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Zeitgeist barometer reports that, “Gisele Bundchen, Jaime King, Gwen Stefani, and Miranda Kerr are among the celebrity moms who have helped glamorize breastfeeding recently — and now, with her buzz-inducing mom-and-baby photo image included in a spread for Glamour, cover girl Olivia Wilde has joined their proudly lactating ranks.” That “buzz-inducing” photo appears after the jump. What does this have to do with guns? TTAG reader DC has an idea . . .

Open carry?

“I’ve noticed the MSM have been ramping up the acceptability of public breastfeeding. Perhaps if we could get a photo of someone breastfeeding whilst carrying an AR15 in a Chipotle . . . Plus no diaper in a public place. That must be a violation of of one of the four rules of child ownership.”

Is he right?

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    • Fresh milk at the Diner.
      MMM…… That looks like a VERY Tasty menu Item!
      Hope there is enough to go around.

      Milk, it does the body good!

  1. The outrage that would follow would be unheard of but if they are being safe it shouldn’t be a problem (but it would for Shannon and her buddies).

  2. LOL! Attractive woman breastfeeding-not like the over the hill hippie gal in Texas topless. Cue the misogyny talk…

  3. He is right… celebrities can legitimize anything.

    Gun control advocates have effectively mobilized supportive celebrities to legitimize their agenda. Gun rights advocates haven’t been doing nearly as good a job at that since Charlton Heston left us. I’m not necessarily a huge fan of the open carry tactic; but celebrities speaking eloquently about 2A rights, especially celebrities that younger Americans identify with, would be very beneficial.

    • And to be even more efficient to the public, it should be done by some Pro-Gun democrats celebrities, as well as republicans, but mainly women!! (And also have the voice of the brilliant young sharp shooters such Lena Miculek, Tori Nokana, Julie Golob, Jessie Duff, Katie Francis, etc…).

      Just look at “The View” video we saw lately, defending the right to have a gun to defend themselves; I’m sure it did make a way better positive impact on the public mind than any NRA/Pro-Gun advocates.

      I’m convinced it would be the best way to avoid any non-sense argument about mysogyny from the MDA.

  4. Robert buddy……..if you want hot chicks back on TTAG just say so. LOL! This seems like a bit of a stretch but, I’m good with it.

  5. This is gonna be another 200 post Cowgirlup summoning troll hunt. Oh, well.

    I’m cool with breast feeding while armed. As long as it’s Olivia Wilde.

    • Well, come on, now … I’ve seen that (even paid for that) before, although it wasn’t an infant’s bare butt, and mostly it was drinks served on the table, but, hey, just sayin’ …

  6. I agree that (while it’s ok to advertise that we’re ‘real’ people) that an OC Rally should not look like try-outs on Mystery Men.

  7. If celebrities normalize things, why don’t we raise some money, and pay a few to carry? I mean, if multi-million dollar stars are doing ads for $10 box hair color, surely they would carry for the right price?

    • Why raise more money for them? They’re already being paid to do it in the movies and TV.

    • Perhaps hire Paris Hilton. Seems she is a master of getting the attention dimwit press for rental appearances at clubs and such.

      • “rental appearances”….. I think I know another word for that, but I can see where “rental appearances” can be a useful term when in mixed company.

    • Hey, how about me? I’m famous to myself, my wife even likes me! And I work cheap, just give me a new gun to carry each month and we’re good to go! A legend in my own mind!

  8. i half suspect DC might be writing this in an ironical sense, trying to demonstrate why open carry supporters who are against breastfeeding in public are actually hypocrites, but i dunno. i dont recall any of his/her musing in the comments here about OC. just kinda thinking out loud. maybe im just in tin foil hat mode. please correct me if i am mistaken.

    so now heres a brief paragraph about my opinion of public breastfeeding! lambaste me as you will.

    a mother feeding her infant is miraculous, beautiful and natural. but so is a husband making love to his wife, and we dont allow that to occur in booths at diners. in my little bitty opinion, exposing ones nakedness in full view of the public isnt acceptable behavior, and should rather be done in privacy and modesty, not out of shame, but prudence and consideration.

  9. They can breastfeed in public but don’t act indignant when I look.

    Or if I don’t look because you’re unattractive.

    • Why would you want to look? It’s disgusting.

      Breastfeeding in public should be completely legal but as a business owner, you should have the ability to ask a breastfeeder to leave the same as you could someone who is publicly picking their nose.

      • But, but, but…it’s a RIGHT! How dare any shop owner try and stifle a God-given right! What next, “no breast-feeding” signs at Applebee’s? It is un-American I tell ya!

