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VA Special Session

Following the mass murder in VA beach where a city employee murdered 12 people, disgraced Virginia governor Ralph Northam announced his intention to “take on” the Republican controlled state legislature by forcing a debate on a package of gun control measures. Included in Northam’s suggested measures are a ban on suppressors, universal background checks, assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and banning firearms in city buildings.

The suppressor ban is pretty shockingly daft, as all the reports from the shooting indicated there were no questions about the presence or location of gunshots. The suppressor did nothing to affect the killer’s lethality, and yet, here we are. The “emergency” special session is set for the 9th of July. The main question is how many Virginia Republicans will bend the knee.


Municipalities Hate State Supremacy

Dovetailing nicely with our continued discussion of the push-and-pull of state vs. local governments, this week the city of Cincinnati joined with other cities in a lawsuit over the state’s new supremacy law, which prevents local governments from setting stricter-than-state gun laws.

Ohio’s House Bill 228 is set to go into effect March 28, and it attempts to prevent overzealous municipalities from making their towns into landmines for gun owners. The city governments argue this violates their home rule authority. This is really a matter of Ohio’s state constitution, but supremacy provisions are commonplace. We’ll find out with time whether this is municipal saber rattling or an actual claim.

In Florida, a Leon County judge heard arguments in a similar challenge to the state’s supremacy clause yesterday. The cities and counties make the profoundly ironic contention that the state supremacy law violates their free-speech rights, as well as separation of powers.

This, of course, completely ignores the fact that Florida’s constitution Article I, § 8(a) provides “The right of the people to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves and of the lawful authority of the state shall not be infringed[.]” We can expect a ruling in the coming weeks.


Connecticut’s Scared of Ghosts

Joining Washington in the state ghost-hunter club, Connecticut governor Ned Lamont signed into law today two new gun laws. The first is a ban on”ghost guns,” reflecting the typical alarmism surrounding unserialized homemade guns, and the other requires handguns to be locked in a safe which is then locked in the trunk or glove box when the vehicle is parked.

Governor Lamont is expected to sign “Ethan’s law,” regulating the storage of firearms at homes where children might be present, next week.

Delaware Gov. John Carney (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Delaware’s Safe Storage Law Hits the Books

Today Delaware governor John Carney signed a law similar to “Ethan’s law,” subjecting parents to prison time if firearms are stored in places where minors might access them. As I’ve always said, being safe with firearms around children is important, but blanket prohibitions will only worsen the relationship of police and the people in their precincts. It’s unlikely these laws will have any impact on the incredibly rare incidences of negligent firearm discharges in their respective states.

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  1. I actually do have a bolted down “biometric” lockbox in the locked trunk of my cars (and one concealed in a custom space under the carpet of my Navigator) where I keep weapons and ammo other than my EDC, just seems like common sense to me considering that guns are stolen hundreds (thousands?) of times a day from parked vehicles including cop cars (happened at least twice in Fl recently) why would anyone even need to be told to safely procure some of their most likely to be stolen items…

      • Steal one of mine 1st thing that happens after about 30 seconds is the fuel pump shuts off and a video camera hidden under the dash starts recording, 2nd thing the horns go off and all lights start flashing, 3rd a hidden siren alarm goes off and the Lojack starts broadcasting it’s location.. Finally (if you are lucky enough) the cops get to you before I do… Yeah cars get stolen, and the assholes that steal them get……………. And that is just my 03 Cobra (Terminator) they would never even get in the Navigator, let alone get it started, electronics are a wonderful thing if properly applied and RFID chips can be put to a number of good uses. Just like my Ultra Classic Electraglide.. If the key fob ain’t near it you won’t start it, and if you have the fob but not the 6 digit code on my security system you are still not going to start it, true enough men could load it in a truck (860 lbs) but a mercury switch would set off the lojack as soon as it’s disturbed.. I worked hard for these toys and even harder to make them different from everyone elses so I’d like to keep them…

  2. I’ve been seeing quite a bit of anti-Trump comments among the Pro 2A crowd lately. It’s entirely warranted given his stupid comments on red flag laws, suppressors, rifle age limit; and possibly his stupid actions on bump stocks, although I personally believe this was inevitable after the Las Vegas shooting.

