KelTec 9mm SUB2000 rifles, similar to ones being shipped to Ukraine, are viewed in a testing room at a manufacturing facility on Thursday, March 17, 2022, in Cocoa, Fla. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)
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By Joshua Goodman, AP

Adrian Kellgren’s family-owned gun company in Florida was left holding a $200,000 shipment of semi-automatic rifles after a longtime customer in Ukraine suddenly went silent during Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the country.

Fearing the worst, Kellgren and his company KelTec decided to put those stranded 400 guns to use, sending them to Ukraine’s nascent resistance movement to help civilians fight back against a Russian military that has been repeatedly shelling their apartment buildings, schools, hospitals and hiding places.

“The American people want to do something,” said Kellgren, a former U.S. Navy pilot. “We enjoy our freedoms, we cherish those things. And when we see a group of people out there getting hammered like this, it’s heartbreaking.”

Cocoa-based KelTec’s donation is a high-profile example of Americans collecting guns, ammunition, body armor, helmets and other tactical gear in response to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s promise to arm his citizens. But many similar grassroots efforts have been snarled by inexperience with the complex web of regulations governing the international shipment of such equipment.

Adrian Kellgren, director of industrial production of KelTec, holds a 9mm SUB2000 rifle, similar to ones being shipped to Ukraine, at their manufacturing facility on Thursday, March 17, 2022, in Cocoa, Fla. Kellgren’s family-owned gun company was left holding a $200,000 shipment of semi-automatic rifles after a longtime customer in Odessa suddenly went silent during Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Fearing the worst, the company decided to put those stranded 400 guns to good use, sending them to Ukraine’s nascent resistance movement. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

Kellgren, who has dealt with such red tape for years, managed to connect through a Ukrainian neighbor with a diplomat in the Ukrainian Embassy who helped him secure a federal arms export license in just four days. That process can often take months.

This week, as Congress debated whether to send more advanced weapons and defense systems to Ukraine, workers at KelTec’s warehouse forklifted four plastic-wrapped pallets containing their 9 mm foldable rifles for delivery to an undisclosed NATO-run facility. From there, the shipment’s new recipient, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense, will be responsible for smuggling the weapons into the war zone.

“That’s when the real derring-do and heroism begins,” Kellgren said.

Employee John Marra moves pallets containing a shipment of 9mm SUB2000 rifles awaiting shipment to Ukraine at the KelTec gun manufacturing facility on Thursday, March 17, 2022, in Cocoa, Fla. The Florida-based company decided to donate the weapons to Ukraine’s nascent resistance movement after it could no longer locate a longtime civilian customer in Odessa that had ordered $200,000 worth of rifles before Vladimire Putin’s invasion. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

From California to New York, elected officials, sheriff’s departments and nonprofits say they have also collected thousands of sets of body armor and millions of rounds of ammunition for Ukraine.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis kicked off a campaign last week to ask police and sheriff’s departments to donate surplus ballistic helmets and other equipment. “We know that it can urgently be used to help stop Putin and save Ukraine,” he said.

But hazards abound: One New York City nonprofit leading an effort to collect tactical gear had 400 bulletproof vests stolen before they could be dispatched.

Many of the organizers have no clue how to navigate international arms export rules, which sometimes require approvals from the Departments of State, Commerce and Defense to ship even non-lethal tactical gear. Organizers of one such drive in New York are piggybacking on KelTec’s license to export 60 long guns they recently collected.

“I’m hoping that this movement spreads through the whole United States and every gun store and every gun manufacturer in the U.S. accepts these donations,” Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman said at a news conference Friday.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade group for firearms manufacturers, distributed step-by-step instructions this week to its more than 8,000 members on how to apply for an expedited export license. They also provided a list of specific sniper rifles, pistols and ammo requested by Ukraine’s Embassy in Washington.

KelTec hopes to arrange more shipments in the future. Its license allows the export of up to 10,000 weapons and the company has offered the Ukrainians their own production line and weekly shipments.

