For those of you just joining us, TWHN BS stands for “Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken.” Or, in this case, “A Truer Question Has Never Been Asked.” You know; by anyone we know. And we know some people, I tell ya what. Anyway, our quote arrives via the experts at in their review of a NEO gun rest prototype sent to them, with love, for free, from By the way, I am SO getting one of these for display.

The geometry of the NEO Rest is somewhat unique [sic]. Although the NEO can be positioned in either direction (i.e. it is reversible), it is designed to have the long, narrow foot out front, on the target side. This opens up the entire area behind the rest, so there is no interference with the joystick’s movement. “But what about my vertical speedscrew?” you may be saying. Well, with the SEB NEO’s 43 MOA [minutes of angle] of vertical travel, you really don’t need a vertical adjustment screw on the shooter’s side of the rest when aiming your rifle. There ARE two adjustment screws on the left and right rear sides, but these are intended to level the rest only.


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