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TTAG Writer Jon Wayne Taylor Named CEO of Fighter Design. 10% Discount for TTAG Readers!

 Fighter Design featherlight rifle sling (courtesy
I’ve been a customer of Fighter Design for a couple of years. I wear their Airflow pants. I use their Magnetic Retrofit Kit silent velcro adaptors. I use their featherlight rifle sling [above]. Most of their products began life as a specific request from active duty units in the Special Operations community; many of their products still have that focus. Several others have been made for the civilian market . . .

including Fighter’s Combat K-9 gear. A few weeks ago FD asked me to come board as CEO. I jumped at the chance – if only to get their kit at discount prices. To celebrate, I’m giving 10 percent off any Fighter Design product for TTAGers. Just put “TTAG” as the code during checkout and get 10 percent off your entire order. I’ll run the code till next week. And stop reviewing their products now. Nick?


  1. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

    Well, I do need new pants…

  2. avatar LKB says:

    The Airflow pants are the bomb . . . wore a pair yesterday at a shoot yesterday (with the folks from Asgard National Training Group, and with JWT) on a blisteringly hot Texas summer day. They *really* work.

    They’d also be great for fishing or other summer outdoor activities where you want to keep the sun off but want to stay cool.

  3. avatar twency says:

    $100 for a pair of pants ($90 after discount)? They seem very nice and all but, um, well, I guess if I can’t say something nice I shouldn’t say anything…

    Congratulations, JWT!

    1. avatar defensor fortismo says:

      Try la police gear, they’re selling the same design from vertx for 40 dollars

      1. avatar jwtaylor says:

        The $40 pair is actually an older and discontinued design but still a great pair of pants.

        1. avatar defensor fortismo says:

          The multichannel mesh sticks out like a sore thumb, but other than that, I honestly can’t tell the difference from the ones with matching mesh

  4. avatar Robert W. says:

    SERE belt on sale? Hell yeah. The SERE kit looked handy too.

    Not that I know how to use it or anything…

    Whoops, would you look at that, my fingers were crossed for a minute there 😉

    1. avatar jonwaynetaylor says:

      And with parachute stitching and a real Cobra buckle you could tow your car with it. That’s not hyperbole. I was wearing mine at Shot Show and showed it to a cop that was there. I showed him the pocket and he asked “if that’s where you’d store your weed”? I said “no, its’ where I store my handcuff shims….oh hell.” JWT

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    Congrats JWT!

  6. avatar Paul53 says:

    They sell a ball for $7. Plenty of use left in the ones I’ve got.

  7. avatar Grindstone says:

    Is the tacticool market still that profitable? I thought it had burned out now that the war fever has died down.

    Also, I see a LOT of claims “our stuff is used by SOF!” Is it that “a couple guys bought our gear” or does it actually have an NSN and a contract?

    1. avatar JWTaylor says:

      No NSNs yet but we are working on it. Wouldn’t that be nice. …Not sure if that is the measure of use though since every other soldier I knew carried a Camel Back years before they were issued. That said we are sold in over 150 AAFES and growing.
      I was surprised at the staying power of the Tacticool market myself, and the company will continue to produce products aimed at .mil and LE. But we will focus our products far more on the outdoor market. Airflow pants and shirts may have started with the idea of keeping soldiers cooler, but I feel much more comfortable in them on a boat dock with a beer than I do in the desert with ruck.

      1. avatar Grindstone says:

        Hm, might have to check my Exchange and see if your stuff is here. I know the shelves are overflowing with 5.11 gear.
        I used to make a fair bit of cash trading milsurp locally and online. Airsofters were by far the best market.
        Focusing on outdoor products seems to be prudent.

  8. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Congratulations Jon!

  9. avatar Accur81 says:


  10. avatar rlc2 says:

    Wishing you much success Jon!

  11. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    My wife’s lap dog could use a tacticool collar, the paracord one I braided just isn’t cool enough! Congrats JWT

  12. avatar Joe Robinson says:

    Fighterdesign site is down. How can I buy their products?

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