Putin is gambling, but I also think he is pulling his punches because he knows the invasion already looks bad optically. The other problem is there is no proof the next government will be any more friendly to Russia, never mind the possibility he might have to keep some occupation forces in Ukraine to keep it together. It doesn’t help that it just gives the neutral countries more incentive to move closer to NATO.

        Honestly, I think the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze, but we’ll see in time.

        • In fact, Putin’s “strategy” is likely to achieve the opposite result. I highly doubt that the Ukrainians, even IF they are conquered by the Russians (as they very well may be) are going to embrace their conquerors as “saviors” or “liberators”. They may “go along to get along”, but they will not support any Russian-imposed government. Eventually, whoever is “installed” will be ousted. Russian trying to carry off a “response” similar to what they pulled in Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc. in the harsh light of CONSTANT public view . . . will not work out like they think it will. This was an objectively stupid move, on Putin’s part, but he is apparently as blinded by his indoctrination as are MinorIQ and dacian the stupid. This may very well be his final f*** up.

    • “And what’s all this surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear dump?“

      I’m sorry Debbie, but you’re not likely to get an informed answer from the Kremlin’s keyboard commandos infesting TTAG.

      The fact is, Chernobyl was a major power station, so many of the Ukraine’s HV transmission lines congregate there, making it a strategic target for control of the power grid.

      • MinorIQ,

        Tell us you know NOTHING about power grids, without SAYING you know nothing about power grids. Child, please stop embarrassing yourself. Yes, Chernobyl is a confluence of many transmission lines – IF they can get crews in there to repair and connect them. They haven’t been used, or maintained, in years. Guess what??? Power lines actually deteriorate over time, if not maintained (you could look it up, if you had that ability). Whatever distribution infrastructure MAY remain intact would take years to put back in actual service. And if they managed, then what???? Whence cometh all this “power” to distribute??? From what generation facility, located where??? Think they will have LOTS of people applying for jobs working that electrical distribution facility?

        Wow, that was some world-class stupid, MinorIQ. The “using Chernobyl as a bomb-and-artillery-proof-staging-area is a dumb strategy, but makes a kind of cold (Putin-approved) sense; your scenario makes absolutely none.

        Try again . . . nah, on second thought, don’t bother; I have limited patience to deal with your f***tardery. Go back to explaining how “Marxism” is going to be the savior of the “working man”, despite the fact that it NEVER HAS BEEN, EVEN ONCE, in history. Christ you are dense, MinorIQ. I’m sure that sounded profound, in your head. It was stupid. Don’t be stupid.

        • “Yes, Chernobyl is a confluence of many transmission lines – IF they can get crews in there to repair and connect them. They haven’t been used, or maintained, in years“

          I might know a bit more about electric power transmission and distribution then you are giving me credit for.

          And if you believe the transmission lines in the vicinity of Chernobyl “haven’t been used in years”, you might want to do some current research regarding the Ukrainian power grid and its connection with Belarus, staging area for Putin’s northern invasion force.

          “Other observers have said that Russia wanted to gain control of the Chernobyl power substation, which provides energy to Belarus and parts of western Russia.

          “My analysis is the purpose of holding the Chernobyl area is to control the power substation there which is critical to electrical supply in the region, including Belarus and Russia. I know this from interviewing the engineers there when I was a diplomat assigned to the embassy,” tweeted Shane Partlow, who used to work at the US embassy in Kiev.”

          Lamprey, if you spent less time on your juvenile insults and more time actually researching the subject, you might not embarrass yourself publicly as you have done here.

        • Lamprey, did I miss your response regarding Chernobyl?

          Did you understand that one of the important Russian goals was to secure the Chernobyl power substation that feeds their staging area in Belarus?

          Are you willing to entertain the possibility that maybe you don’t know everything, and perhaps Fox News, Trump and your pal Putin have misled you?

        • Lamprey, sometimes I ask myself, do I really know everything?

          I mean I know I am an usually foul-smelling sphincter and an unspeakably revolting slattern. That is a given.

          But do I now know everything, or Lamprey, are you willing to entertain the possibility that perhaps, I am just a delusional tainted spawn of a pompous syphilitic swamp rat?

  4. The history of making comments is that anyone could say anything and because most people have short memories and have a tendency to move on with their lives, those making ignorant comments, like most politicians, get away with it.

    Now with the internet, quick searches, EVERYTHING is virtually forever, discoverable with a few clicks with the mouse and keyboard.

    Of course it does no good for people who don’t use the internet and rely on mainstream entertainment media as a news source which is nothing but psychological programming. We have names for those folks, pick your favorite.

  5. American has veterans who own guns and know how to use the. And hunters with high powered rifles that know how to use them. and target shooters and plinkers who have all manner of guns that know how to use them. And ELR competitors/enthusiasts with long range skills and experience. And citizens with all manner of AR platforms who know how to use them. And myriads of other firearms enthusiasts who own who knows how many firearms and untold rounds of Ammunition. And know how to use them.

    That is the modern existence of our traditions. It makes for a tremendous militia and/or guerilla resistance. It makes invasion here extremely expensive for each square yard taken and held.

    None of these other countries have the long term ingrained traditions other than maybe national team or police/military rifle/pistol competitors.

