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Take a deep breath, because this fustercluck of corruption and idiocy is about to make your blood boil.

First, the contextual facts:

Last week in Portland, a 36-year-old homeless man named Andre Gladen showed up on a stranger’s doorstep around 1:00 p.m. and began banging on the front door. According to the tenant, he was dressed, but shoeless and claimed that someone named ‘Ernest’ had told him to go to the home for help.

Gladen also said he’d just been released from a hospital and someone was after him, trying to kill him. (In fact, Gladen had been staying in Portland with his cousin for the past few weeks. That morning, he’d walked out the door saying nothing to his cousin besides “I’ll be back”).

Instead of slamming the door, the tenant, named Desmond Pescaia, gave Gladen some water and offered him $10 to get some food. However, Gladen refused to leave Pescaia’s stoop. By 2:00 p.m., he’d fallen asleep with a blanket in front of the door. That’s when Pescaia alerted his landlady of the situation, after which they both called the Portland police.

When an officer arrived, Gladen got upset.

“The officer’s standing where you are now [on the porch],” Pescaia recounts in the interview video below (via Oregon Live). “[Gladen] is pounding, literally pounding on the front door, and he’s asking me to protect him from this n**** a** f***ing cop whose badge is fake, and this, that, and the other.”

The officer told Pescaia, who was still standing in the doorway, to get out of the way – at which point Gladen lunged inside.

Inside Pescaia’s living room, the officer grappled with Gladen, trying to subdue and handcuff him. When that didn’t work, the police officer turned to his taser.

“The cop tased him,” Pescaia says. “He was right back up again, and I tried to hold him back, telling him, stay down, man, he’s gonna shoot you. Somehow, he grabs his knife out of I don’t know where; he’s rushing the cop; the cop backs up against my wall here, tells the kid about 6 or 7 times, ‘Stand down or I’m gonna shoot you, stand down or I’m gonna shoot you.’ Then, all I heard was three pops… and I ran outside.”

By the end of his story, Pescaia can’t hold back his tears.

“It’s mind-blowing, it’s overwhelming… all he had to do was leave with the $10 I was gonna give him, and he would still be alive.”

Here is the knife Gladen pulled:

Portland Police Bureau

Gladen’s cousin also volunteered the information that Gladen “smoked marijuana, drank alcohol and wasn’t on medication.” In 2015, he was arrested by police in Portland for disorderly conduct and interfering with police, but those charges were dismissed. In 2006, he’d been convicted in California for possession of a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct.

This story was reported by Oregon Live with the headline: “Man shot by Portland police was legally blind, suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, relatives say”.

After managing enough reading comprehension to sound out that headline, 2016 Portland mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone condemned the Portland police, calling them a “deadly paramilitary force” with the following tweet:

Lars Larson, a conservative radio host based in Portland (no, really), noticed the glaring discrepancy between Ms. Iannarone’s tweet and the facts in this case. So, he decided to point out her mistake, tweeting: “Gee @sarahforpdx you think the cops make PDX dangerous? Read the story and you find the dead man was 1) paranoid schizophrenic 2) invaded a stranger’s home 3) fought with the officer 4) pulled a knife. What’s your millennial snowflake solution to that situation without the cops?”

As punishment for that corrective tweet, Twitter banned Larson for 12 hours under its “hateful conduct” policy.

So, to sum up: A guy invades a stranger’s home cursing and pounding on the door, engages in a violent altercation with a police officer who attempts to subdue him first bare-handed, and then with a less-lethal taser. The guy then pulls a knife on the cop, gets shot… and Twitter penalizes a talk show host for suggesting that the officer isn’t at fault.

If Uncle Joe Stalin were still around, he’d be inviting Jack Dorsey over for dinner right about now.

P.S. God bless the Portland police (in this case, anyway). Those men and women earn every damn penny they make.

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    • Schizophrenia can basically be summed up as extreme paranoia and fear based on delusions. Weed can be extremely detrimental, I’ve known folks who needed weeks on the psych ward after psychotic breaks triggered by marijuana use. During an episode folks are in full fight or flight mode and absolutely believe they are in imminent extreme danger.

      • It can go either direction. Cannabis could make a paranoid person worse or it could calm them down.

        On the other hand, alcohol has a tendency to make people violent and stupid.

