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Revising earlier reports that two attackers were involved, authorities are now saying only one man was responsible for killing dozens of tourists and wounding dozens more at a Tunisian beach resort. Reportedly armed with a Kalashnikov initially concealed with an umbrella, it took an after-the-fact armed security team response to stop the killer from adding to his unarmed victim count . . .

This is the second attack on tourists in Tunisia this year. In March, an attack at the National Museum killed at least 22 people, all but one of them tourists, showing that those interested in committing politically-motivated murders have discovered a new vulnerability to the Tunisian economy — one that exploits a government-imposed handicap on the populace.

That’s because, per, “The regulation of guns in Tunisia is categorized as restrictive.”

While decidedly anti-gun, this project of the Sydney School of Public Health nonetheless, provides a valuable resource of gun laws around the globe. And those in Tunisia read in places like a Bloomberg wish list.

That starts with the fact that a right to gun ownership is not guaranteed, and those who wish to legally possess one must prove a “genuine reason” before obtaining a license. Naturally, “background checks” are required. And naturally, guns must be registered.

Not that mass murderers worry about any of that…

Still, Tunisia’s laws seem pretty comparable to — if not “better” than — those of nations many of the murdered tourists came from. Provided you can jump through all their hoops, the country does issue concealed carry permits. That’s something the five slain Japanese nationals could not have claimed. At issue is how many Tunisians are inclined to jump through those hoops.

Again, Per, as far as world rankings go, “In a comparison of the rate of private gun ownership in 178 countries, Tunisia ranked at No. 178.”

Mull that over for a minute.

The way things are, there’s not much more hotel management can do besides offer condolences over their dead and wounded guests, stay in touch with authorities and report any findings to the public.

As for those authorities, Tunisian security official Rafik Chelli came up with the obligatory, impotent excuse-making.

“He said authorities had a plan to protect the hotels during the month of Ramadan but this was an isolated operation that is difficult to counter against and there is never zero risk,” the AP report related.

Don’t expect those risks in foreign lands to be mitigated any time soon. Instead, expect domestic enemies to continue their subversive campaign to bring U.S. gun laws more into line with the way the rest of the world does things.

Also see: RF’s Thursday report on the attack in Tunisia as well as France and Kuwait.

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  1. One of the reasons I like to vacation in countries where I get to take my gat with me.

    • Where might that be Tom? I don’t know anywhere other than some places in the US that I can take my heater. Forget NJ, NY, MA, CT,RI, MD, IL, HI, CA, and of course OR…no reciprocity for anybody.

      • Although I wouldn’t recommend anyone ever setting foot here,

        CT has provisions for out-of-staters to get CT permits. There’s no difference between a resident and non-resident permit. My mother (NY resident) has one.

        So if unavoidable – you can prepare to carry in CT. NY has no such provisions, and I assume the rest of the may-issue no reciprocity states work that way.

    • You mean some of the nominally free states in the Union of Soviet Socialist States? If there are other countries where I can legally carry a handgun purchased in some states of the USSS, let me know.

    • Guatemala is the only country I know if that allows this for a commoner, they issue 2 week permits through DECAM.

  2. “We will make you safer by removing your ability to fight back, ” how the hell do you sell the sack of crap to anyone?

    • A concentrated disinformation campaign coupled with ineffective education and scare tactics. Also helps if the subject is a weak minded moron which, fortunately for them, leftists are.

      Also, spend a couple decades trying to convince society that violence in every form is bad, even in self defense and that safety is more important than liberty.

    • Nature abhors a vacuum and water seeks its own level. Likewise, evil violence abhors peaceful goodness. Evil is an active force and cannote exist inertly. It must interact violently with every available opportunity and it must seek out opportunities when none are currently available.

      Now, one may view that action as a compulsion, a relentless internal drive, propelling evil to accomplish its predetermined objectives against peaceful goodness. Alternatively, one may regard that action as a luring, an inescapable siren song, whereby evil is drawn unknowingly toward its fated, violent rendezvous with peaceful goodness.