    To get them accustomed to that mentality would likely take years, if not decades. Or maybe never if the right to arms is not made part of their supreme law and money is not given out to encourage and support frequent target practice.

  6. I certainly do not see the Mexican army invading the U.S. anytime soon. And considering the U.S has an aging population and an an overweight younger generation that can barely waddle from their pick up trucks to their front doors the Mexican Army would die laughing if they ever would invade.

    In short untrained civilians are more cannon fodder and more of a hindrance to the home army because when they need medical attention they simply clog up the military emergency medical system.

    • dacian the Dunderhead Probably the Mexican Army won’t invade but we are being invaded by the Mexican drug cartels and the illegal aliens.

      Speaking of waddling your posts are leftist ramblings.

      Why don’t you go over to the Ukraine and show them how it’s done? Oh, that’s right. You have no military experience or any real experience with firearms. You can’t even tell us the firing sequence of a cartridge.

    • The cartels might. You know, the criminal organizations shipping human and drug cargo in a steady overwhelming stream across our non-existent southern border. The non-existent border that is a conscious choice of the Biden administration and its ignorant voters. The latter refers to you.

    • Funny. How many younger men and women have rotated through the various combat zones during our idiotic wars over the last 20 years? Most of them could be easily brought into a militia formation if needs be. As well as older folks like myself who could train youngsters in many of the basic skills of a soldier. Besides a couple oceans between us and most hostile nations, we have a tradition of firearms ownership that few other countries enjoy. 1 of the major reasons the Japanese didn’t attack the US mainland was as Admiral Yamato mentioned, there would be a man with a rifle behind every blade of grass. Even today, if the US were to be directly attacked there is a reasonable chance many of us would step up in defense of the country.

      • Bobo,

        Regarding the pipeline, Putin already holds all of the cards. The pipeline is worthless without Russia’s natural gas. Europe would not have sufficient fuel without Russia’s natural gas. Granted, Putin needs the money from the sale of Natural gas, but he easily controls the supply. This war is absolutely about Russian national security and NATO expansion.

        • And equally, Lifesavor, all Putin’s gas is useless without a pipeline to transport it to the EU market. This whole situation is fraught with too much history, too many old conflicts, bad actors on BOTH sides, conflicting goals and priorities, etc., that there ARE no simple answers. The U.S. never should have allowed NATO to become the pathetic shell of its former self that it is (and that Trump TRIED to reverse), and never should have promised Ukraine protection that it didn’t intend to actually provide (bet the Taiwanese are paying CLOSE attention to how we “support” our allies!!). Russia/Putin are clearly intent on restoring as much of the old Soviet Union as possible. The Ukrainians have no great love for the Russians (going back to well before the Holodomor), but they themselves aren’t exactly Boy Scouts. What do you call a story with NO “good guys”???

        • I call it reality Lamp. Like being sucked into WW1. We should have remained neutral. But if nothing else it lead directly to the Balfour Declaration & the state of Israel. All I know is Russia(and Turkey,China and a host of African & Mideast nations) will be destroyed before the coming of JESUS with the armies of heaven.

        • Lamp,

          Clearly, Putin does not see NATO as an empty shell. This war is all about NATO expansion and attempting to isolate Russia in Europe.

          Regarding Russia’s natural gas and the pipeline, my point was that this is not the driver for war. The Europeans and Russians are in a symbiotic relationship in terms of energy supplies. I should have been more explicit.

        • Lifesavor,

          Oh, my point was NOT that the NATO military, IF deployed properly and led with some degree of intelligence, would not be a huge danger to the Russians – frankly a dozen Warthogs with aggressive Eagle topcover would shred the Russian advance right quick.

          Putin’s calculation, and he’s apparently correct in this, is that the POLITICAL leadership, both civilian and military, is such a bunch of inept, feckless p***ies that they will do nothing effective. And we could end Putin’s fossil fuel blackmail in a hot second by opening up the two pipelines Senile Joe put the kibosh on, opening up new leases, supporting more and more aggressive fracking, and “drill, drill, drill, baby!”. We could price Putin out of the market in a month. Russian extraction is so absurdly less efficient than ours that most estimates I’ve seen conclude that Russian oil and gas becomes a money loser for Putin at least $20-$30 dollars per barrel (or barrel equiv., for gas) above where US producers start losing money.

          WE are allowing Putin’s blackmail of Europe (well, we and the feckless, stupid European “greens” and political “leaders”), simply by hamstringing our OWN domestic energy production.

          Equally, kick-starting development and installation of MODERN nukes would accomplish much the same thing. The experimental results for pebble-bed reactors speak for themselves, if idiots like dacian the stupid and MinorIQ would STFU and let us build them.

          Do both together, and Putin would be begging for handouts.

        • Obama’s Illegal 2014 CIA Ukrainian Coup that removed a legitimately elected Pro-Russian Government set the final stage for this mess. Obama’s assets should be seized to pay for some of our costs in this Fubar.
          Most Americans are unaware that the Ukrainians were among the most murderous Nazi Collaborators in WW2.

        • The environmental Left wants the world to stop using petroleum. But Putin and the Communist Chinese disagree.