        • In my clinic I sit in on med management for a young man with some schizophrenic/schizoaffective tendacies. He uses marijuana on a regular basis and his paranoid behaviors and quirks are certainly impacted by his drug use, the increase of his symptoms is directly related to his consumption of weed.

        • False. There are mean drunks and passive drunks; sad drunks and happy drunks. This weed makes you inert and non-aggressive is BS. What marijuana does that alcohol doesn’t is cause psychotic episodes. Despite what the cannibis advocates claim alcohol is not a drug. It hasn’t psychotropic effects. It is primarily a central nervous system poison.

        • tdiinva: ” It (alcohol) hasn’t psychotropic effects.”
          Hmmm… “relating to or denoting drugs that affect a person’s mental state.”
          I’d definitely say, then, that you’re wrong. Alcohol does indeed affect a person’s mental state. While it may not be recognized as being in the same class as, say, LSD, that doesn’t make it not a psychotropic drug.
          Anyone who tries to say alcohol doesn’t affect a person’t mental state has been taking far too many psychotropic drugs.

      • I’d love to see some actual research showing that marijuana causes psychotic breaks – outside of people with latent schizophrenia / schizophrenic tendencies. Ya know, something more than “I’ve known folks..”

        Otherwise, it just sounds like you know regular people that couldn’t handle their shit since marijuana has never been shown to produce those symptoms as a standard side effect.

        • False. Heavy marijuana use is known to cause mental illiness. You confuse getting stoned occasionally with 60s era weed with frequent use if modern stuff.

        • I can’t point out numbers, and if you’re really interested you can look it up yourself, but as a mental health professional and someone working in the human services field for 20 years I have first handedly observed how people with mental illnesses are impacted by drug use, specifically weed. This isn’t second hand “friend of a friend” info, this is direct observation. Some people use it to self medicate and to be honest it chills them the hell out better than some of the anxiety or depression meds, but for those that have paranoid or schizo-type tendacies the drug seems to amp them up and contribute to their psychosis. With the young man I mentioned previously as an example his paranoia and psychotic episodes decline when less weed is consumed and they don’t happen at all (that is reported) when there is cessation.

          @elained – where are you? Chime in 😬

        • I am not ElaineD, but both alcohol, and marajauna, cause different reactions in different people. For some, a little weed or alcohol really does help them, for others, it is destructive. Many, have little to no long term effects.

        • I work with 40 people on the spectrum every single day and have for 10 years. Some people just cannot handle weed,no matter how benign it is for most. The anxiety and paranoia that can accompany weed plays right into their delusions and can cause very severe reactions.

        • @Khalil


          Actually, there has been at least one clinical trial attempting to study whether marijuana would benefit people with schizophrenia that had to be stopped because it was causing psychotic breaks and it therefore became unethical to continue the trial. I’ll see if I can find the link to that.

          The problem these days is the new strains. THC is the psychoactive component of weed, CBD is the calming component. Old fashioned swag had 8% or less of THC and high CBD. The new, legalized, hybridized strains often contain up to 30% THC and almost no CBD. Vaping cartridges can be 99% THC. So, you have people using a potent psychoactive in high doses, particularly with vape pens, meaning they’re taking in the equivalent of three or four old fashioned joints a day in many cases. This is how people are quickly getting addicted. The THC then builds up quickly in the brain and the person has a psychotic break. This is happening to people who have NO previous history of psychosis.

          I’ve seen four people get hospitalized in the last 12 months with a THC caused psychotic break. Problem is, once a person has become psychotic, the level of THC in their system is so high that it will take a YEAR of complete abstinence for it to process out, during which time they are likely to have additional psychotic breaks. THC just doesn’t flush out of your system. It takes a long time. And if the person goes back to using, well….

          I’m not about the legalized weed, for a lot of reasons, this being only one if them.

          Sorry to be so spotty on TTAG lately, work has been kicking my ass (people coming in with weed addiction, ironically) and I’m getting back into physical training, meaning that like any other old person who lapsed in her routine, all I wanna do between training sessions is sleep. LOL.

        • Here are some links to research on the relationship between weed use and psychosis.

          Cannabis Use and the Risk of Developing a Psychotic Disorder

          Cannabis and Schizophrenia: Self Medication and Agonist Treatment

          Effects of Cannabis on People with Schizophrenia

          Schizophrenia and Marijuana: Trigger or Treatment?