      The specifics of those dynamics may well have enormous implications, just as the specifics of the interactions between matter and the forces of nature (strong & weak nuclear forces, magnetism, and gravity) do. However, right here, right now, in the relevant range of reality that is our time and place on this earth, all that matters is that evil exists and exults in inflicting pain and suffering upon peaceful goodness.

      It’s your right and responsibility to resist evil. Do so.

    • Most Liberals act like herd animals or bait fish. Their concept of self preservation involves staying in the middle of the herd or school and scattering when a predator comes along, sure it will catch some but They hope that They can get away, screw the slow or lame. The problem with that is when the herd is stampeded over the cliff or the trawler comes by with a net, none of them get away.

  3. They attack tourists because they’re obviously a very soft target plus the terrorists are getting a one-two punch in the process by destroying the local economy while keeping foreigners out of their country.

    • A two-fer. And the PO-PO said he cannot zero the risk. So folks you take warm sun and beaches and sprinkle a bit of lead and you have a Club Med VaCay.

      • Interestingly, I recall armed guards at a club med our family stayed at in Mexico, perhaps 25 years ago.

  4. But I thought that there were only mass murders with guns in the US……

    My president told me that. And then started singing.

    • I heard something similar on the news, they said that if we made our laws tougher (like, say Tunisia) this wouldn’t happen any more.

    • This never happens in other civilized countries with reasonable and sensible gun laws. Remember, Tunisia does not have dangerous and deadly Confederate flags that incites gun violence. Tunisia does have the religion of peace.

      • @Tom, and by extension to ALL posters –

        Remember that international “conference” the nations of the world had, a couple of years ago, about governmental control of the Internet?

        If I recall, it was held in Tunisia.

    • That’s right. If you like your peaceful vacation, you can keep it.

      Well, until Chief Injustice John Roberts takes and self-styled God-King Obama take it away from you, that is.

  5. Wasn’t there a recent TTAG article just stating that mass murderes *don’t* target “gun free zones?” Funny, I seem to recall that it’s very possible that these psychos *do* try to avoid places where armed resistance might be a factor.

    Sometimes I just feel that my own combat experience is more valuable than Internet speculation.

  6. The Tunisians need to consult B. Jeffrey Madoff, from the previous article, to improve their “policies.” Then they would be safe.

  7. expect domestic Democrat and RINO enemies to continue their subversive campaign to bring U.S. gun laws more into line with the way the rest of the world does things.

  8. On a not entirely unrelated note…. It is 500 days until the next Presidential election here in the US. After a week such as this past one, it seems decades away.

    That is a lot of time for enemies, foreign, domestic, elected, appointed, misguided and otherwise ill intentioned to run roughshod o’er the republic.

    We need to use this time to make our voices heard as never before. We need to participate in this process and use all legal and Constitutional means available to impact this election. What we cherish about this country is at stake. We owe it to our children and grand children to preserve, protect and defend it.

    Because the alternative is not a pleasant one.

    If we have to contend with four to eight years of hope and change, and it will be Ottawa looking to seal up a southern border.

    • What makes you think that Canada wants the conservative refuse from the USA? After all, most ammosexuals have limited career skills, and Canada has recognized gay marriage for a decade. That, and Canada has a popular national healthcare system.

      • Why do you keep bringing up gay rights? Gun rights and gay rights are not mutually exclusive, you realize?

        So, stop stereotyping and spare your righteous indignation.

      • So popular that Canadians die while waiting for diagnoses and treatments. Well, except those bold enough and rich enough to utilize veterinary diagnostic equipment illegally on people, then scamper of to the U.S. to pay cash for treatments.

        All Canada has is a system of freebies which wealth producers routinely circumvent and which greedy bottom feeders consider good enough for being “free.” You do notice the illegal aliens generally stop in the U.S., rather than continue onward to Canada, don’t you?

  9. The Michigan beaches of Lake Michigan are beautiful with lots of sand dunes and fresh water without sharks and jellies. Michigan is fairly good about gun laws and reciprocity so it is a much better place to go than Club Med for sun, surf, sand, and shotguns. The Dutch Reformed Christians around Holland and Grand Haven are much better to deal with than the religion of peace.