        • Lamp – has been decades since any A-10s where permanent party in Eurp. And for just as long the Air Farce has been trying to get rid those wonderful birds.

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

          “The pipeline is worthless without Russia’s natural gas. Europe would not have sufficient fuel without Russia’s natural gas.”

          Here’s the thing –

          The US is fully capable of solving that problem for Europe. And that (obviously) is, have the US agree to supply Europe’s natural gas needs. The US can expand our domestic port capacity to supply that LNG.

          That will also get the US natural gas drillers back to the business of ‘drill, baby, drill’. The Keystone pipeline will need to be built to accommodate the needed flow. Energy states will love that as a jobs program, and the Leftist Scum can agree to it as a very effective economic weapon to use against Putin.

          It will however, draw Russia and China closer together. But at least we will be sending our money to actual friends over there, and not that kleptomaniac despot Putin…

        • “That will also get the US natural gas drillers back to the business of ‘drill, baby, drill’. The Keystone pipeline will need to be built to accommodate the needed flow“

          Oh please, would you guys do even the most basic research before you post this drivel.

          The Keystone XL pipeline was intended to transport high temperature tar sands oil from Canada, it was never intended to handle one cubic meter of natural gas.

        • neiowa,

          Unfortunately, you are not wrong. However, the A-10 was DESIGNED to be cargo-plane-transportable to the active area – a couple of C-17s or C-5s could bring in enough to get the job done. The Chair Force would have to fly in sufficient Eagles, F-35s, etc., along with AWACS planes, to provide top cover.

          But, as you indicated, the Chair Force purely despises any flying platform that is primarily intended to save and protect the lives of actual grunts on the ground.

          I can tell you this, for sure and certain . . . the grunts LOVE ‘EM!!

    • I looked at your first link, it says:

      “Putin is a Russian nationalist, patriot, traditionalist and a cold and ruthless realist looking out to preserve Russia as the great and respected power it once was and he believes it can be again.“

      Why don’t you get over there and help your hero, he can’t seem to keep the conscripts in the AFVs.

      • MinorIQ,

        As everyone who has actually been paying attention knows, Putin is a psychotic fascist. Psychos can be quite brilliant, but are inherently unstable. Having said all that, Putin IS all of those things the link labeled him as. Deluded, nuttier than squirrel s***, megalomaniacal, ambitious, greedy, possessor of a MONSTER Napoleon complex, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t ALSO a nationalist (he clearly is), a Russian patriot (ditto, although is a warped way), etc.

        For a Leftist/fascist, you’re awfully judgemental of your fellow Leftist/fascists. I though you only heaped such (ineffective) scorn on conservatives and libertarians??? What up, did Putin forget your birthday or something??? Embrace the “nuance” that is Putin; after all, that’s what you Leftist/fascists are all about, isn’t it??

        • First off, I self identify most as a Marxist (Card Carrying) and then as a Democrat of the left. And as such, an anti-fascist, even if Fascism is born of and fundamentally utilized by the left.

          Also I did not mean to imply “helping Putin” in a derogatory sense, rather the opposite, as in don’t we have a little Putin in us all? I know Miner49er does.

        • Yeah, MinorIQ, we are all aware that you Leftist/fascists CLAIM to be “Marxist” (or some idiot version thereof) AND “Antifascist”, and that BOTH of those assertions are pathetic lies. Living with REAL Marxism would have you s***ting your pants in minutes – IF you could find the toilet and toilet paper. And there is NO ONE more fascist than a Leftist. Hitler and Mussolini may have gotten it started for you, but you “Marxist” @$$holes perfected the art of fascism. Name ONE socialist/Marxist/other-flavor-of-deluded-“communism” regime that is/was not OBJECTIVELY fascist. Go ahead, I dare you. And, frankly, what you choose to “identify as” makes as little difference to me as what a loudmouth, Leftist college student “identifies as”. It is a silly, pathetic, self-pleasuring game you Leftists engage in . . . and not a single sane, rational person affords it the dignity of ignoring it. Rather, we laugh at your pathetic delusions. Your comments on this forum outed you years ago – you are objectively a Leftist/fascist, with delusions of gender. Don’t flatter yourself, child, you haven’t come close to earning it.

        • Lamprey, I find it hilarious that you wrote your entire long TL:DR in response to a troll.

          I am no Marxist, it goes against human nature.

          I’m more of a teddy Roosevelt progressive…

        • Minor MINER49ER ROFLAMO! Not a month ago, you personally told me you were a socialist. Now you are trying to call yourself a “teddy Roosevelt progressive”? LOL.

          Get a grip, boy!

        • Wally, I can be whoever, or whatever I want. I just need to identify as it.

          Progressive is what you say when you need some “re-branding” from the inherently negative aspects of being a anti-natural order Marxist.

          I’m a leftist, that hates America, and as such a deeply devout Marxist.

          I find it hilarious that you remember when I called myself a socialist.

    • cgray,

      Care to give a cite on that?? Because there ARE no “official” numbers (thank God!!), and most estimates I’m familiar with have a low end of around 82-150 million . . . and those are the LOW-END estimates.

      Total number of gun owners in the US (this is just the first hit that came up on a quick search, but there are lots of others at or above this): 100-300 million gun owners (includes persons living in houses that own guns, at the high end):,own%20firearms.%20Of%20this%2C%20100%20million%20own%20handguns.