Boxed rifles sit ready to be shipped to dealers at a KelTec manufacturing facility on Thursday, March 17, 2022, in Cocoa, Fla. The Florida-based company decided to donate weapons to Ukraine’s nascent resistance movement after it could no longer locate a longtime civilian customer in Odessa that had ordered $200,000 worth of rifles before Vladimire Putin’s invasion. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

Details of KelTec’s efforts surfaced in a Justice Department filing this week by a Maryland-based real estate lawyer, Lukas Jan Kaczmarek, who said that as a volunteer with the Ukrainian-American Bar Association he is helping Ukraine acquire weapons in tandem with Volodymyr Muzylov, the first secretary at the Ukraine Embassy.

“I expect to work in this capacity for the duration of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and I have not, am not, and shall not receive any monetary compensation for my assistance,” Kaczmarek wrote in his registration as a foreign agent of the Zelenskyy government.

KelTec isn’t the only arms manufacturer to have answered the call.

Another Florida company, Adams Arms, posted on its Facebook account a video of what it said is a shipment of carbine rifles destined for Ukraine. The company has also started selling T-shirts emblazoned with the iconic final broadcast of a bombarded Ukrainian Border Guard unit that told a Russian warship to “Go (expletive) Yourself!” Proceeds from shirt sales will go to the Ukrainian National Bank’s war funds.

While rifles are no match for Putin’s firepower of Sukhoi fighter jets and cluster bombs, they can play an important role if the Russians get bogged down in street-to-street combat, retired U.S. Army Major John Spencer said.

The semi-automatic rifles KelTec is shipping are perhaps even more valuable than high-tech, anti-aircraft missiles that require extensive training beyond the reach of most civilians, many of whom have never even held a gun before, he said.

“Every shipment of firearms is critical,” said Spencer, an urban warfare analyst at the Madison Policy Forum, a New York-based think tank. “You’re giving one more fighter, out of tens of thousands, the opportunity to resist with a simple-to-use weapon.”

Kellgren said he’s been inspired by the resourcefulness and tenacity of Ukrainian citizens and is confident the rifles he’s sending will make a difference.

KelTec employee Bobby Cormier tests a 9mm SUB2000 rifle, similar to ones being shipped to Ukraine, at their manufacturing facility on Thursday, March 17, 2022, in Cocoa, Fla.  (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

“The people of Ukraine have had mostly just civilian firearms and they’re holding off a superpower,” he said. “So the X-factor here not isn’t necessarily what equipment you’re holding. … It comes down to the will to fight.”

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    • He fell for the lies being told by the same .gov and media that were pushing the corona scam for two years. Its sad to see this. Even worse is federal/ ATK saying that they cant keep up with ammo production and then sending 1,000,000 rounds over there. Its all bullshit

      • I thought that it was Ammo, Inc. that sent 1 million rounds. I didn’t hear about Federal!

        I wish they’d donate to patriots here, we’re gonna need hundreds of millions of rounds soon, I believe!

        • Yes, a Patriot defense system for every major city would make all the difference.

    • Pete,
      Learn some history before you put your foot in your mouth. When the Nazis invaded, and drove out the Soviets, the Nazis were considered liberators. To the Soviets, ANYONE that doesn’t welcome them is a Nazi. It’s the Soviet/Russian go-to insult, like the Left calling anyone that disagrees with them a “racist”.

    • quote————-George is for Nazis huh. Well, it’s not like I cannot live without that P15————quote

      As TweetyRex already alluded to the Ukraine during WWII was neither Communist nor Nazi but got invaded by the Nazi’s and later re-invaded by the Communist Russians. Ditto for Georgia and Chechnya.

      I sometimes wonder who the abject bigger liar is, Putin or Trump, but at least Putin is intelligent enough to most of the time, tell more believable lies, but not this time by calling the Ukraine Nazi’s. That was a classic Trumpite style of laughable farce.

      • dacian the Dunderhead. Anyone with half a brain would think that Donald Trump is a liar. But then you leftists have been sinning that yarn for how long now?

        We both know you are a closet supporter of Putin. After all, you Leftists are all kindred spirits.