      • Swimming at Mount Baldy at the Indiana Dunes, Grand Haven beach, Bridgeman beach, and other places of the West Gold Coast, I never thought that the water in late Summer was all that bad. It sort of depends on what the currents and wind is dredging up from the depths that day. Superior is more interesting, although Whitefish Bay is beautiful.

        • Meanwhile, less than an hour drive from Houston, Galveston Island’s waters are a balmy mid 80s F. this time of year.

          Although, the County did just issue a high fecal matter warning for Galveston beach waters this week, but that’s supposed to be lifted by the July Fourth weekend. So that’s good.

      • Thanks to “climate change” it’s cold and wet-and the water is freezing as I speak-and it’s summer. Yeah Illinois sucks…blah blah blah…

  10. “In a comparison of the rate of private gun ownership in 178 countries, Tunisia ranked at No. 178.” Say Yes to Michigan.

    • As a former Southwest MI resident I generaly agree with your sentiment. Just stay away from the Detroit/Flint areas…

  11. Wow, I had just assumed it would have been more that one person for the 37 body count. Talk about free reign to do whatever evil you want till someone shows up to stop you, in comparison the Westgate mall in Kenya was 67 dead with 4 attackers..I imagine the Tunisian tourism industry is about to take a big giant steamer…

    “Again, Per, as far as world rankings go, “In a comparison of the rate of private gun ownership in 178 countries, Tunisia ranked at No. 178.””

    Fun fact, but I swore dear leader was telling us this didnt happen just last week…

    • On 22 July 2011, Anders Breivik killed eight people by setting off a van bomb amid government buildings in Oslo, then SHOT DEAD 69 participants of a Workers’ Youth League (AUF) summer camp on the island of Utøya. In August 2012 he was convicted of mass murder, causing a fatal explosion, and terrorism. Did this all by himself, in a gun-free zone!

      I am pretty sure that Norway is one of those “developed” nations with the kinds of gun laws the Democrat media and the President want to see in America.

      • Its one of the more relevant cases, maybe that’s why it gets mentioned the least. Between the Norway shootings and Mumbai, it really makes me wonder, statistically of course its pretty frakkin unlikely. But, when it happens, it will be the golden goose that provides the perfect opportunity and public frenzy for the antis to cook up something nasty.

        There are some of the NRA Life of Duty videos on youtube that cover the same topic I found pretty enjoyable and recommend if you havent seen them.

  12. Honest disagreement: I would say that the gunman/gunmen counted mostly on: 1. Surprise 2. Victims being in an open area, close together, with a speedy retreat nearly impossible (sand and beach chaises slow down any attempt at flight). 3. The fact that tourists rarely, if ever, have a means of fighting back.
    No gun laws could have stopped this attack, I think we all know that. But this situation could easily happen anywhere, even in a place where the citizens are free to own guns. To put a reverse spin on a classic phrase in our community, “This was a successful victim selection process”

      • I disagree. The point is a trend I’m I’m seeing more of lately in the pro-2A Community -a displacement of blame for gun-related incidents. The robbery of a Queens Uber driver is blamed on Uber’s new policy of disallowing CCW of passengers and drivers. NO – it’s because NYC doesn’t issue carry permits to people who aren’t wealthy and/or connected in some way.
        Likewise, if Tunisia’s laws were either stricter or more permissive, it would not have made a difference in this attack. The site selection was fiendishly brilliant for the concentration and vulnerability of the victims, and targeted foreigners who are 99.99% unlikely to be armed while vacationing.

  13. Ammosexuals need to be forcefully deported to a country with lax gun laws and where gay folks have no rights. You people will enjoy your new lives in the Republic of the Congo.

    • How would you “forcefully” deport said “ammosexuals?”

      Men with guns, perhaps?

    • You’re a boring troll. Lunchmeat’s more fun, he’s got the whole frothing, insane lefty thing down. You need some work on your rhetoric and insanity factor before we can take you seriously. Keep working at it. Not like you have a job or coherent thoughts to keep you busy.

      • You’ll have to excuse “God.” He’s still dizzy with joy over that Supreme Court decision.

    • But, but, but, you grabbers say we have gun lax laws that allow ammosexuals to buy assault weapons and massacre innocent people by the dozens whenever they “snap”. Normally, that is what you people say.