      Total number of guns owned by Americans: over 400 million

      Now, I am an exception, in that I personally currently own 14 guns, and I’m staying with my younger son, who owns, I think it was 25 guns at last count, so between us we have almost 40 guns in the house. And I doubt that many of the people on this forum would consider than an impressive number. Methinks your estimate is WAY low.

      • MarkN.,

        Those are the numbers out there – as estimates of the LOW END of gun ownership. There are credible (and probably more accurate) numbers of 150-200 million who own/possess guns, and a total of around 450-500 million owned.

        Simple problem – in the absence of a national registration system that is even passingle complied with, there simply ARE no accurate numbers. Don’t know about you, Chief, but there ain’t a chance in hell that I am going to tell ANY government bureaucrat, or pollster, or reporter, how many guns I own, what guns I own, where or how I store them, how much ammunition I have, etc. Simply none of their f***ing business, and they can go pound sand.

        When you are seeing numbers of “new” gun owners like we’ve been seeing over the past two years (and I think most rational people are aware of and acknowledge the fact that gun owners are supplying friends and family members with “spare” guns, so the numbers are even HIGHER than they look), the “official” or “published” numbers are . . . SWAGs or wishcasting.

        My range buddies and I used to laugh uproariously when we’d read a breathless “news” report that the brave police had busted some nefarious criminal enterprise with an “arsenal” of . . . six or seven guns, and 200 or 300 rounds of ammunition. 200-300 rounds????? That’s an AVERAGE day at the range. 500-1000 isn’t exceptional. I don’t even count it as a “range day” if I shoot less than 100 rounds.

        “They” (our benevolent gummint) don’t WANT us to know the actual numbers. Nor, I think, do they want to know. They ALREADY know the only number that matters to them, i.e., “WAY too f***ing many for us to do anything about”, so what’s the point of confirming their acknowledgement to us peasants??

        150-200 million gun owners, 350-500 million guns. Those are the numbers I accept. I’m probably off, too – but I bet I’m one HELL of a lot closer than the “published” numbers.

  7. No, the left is not embracing free access to assault rifles for civilians in peace time. An invaded Country at war and a country at piece are two different subjects.

    I do not see the Mexican Army invading the U.S. any time soon and if they ever did they would die laughing at all the overweight Americans who can barely waddle from the pickup trucks into the local pizza shop with a six pack of beer under their arms.

    I would say that untrained civilians running around with assault rifles are more of a burden to the military than a help.

    • Dacian, please, I mean really, please, tell us about your real, actual military experience. Not something you read on line. Did you go through basic training? Any basic training? God forbid airborne school. Anything that would lend you credability.

      • dacian the stupid, CREDIBILITY????? Gadsden, that pathetic Leftist/fascist child wouldn’t know “credibility” if it fell out of the sky, landed on his face, and started to wiggle. As for military experience? What army in the WORLD would be stupid enough to accept dacian the stupid??? What would they DO with him – there are only so many latrines to clean.

        dacian is a loudmouth, ignorant, unskilled, ahistorical, Leftist/fascist nitwit. He approaches every subject with an open mouth . . . and an empty mind.

        • Did he miss the memo that Mexico exceeded the US in obesity rates a year or two before the pandemic? Probably flipped again during the lockdowns but funny his obsession with Americans being fat.

        • Void,

          Well, dacian the stupid may very well have a “thing” for fat girls (or fat boys, for that matter), but not even a fat, heinous, blowpig would deign to “date” dacian the stupid. He’s never known the touch of a woman, and he never will.

        • ” dacian the stupid may very well have a “thing” for fat girls (or fat boys, for that matter) ”

          Actually, it’s neither. He’s into fat barnyard animals and plus-sized blow-up dolls. At least, that’s what his neighbors are saying.

        • Up in Arms,

          If true, I truly pity those poor, defenseless barnyard animals. What did a poor lamb ever do to earn such horror?????

        • “He’s never known the touch of a woman“

          Lamprey, interesting turn of phrase you employed…

          The exact same phrase as Geoff’s nameless troll.

          Busted you are.

        • I came close once to knowing the touch of a women, but she laughed and walked away.

          I can talk about it now, because of my “therapy” chickens.

          Once you go chicken, you never go back.

        • Minor MINER49ER I can understand why no woman would want to touch you. Cowardice is not exactly an endearing trait. Speaking of being “busted”….

    • Normally I don’t respond to this…character, but you mention the Mexican Army. It’s interesting that during WW1, when Germany sent the Zimmerman telegram to Mexico to help the regain their “lost territory” in the event we joined the war, the Mexican government actually studied the proposal and ended up rejecting it. One of the reasons was because of the undesirable prospect of trying to govern a hostile and armed population.

      Nowadays, Cartels and smuggling groups are the more threatening groups coming out of Mexico, and since the current Administration has no interest in enforcing the southern border (even asking for volunteers from the CBP to go on a mission to Poland), it is up to the individual state, localities and individuals to take up the slack on private and state property.