    Many people are advocating for voting for a third party candidate which has no chance of winning, but has a very real chance of giving the democrat candidate an advantage. In the real world, they are advocating for the democrat candidate. This, they say, is their way of letting their voice be heard.

    How about this? Let your voice be heard BEFORE the election. When constituents are vocal enough, they can alter the policy trajectory of a candidate. Ask yourself how it will help anything for the Trump Administration and current republican congressional members to hear your voice because you helped to elect a democrat President of the United States. “We’ll show them! F*** Trump!” Show them now. If you want something changed, then try to change it. How many of these complainers are contacting their representatives, or firearm lobbying groups? Speaking of firearm lobbying groups, why doesn’t the NRA step in and tell Trump how stupid he sounds?

    No, we won’t be going back to the “do nothing” Obama years if Biden, et al wins. Obama was very calculating in his politics. Did you notice how he became more overtly extreme in his second term, especially toward the end? His first priority was getting reelected and smooth talking independents. Very few democrats are even pretending to be moderate these days. If a democrat administration can’t enact new gun restrictions, then they will do their best to create shortages, tax and regulate ammo, encourage private company self gun regulation, etc. But the single largest threat to the 2A, in my opinion, would be a progressive federal court. Think about the implications of that.

    • If everyone voted libertarian or constitution party it wouldnt matter. I could make the argument that because you keep supporting trump you are giving the dems power. He expanded government and infringments. Trump is just a democrat. Stop pretending he is not. No one is advocating for the dems but you. You are misrepresenting the people who no longer support trumps arguments.

      • The libertarian party is simply liberal now, however. They support open borders and gun control too.

        • I don’t disagree. I have found them intolerable especially after 2016. There are other candidates in their primaries though. I’m more of saying we need to make a real change or we will keep making excuses for the next Republican who infringes again.

          it seems to really never end. I would rather lose an election or two and try to lift up other options than pretend we didn’t lose because someone called a republican is in office who acts like a dem when it comes to rights and constitution.

        • The libertarians want all drugs legalized and everything else is secondary. There isn’t a cohesive party which can call itself the Libertarians, more like a dozen factions. None have serious candidates or hold principle offices. How many Senators, HR, Governors, or even Mayors are card carrying Libertarians? 3? 4?
          Every self declared Libertarian I’ve encountered has vastly different ideas from the last one, with drugs being the one thing in common. I used to think they were on to something but one look at their hero Ron Paul’s record says a lot. 20 years in Congress talking and he only co sponsored one bill. His son has done more than he ever did. Rs and Ds have morphed over the years into something far different than they ever were 30 years ago but the Ls never gelled into anything close to a mature party. They are very good at complaining about everything.
          So go ahead and vote for that big L and maybe the victorious democrat will legalize weed for medicinal use in your town.

    • “although I personally believe this was inevitable after the Las Vegas shooting.”

      And yet Trump alone is responsible. You’d think other pols would have dog-piled onto the effort or tried to claim credit, if it was so damn inevitable. The only thing I can recall, is that Hogg dumbass claiming the president had bent to his whims after Parkland (when the ban had been underway since shortly after Vegas, of course). Even many of the Dems back then didn’t think he was serious, though –because why the hell would he unilaterally ban the guns of his Republican constituents? Truly the “stupid party,” which I guess is maybe still better than the “insane party?”

    • I did just that, and sent an e-mail to Whitehouse.gov. With Trump visiting the Queen right about now, he probably will not see it right away. And then, I received a “your e-mail has been received” reply, so God only knows if Trump will even see that. It might get trashed (albeit, Internet style) before he ever sees it. I gave my firm thoughts on his seemingly, anti-Second Amendment stance that he has been taking as of late. Whether Trump ever reads it, or bothers to act on it, is the million dollar question.

    • I tried keeping my minors safely stored at home – but they “aged out” and moved away…

  3. My father had the best firearms storage tool ever. The side of his engineer boot. Neither me or my brother EVER touched the various loaded guns without his permission. That were hanging in open gun racks and standing in corners. We were both taught at an early age the NO Touchy Rule. Which included other items in and around the farm. This Rule was taught and learned by many children of my generation. With amazing effect. It rarely required additional teaching. Unfortunately in today’s parent as friend society. Many children are never taught the NO Touchy Rule as well as many others and wind up DEAD because of it.