        • Hi beverly! Miss me? So it appears that not only do you regularly fail to understand what others are saying (along with your many other talents) but you also fail to even understand what you yourself are saying. Again. Still. Dunderhead indeed. 6yrs or 10 beverly, pick one. Can’t be both.

        • To Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

          quote—————-Anyone with half a brain would think that Donald Trump is a liar.————quote

          What planet do you live on?????? You do realize you just made yourself the laughing stock of even this Far Right Forum and brother that is really saying something.

          Trump documented lies total 30,573 and still counting because he still keeps moving his mouth.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck Seems you are the only one aside from dacian the Dunderhead and Minor MINER49er with the derogs. And you lies just keep on a-coming. I miss you like a toothache.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, Sorry but your WAPO is hardly a non-partisan judge. Not to mention, you Leftists don’t seem to understand the an OPINION by definition canNOT be a lie.

          But then for all your education, you Leftists aren’t the brightest lights on the tree. As usual, you are showing your propaganda side. Next you will try to tell us about how the NYT is non-partisan? ROFLMAOBT!

        • Beverly dear, I’m curious and not just about why you would lie about your service but curious about the repeated use of ROFLMOABTLGQBTETCETC!! Is that, like, a Vietnam Veteran thing? Or an ex cop thing? Or an ex jail keeper thing after being demoted from being a cop? Or is it what people like you who must, necessarily, be approaching their octogenarian years commonly do, again and again? That tendency, coupled with the lies and the truly juvenile attempts at deflection in calling me the liar (am not you are!! And my daddy can beat up your daddy!!) seems rather off for such a storied, respectable elder such as you claim to be. Could it be that you aren’t giving us the straight goods there… beverly?

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck Are you a bit on the queer side? I’m not your “dear”, Canuck. Not on your wildest day.

          For your edification, being a Correction Officer is considered a profession requiring a lot of training and self control. Something you apparently lack. Being in Corrections is hardly a “demotion” and in fact is a related field. You see in the Correctional setting, you are the police. As a matter of fact, I made quite a few arrests that were prosecuted in “outside court” where the convict got a considerable amount of time incarcerated due to his crime committed in the prison.

          Psst! it’s not a “deflection” to call you a liar. you are a liar. As far as your daddy nonsense, I don’t think either you or your daddy could beat anything but your “meat”.

          If you can’t respect your elders, respect your betters, Canuck.

  1. KelTec, LOL…LOL…The Ukrainians are gonna be shocked as to how shitty those rifles are. Good luck.

  2. I kick myself for not buying a sub-2000 a few years ago around $375. Heck, I kick myself over alot of things I shoulda bought or

  3. Looks to me like if an American already hasn’t purchased their firegunms and boolits before this ruskin u crane thing started they’re not going to have a chance to.
    Remington ” Were ramping up production, blah blah blah”
    The covid panic , that’s why empty shelves.
    Then I read some ammo maker is sending a million rounds to U crane. Where’d them boolits come from all of a sudden ? They had them all along, they was keeping them from us for whatever reasons they had.
    And when it’s all said and done how does the US benefit from U cranes possible victory?

    • Amen possum, i said the same thing in a earlier comment. The American people will not benefit from any of this. We have been lied to by all the large ammo companies. They have all gotten used to charging a arm and a dick for ammo and they never planned to lower their prices. Im just glad i stocked up over the last 20+ years. The virtue signaling makes me want to vomit.

      • Vomit,,,,, well that’s one way to give a homeless person a hot meal.
        Yeah I was slow typing, read your post after I’d posted.

        • Well, if they tell you it’s been days since they’ve had a bite, bite ’em. 🤔

    • quote—————And when it’s all said and done how does the US benefit from U cranes possible victor—————–quote

      Since most of you Southern Appalachian boys flunked history classes I will not mention the fact that Putin says Eastern Europe is next on his hit list but here is something from geography class and much closer to home. Alaska is only 53 miles from Russia and today the Russian Ambassador said Putin wants Alaska back now. Now let that sink in for a moment.

      • dacian, the Dunderhead. Pass the word to your boy Putin, he has about as much chance of getting Alaska back as an ice cube surviving in hell.