    • dacian the stupid,

      So, let me get this straight – it is, apparently, your contention that, (i) the “appropriate” time to loosen absurd limits on civilian gun ownership is AFTER your country has already been invaded, and (ii) it is rational, KNOWING an invasion is likely, to NOT DO A FREAKIN’ THING to expedite civilian ownership.

      Yep, pure dacian – dumber than Balaam’s off ass. Child, you are irrational, erratic, stupid, uneducated, ignorant, irrational, inconsistent, idiotic, senseless, brainless, ahistorical, illogical, and generally laughably idiotic. Go back to your circle jerk, nitwit; the adults are having a discussion.

  8. How facts are presented is as important as the facts them. While I cheer anyone will8ng to defend their home, not all of these men are there by choice. Reports show women & children arriving in Hungary saying the father/husband was forcibly conscripted. Taken from their homes at gunpoint and forced to confront Russian troops. Civilians being used as expendable canon fodder.

    Social media and our press has turned this into a comic book version of “good guys vs evil villains”. Everyone is posting their standard heart emojis for Ukraine, with no clue about the country or its past behaviors. It is disgusting. There are no “good guys” in this conflict. Just two sleazy governments. Like two drunk a**holes throwing down in a parking lot, except innocent people are paying the price.

    • TomT,

      As I’ve commented repeatedly on this forum, there ARE no “good guys” in this disaster. I am inclined to mildly root for the Ukrainians over the Russians, as the SLIGHTLY lesser of two evils, but there ain’t no “white hats” on this one. Putin is a psychotic fascist, and the Ukrainian government has been largely at least a semi-fascist kleptocracy at least since the breakup of the Soviet Union, and prior to WWII.

      • So, wait just a second, here, MinorIQ, let me get this straight . . . you are now SUPPORTING Vlad the Bad??? Elsewise, what actually IS your point???

        Let me help you out, child, . . . you are slowly coming to the realization that there ARE no “heroes” or “villains” in this awful scenario??? Wow, welcome to reality, MinorIQ!! Must be a very strange place for a Leftist/fascist to find himself.

        Lesson continuing: Ukraine has a long, and VERY sketchy, history, dating back at least a couple of centuries (notwithstanding the fact that it was a civilization when “Russia” was a collection of peasant villages) – persecution of Jews, kleptocracy, corruption, etc. I’m sure you are SHOCKED by that revelation that Ukraine was . . . basically like every other established civilization of the time. Russia, prior to the czars, DURING the reign of the czars, during the Revolution, AFTER the Revolution, during the Soviet Era, after the Soviet Era, and during Putin’s reign, a s***hole – corrupt, plutocratic, kleptocratic (research how much money Stalin, Kruschev, et al., are believed to have stolen), fascistic.

        As in any conflict, you do your best analysis, and pick a side. Ukraine SEEMS to be SLIGHTLY improving; Putin is going the opposite direction. Since both sides can’t lose at the same time, I’ll root for Ukraine, in the HOPE that they continue to improve. Putin is demonstrably a psycho fascist (like ALL of your “Marxist” heroes turn out to be), so I’d like to see him get his comeuppance.

        Why are you Leftist/fascists SO one-dimensional???? Is it a mental defect of all Leftist/fascists, that they can only deal in black & white, one-dimensional “analyses” of reality?? That is certainly consistent with your philosophy and worldview, I admit – stupid in one thing; stupid in all things. If I didn’t find you intellectually silly and pathetic, I’d pity your tunnel vision.

        Here’s a wild thought – try to actually adopt a world view that takes reality into consideration. Nah, not gonna happen. OK, if you can’t manage that, try shutting the f*** up, and not constantly embarrassing yourself with stupid, brain-dead comments, that sound as if they were made by a stoned college sophomore at a late night dorm bullshit session. If you are capable for transcending that – which I sincerely doubt you are. After all, ANYONE who unironically refers to themselves as a “Marxist” is simply too stupid to breathe.

      • Minor MINER49ER You are a lying POS. I watched the video and no one was held at gun point to make a Molotov. Your sorry posterior was hoping that no one would watch the video.

        You are nothing but a Russian Bot and a traitor to America, the Constitution and freedom.

      • Lamprey, your sarcasm meter is as non-functional as your intellect.

        To make it more clear, I think Putin is one of the greatest threats the world faces today and I am tickled pink (ha ha) that the Ukrainians are standing up against his aggression.

        • Socialist miner; by far the greatest threat to humanity, by at least an order of magnitude, is not Putin but deceitful lying cowards such as yourself and your fellow travellers. You eagerly spew disinformation, spinning the truth into a bald faced lie, actively seeking out popular forums to inject your chosen brand of cheap insidious poison and vile festering rot, all while pretending to be oh so clever with your single handful of cheap parlor tricks, all for a mere handful of sheckles from people even lower than yourself, if that’s even possible. Or worse, you do it just for sh!ts n giggles which, given the volume of your ‘work’ just on this site alone, is at this point long past being pathetic. A person can be somewhat forgiven if they have their head up their own ass but not when they have the stain of sh!t all over their faces from the worst assh@les in the world, as you most certainly do. You, socialist miner, are the most poisonous type of parasite there is and you deserve everything coming your way.

        • “deceitful lying cowards such as yourself“

          Big strong man, hurling insults from behind a keyboard.