    • Yup. The very first gun lesson I taught my son many years ago was the usual safe handling and the “Four Rules”. Standard stuff.

      The second lesson was allowing him to later shoot a gopher I had ferreted out of its hole. With a .22 Short cartridge, and close enough to see the gopher clearly so my son could see first-hand the consequences of pulling a trigger. Even though he got a clean shot, the gopher spasmed and convulsed a bit before expiring, and my son lost all sense of youthful bloodlust to shoot just for the sake of shooting something. It was only a gopher I was going to kill with a shovel anyhow, but through a 10-year-old’s eyes, it was a sober lesson that guns yield the power to take a life, and should always be treated with respect.

      • That would probably be breaking more than a few laws up my way. Luckily New Hampshire is nearby as that is essentially my plan for the kids growing up.

      • That is the same lesson I learned at age seven. After putting a .22LRHP through a gopher, and then examining the inside out remains, it didn’t take words for me to know that this thing wasn’t a toy.
        Maybe that’s why my Dad trusted me to carry his Ruger Bearcat around on my hip at the age of 12.

        • My NO Touchy Training started before I can remember. By the time I have memories. The lesson had already been learned. My experience with firearms started around 5 or 6. Going hunting with my father and his friends. For them it was a matter of putting food on the table and was never considered a sport. I understood the killing effect of firearms early in life and why it was necessary. Safety was always practice and instilled in the children (boys and girls) who went along on the hunt. Usually our job was to collect the dead prey. Where we were then taught how to field dress. For later consumption. Firearms were an integral part of everyday life. I shot my first firearm at around 6 years of age. A 22 caliber rifle. I also took my first rabbit around that time. Firearms in those days were as common as cell phones are today. Almost every household had at least one. As a matter of fact more houses had a firearm than a colored TV or in some parts of the country a telephone.. Children were better reared, better mannered and expected to behave. So I put little credence in the nonsense being spouted by “barnbwt”. Based on his numerous comments. He comes off as just another Anti 2A interweb troll. Keep Your Powder Dry.

        • I have a long history here with barnbowl. I’ve tried to out him as a troll many times, but he just doesn’t fit the profile. I think he’s serious about believing in the 2ndA, but just can’t seem to get his head around the difference between facts and his own opinions. It seems to me he’s one of the many who went to a govt school and was taught that whatever he thinks up, is a FACT, simply because he thought it up. This, OFC, leads to lots of his strange behavior.
          I still have the first gun I ever fired (at age 6), a Remington model 121 pump. I inherited it when my Dad died. It still shoots great too. I can cut twigs with it at 15 yards, and hit clay pigeons at 100.

    • There were far more gun accidents per capita back then than today, however. Far too many kids, didn’t learn those lessons. Now, that ‘per capita’ figure is up for some debate, since we’ve never had a good handle on the number of folks that own guns, not to mention that folks own a lot more guns today & store them differently. Personally, I think we do a better job today, as far as safety; I also think that public schools have been the real ball-dropper when it comes to teaching kids gun safety all along. Schools teach kindergartners not to talk to strangers, they should teach them what to do if they come across a gun. Middle school teaches kids how to make a budget (or used to) it should teach them basic gun handling safety practices and familiarize them with the most common laws.

  4. Shame on whoever wrote this. In regards to VA, the speaker has already said the Republicans would advance their own plans to send to the governor’s desk, rejecting his gun control measures.

  5. Banning firearms in city buildings, LMAO. These people were helplessly executed in their cubicles while the police pounded helplessly on locked doors, and the response is to make double plus sure they can’t defend themselves? Eat a dick, Northam. Nobody is obligated to be murdered for your bullshit sensibilities.

  6. Talks of bans are unsurprising. People might remember that right after Columbine there was talk of banning trenchcoats in schools even though, IIRC, the shooters didn’t even wear trenchcoats to the shooting.

  7. Darkman hit the nail on the head. Parents and our liberal education system do not teach kids anything, No respect, no morals, no nothing.