      • Putin never said that. Its more propaganda to sway Americans towards picking sides in a war America should stay out of.
        So what Alaska is 53 miles from Russia what’s that supposed to mean, it’s the world, your always going to have neighbors you dont like. Mexico is 0 miles from the US and they’re trying to sue American gunm manufacturers for the armed gangs in Mexico and propagate flooding America with its citizens. They want Texas, New Mexico, and California back too yah know. My oh my, just think what would happen if 100’s of thousands of Russians decided to swim the Bearing Straight and find a better paying job in Alaska.

  4. I don’t want to criticize an attempt at doing a good thing, but I think it would make more sense to sell those rifles to us and use the $ to purchase locally familiar and likely better for combat weapons like the AK.

    Can’t imagine a sub 2000 being super useful in taking on body armor clad adversaries with longer range and more powerful rifles, better than a sharp stick I’m sure.

    • Mike, “sell those rifles (semi-auto pistol caliber carbines) to us…” Do you want one? If you can show me a plan that I can contribute to that will guarantee that an AK (better yet, an SKS) with six spare mags (or equivalent ammo In stripper clips) can get into the hands of a Ukrainian citizen for a contribution of $2000, I’m in. Now.

      • I’ve had two, they have their uses, just not there.

        I wouldn’t be totally surprised if something along those lines is proposed by someone if this drags out.

        Like those charity catalogs you see around Christmas where you donate enough money for a goat or chickens…

  5. Promising to send vaporware that should it ever arrive it’ll need to be promptly returned for repairs.

    Epic trolling by Keltec. :thumbsup:

  6. Modern day FP-45 Liberators?

    I am sure they will be more useful in the follow-on guerilla war that the Russian occupiers will be facing.

    • I suppose the donations of millions of rounds to Ukraine is ok with you? Cause it will short the supply of a few cartridges to us, barely give Ukraine two days of combat ammo, and will push more inflation of our ammo prices.

      Being an “asshole” these days is pointing out the facts, not burying our heads up there. I leave that to others wanting to create an international war where none needs to exist – Russia is cleaning up the illegal bio labs funded by our DOD – 30 in Ukraine, 326 world wide – presenting the facts to the UN, and stopping their research and production of coronavirus strains.

      Remember that? Coronavirus? We need MORE of that? The Biden Administration thinks so, it’s still being funded all the way back since it’s start in 2005 with Lugar and Obama.

      Start reading up on the real news out of Ukraine, the Asov Nazi’s using civilians as human shields, their destruction in real combat with Russian units, the inability of the Ukraine government to even put up a good defense, much less having a “world leader” whose biggest mark in life so far is his gay spike heels and topless dancing. Support that?

      It’s the biggest scam since Covid – and all the same people just took it hook, line and sinker AGAIN without batting an eye from the same media who has been lying to us for the last 6 years.

    • I am an asshole. But, I’ll give you a clue for free. The propaganda you read in the news is just that, propaganda.

      Never forget that the US government invested $5 billion in the coup, or that the Kock brothers invested $14 billion, or that Soros invested an undisclosed amount of money in it. Various millionaires and billionaires around the world invested lesser amounts, and no other governments have disclosed their investment (that I know of).

      Never forget either, that the Azov battalion (now regiment, I guess) are all neonazis. Or that the Azov battalion has been waging war in the Donbass for the past 8 years, just as brutal, if not more so, as what we are seeing in the rest of Ukraine today.

      Russia, and the Russian people who live in Ukraine have a large number of legitimate grievances. There ain’t no good guys on either side of the war – just the innocents who never had any say in the matter.

      • Paul, “coup or not, the fact is that the current Ukrainian government was elected in a democratic election. Why is it that you Leftists only whine when it is one of your buddies that is overthrown?

        • Well if those are the “facts” beverly, then who are we to question what you are saying? I mean it’s not like you have a history of speaking falsehoods or anything like that, right… sarge? 6yrs or 10 as a cop bev, explain your discrepancy. You know, for our “edification” n stuff.