          Cannabis and Schizophrenia: new evidence unveiled

    • There was an article in FAR FAR left motherjones recently about how foolish legalizing pot is. Not everyone is going to be violent because of pot but like alcohol, cocaine, etc. there are a percentage of people who will become violent and deranged by pot. Mainstreaming it is going to increase violent crime and murders, there is evidence of this already in Colorado and other places in the past.

      • Alex Berenson, the guy who can’t tell correlation from causation, has no scientific training whatsoever and has made the bulk of his money writing fiction?

        Look, I applaud the guy for his effort but he was on Tucker Carlson’s show promoting this new book and I couldn’t tell if he was serious or another P.T. Barnum.

        There were so many things wrong with what he said that it should have been embarrassing, but it wasn’t.

        Just a few examples from that interview:

        He assumes that because people with mental illness often engaged in drug use prior to their diagnosis that the mental illness was caused by the drugs. There is no reason to assume this at all. It’s equally plausible that people with various psychiatric conditions are drawn to the drugs. In fact, we know this to be true with people already exhibiting serious symptoms of something like schizophrenia. Schizophrenics love drugs. Booze, LSD, pot, mushrooms, coke… anything to change their own reality. Generally speaking the number one choice is booze probably because it’s a CNS depressant and it’s side effects are less unpleasant than the psych meds the person would get Rxed to them. I’ve personally witnessed a known schizophrenic, in a bar, sit down obviously having major hallucinations. After pounding down a few stiff drinks he’s obviously calmed down and quite obviously the hallucinations have been reduced. A few more and he’s totally normal other than being tipsy. He’s quite obviously aware of the situation and treating his condition with alcohol.

        Berenson also says that pot causes psychosis as if this is some sort of revelation. Well that means we have to ask; What is psychosis? It’s a state in which people become, to one level or another, detached from reality. Psychosis is an altered state of perception, emotion or thinking. Drugs cause… altered states of perception emotion and thinking which is exactly why people use them. If whiskey had the same effects on people as water no one would drink it. THC is a mild hallucinogen so yes, it alters perception and thinking, that’s the point.

        Can these drugs “cause” mental illness? This has actually been studied fairly extensively (I would point you to The Consumer Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs for a relatively comprehensive overview.) going back to the late 1950’s and the answer is almost certainly no. Short term changes in brain chemistry that are drug induced are very, very unlikely to “create” mental illness. What is known is that they can do is set off an underlying but yet diagnosed condition.

        If you actually read the studies the guy quotes in his book to show that “pot causes mental illness” the best that the studies can claim is that in people who develop something like schizophrenia heavy, and they stress heavy use of pot may cause the disorder to manifest in a way that can be diagnosed up to three years before it naturally would have. The person would have developed the disorder anyway. Pot just speeds up the process.

        The list goes on. Most of what this guy says is demonstrably incorrect. Where it’s not demonstrably incorrect it’s, at best, questionable. I’m not saying that he’s a charlatan hawking a book. He probably believes what he’s saying and the book sale profts are just a side benefit.

        I’m also not promoting the idea that people should use drugs, including pot, but civil discourse needs to be based on facts and not on some fiction writer misreading studies and putting out a book claiming the studies say things that they don’t.

        • The thing is, strych, heavy drug use of anything changes the brain.

          It changes your neurotransmitters. It changes your neurotransmitter receptors. It changes the way you process emotions and react to stress. Heavy use of any drug – alcohol, cocaine, crack, meth, weed, prescription stuff, heroin – changes your brain in ways that end up changing your personality.

          The way I explain it to my clients is this: If you started out as a normal person and started hitting yourself a couple of times on the head every day with a bat, after weeks and weeks and months and months of doing this, do you think you’d be the same person or function the same way?

          No chance of that. Heroin and prescription opioids change the brain permanently after only a handful of uses in many cases. Meth and crack also act really fast to change the brain. Alcohol and weed are usually slower but it depends on the amount and frequency of use.

          You can completely turn yourself into a non functioning, mentally ill person by using alcohol and drugs. It doesn’t even take that long, depending on the drug, especially if it’s a dirty street drug, like meth with God knows what in it, or weed laced with street PCP, or crack, or heroin cut with other stuff.

    • Marijuana can induce psypchosis in people who use it at a young age. It also makes people who are already suffering from psychosis even worse. It’s not the harmless drug potheads claim it to be.

      Sure the occasional use isn’t going to cause this kind of harm to your mind but the thing about pot is it’s rarely used in that manner. Most users smoke it daily.