  8. The cities and counties make the profoundly ironic contention that the state supremacy law violates their free-speech rights, as well as separation of powers.

    Governments have not rights. They have powers. And those powers have limits.

    • Yes. County commissioners and city councilors are free to say whatever they want as individuals, but passing laws that violate rights is not speech. They can pass resolutions and proclaimations, or make speeches about their dislike that their constituents have freedom, but they shouldn’t be able to take action.

  9. There is Zero evidence the shooter’s use of a suppressor had any influence whatsoever on the outcome of the shooting. A reduction in dB from 165dB to 130-135dB is a hell of a lot louder than a nail gun (100dB). Suppressors are highly regulated already. They’re an NFA item, and as such require a much more extensive background check than the NICS for a firearm. They’re also heavily taxed to own $200 for each. This is the first shooting in recent memory involving a suppressor. They’re just not commonly owned.
    None of the Guv’s suggested legislation would have prevented the attack. None of it. Someone intent on murder and mayhem doesn’t give two shits that a government building is a gun free zone. He passed extensive background checks, so there’s nothing that would add. Magazine Capacity bans don’t do diddly squat (we learned that at Parkland). He didn’t use the dreaded AR 15 (honestly really) so your assault weapon ban would do nada. Ban Semi-Autos? Watch a practiced revolver shooter reload a revolver with a speedloader, the difference in time is tenths if a second. No, this A-Hole Governor is a typical Democrat knee jerk reaction to a tragedy. Why was this SOB so angry? Did his government job screw him over? Did HR handle his termination correctly? Lots of questions. You know what would have stopped him? Another city employee with a valid concealed carry weapon. Nothing but that would have stopped this, but I guarantee, that’s against City Policy.

    • I wondered instantly and still, how many fired back? You’re telling me a gun free zone, again? When are we going to learn, indeed?

  10. The state thugs will enforce these illegal and unconstitutional laws with happiness and glee. That’s the real travesty. Politicians can pass whatever silliness they want, but they mean nothing if the police refuse to enforce them. We need decent sheriffs, such as the ones that have said they will refuse to enforce laws that they know are illegal and unconstitutional. Too many LEO’s are nothing but criminals, though, and willingly enforce such non-sense.

  11. Our VA state senate has a bare one vote Republican majority – and that from a tie breaker coin flip. The majority of state and national offices have gone Democrat due to the Washington suburbs population skew – VA, another colony of DC. We have a primary coming up this next Tuesday. Get out and vote. Look up the Virginia Citizens Defense League website for candidates who have responded to their questionnaire and are rated firearms friendly. I know of at least one Loudon County Republican who is anti-gun. This will be a dangerous election because it was only the Senate that prevented the 63 gun control bills last year from coming out of committee. If the legislature flips fully, I expect the first day in January we will see a huge omnibus bill introduced that will institute red flag, mag limits, semi-auto rifle and shotgun regulation or bans, certainly “assault style” rifle bans, “assault style” pistol bans, registration/permission, CCW fee and qualification changes, one gun a month, age restrictions, universal background check, ban private sales or transfers, storage requirements, silencer bans, ammo restrictions, even range restrictions. No grandfather periods or prior ownership conditions, no exceptions, all rights stripping felony penalties. These are all things they tried piecemeal last year hoping to get one or two through. If it’s one thing anti-gunners have learned recently, it’s that when power is achieved, go really big, really fast, no increments. Never let a good VA Beach bloodletting go to waste. Gov. Blackface will sign anything Moneybags Bloomberg tells him to sign. We will be Cali or NJ before the first quarter is out. Vital off year election.

    • The next election cycle will seal VA fate. Too many imported liberals and illegals. In a few years it will be Maryland II.

  12. The next time a cop , park ranger, or other state employee loses a gun from a car I’ll be sure to watch the perp walk on TV.

    Not gonna happen.

    The car storage law just allows arrests on the side of the road followed by gun destruction and a news story meant for the other gun owners. Statists love it.

    Delaware is rapidly moving even further left as the democrats take over government. Won’t be long until the First State removes the rifle from it’s flag right after they remove guns from their residents.

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