    • Seems like our troll, god, is a hate filled bigoted d*ckhead. You know, like the guy in tunisia with the ak and helpless victims in front of him.

      He and our troll god would have much in common.

    • Using Ammosexual as an insult isn’t as clever as you have convinced yourself. It also doesn’t have anywhere close to the amount of sting that you are hoping for.

      I do think it is worth considering the creation of a derogatory word that sounds as close to Homosexual as possible in the context of firearms. Not Hetero or any other kind of sexual. This is most likely laziness, could be a little overestimation of shock value or perhaps you are one of the people doing your part to associate insult with Homosexual while lacking the mental requirements to realize it.

    • And what are you? Some little snot nosed punk in mommy`s basement that I could easily slap around and you would cry like a baby. You are a boot licking governmentsexual who deifies the state.

    • Please continue to show homosexuals being anti freedom. Perhaps the pink pistols will pay you a visit for a very intimate session of weapons training.

    • You make me miss Sexual_Tyrannosaurus. At least his trolling was entertaining. Yours is just predictable and sad.

  14. There will be a successful Mumbai-style attack here. That attack will be the perfect excuse for the leftards to try to make self-defense impossible by taking guns away from good people. No, it’s not logical, but it is Democrat orthodoxy.

    • I think it depends on what they use. If it’s Hebdo style and they’re using grenades and real automatic AKs, not much of a case can be made against civilian guns. Generally, any Islamic terrorist shooting will be more about terrorism than guns. Media made barely a peep about the Texas art contest guys and their guns.

      The media will be too busy falling over themselves trying to be apologists for Muslims that the guns will go under the radar. Now, if it’s done by some white kid then yes, the media will go full Pravda.

      • Media made barely a peep about the Texas art contest guys and their guns.

        I believe that the media’s non-reaction to the Texas art contest shooting was tempered by its absolute, undisguised hatred of Pamela Geller. When it comes to media targets, she is topped only by the NRA.

  15. It always amazes me how the antis get away with using the supposed rarity of mass shootings as an argument against people carrying in public, then use the supposed ubiquity of mass shootings as an argument for disarming everyone.

    It’s *almost* as though they just want to disarm everyone and will use every event spun in any opportunistic way to advance their evil agenda. Curious, that.

    • That’s quite a good point. Leftist contradictory insanity at its finest.

      “The odds you’ll ever have to use a gun is just paranoid Hollywood fantasy.” And then in the same breath, “We’re the most violent nation in the world with 100 shootings every day!”

      I’ll have to remember this one.

    • It’s *almost* as though they just want to disarm everyone and will use every event spun in any opportunistic way to advance their evil agenda.

      Ya think?

  16. Again, we see the advantage for the success of evil intent. An entire country that is a virtual gun free zone. As fisherman go where fish abound so go the vile hunters of the defenseless innocent. Here we go … I just stated the obvious. Col. Cooper said something to the effect of, “You can’t defeat evil by running from it.” You also cannot defeat evil with a “gun free” zone.

    David, thanks for your report. TTAG is extremely fortunate to have your services.

  17. If making Tunisia a gun-free zone saves one life, so what if it costs 22? It’s worth it.

  18. The TPP is a way forward for Bloomberg to make the US like Tunisia. Amazing so few people were killed given there was absolutely nothing to stop the assailant. An organized planned attack could kill hundreds before authorities arrive. What a shame and at the same time, what good fortune as it could easily be much much worse.

  19. Great article. Gee, it is almost as if mass shooters pick large groups of unarmed people as easy targets or something.

  20. “Domestic enemies………”. Absolutely correct. Law makers and law breakers hand in hand to outlaw firearms. Make the world a safer place for those that could care less about laws.

  21. Obama’s reply to the Tunisia massacre: “For too long, Tunisia has been blind to the unique mayhem that gun violence inflicts upon this nation. Once again the shooter had no prob”(psh, psh..*asst. stops him* Mr.President, Tunisia already has the strictest gun laws out of 179 other Countries) “Hmmmm?(cough) Um well so, aah God n Such, hmm? Oh ya; Aaaaaamazzzzing Graze How…… “

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