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With nearly every mainstream AR-related component, accessory, and firearm wiped from shelves and distribution channels nationally, one of the last places to find anything in stock is direct from a small manufacturer. In checking out Tyrant Designs new MOD v2 Foregrip and browsing the rest of their site, I was surprised to see just how much of their very cool looking product line — AR as well as handgun components — is in stock.

Except for, well, this brand new MOD v2 Foregrip which is currently in production and slated to start shipping in a couple of weeks. Tyrant Designs’ new product press release follows:


Tyrant Designs Proudly Unveils the New MOD v2 Foregrip

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (08/24/2020) – Tyrant Designs is proud to debut our New MOD v2 Foregrip that is interchangeably compatible with M-LOK and KeyMod for all of your AR platform firearms! The MOD v2 ForeGrip is the latest version of our best selling AR-15 foregrip that boasts smooth beveled edges and a rubber strap insert for improved handling and comfort in all types of weather and shooting scenarios. The New MOD v2 ForeGrip is as much of a performer as it is a showstopper!

If you are someone who wants to have dexterity in hand when manipulating your weapon system the MOD v2 Foregrip affords you exactly that. Spacious enough to allow for shooters with big paws to comfortably grasp the rubber lined foregrip yet streamline enough to leave a negligible footprint on the frontend of your firearm. If your M-LOK or KeyMod real estate is in short supply the MOD v2 Foregrip utilizes minimal rail space to allow for other accessories of your choosing to be deployed in compliment with the MOD v2.

With clean and chamfered edges there is nothing to snag on this foregrip – high speed, low drag. Whether you intend to shave valuable seconds off of your competitive shooting times, more assuredly control your home defense weapon, or invoke tactical yet practical envy from everyone at your local gun club, the MOD v2 Foregrip will do so in style.

As always, this new offering and all of our products are manufactured in the USA and carry our fully-backed Lifetime Warranty! Available now in Black, Red, Gold, Nickel, and Blue at at an MSRP of $64.95 each.

About Tyrant Designs

Tyrant Designs officially started in 2015, but the business has been around for almost 40 years. As a whole, Tyrant Designs and its other divisions of work, are a state-of-the-art CNC machining shop that performs work in the aerospace, medical fields, and now firearm industry.

What prompted Tyrant Designs to wade into manufacturing firearm components was one sour firearm purchase. After an expensive AR-15 was found to be flawed with an inferior and foreign-produced pistol grip, they believed there had to be a better grip available. Upon realizing nothing met their expectations of quality, Tyrant Designs sought out to make one themselves! Their passion for quality and better firearm components manifested into the skeletonized MOD Grip, and grew into the full-fledged firearm component business they are now today.

Everything they produce is American Made in the heartland of Chicago, Illinois with an enduring Lifetime Warranty. For more information, please visit us at:

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    • Because nobody wants to actually put a metallic gold/blue/red colored foregrip on an AR.

      The manufacturer is using the wrong buzz words “envy”, “showstopper”, “in style”, etc. They need to make function and reliability their talking points. Unless they’re going after the LARP crowd, in which case I don’t want one even if it’s in black.

  1. I guess my only question is why most of them look like designer bottle openers for bartenders who like to do trick pours?

  2. I’ve seen these on YouTube. I have a short Magpul vertical thing on my UTG carbine length AR forend. Very light and as cool as an old man needs to be😃 “TYRANT”: aptly made in Chicago😏

  3. I have a question. (Apologies to Haz.) If the AR is all that and a loaf of sliced bread too; why does it need all this crap hung all over it to make it an effective fighting tool?

    • It doesn’t. Definitely doesn’t need this. Some people like to put frilly dresses on their barbies. Some items like raptor charging handles, different stock/handguard/grip designs are ergonomic or functional improvements. The basic design is many decades old.

      • Oversize charging handles are nice on AK derivatives because thick winter gloves are what they were primarily designed for. Gloves in 110+ F sucks. Everything else better have an actual purpose and improve functionality. Function over form.

        If it does, we’re good. If not, not.

        On that note, thumb fast mag release is niiiiiice. You might be thinking pistol, and no big deal. Except I’m not talking pistols, but long arms of the Kalashnikov persuasion. Hark, I can hear Nick having an aneurysm. :p

    • Because it doesn’t need all these things to be an effective fighting rifle.

      It’s a modular platform designed to be customized for your desired application.

      The M1 was an effective fighting platform. But the M14 was an improvement because a detachable 20 round box plus the ability to top off was better than an eight round en bloc clip. That doesn’t mean the M1 was a bad gun or ineffective. It just means the M14 is better in certain circumstances.

      As is often said in Chemistry and the Biological Sciences: “Structure determines function.” Application determines desired function and therefore determines the desired structure.

      • Strych9, no, just looks like a bunch of Inspector Gadget shit hung on what would otherwise be a nice, handy, lightweight, mediocre carbine.

        • By this logic all .357, .44 and .454 lever guns are not effective because Citadel made the LEVTAC-92 and someone stuck a bunch of shit all over that MLOK.

          Just because some people have a tendency to overdress a gun with a bunch of things that don’t make sense doesn’t mean the underlying platform is “ineffective” without those add-ons. Nor does it mean that every one of those addons is stupid in every situation the rifle might be used in.

          The point is, your OP states “…why does it need all this crap hung all over it to make it an effective fighting tool?” and the answer to that question is that it doesn’t need all that crap hung all over it.

    • MOAR? Pardon me. I’m notup on that one. I only know a little about rifles, handguns, ballistics. Oh, and bird guns.

  4. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo👎👎👎

  5. I have keymod on my AR-10 and M-Loks on AR-15s. No preference, really, other than there are now there are more options in M-Lok. The AR-10 is a build around a DPMS lower, upgraded everything (barrel, trigger, grip, buffer, springs, duracoat), and don’t use any accessories to speak of other than the Nikon scope perched on it. That’s enough for its purpose, and works well, though i have some rails and would consider an OWL at some point. Shoots well but a bit heavy.

  6. Mine came today.. sending it back as it is not very useful compared to vertical grips or BCM kag unless you have extra ordinary large, otherwise it’s awkward as f##k.

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