      • This.

        I’ve had numerous extended conversations with professionals working in pain clinics, psychiatrists, and addiction medicine specialists about the question of “medicinal” use of cannabis which is what a lot of people claim is the reason it should be legalized.

        True medicinal use of cannabis is maybe one or two puffs of low THC, high CBD strains a couple of times a day or as needed. That’s it. I’ve gotten this consistently from people who work with terminally ill clients or clients suffering from painful medical conditions. That amount of weed takes care of it. Anyone smoking all day every day is using far far more than “medicinal” use requires, and what I have seen is that with the availability of the high THC low CBD strains and the vape cartridges, people are actually switching from cannabis with medicinal benefit to these strains in order to get high. Then they get addicted to the high THC strains and then we are in addiction-land just like any other drug.

        Both weed and opiates do kind of the same thing: Neither really relieves your pain. What they do instead is create euphoria so that you don’t CARE about your pain. Over time, people tend to become addicted to both because of the euphoric effect, which also makes them less and less able to handle everyday stress without being high.

        You will often see opiate abusers bouncing back and forth between weed and opiates because they do the same thing at different levels.

        Unfortunately, any substance powerful enough to not make you care about pain has the strong potential to make you not care about a lot of other things too if you use it enough. Like your career, your relationships, your family, political engagement, your health and a score of other things.

      • BTW I am Double A in support of legal marijuana, it’s a weed that grows out of the ground, and the government says I can’t est it. Next potatoes. … , because potatoes make Nggrs fck white girls. ..what was the name of that dress wearing FBI director? J Edgar suxlikeaHoover?

  1. In 2006, he’d been convicted in California for possession of a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct.

    So here we go again.

    • “Possession of a dangerous weapon”
      “Disorderly conduct”

      Neither of which are real crimes. (Not to minimize the fact that this guy later showed himself to be a violent criminal.)

      • He was a crazy man who needed help and shouldn’t have been free to roam. His family failed him and so did the government.

        I don’t blame the guy for being born crazy. I don’t hold it against him for acting crazy. I don’t even think he is entirely responsible in that condition. However, when a crazy person is trying to kill someone the response is the same for non crazy people. It’s sad.

        Gun owners shouldn’t ignore the issue by simply calling him a criminal and applauding the police in executing that broken person.

        • The mentality of people calling foul seem to believe it would’ve been better for the home owner, cop, or innocent bystander to have been killed or hurt. The system failed the deceased but it doesn’t justify allowing him to hurt or kill others. In this situation the police was damned if he did or damned if he didn’t and once the man became aggressive the options for a peaceful solution were sorely limited.

        • Then why don’t YOU become a police officer and show us all how it SHOULD be done? Put up or shut up.

        • So tell me wise one what should have the officer done after trying to subdue him hand-to-hand, tasering him and warn him to stop multiple times?

          If the resident did the deed you would be touting this as a good shoot.

        • When a crazy person is trying to kill someone, the response HAS to be the same as it would be for anyone else trying to kill someone.

          The sad thing about this is that it got to that point at all. There were a lot of people who could have protected the now-dead schizophrenic from himself, and they all failed. Maybe there was no realistic way they could have succeeded; it’s hard to say.

          Neither the cop on scene nor the random guy upon whose whose doorstep the schizophrenic camped out should be numbered among those failures; the violent lunacy happened *to* them, not because of them.

        • goober-ment. i.e., the taxpayers are not responsible for your dumb-a**, you are – or maybe the “relatives” in your life

  2. Lars, get the best revenge; don’t come back to Twitter. Let it become a true echo chamber, without disagreement, and it will be so utterly boring the next generation will abandon it.

  3. The left is funny. One day they’re licking the boots for kicking in the doors of “red flag” targets and the next they’re screaming for cops to be murdered.

    This idea that we’re all just supposed to know when somebody is blind, schizo, depressed, LGBTQP or whatever intrigues me. Perhaps some sort of uniform, color-coded, patch system should be implemented so that we may more readily recognized individuals with a special need or protected class. Of course for that to work we’d also have to punish anyone not wearing their special patch.

    • Yeah. The constant wavering back and forth on the left of one week being:”fuck tha poolice!” And the next week being: “only the police should have guns! And they should put all gun owners in jail!” Never ceases to amaze me.