        • My comment on your character, or rather lack of it, was no insult, socialist miner. It was an observation and the stone cold truth. And you well know it. Not that that matters to an individual obviously devoid of conscience and morals, such as yourself. I guess it must be sh!ts n giggles (speaking of lame) for I cannot imagine even ‘the enemy’ bothering to pay you one dime for the ineffectual crap you spew here. Endlessly. Must be a spaghetti/wall thing.

    • “Reports show women & children arriving in Hungary saying the father/husband was forcibly conscripted“

      Interesting claim, but you post no reference or source or citation or website to confirm your assertion.

      Are you too lazy to back up your claim or is it false, intentional disinformation…

      • Minor MINER49ER Another Russian propaganda lie? You never quit your propaganda to support your Russian masters and Putin.

        • Seriously, are you incapable of reading?

          I am asking for evidence of the claim another poster made about Ukrainian citizens being conscripted to fight.

          Your reading comprehension skills are seriously compromised today, perhaps a cup of strong coffee and a moment of reflection will help clear things up for you.

        • Minor MNER49ER I read just fine, Russian Bot, you talk out of two sidesd of your damn mouth. First you give support to the Ruskies and not you try backtracking.
          Get a frickin’ GRIP BOY!

    REM: tttttRUMPISM . BS .

    • You should probably read more, think more, and write less friend. You’re sounding a little unhinged.

      As always, THANKS FOR THE INFOR!

    • NTexas,

      If we asked VERY nicely, “pretty please with sugar on top!?!?!?”, would you please STOP F***ING TYPING IN ALL CAPS????????? Oh, and using actual whole sentences would be nice, too. I can forgive the spelling, but whole sentences would be nice.

      All caps is rude, annoying, and counter-productive (few, if any, bother to read your over-the-top shouting. PLEASE tone it down, if for no other reason, just to get more people to read your comments. Thatisall.

      • I only rag on him for saying stupid sh!t regarding the Canadian truckers but I’m pretty damn sure that Ntexas is someone we all know and like on this forum. But I don’t wanna spoil his fun, if that’s what it is.

        • Hmm, a possibility I had not considered. I must keep an eye on that . . . it would be preferable to believing that he was the redneck equivalent of dacian the stupid (which is where I had been coming down).

    • NTexas, I would recommend that you take a good English language course. One that preferably stresses capitalization, punctuation, grammar and spelling.

  10. That’s some pretty piss-poor camouflage pictured at the top. Even poorly trained Russian conscripts should be able to pick out that target.

    • At least Ringling Bros has not been left out of the AK issue.

      There apparently are many Ukrainian “homeguard” types running around in red/orange/bright color coats/clothing. NOT SMART to play the dacian flaming pixie when there are folks looking for something to shoot.

        • I was trying to be sarcastic. Obviously failed. Sorry about that. But, FWIW, he’s now backpedaling furiously on his promise to “Hell, yes, we’re coming for your AR15s, your AK47s!!” Although, TBH, I suspect Beta O’Dork wouldn’t know an AR15 if someone buttraped him with it.

    • Umm, is someone holding a gun to your head to force you to be here? NO?? OK, you are free to leave if you are too good for the rest of us. Yes, we have a few ridiculous, Leftist/fascist trolls (MinorIQ, dacian the stupid, and the nameless, brainless troll) – we actually enjoy playing “whack-a-mole” with them. Check out the discussion of the “If you could only have one gun” article. If THAT discussion is too “icky” for you? You’re right, this probably ain’t the forum for you. There are some good, solid commenters here. They’re a rowdy bunch, but that’s a feature, not a bug. If it really tweaks your sensibilities, you are probably correct that you wouldn’t be comfortable here. We’ll miss you.

    • Go whine and complain subversively somewhere else. it’s all you do and you certainly aren’t worth what they’re paying you, even if it’s pennies per word.

  11. This particular situation should be pushed to the Supreme court to answer all the 2A Issues at hand, as all the arguments against it can be easily defended with Live examples as to why it’s important. The Daily Proof, the Highly Increased Crime the Ineffectiveness of the silly laws Democrats have placed on it’s citizens. How can the White house and the Anti-gunners have any leg to stand on if the Court Addresses these issues while a war is going on. can be a Boon for the Citizen of America

  12. Around 40 to 50% of our population are firearm owners. So that works out to about 150 million plus. There are also enough legal firearms in the Country to have at least one for every man, woman and child. There are well over 300 million legal firearms in people’s possession. In addition the vast majority of them know how to use them, safely I might add..

    Would be a totally different situation in this Country if invaded or if the Leftist’s think they are going to take people’s firearms. That is one of the reasons all the people calling for gun confiscation never volunteer to help. They erroneously think that law enforcement or the military are going to gleefully embrace the job. Don’t count on it. There should be a law that states if you are a politician and vote for any law regarding firearm confiscation that you need to be the person who knocks on the door of the intended victim to tell them what you plan to do.

    • Absofuckinglutely. I can’t think of anything in the world at this time I would like more than for the idiot manchild in Ottawa to be first in the stack when they come to relieve me of my AR in April. If there’s a god…

  13. President Biden has made hard intelligence public – transparently and it turned out true and it boxed Putin in.

    Biden has rallied Nato, the world community, and has handled the crises with a sure and even hand.

