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In days gone by, TTAG’s biggest readership days always happened during the SHOT Show. It was like clockwork. Members of the Armed Intelligentsia huddled around their screens, wearing out their F5 keys for the skinny on the latest and greatest products soon to be hitting their local gun stores. But those were the olden days. Now, when gun-related news breaks, TTAG’s the place a lot of people jump to for instant analysis. So when President Obama announced on Tuesday afternoon that enhanced sanctions against Russia would prevent the import of certain firearms, we had to throw a few more gerbils on the wheels to keep the servers cooled. And that traffic spike carried over into yesterday, powering us to a new, largest-ever single day page view total of 363,440. So thank you, dear readers, for your continued patronage. As always, we’re humbled and flattered.

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  1. Well, thank you for publishing clear and concise articles regarding firearm politics that clears out all the anti gun propaganda, gives the straight information, and retains its integrity by not jumping off the deep end into inforwars style conspiracy nonsense. Whenever an issue like this occurs I always read what ya’ll have written about it before I believe anything on the MSM or the crackpot network.

  2. Thank yall for keepin me up to date it really helps me try to predict the future of the market and stock my shelves accordingly. Any idea where Sig got the notion business was slowing? Everything is still flyin out the door soon as it gets put out I ain’t noticed anything really slowing.

  3. Thank you for keeping us informed. I don’t post comments very often, but I read pretty much every article that is published on TTAG.

  4. Told yas. Politics, baby. There are few more contentious issues than gun laws, and this place is perfect for it. I know a lot of you really hate the politics, and would like a return to the gun review days. Hell, I personally despise gear reviews, myself. But when it comes to growing a blog, you need wider appeal, not narrower focus.

  5. Gentlemen of TTAG, Thanks for the informative reports and stories, and putting up with my feeble at humor.

  6. may I suggest pics of Shannon in a bathing suit to help drive traffic? 🙂

    I have some if you need them

  7. Congratulations. Very impressive numbers. So my lame attempts at humor are viewed by that large of an audience? Gotta’ up my game. Keep up the GREAT work!

  8. You’re welcome, but honestly there’s nowhere else to go for comparable coverage.

    Of course we come here.

  9. TTAG is the best. That’s why I come here so often to share my complaints about everything in the comments section.

  10. Well thank you! I have only been around for a few months. I am not only impressed by what you do, I am impressed by the regulars here. The sophistication. Thoughtfulness. Politeness. Awesome sarcasm. Gunr and Excedrin always make me say to myself ” I wish I could be like him/her”! I am sure I will find more people to look up to as time goes on.

    So first. Make sure “we’re humbled and flattered” does not turn into a situation where your head gets so big you can’t get through the office door in the morning.

    And second, there was some unhappiness about the movie review about the Apes. My guess is that was from some of the original TTAG folks. They’d be the puritans. They’d be the folks that has made TTAG so great. Listen to them. They are like your son saying, “Dad I don’t like that new Ruger you bought”. “Huh? Why not?” And then he tells you why he said what he said, and you explain why you bought the thing. Mostly this type of conversation ends up being bonding with each other.

    For me the movie review was Great. The TTAG sarcasm was there, the structure of a review was there, and, well. . . there were guns involved. For my two cents as a newbie, keep the movie reviews in. As long as the movies reviewed stick within the parameters of why TTAG was created, go for it. I passed on the review to some friends (non gun owners, but not anti gun) and they really enjoyed it. One of them told me he subscribed to your daily feeds. My comment; *watch out*. Ha. 🙂

    You do good. Keep it up!!

  11. Sorry about the long winded response, Everyone here is so concise. I need to reduce a 20 character response to 3 words.

  12. I think you guys did too good of a job spreading the word. Saiga and Veprs are either sold out everywhere online or prices have spiked to crazy levels. LOL.

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