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I just flew into Atlanta to meet Tyler and another one of our buddies for a weekend of fun with guns. As we had some time to kill before heading out to the farm we decided to go get some chicken and waffles at Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles in Hotlanta. On the way we started talking about our favorite topic: guns. Since we haven’t done one of these podcasts in a while, we decided to record the entire thing and put it up for your listening enjoyment.

Also, the podcast is BACK! Click here for more information on how to automatically get the latest episodes.

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    • “What is a BBQ gun??”

      Snazzy. Or, wanna-be snazzy. A ‘Pimped-Out’ gun.

      Intricate inlay and-or engraving work. A shine job that would blind you.

      Etc, etc, etc…

  1. A BBQ gun is a firearm that is also a fashion accessory. Think SIG Sauer X-Five and Six, or a top end 1911. You want to open carry it because not only is it a tool, it is also a beautiful piece of craftsmanship to be proudly displayed. Such as at a neighborhood BBQ, you’re still armed, you’re just armed classy.

  2. Texas is by far and large the most over hyped state in the union by the gun community. The laws aren’t even that good, so i’m really not seeing the whole point.

  3. It was funny when he said about shooting someone and having a pretty gun.. Well, chances are that pretty gun will be confiscated and I’m pretty sure it will not be “pretty” when you get it back.


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