        • Don’t give me that “you leftists”. I’m an independent, I don’t toe the party line on either side. I spent a few years of my life in the Cold War, several times staring into the eyes of the the Commie bastid on the other side.

          Whining? Blow that out your ear. I’ve stated facts – the west spent billions of dollars to fund a coup – FOR PROFIT. The west didn’t like the corrupt left regime, so they replaced it with their own corrupt right regime. And, yes, they used neo-Nazis to force it through. Those same neo-Nazis are running rampant in eastern Ukraine, they have been for years. But, we turn a blind eye to those atrocities, because PROFIT!!

          Ukraine has a photogenic, popular comedian for a president. He’s pretty articulate, he has charisma. He knows how to yank your chain for popular support.

          You may decide now, whether you want to be Zelensky’s useful idiot or not.

          Note that he continues to call on NATO to launch WW3 on his behalf.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck, the only liars around here are you and those Leftists, dacian the Dunerhead, Minor MINER49er and the nameless troll.

          Keep up the lies and you will eventually convince yourself and that mouse in your pocket.

        • Paul, that is a ration of crapola and you know it. There is no such thing as an “independent”. You are either a Conservative and for the Constitution as written, or you are a Leftist. Pick your own “poison” as they say out west.

          I spent my entire life up until Reagan won it for us, in the Cold War. You want a medal or a chest to pin it on?

          Again, I don’t give a rat’s behind about the coup. It seems that the current government of the Ukraine was ELECTED honestly. I am sorry if your Moscow-Putin loving guy got thrown out and had to go back to Russia where he belonged to begin with but that’s life.

          I guess you don’t give a rat’s behind about the Ukrainians and their freedom which your Russian allies want to take from them. Ben Franklin once said, “He who is afraid to fight and maybe die for freedom’s sake. will loose that freedom and deserves to.” Do you fit in the category of those who deserve to loose their freedom?

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck, do you have any proof to the contrary that the current Ukrainian government was not democratically elected? Or are you, as usual, just running your mouth?

        • Beverly, no more proof than you have, one way or the other, that your democraps were elected ‘democratically’. Stalin: “Who votes is not important. It is who counts the votes that matters”. Now after you go repair your absolute butchering of Franklin’s quote, maybe you could “edification” us all some on why you claimed to be a cop for 6yrs and then added 4 more years to that a couple days later? And childishly calling me the liar just ain’t gonna cut it… sarge. Now man up and explain yourself.

  7. I bought one, took it out and ran it. Uncomfortable to shoot and the trigger was about 15 lbs. So I bought the whole Mcarbo rebuild package and paid a top flight gunsmith to throw it together. He wasn’t happy but he liked the challenge. While I’m embarrassed to admit the cost, I am very comfortable suggesting the company repeat this process with every one of those BEFORE sending those to Ukraine. Like a few of their other guns, the concept was interesting, like their KSG shotgun, but they make them cheap, like the Sub 2k’s plastic feed ramp for example.

  8. Putin is doing exactly what the tech companies started doing several years ago. And at the time the Libertarians Liberals and the left totally supported Big Tech. Hickok45 had his channel taken down. President Trump had the ability to communicate with the American people on the internet, taken from him. Firearms businesses had their websites permanently destroyed. Banks terminated their relationships with gun related clothing businesses.

    So now Putin is doing the same thing. He really did learn from the Libertarians, Liberals, the Left, and the tech companies as well.

    “Silicon Valley companies have been rewriting their rules during the war in Ukraine. Russia is retaliating.”

    • Many RepubliCONS supported that crap as well. You should really retire your broad brush.

      • Yeah, usually he blames everything on atheists and then insists that my children in publicly funded schools should be on bended knee praying to his choice of personal saviours on a daily basis. Because morals. And reasons.

  9. “a Russian military that has been repeatedly shelling their apartment buildings, schools, hospitals and hiding places.”

    Doesn’t it make you nostalgic for the good old days, back in the middle yeast, when it was Uncle Scam bombing the apartment buildings, schools, and hospitals. And the odd wedding.

    • The Asov battalion has their snipers on the roofs, the anti tanke missiles, too, and has forced the civilians living there to stay in those buildings as human shields.