      • Maybe they’re so far down the victimhood rabbit hole that they want to be rendered helpless against the police to get extra points for being oppressed by them? Slmeone should just tell them what s paradise Venezuela is for thst kind of thing, maybe they’ll all move.

  4. What does this have to do with guns?

    This is The Truth About Guns, not The Truth About The Culture War…

    • Because he was shot by a police officer. The cop was then criticized for his use of deadly force despite a clear threat and attempts to handle the situation using other methods.

      • Come on. If the cop strangled the dude trying to handcuff him, the millennial snowflake and her constituents would be just as stupid, the headline would be the same except for one word, and Twitter still would have censored the truth.

        • There is no right way police can handle these situations in the eyes of snowflakes. They cannot even fathom a single call in police boots let alone an entire day/week/month/year. It’s pathetic and complacent.

      • You know, Dan, what’s most interesting to me is how this conversation has fastened on the mental state of the deranged attacker. There are lots of bat-shit crazies loose on our streets and, quite literally, we can read about similar incidents almost anywhere we care to look. The real issue, however, is the behavior of Twitter to an routinely acerbic comment aimed at correcting an obvious wrong interpretation of a violent event. Twitter and, indeed all of America’s social media, have obviously been influenced by Chinese efforts at imposing social control via social media. To me anyway, that seems like the most important story.

      • That was @Forest. Reply must mean “reply to something below what you were replying to”.

  5. OREGONE, is a sanctuary state, the police in Oregone don’t stand a chance, they need lots & lots of cops there, nobody wants the job, the mayor & governor tell them to stand down when they should be enforcing the laws, hours of paperwork when they make a arrest, just to have the perp back on the streets before their done, then go in front of special interest groups to answer why the perp was arrested in the first place, I know this because I have relatives that are or were cops there , PORTLAND, OREGONE sucks…!

  6. I’d bet dude was banned for the “Millennial Snowflake” comment – not disputing the facts.

    Up to the point of name calling he was doing ok. 😉

    • Well, I don’t do Twitter, so I may be wrong…but didn’t she identify herself as “M. Snowflake Lannarone”?

      Is it name calling to address the person by their own “identifier”?

    • I suspect the same. And it’s pretty ironic that someone needs to be protected from being called a snowflake.

  7. Bots??? Is he right,? probably so, uhhhmmmm. But just a few? Yup 400,000< 400, mercy, no wonder!!!! Phil Collins was a good singer even tho he was a Fag, lol…. I'm going with the bots

  8. Don’t argue with the special snowflakes or they rat you out to Jack. Best thing to do is block the dumbasses.

    • “Rat you out?”

      Is that term ever going to die? How is someone doing/saying the right thing against a wrong equates to a rat?

      How silly, a criminal going whacko because someone did the right thing and informed on them. It’s the only socially conscious thing to do.

      When I was 14, my father had an arrest warrant out for him. Domestic violence for humanity using my mother as a punching bag. He came home drunk when I was home alone, drunk (of course ).

      Was I a rat for calling police and telling them my father had a warrant and was home, passed out? Hell No! When my father was cuffed & stuffed, I never felt more proud in my life. I was the honorable citizen. My father was the dirt bag, and went where he belonged.

      I was not a rat. Anyone using the term simply doesn’t get it!

  9. The left is now not only snowflakes, but they’re openly embracing the concept, and trying to use it to thwart dissenting opinions of their warped view of reality.

  10. Perhaps the western halves of the three Pacific Coast states should secede from the union so they can all stew in their own juice.

    Although Mexico may annex southern California.

  11. .sorry for this fellow, but police, society, etc. are not responsible for knowing your medical condition, gender preference, or anything else
    .anyone out & walking around is responsible for their own actions

    • Oregone has joined ranks with Kommiefornia.
      Porkland government supports liberal causes. If the cops shot a Tea Party member, the mayor would have hugged them..

  12. “Law enforcement” as it exists today is a blight on our society. That said, this guy – who happened to be a cop – handled the situation perfectly. Good for him.

  13. Where the hell did “legally blind” come from? Nothing in the article stated that, he put up a pretty good fight (for a blind guy). So we just make shit up to feed the pity party now, why not say he was in a wheelchair.