        • 😉 I know your post is tongue in cheek…

          But business owners should be able to ask people with guns to leave, too. In essence, nobody’s right trumps anyone else’s.

          I have a right to carry a gun, and that business owner has a right to ask me to leave.

          My issue is with legislation that makes tiny and easy to miss signs legally binding.

        • When you guys not in Texas discover that a particular restaurant owner asks you to leave if he sees your gun, you need to regularly allow him a glimpse between the entrée and dessert. I’ll bet his objections would end in a week. “Sorry, I’ve been asked to leave. Can’t stop to pay.”

  10. Farago just dropped the Chipotle bomb sarcastically. Lol rev, even the site owner is subtly calling you out…

  11. All 4 of my kids were breast fed. It was inevitable that they would have a bowel movement during the feed. Hope she didn’t have a “hand-full”.

  12. Surprisingly, the two are accurate analogies of each other.
    Some people are scared/repulsed at the thought of firearms/bare breast in public, and sought to prohibit people from doing so freely in public areas such as parks, sidewalks, etc.
    Of course I have no problem if a restaurant doesn’t want breast-feeding inside, that’s their choice. The same way businesses can ask customers to not OC inside them.
    It’s all about how people do this. Some OCers are polite, call ahead to confirm where they will eat and such, don’t somehow become racist (really? come on).

  13. Breast feeding never worked very well for the wife and kids. First one would not latch and the second one fed so voraciously that she drank mom dry. So…guess who got to bottle feed the kids at all hours of the night? It was not Mommy. I suppose this is what enrages me about Shannon and her ilk acting as only moms can feed and raise babies and so only they are qualified to discuss gun control. I bet I interacted more with my kids than Shannon ever did. She probably had a nanny. We need to start Fathers demand Firearms.

    • If I died, and was reincarnated, and Dolly Parton was my mother, with my luck, I’d probably be a bottle baby

      • Nice, Gunr! You’re taking me back. I haven’t heard Dolly Parton jokes since I was a kid, when they were popular. I’m not sure anyone under 30 even knows who she is.

  14. That is an entirely staged and composed photo – its a marketing campaign with little bearing on reality, using emotion to as the cement in the brick-by-brick building of an agenda. In short it works, and its what the MSM does best, but its success entirely driven by popular consensus and acceptance of the imagery being invoked. In other words, our agenda has no such support on which to build such a campaign.

  15. If you bring up the differences between men and women as a man you are a misogynist, sexist, pig. If a woman brings up the differences between men and woman you are a misogynist, sexist, pig. There’s no way to win and all we can do is smile and exit politely. Unfortunately, if we want to exercise our rights they have far more options than just smile and exit politely.

    • Well, we gotta take a break from guns sometimes! Things could be worse, that could be Hillary Clinton up there!

      • Careful what you hope for. Can’t unring that bell. Might gouge you eyes out and that hurts your shootin.

  16. Sorry to hear that Indiana Tom…my wife practically drowned my 2 sons. And even my ex breastfed my much older sons. I never had to be up at night. 🙂

  17. Eh. Public breast-feeding in none of my business — or anybody else’s for that matter — just as my decision to openly carry a gun is none of their business, either. I’ll just politely look away from the former.

    Bothered by the latter? Don’t be afraid to come alongside n’ weigh anchor, shipmate. I’ll be happy to discuss it with you. Civilly.

    If not, then may we at least be able to agree to disagree and move on with our lives. Like civil people do. Is tat really too much to ask? Is it?

  18. Start with identical pictures to the pro-breastfeeding ads, yet with a holstered pistol / revolver on their hip. Then progress to long guns later.

  19. Who doesn’t like boobs? Half the world has ’em, the other half has seen ’em, and the kids gotta eat.

    Is this the OC discussion we need? Absolutely. Not in terms of ensuring that the boobs of the OC advocate are attached to an attractive women (as opposed to a 400lb man with a boonie hat) – but in terms of celebrity endorsement, or celebrity activism. Sorry, but millenials don’t care about Clint Eastwood or the late Charlton Heston.

    I was thinking just this morning about movies or shows where responsible gun use was shown and wasn’t part of the master action plot. Not talking about Walking Dead or Falling Skies or Bruce Willis shooting down a helicopter with a car, but just normal people who wind up needing a gun.

    I could only think of one – in Couple’s Retreat a friend “breaks in” to a friend’s house in the middle of the night, the lead character here pulls a pistol from a biometric safe and investigates the burglar (to find out (lol) it’s his friend in need of help). We need more of that.

  20. …and then that baby craps all over your hand, your food, the public table, and your 1000$ dress, so you can fluster/freak out in response while your shirt is down, all after the baby was probably getting sunburnt and/or frozen/cooked in the weather on the way in…and I’M the jerk for thinking both clothing was invented thousands of years ago (onesies, even) for a reason. Freaking celebrities.

