I’ve been studying for my Rhode Island handgun permit. It’s all basic stuff—provided you know a crashing bore from a dog muzzle (or something like that). As a long gun guy and recent convert to gun-nutitudeosityhood, I never contemplated my state’s law re: handguns. These restrictions will, I’m assuming, face the same judicial challenges awaiting all local and state gun control laws in this post Heller, pre-post McDonald Supreme Court ruling world. For example, unless a Row D’eyelander’s schlepping their handgun to or from home or work to or from a bonafide target range, it’s “still considered to be concealed,” even though it has to be in plain view. Well that sucks. The info arrived via a sheet shoved inside (but not fitting) the manual for the written Ocean State handgun test: “Set Your Sites on Handgun Basics.” Which includes this piece of sensible advice: “If you are hunting and down your game or make a terrific shot [without downing your game?], make certain your handgun is pointed in a safe direction before turning to receive congratulations.”


  1. If only the former Vice-President had lived in Rhode Island perhaps his hunting buddy would have been spared the brutal peppering.


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