      Now, tell me again, who are the war criminals? It’s the Nazis, same as last time.

  10. I think this a great idea, good luck with it. I agree with Ragner. It should fill the role of the Liberator .45. The fact that it folds may be a bonus. This is the one KelTec that I’ve shot that didn’t malfunction. As long as ball ammo only was used. How long before it breaks is another question. Should last long enough to kill a Russian, take his AK/spare mags and unass the A.O., though.

    • Well more power to Keltec. I had a Sub2000. I don’t believe it would stand up to the rigors of anything.Their Su16 would be better(but in no way better than my S&W Sport). I also had a PF9. It worked but it was horrible to shoot. I’m profoundly unimpressed by their QC.

    • Well don’t send them anything in an AR pattern, I mean we all know none of those have ever worked! Especially if you take them outside n stuff…

  11. I have planned on buying a sub 2000 for years now. And I’m very happy with my SU-16c. And I would be very greatful to get my hands on a STEN Gun. That $10 sub gun that so many folks
    complain about.

    In fact since this is going to be a city street fight war even a Hi Point long gun would do ok until you got something better. But if you have a Sig Sauer firearm? I would be very careful to not drop it. They have quality control problems.

  12. “The company has also started selling T-shirts emblazoned with the iconic final broadcast of a bombarded Ukrainian Border Guard unit that told a Russian warship to “Go (expletive) Yourself!””

    Only to discover later they were captured and are now P.O.W., not killed.

    It was a *brilliant* example of controlling the narrative on Ukraine’s part, I have to admit… 🙂

    • Below please find an exhaustive list of every person in the entire world that wants to know Geoff’s opinion on this, or any other, issue:

      1) Geoff himself;
      2) Lamp the contemptible wife beater.

      -End list

      Lol 🖕🤡!

        • Lol you get consistently powned by some half wit called ‘Walter E. Beverly III’, so forgive me if I don’t give fuckall what you have to say 🤣🖕🤡.

        • Nobody Cares, Besting Riderless/ShootOff Canuck is easy. He’s just another mindless troll trying to be relevant.

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

        “Below please find an exhaustive list of every person in the entire world…”

        Your butt-hurt is just so *precious*! 🙂

        Dance troll, I order you to respond, and you will do as I tell you to do… 🙂

      • Ha! Priceless. “If beverly the third had a son…”. Thanks for the chuckle, chuckles.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck Tsk, tsk. Seems you don’t even know when you have been owned. But then you are not the sharpest tack in the draw.

          Have you gone to see that psychiatrist yet? That narcissism is really become more and more acute each day. Or maybe you are just a Canuck weirdo?

        • Ha! You keep patting yerself on the back there beverly. Ain’t no one else ever gonna do it. Now, was it 6yrs as one of the nation’s finest, as you plainly stated in your own hand in black and white for all to see, or 10 as you then stated mere days later? Good, honest people are waiting for your explanation. After yer done “owning” me, of course…

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck There you go again, still trying to spread your lies about my police service.

          “Good honest people”? Do you even know any?

          Consider yourself my bit*h.

        • 6yrs as a cop or 10yrs? Can’t be both beverly, now explain your deception. And after you’re done deflecting blame, for the love of whatever you hold dear (it sure ain’t the truth), go buy a damn dictionary and consult it during your pathetic attempts at using the English language. Everytime you post a comment an image of Inigo Montoya flashes in my head. Often more than once.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck, Again with your lies. Your lies roll off your fingers like water off a duck’s back. I don’t deflect squat. Your use of the word truth is sacrilegious. I guess Inigo Montoya must be one of your heroes?

          Again, that is Mr Beverly or Sergeant to you. If you can’t respect your elders, respect your betters, Canuck.

  13. I don’t support the shipment of arms to Ukraine for one simple reason; hypocrisy.

    The UN/EU/US prattle on about the evils of arms proliferation and seek to disarm their citizens, but when it’s a cause they support it suddenly becomes “everything that shoots can be sent to Ukraine, and every Ukrainian can be armed”.

    F that noise.