    • He is somehow legally blind because his family wanted to collect Social Security disability on him. It’s easy to claim and hard to prove wrong. I knew a guy who was legally blind who could drive just as good as anyone else. It was just a SS scam. Sort of all the people that have been cutoff Welfare claiming their child has Attention Deficit Disorder to collect SS. It’s just another scam like Welfare to get a free ride on society. That’s why SS is running out of money, and some deserving Seniors are forced to eat dog food 2 to 3 days a week.

    • “Legally blind” doesn’t mean total darkness. It includes very, very, very bad vision. It could include someone who sees a stop sign as just a red blob and can’t read the word from five feet away. Iowa was criticized for granting concealed carry permits to legally blind people. They could shoot well enough to hit an adult sized target at a few yards even if they couldn’t tell the difference between a relative and a stranger.

  14. What’s your millennial snowflake solution to that situation without the cops?

    That’s why he got punished for hateful conduct. It wasn’t about defending police, it was about referring to someone as a snowflake and using millennial as an insult. It’s a super strict policy, but it’s logical if you don’t want people to dehumanize others…

    You obviously are a very pro law enforcement type of person because Oregon police (especially Portland) are not good overall. They follow orders and are not on the side of the people.

    The man had paranoid schizophrenia, which makes him delusional, afraid and aggressive. If you do not understand that man is in a different world than yours things tend to lead to deadly force situations. You end up pushing the wrong buttons because you think he is a normal human being that understand what’s going on. He thinks you are the bad person that has been trying to murder him. So what would be the wrong thing to do when a crazy man thinks he is fighting for his life against an evil person?

    The situation is similar to being called on to help with a suicidal man. A lot of cops will end up escalating (intentionally or not) to the point they shoot the suicidal man dead. Then you shake your head and say, “What was the point?”

    Seeing how other countries police do things, it appears the U.S. is lacking a lot in the effort to choose higher quality humans and reducing the use of a gun. It looks like they are okay with hiring dumb and violent people to “protect” the public. As if it’s fine for cops to regularly get into high speed car chases or fire their gun when it endangers the public because they want to get their man dead or alive… In general, the standard for deadly force for police appears to have been set at “I was in fear.” In some places they can even use the emotion of fear to excuse a lot of things, including not stopping the murder of people.

    Now someone is going to react like a “millennial snowflake” because I said things they didn’t like or think is wrong. People can be sensitive on both sides.

    Personally, I think people should be able to say whatever they want however they want. You’re free to disagree or dislike it and retort. I suggest people stay away from disrespecting others until it is beneficially required because words can lead to actions and you want to be effective not dismissed. A lot of the time you could still have the same affect without using offensive language.

    By the way, everyone should stop worshiping the institutions that are designed to replace your 2nd Amendment and enforce politicians’ will upon you through violence of action. We should be advocating and championing self reliance and self preservation instead. Police and military are not what the founders wanted; they wrote the 2nd Amendment as a means to get rid of military and police, they figured it’s the best way to retain liberty.

    • Your one of the only commentators here that makes sense and types reason instead of idiocy.

      I agree completely. The police aren’t your friends, and will soon throw you in a rape cage for your 30 round magazines than support 2A rights out of principle.

      • Then why don’t YOU become a police officer and show us all how it SHOULD be done? Put up or shut up.

        • If you don’t have anything to add to the conversation please STFU. Copy/pasting the same lame sentence every time someone says something you don’t like about a cop isn’t interesting. You’re actually making cops look worse with your lazy, low IQ posts.

    • 2A meant to get did is police and military? Really?

      Forgive me, but “BwaaaHaaaaHaaaa! What a silly comment.

      • A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

        A militia is not a standing army, a national guard nor a marine corp. The Navy and Air Force are a different thing.

        The people have a natural right to keep and bear arms for the sake of defending life, liberty and property. The citizenry also have powers of arrest.

        Maybe a college kid can give you some more clarity using badly drawn cartoons in a video that doesn’t require reading. Or you could go read a bunch of papers written by the people that wrote the constitution, but that might be too much work considering most cops can’t recite the Bill of Rights.

    • In an ideal world, police would be well trained to handle every situation they encounter. Reality is that level of training is unaffordable. Training costs money. It’s not just the training; it’s taking officers off the street while they are being trained. The price is either higher taxes or fewer services. Departments can’t afford to train their officers to shoot straight let alone cope with mentally ill subjects. The Portland cop did pretty well. He hit his target with a few shots rather than dump his magazine hitting the homeowner with the misses.