    Odds on the poor kid getting fed ’till age 8?

  21. A female should feed her offspring ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYWAY she feels it necessary!
    A Citizen should be armed ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYWAY he or she feels it necessary!
    It’s called NATURE!
    Get over it!
    End of discussion.

    • Interesting view.

      I suppose I should also feel free to take a whizz in public, too? It’s natural, after all.

      • Well, that is unsanitary unless you have a sewer handy, and that was the normal situation in Japan when I lived there in the early 60s. And yes, you just relieved yourself in public. Think anybody watching has never relieved him/herself? You’re right! It’s natural, and everybody does it, shame or embarrassment has to be learned.

        Oh, in the late 80s, I frequented S. Korea and Japan, both with unisex (same as public) bathrooms.

  22. If you want to breastfeed while in public, that’s your business. If you want to carry a firearm in public and are allowed to do so, that is also your business. In either case, expect backlash from people that don’t approve, and in the case of breastfeeding, don’t expect people not to look or stare, especially if you are good looking to start with.

    For god sakes, put a diaper on that baby please when in public. I am quite sure no one wants to see it pee or crap all over you while they are eating.

    Thank you!

  23. Hot celeb ladies breastfeeding = effective PR.

    Fat, obnoxious dudes open carrying = terrible PR.

    The obvious fix?

    Hot celeb ladies open carrying while breastfeeding = DOUBLE WIN!

    Let it be known that not only am I pro-gun, I’m pro-b00b. All my kids were breast-fed.

  24. Actually…the article rather well makes my point.

    A woman who strips to the waist and lets it all hang out to nurse to “make a statement” is an attention whore every bit as much as the bozos in kilts kitted up with their GoPros and slung long guns.

    On the other hand women who nurse in public modestly are simply providing for their nursing infant, most of them know how to “open carry” their “equipment” in a manner that raises no concerns and is not patently and blatantly little more than a PR stunt.

    • I think we need to take a vote and have you appointed the official standard bearer for “attention whore”.

    • I’m looking at the picture posted above, and I have no idea where you are getting the kilts from. I see jeans, cargo pants, shorts, but no kilts. I also don’t understand your anger towards Go Pro cameras. Would you prefer people to use their phones instead? Or should they carry around heavy duty, professional cameras? Or perhaps simply not bother to record, not get the word out and not try to bring attention to the issue they believe to be important?

      • Who says he was referring only to that photo? You are missing the forest for the trees here.

    • Paul’s right. Anyone who nurses in public, is married to someone who nurses in public, or has talked with someone who nurses in public, knows that there are easy ways to do it modestly and discreetly. In fact, a mother who nurses in public is very likely to be much more modest and discreet while nursing than the average non-nursing woman.

      • Modesty is a virtue.

        I somehow managed to feed 3 babies for 18 months each in all sorts of places and no one ever noticed.

        It’s funny, my concealed carry works the exact same way.

        • Priceless! I carried for 30 years in more than half the states before ever getting a license. Concealed means concealed.

  25. If we really want to compare and contrast what is acceptable behaviour in our society, I suggest we have a woman breastfeeding while carrying a long gun in a Planned Parenthood “clinic” as a “doctor” performs a baby killing on another woman.
    Apologies in advance for that image.

    • I suggest we have a woman breastfeeding while carrying a long gun in a Planned Parenthood clinic as a doctor performs a “baby” killing on another woman.


  26. I have an alternate suggestion: get Taylor Woolrich to open carry around the outside of the #WarOnWomen-fomenting Dartmouth College.

    And put a diaper on that baby.

  27. Boobs and guns, asses and guns, really? Is this where we are in discussing fundamental rights?

  28. The Feminists are very much behind anyone being able to display boobs where-ever they like for whatever reason they like. Witness their supportive response to the topless middle aged women who showed up at the Open Carry Texas gathering to protest.

    Getting breast feeding women to open carry won’t do a thing. Continuously pointing out the disgusting nature of topless women with saggy boobs cornering families at an eating establishment in Texas and screaming at them about being NAZIs, will.

  29. Anyone having a problem with breastfeeding where it can be seen, needs to get out more.

    • Nah, Boobs are like toy trains….made for the children, but it is always the daddy that ends up playing with them.

      • Paco has issues, apparently. Boobs, from where I sit, are for feeding babies, looking at, fondling, caressing, sucking, I better stop the list here lest my comment be deleted. Breasts are as much a pleasurable adjunct to sexual activity for women as for men. I pity Paco’s female relation(s)…

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