    • They do and don’t support it.

      It’s all under the table being done unofficially and largely by individual companies, not necessarily government. In any other reality, heads would roll over this.

      And they wanted to impeach Trump over *a phone call* to this man.

  14. Ha. Funny that KelTec is send rifles and that it’s the sub 2000.

    I say the Ukrainians will be happy to get any gun and the Russians will be happy.

    Lotta hate here for KelTec, but they are taking some initiative.

    Send your own rifles or STFU.

    The sub2000 is one of guns I would buy from KelTec.

    Had one in 40 with Beretta mags. Reliable and reasonably accurate out to 100 yards.

    Certainly better than an average Poly Pistol. I only sold it because it was 40. The only 40 I had.

    It’s small and light enough for anyone to shoot….folds for briefcase or backpack carry.

    Seems like a good rifle for average Joe’s and Josephine’s to inflict damage and fear on invaders.

    Maybe PSA will send some of their pistols and Magpul can send mags for a complete package.

    I say this is a great example of why a populace should be armed…..Keltec fills a niche for some of that population. Maybe not the best option….but was ahead of sharp words.

    I think I’ll pick up a sub2000 this week for my truck. Never know when I might to repel “invaders”

  15. Anyone thinking a few days of combat ammo or a few guns will help the people of Ukraine isn’t schooled in the art of warfare. It has to be approved thru ITAR, then shipped by air or cargo ship, has to traverse the open skies or seas.

    Once it leaves the offshore boundary of the US it’s war material and subject to the International Laws of Warfare. It can be interdicted and destroyed. It’s legal to shoot down the aircraft supplying enemies, or sink ships at sea carrying war supplies. It’s done all the time.

    All we are doing is watching our shelves get emptied with a ploy to support the very country overrun by Obama and getting milked by Biden for every penny he can send them – because they will turn around and send him the Big Guys cut. Did anyone discover that Hunters laptop was actually the real thing yet? it’s all described and revealed already, the NY Times came out yesterday saying “it’s authentic” which means their suppression was a deliberate subterfuge to influence an election.

    If you support Ukraine, you support lies, you support Biden making himself rich, his son making money off a no show corporate board seet along with Pelosi’s, Kerry’s, and Romney’s doing the exact same thing. You are supporting a corrupt family business.

    YOU GO AND VOLUNTEER – go die for Biden – and while you still can, tell us about those already there trying to bail because they are just tank fodder on the front lines having their guns taken from them to get rid of them. They won’t make it to the Gulags – they’ll be dead.

    At least we bought mercenaries from the Afghan war lords – they may have suffered in GTMO but thats the least worst choice between internment or death.

    Go read up on the Reddit volunteer battalion and what they are really suffering now.

  16. The USA has now donated over $US ONE BILLION in war material the most important of which is ANTI-TANK probably closely followed by MANPAD, Comms, and medical. Believe it or not a very imortant contribution for me would be MRE. One of the problems was that though Ukraine recognised the POTENTIAL for war, and had made ‘theoretically’ preperations they were completely unprepared for the actuallity. So too, of course, were the Russians. My grandson travels extensively in both Ukraine and Russia, is fluent in both langages and has friends both sides of the divide. He assures me that on the street BOTH though it impossible that Ukraine woukd engage in armed conflict

  17. Ukrainian forces have defeated Russia in its initial campaign of the war, according to analysis from DC-based think tank Institute of the Study of War, ultimately leading to a stalemate between the two counties.

    The institute describes Russia’s strategy as using “airborne and mechanized operations to seize Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa and other major Ukrainian cities”.

    “Russian forces continue to make limited advances in some parts of the theater but are very unlikely to be able to seize their objectives in this way,” the analysis reads. The fall of Mariupol is “unlikely” to change the outcome of the initial campaign dramatically.

    The analysis notes that the Russia military continues to focus on localized fighting rather than launching large-scale operations. It concludes that there is a stalemate throughout most of Ukraine that, if continued, will “likely be very violent and bloody”.