    Just imagine what would have happened if Moron Fake 45 Trump would have still been president..

    • If President D.J. Trump was still in the Whitehouse, Russia wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine. Putin wouldn’t even have seriously contemplated it.

      As for Biden rallying NATO; his only influence on Europe is that they just realized that with the Biden administration, the U.S.A. is not going to be much help. Europe is on their own.

    • AYFKM, dacian the stupid????? That was the most fact-free, irrational, idiotic, stupid rant you’ve posted, yet. “President Biden has made hard intelligence public” – NO, he f***ing HASN’T. Senile Joe, the serial-child-groper, has made CLASSIFIED intelligence available to the FREAKIN’ CHICOMS . . . who promptly turned around and passed it on the Vlad the Bad. Xiao Bai-Din has made exactly BUPKUS “available to the public”.

      Exactly HOW has the Walking Rutabaga boxed ANYONE in???? Give specifics, nitwit. How has he, IN ANY WAY, circumscribed Putin’s actions??? (Narrator: “He hasn’t.”)

      “Biden has rallied NATO” If what freakin’ alternate universe is THAT happening????? NATO, or SOME of its members, are proceeding WITHOUT any “leadership” from Xiao Bai-Den (which fictitious “leadership” does not, and never has, existed), DESPITE the passive and sometimes ACTIVE opposition of the inept, spineless leadership of the Bai-Din “administration”.

      “Just imagine what would have happened if Moron Fake 45 Trump would have still been president” We don’t HAVE to imagine, brain dead, idiot troll – we got to experience is, first hand, for four years. No Russian invasions. No foreign wars.

      You are too stupid to breathe. Go micturate up a cable. Then go pound salt in your @$$. You are an embarrassment to the human race – assuming you are actually a member thereof. I am beginning to think you are more of the baboon persuasion. You have transcended mere idiotic Leftist/fascist stupidity, and descended into the realm of sheer irrational idiocy. Enjoy your stay in La-La land you moron.

    • Dacian, if Trump were the President, Putin would have never invaded Ukraine. Like he did Crimea. Oh, wait! That was on Obama’s watch. Who was it that Putin invaded when Trump was in the White House? I remember now. No one.

    • “…..Biden has made hard intelligence public…. ”

      ANY intelligence is “hard” for Brandon. 🤔

    • Minor MINER49ER You are so full of shit, you are like a Christmas turkey. Your “video” (sic) on YouTube is a doctored vid. I watched Trump’s speech at CPAC and his interview with Laura and no such statements were ever made.

      As I have pointed out repeatedly, you are a liar and Russian Bot

      • Nope, you saw the video yourself, Donald Trump was so confused he thought the US had made an amphibious landing in Odessa.

        He even attacked Dr. Laura for speaking of it, he thought it was wrong of her to reveal secret United States military operations.

        Donald Trump is a clown, interested only in self-enrichment with the help of his bro Vladimir Putin.

        • Minor MINER49ER Excuse me? Donald Trump is not at all confused but your sorry behind sure as hell is.

          Youi are the real clown. Trump was right to be critical of Ingram for revealing secret military secrets.

          For your accusation that Trump has enriched himself with the help of Putin, you are a lair and this has been discredited. However you might want to look in your own backyard, specifically Hillary Rodham Clinton’s dealing with Russia’s GRU and the “Steele Dossier” . I repeat you are nothing but a Russian bot and a socialist. Now you have tried to claim that you are a “teddy Roosevelt progressive”. First, you so called progressives are nothing but REGRESSIVES.

    • “Shortly after former President Donald Trump was cut off during a call-in interview on Fox News on Wednesday night, he returned with a gaffe about the US military.

      “You know what’s also very dangerous is you told me about the amphibious attack by Americans,” Trump said to the host Laura Ingraham on “The Ingraham Angle.”

      “You shouldn’t be saying that, because you and everybody else shouldn’t know about it,” Trump continued. “They should do that secretly, not be doing that through the great Laura Ingraham.”

      “No, those are the Russians,” Ingraham replied.“

      What a foreign policy disaster was Donald Trump, and don’t forget the second impeachment was because he blocked $400 million in military aid to Ukraine in an attempt to force Zelinski into a sham investigation of the Bidens.

  14. After some research, I’ve put together some essential facts about the situation in Ukraine:

    * It’s “not un-American” to support Putin;
    * Democrats will find you guilty of treason if you don’t hate Putin;
    * The whole thing is simply a “border dispute”;
    * “Ukraine is not a democracy”;
    * Ukraine is a “puppet” of the West; and
    * Unless Vladimir Putin has personally had you or one of your family members murdered, you really don’t have any right to criticize the guy

    • Minor MINER49ER As usual you are talking out of two sides of your mouth.

      It is very unamerican to support your buddy Putin.
      Republicans, not DEMONcRATS will consider you guilty of treason if you don’t hate Putin.
      Border dispute my posterior.
      The Ukraine is a republic as is the US, both of which are NOT democracies.
      The Ukraine has long wanted to be associated with the West as opposed to your Russian allies.
      I’ll criticize you and your buddy Vlad any time my little heart desires.

