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Rick Cicero, demonstrates the use of the SB Tactical Pistol Stabilizing Brace.

SIG SAUER’s statement posted just a little while ago, but the company with real skin in the game regarding the ATF’s new stance on AR pistol braces is SB Tactical. SBT manufacture all of the pistol arm braces, and SIG SAUER distributes them (alongside others in other formats). Alex Bosco from SB Tactical has been nice enough to give the readers at TTAG a peek into their plan for action before anyone else in the world, and here it is. . .


SAINT PETERSBURG, FL – SB Tactical issues the following statement for attribution to Alex Bosco, Founder, CEO and Inventor of the SB Tactical Stabilizing Brace:

“The Stabilizing Brace was conceptualized to assist a disabled war veteran in shooting the AR pistol the way that it was intended; safely and accurately. The finalized design is for people with limited mobility due to a handicap or the lack of strength to fire AR pistols in compliance with the Gun Control Act.

Thousands of individuals have been physically empowered by the Stabilizing Brace to better control and safely handle shooting a pistol, including law enforcement officers, border patrol agents and veterans.

The ATF has been inconsistent in their approach to this accessory. As the Inventor of the Stabilizing Brace, the product has never been ‘designed or redesigned, made or remade, or intended to be fired from the shoulder.’ The latest opinion issued prohibits people from freely using a legal product, restricting how shooters position the pistol, and is contrary to the intent and statutory language enacted by the U.S. Congress.

SB Tactical continues to consult with industry leaders and other critical stakeholders on next steps in this process.”



About SB Tactical – SB Tactical LLC developed and manufacturers the Stabilizing Brace for the AR15 and AK47 weapons platforms. The Stabilizing Brace was designed to offer enhanced shooting experiences through improved firearm stabilization. SB Tactical currently offers two Stabilizing Braces, the SB15 and SB47, for the AR15 and AK47 respectively. New Stabilizing Braces for additional weapons platforms are under development.

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  1. I dont know if this will post because TTAG keeps coming up with Email addresses that are not me. If it posts under the user BVRoc that is not me, and something needs fixed ASAP…

  2. Hey! This may provide a strategy to roll back rules against certain firearms/accessories. Use the laws helping those with disabilities.
    And we certainly don’t want to create disabilites, do we? Suppressors prevent deafness, no?

  3. So rather than a response that says “screw off ” ATF with your illegal regulatory BS. Or “the NFA Law is crap stupidity ” , they pen a very “lawyerly” we are obeying the law and don’t condone misusing our product. Sounds very much like when Alan Gura threw full auto under the bus during Heller arguments in SCOTUS.

    • If you want to say “screw off” to the ATF, go and make a full auto AR and publicly carry and shoot it. I’ll even pitch in for your defense fund, maybe they won’t stick you into prison for more than a few years.

      These guys are law-abiding citizens and businessmen. They work within the constraints of the system as it is, and I assume spend some of the money they earn on changing it through peaceful means that don’t endanger their life and family.

  4. If SB Tactical launched a crowdfunding campaign to pay for litigation against the ATF, I’d donate in a heartbeat.


  5. I really like the idea of involving stakeholders within the company, as this IS affecting their pockets and should provoke legal action against a BS ruling on a Legal product!

    • Exactly. This should be a very simple “yes, it’s legal” or “no, it’s illegal” kind of decision. We’re not talking about the kind of misuse that causes injury to anyone – ATF just needs to make up their mind one way or the other and be done with it.

      Obviously, I want the SB Tactical brace to be legal no matter how you use it, but more than anything I just want a simple, clear response. But this is the ATF we’re talking about here, so while I am dreaming, I would also like a pony and a red Ferrari…

  6. Mods, fyi still auto-populating with random name/emails as of dtg of this post.

    Guys, just check the name and email block to be sure its you.

    Thanks, Nick, for being on top of this- and congrats on SB choosing you to break the news.
    I hope they are already consulting top counsel, or more. Obviously Gura, Chuck Michel, and others, plus NRA and SAF for money to pay, are obvious points of contact, or referrals to more.

    Clearly the ATF has muddied the water here for all gun users, and its ironic to say the least, if not outrageous that their confusing rulings are impacting not just the company’s financial health, from lost sales,

    but also the denying the brace’s handicapped end-users their constitutional rights to self-defense in a practical fashion.

    The more we 2A believers pass the word, and contact our reps in Congress, the more the ATF and DOJ will be forced to do the right thing. Litigation can take years. Making the proper executive action at ATF can solve the problem, but given the feckless and even corrupt actions of recent past, its probably going to take public pressure to help SB and our vets to regain their common-sense rights.

  7. And… still not a peep on challenging the fundamental illegitmacy and UNconstitutionality of the very agency that deludes it can write its own ‘laws’ on whim, and change them whenever equally om arbitrary whim.

    Unless, NRA, Sig sue to utterly ABOLISH the ever unconstitutional and evil Waco BBQ co who hung neener neener neener Fast & Furious blatantly in front of their citizen employer bosses’ eye, let alone work to press upon all of NRA’s hearty donation subsidized CONgressional monkeys to fully repeal NFA, GCA, FOPA, and Brady which the NRA had direct and active role in crafting, all of this is moot PR yammery.

    • They are fighting the battles they can win. They’re for-profit corporations working towards their bottom line, not your lawyers. If you want someone to defend your rights and freedoms, go to NRA, SAF, ACLU etc.

  8. Both Alex Bosco and the man (pictured) for whom this was designed have my infinite respect and admiration.

  9. “Flip-flopping,” there’s no better way to describe it — I would call it “Indian Giving,” but that’s not exactly accurate, it’s insulting to Indians… and the ATF never gave us anything.

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