      • “Training costs money. It’s not just the training; it’s taking officers off the street while they are being trained.”

        Wrong. Police departments are notorious for low hiring standards. Last I checked, Austin didn’t even require a HS Diploma to become a cop (apparently if you’d attended for awhile, even just in 9th grade, you were in). What you get with those kinds of lax standards (don’t know if Austin’s still doing this) are people who don’t read very well and have trouble understanding abstract ideas. The solution is not “more training” but rather a police force that’s well enough educated to know how to defuse situations without violence. All the “training” in the world is a poor substitute for simply being well educated.

  15. Golly gee MY take is why the f##k would you let some lunatic “homeless”cretin into your home?!?At 1AM! Get off my lawn!😤An argument about pot…duh.

  16. YAWN – the Paranoid Right is just as stupid as the Paranoid Left.

    Anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that Larson did NOT get his timeout for “correcting” or for “defending Portland Police” — he got his timeout for the gratuitous “millennial snowflake” remark.

    While “millennial snowflake” might well be true (and redundant) the simple fact here is that it was the phrase which triggered the automatic response by Twitter. No one at Twitter even bothered reading Larson’s tweet. The timeout was triggered automatically.

    • Yet the same language used by someone on the left would go unnoticed. I note that Louis Farrakhan and Linda Sasour are still allowed on Twitter. My guess is Twitter has a blacklist. If some nobody said this it would have made the cut but because this guy is a radio personality they give extra scrutiny to his tweets.

      • The kids on the internet flag things they don’t like so the control structure knows who to attack. They like to organize campaigns to attack people that are not on their side. Funny how a 14 year old can now change the world from his bedroom or while sitting in class.

  17. Seems to be another unfortunate incident of treating mental illness in the wild.

    Danger to themselves and/or others. Family often overlooks that “danger to others” part.

    Sorry. I can’t expect everyone to stop their life and put themselves and family at risk for the mentally ill.

  18. The cop did everything possible to help the man. The man obviously didn’t want helping. When are people going to understand that this isn’t a perfect world. This isn’t some mythical Shangri-La. Unfortunately SHIT happens, most of the time to good people. That mental defective could have just as easily injured or killed the the man who gave him the water and $10. In this case it justifiably happened to someone intent on suicide by cop. Good riddance, glad he’s off the streets, one way or another. The Cop did everyone a service no matter what some liberal asshat has to say about it. One less Sleezebag people have to step over going about their business on a daily basis.

  19. In the olden days, paranoid psychotics were lobotomized and sent home to their families. Harmless as lambs, but still somewhat functional. Now they are told that their mama is to blame for their condition, given meds that are soon abandoned and chaos results. Idiotic government at it’s worst.

    Hate is a natural, normal human emotion. Trying to suppress it will only make it simmer until an explosion occurs.

  20. This is exactly why I do not use or want twitter and scrapped my Square device as Jack Dorsey is a lunatic libtard with no decenc y and a spineless take on supporting our country. Next to Fuckerburg he is the most disgusting POS on the planet.

  21. OMG!!!!!
    Duh, one of the biggest cogs in the left wing media machine is trying to stiffle logic and reason. Abandon ship.

  22. What happened between the citizen being asleep on the stoop and the citizen pounding on the door begging to be protected from the government employee?

    What actions did the government employee take when approaching the citizen?

    What did the government employee say to the citizen?

    Why not start equipping patrol cars with $200 convex riot shields? Allow the government employee to pin the citizen against a wall or the floor. I know, that will cut down on the government employee’s chances to shoot someone.

    The life of a citizen, even a mentally ill one, is worth more than the life of a government employee.

    • Why don’t we equip every citizen with a riot shield so everyone can get the job done and do away with the police? What part of the non lethal alternatives not working don’t you get?

  23. Under the assumption that the article is factual (one may considered it suspect, owing to the siurce), it sounds like a clean shoot.

    People need to understand that is does not matter who the perpetrator is – their age – their weapon – their mental stability – if they’re operating with chemicals on board, all bets are off.

    The officer is trained to protect self and innocents. Anyone threatening the health & well-being of another, the officer(s) is/are justified in neutralizing the threat. They do so based on knowledge, skill, ability, and perceived level of threat.

    Assuming the article is accurate.

  24. If your still on twitter/facebook after all we’ve seen from them, you’re starting to cross the line between “Part of the solution” to join “part of the problem”.

