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Advanced Armament Corp., makers of fine silencers and the .300 BLK round, have decided to try and make their own complete AR-15 rifles. It’s a big step for a company that until now has only made silencers and small fiddly bits for guns, but one that they’re doing with some gusto. Kevin (AAC founder) has already made plans to extend their factory into an adjacent building and fill them with AR-15 assembly stations. Make the jump for one of their prototype stations in their current factory.

The current run of lowers has some… Issues. Which are being worked out. And once they are worked out the lowers will be kitted out with Magpul everythings and ready for shipping to your local FFL.

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  1. Rather than produce the same ‘ol lower that every other machine shop is, it would be nice to see some creativity and incorporating of newer (ish) lower features. It looks like the mag well has a nice flare to it but how about a 45 degree safety…. detent retention, multi caliber markings (I get that the image would have 300 ACC), sling attachment points at the rear of the receiver, etc.

    I do like the markings. That being said, unless these are going to compete at the current prices we can find Spikes Tactical, PSA and other quality lowers, what is going to make AAC stand out?

  2. Oh look, another AR15… How original! Maybe they should make the jump to producing 1911s too.

  3. What’s so special about these? Are they in any way unique or will they be just another freedom group ar manufactured right alongside bushmasters, dpms’s and remingtons?

  4. the AAC suppressor write ups before this have been making me want a suppressor BADLY , they were well written and executed. These were supported by an interesting product. this lower….. not so much. it is about as exciting as a Ford fusion. oh they are also are ‘kitted out with Magpul everythings and ready for shipping to your local FFL.”sweet, another way to buy magpul stuff” no else has that i guess, is the ar15 market exploding right now? last time i checked not really. I’m a merely curious about this from a marketing/ business strategy perspective.

  5. My reaction was like the above — a big ho-hum. In the back of my mind, though, I’m hoping that maybe AAC will in time have more for us than just another AR-15 lower.

  6. An AAC lower meh… an integrally suppressed upper offered in a variety of calibers and lengths now that would get me excited.

  7. Eh, I like it.

    If it was their primary business I’d be shaking my head, but the fact is they make silencers primarily and are pushing into building their own 300 BLK rifles. This is basically selling accessories to people who want a cool lower on their home build. People over on Silencer Talk have been asking for a branded lower for a while, so I guess they’re listening to the market.

  8. Cool.I don’t know about you guys but I don’t like miss matching uppers and lowers.I have the aac blk upper I don’t want a spider on the lower?Its just not ideal to miss match a Bulgarian ak with a japan variant so why would I do this with an ar.But they do not offer the advanced armament branded lower by it self you half to buy the complete fire arm?Honestly im tired of swapping out my 5.56 lower to use with there upper and was just going to complete the fire arm now I may just sell the upper ive already built another 300 that works just the same for half the cost any way.But yes I want the lower just to complete the fire arm pretty much and they don’t sell it.

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