      • Walter, I’m sorry to say but your lack of intellectual ability makes you an easy target.

        My post was nothing but quotes from Fox News – Tucker Carlson, the conservative Republican media leader.

        So tell me Walt, do you still believe Fox News reporting?

        If not, you better get your lips off Fox ‘News’ and Tucker Carlson’s journalistic integrity and stand up for yourself.

        Tucker Carlson apparently worships Vladimir Putin, as do you, sick hypocrisy.

        • Minor MINER49ER You have the intellectual capability of a gnat. You are so full of shit, you are like Christmas turkey.

          Tucker doesn’t worship Vlad, but we both know you sure as hell do.

          Again, you are nothing but a Russian Leftist Bot.

        • Walt, conservative Republicans never cease to amaze me in their ability to deny reality.

          Everyone of those statements was made by Tucker Carlson on Fox News primetime.

          Face it, Fox News is promoting Vladimir Putin’s fascism, and those who watch and worship Fox News and their commentators, including Carlson, Hannity, Dr. Laura, etc. are nothing but dupes of the corporate conspiracy.

        • “Ukraine is not a democracy”

          Finally, I got something right!

          I’m trying to work up to the broken clock standard, it’s not going so well. Do you know a broken clock is right twice a day?

          As a sadistic hippophilic necrophile I don’t think I can be right that often.

        • Minor MINER49ER I get most things right, Leftist. Unlike you of course.

          FOX is not in any way shape of from promoting Putin. They are reporting what is; not your fantasy world of Leftist ideology. Putin is not the brightest light on the tree, but he has had much success at the hands of Obuma the Phony and Sleepy Joe. Russia did not gain a single inch of land when Donald Trump was president.

          Yes, you are a sadistic hippophilic necrophile. And your necrophilia was not self inflected, I would have sympathy for you.

    • Minor MINER49ER WOW! Vanity Fair? A source? ROFLMAOBT! Your buddies at Russia’s “state-run” TV took Tucker’s words and twisted them to fit their agenda, just have you have done hundreds of times. It’s about all you Leftists are good for.

    • Vanity Fair Whiner? REALLY? A link to VF as a reliable source?


      This is where everyone needs to stop reading and responding to Whiner. Nothing but a total and complete idiot on EVERY level.
      Keep drinking that tasty VF cool-aid you moron!

  15. BTW, I know “RT” is for ” Re Tweet” but in a bit of irony it is also the name of a/the Russian news channel on youtube – “RT”.

    • A little bit of info regarding RT:

      April 18, 2017, 9:39 AM EDT / Updated April 18, 2017, 9:39 AM EDT
      By Robert Windrem

      “It was a (red) star-studded affair, the December 2015 dinner celebrating the 10th birthday of Russian TV network RT. At a luxe Moscow hotel, President Vladimir Putin and a host of Russian luminaries toasted a state-backed news channel that U.S. intelligence calls a Kremlin mouthpiece.

      And next to Putin at the head table, in the seat of honor, was an American. Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who would later become Donald Trump’s national security adviser, was already advising Trump’s presidential campaign when he was paid $45,000 to speak at the gala.“

      “Russia, Russia, Russia!” DJT

      • If only one day I could meet the man himself, Mr. Putin.

        I get chicken bumps just thinking about it.

        That photo of him on the horse. Dream.

  16. Biden has the authority and the capacity to put a serious hurting on the Russians by opening up the oil pipeline from Canada to the United States, rescinding regulations on oil and natural gas drilling, and making the United States the leader in world energy production and exports.

    He has chosen to side with his communist buddy in the Kremlin and failed to perform the above mentioned solution to the Russian problem. You would think, at his age, he would know better.

    • “by opening up the oil pipeline from Canada to the United States”

      If you’re speaking of the Keystone XL, you do realize that the letters XL mean ‘export limited’, none of that oil will go to the United States, but rather be sold overseas to profit the Canadian company trans Canadian.

  17. As regards individual citizens owning guns and ammunition, it was the primary reason that the Japanese would not try to invade the United States back in the 1940’s. They knew, that behind every blade of grass on the continent, there was an armed civilian with a gun and ammunition, sufficient to suppress any invasion.

    The United States has over 320,000,000 civilians, most of them owning at least one, and, more likely, many firearms and ammunition. Not very likely or very wise of any country to try and invade a country whose citizenry are so well armed. Our best defense is our citizens having an intimate relationship with the weapons that they need to defend themselves, their country, and their freedom, and, the necessary quantity to do so.

  18. I head this somewhere… “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Yeah, I heard that somewhere…

    • Geez, that’s pretty good. It should be enshrined somewhere in a document of some kind. It kinda makes sense when you think about it for a few seconds. I’m surprised countries around the world don’t adopt such a thing, what with a Free Democracy n all being such a thing. I mean really, what kind of gov wouldn’t want the people to have such a strong measure of defense? Boggles the mind, so many questions…

  19. Citizen Militias are often disparaged by RegularvArmy Command, but historically, the CM has been invaluable contribution for Partizan Warfare.
    When the Invader can’t go to the latrine for fear of being sniped, who’s winning. When patrols constantly take casualties, who’s winning?
    Guerilla Warfare aids in the War of Attrition and should never be discounted as a minor issue.


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