  25. “but those charges were dismissed”

    And that is why he is dead today because a Liberal Leftist DA dismissed VALID CHARGES and allowed a violent person back out onto the streets. Remember these are the people who want to brand conservatives mentally unstable but REFUSE to forcibly treat the violent mentally ill.

  26. Lars, like the smarter better conservative that he his, invited the snowflake PSU advisor ontoi his show tomorrow to talk the case over and i other issues. As of 2130 pdx time tonight she accepted!

    Can’t wait to read/listen to that hour.

  27. Looks like the NYT covered this event, I will quote:

    You cannot bear arms, not even in your home, you must call police like ordering pizza anytime you need anything involving defending yourself or loud noises.
    That’s the common sense approach to this whole thing. You pay us a lot of your earnings from your wage-controlled job, in your foreign-controlled-socialist economy, let us protect you, uncomfortably-closely.
    Just leave it to professionals. They get lots of training, like, every week we completely change it up, do a complete 180. It’s okay, Theyre very flexible. We keep them on their toes. Errr, really, right on the edge.

    When the citizen calls you for room service, and the situation gets deadly, you really need to think about it before you use deadly force, it may in-fact be a situation which occurs on a day which is scheduled by the ministry to be a “cannot-defend-yourself”-day,.
    You just never know. Use caution.
    You must comply with the ever-changing loops of legal operating procedure to use force. If you fail to do this, the ministry of truth will broadcast your misdeeds as a lesson to others in a monolithic, synchronized press release, a packaged-power-hour with various editorial remarks and tweets from a sea of totally-independent, possibly-jewish news commentators and bloggers who will weigh judgement.

    Just bear in mind, they have absolutely no relation to one another, whatsoever.
    The only affiliation they have to one another is their love of the United States and its traditions. Any suggestion of a correlating affiliation will result in your immediate termination from employment, or else your department will lose DHS NIMS funding. And the other officers wont really like that, because everybody likes free stuff.
    Just watch your back against those citizens, theyll turn on you. You need to take care of yourself and your brothers in arms, because this is a war.
    It only seems coincidental that the mass-narrative is so tight against you because people, in general, just really feel that strongly about the situation and the concentration of synchronized commentary is a reflection of that. Dont worry though, they are simply making America great again by embracing great traditions like gun control to keep everyone safe, so that no one ever dies, and also, congressionally-voted subsidized importation of foreign populations under dhs work programs. Whose only purpose is to be nice to everyone and not offend people, especially foreigners and undocumented labor forces. These workers just want to do jobs which no one else will do. Like jobs which pay under minimum wage. Nothing to do with the fact that the federal government and states control wages and prevent businesses from publicly offering labor in the free market based on un-controlled, voluntary, value-based arrangements.

    These people we bus in and then give subsidies to, theyre important to the fabric of our democracy. They may not know english, may not have any awareness of the constitution at all, they may be citizens of foreign countries, but dag nabbit! Theyre Americans too!

    If there’s one thing we really need to fix this country, it’s more spanish-language labels on products sold in national franchises, which choke off independent businesses by undercutting them with price fixing monopolies.”

    -end quote

    Wow, It’s almost as if some group with vast understanding of group psychology and sociology is training the police and the population to be both antagonistic to one another and entirely dependent on an executive authority that has no face or accountability.

    Nahhh, can’t be. When trump talks about a deep state he’s right, but after the tweet is two hours old, it’s no longer relevant, and shouldn’t be looked at more closely.

    It’s not patriotic to ask: “who is the deep state, where are they, how much control do they have and why is subversive-global-government *not the ONLY* issue being discussed, all the time, by everyone? It’s kind of a big deal.”

    Nope, that would make people uncomfortable. The right thing to do is just keep paying my taxes, taking out loans, doing what I’m told, thinking what i’m told to think, and buying sh*t on credit. That’s what being American is all about. After all, the only thing that’s important to me is money. The amount of money that an activity generates is directly proportional to it’s individual and societal benefit. More money, more better. Winning. I’m winning because i’m not a loser. And everyone knows im winnign because I tell them on my government, err, i mean, totally private facebook and instagram. Ya, i’ll keep doing that. It’s worked great so far, it’s gotten us right-exactly to where we are today.
    If I keep doing this, it’s likely that I will get more of the same thing i’m having right now, and dah-dah, dah, dah, daaah. I’m loving it.

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