  18. So the Azov battalion are a bunch of nazis? Well, I don’t give a crap as long as they are killing Russians.


    • You’re not wrong but are you by any chance related to a dude named NTexas? There are disturbing similarities…

  20. Of late, the US has offered over $16 billion for a nation we have no defense treaty with. They aren’t a NATO member either.

    As for a lot of the equipment and gear being sent, $400 million of it was sitting in warehouse struck by an acknowledged hypersonic missile and destroyed. Probably not one of the donated guns or ammo tho, maybe Canada’s? Whatever, it’s gone.

    Also struck was a Legion training center with 600 to 1000 attending, it was also struck by unknown means with over 400 going to Poland for medical treatment. Hundreds of dead are expected to be recovered from the rubble of the building they were in.

    This isn’t some kind of video war – altho the war on video is a joke of false news and stolen clips – the lastest being the devastation of the Beirut harbor blast replayed as some Ukraine town. Add that to the hundred other but only getting traction on western media.

    Kiev – the Russian spelling suddenly ignored since this started for Kyiv – isn’t going to last long, and Zelensky has already fled to Poland staging faked conferences with other dignitaries. We already know about the US financed bio labs, Obama’s overthrow of the legit government, the corrupt installation of not only legislative family members but also the Presidents crack smoking child molesting son in corporate boards for pay for play.

    Now about all that is left is for the new Goverment of Ukraine to rename their capitol for the man who returned their homeland to them – and call it Putingrad. Nobody will want to live in “keev” after the corruption, trafficking and money laundering come out.

    • “Putingrad” … has a nice ring to it. Finally someone on the planet actually goes and does what all the armchair warriors rattle their sabers over but then say “well, you first…” and almost every one of these same worthies immediately flip their chosen scripts to the ones coming from their sworn enemy of yesterday, the mainstream media, as soon as someone takes up the gauntlet. As miner49erwtf would say: “fascinating”.

  21. Here is who we are helping/taking sides with:

    From Twitter:
    Gennadiy Druzenko, head of Ukrainian military medical service, boasts on Ukraine 24 channel that he “gave strict orders to castrate all the wounded” Russians “because they are cockroaches, not humans.”
    Not all fascists wear Swastikas or Wolfsangels.
    People who know their history and live in reality know the Ukrainian people committed genocide against the Jews and Polish people in the recent past.
    The Ukrainian people are not worth dying for or wasting our money on.
    They really are Nazis filth, through and through. Putin was right.
    Fire the comedian.
    Stop arming the Nazis.

  22. An afterthought: How is it legal for an American company to be funding a foreign war?
    Not just in the US but abroad.
    This means that the owners of KelTec, if traveling overseas, can be captured and brought to Russia for trial and execution.
    It also means that a bounty hunter can capture the KelTec owners, transport them overseas to Russia, and easily make a couple of million dollars.
    Dog the Bounty Hunter, are you reading this.
    This means that anyone working for KelTec cannot travel outside the US for the rest of their life.

    • Richard, kinda wondering about that up here in the queens colonies as well. The idiot manchild first threatens to take our guns, then chickens out temporarily (18mo of chickening), then proceeds to send not just guns (our guns) but armored vehicles (our vehicles), more and bigger guns (also ours) and a huge pile of money (our money) to support the de-facto bad guys. Great, now Russia can legally invade us.

      • I was in the military during the Cold War. To quote a green beret I knew. Never give a crazy person an excuse to come after you, fifty percent of murders are unsolved.

  23. There is no excuse for ignorance when it comes to sending firearms to a murderous regime. Do not take my word for it, but do a little bit of research.
    Here is where you can start:
    – Watch Ukraine on Fire, Oliver Stone documentary for a basic overview of the situation,
    – Google “Russian soldier crucified and set on fire alive”, (a few years before the invasion)
    – Google “14000 Ukraine” to find numerous posts from the UN and committee on foreign relations on the killing of 14000 civilians by the Ukrainian military in the Donbas / Luhansk region.
    – Google “alley of angels” the memorial to children killed by Ukrainian military/militia over the past few years.
    – Read up on an 8-year hostage situation where the Ukrainian military used as human shields 300 monks from a holy dormition monastery.

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