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NBC’s Meet The Pressmeister David Gregory will no doubt emerge from HighCapMagGate unscathed. Legally. And image-wise—at least amongst the liberal elite. For America’s chattering class Gregory’s little “whatcha gonna do about THIS Wayne HUH WAYNE?” stunt is a classic case of the ends justifying the means. It’s nothing compared to the death and destruction caused by the NRA’s pro-gun lobbying. If one child is saved by Gregory’s “victimless crime.” [/sarcasm] Meanwhile, as points out, law-abiding Americans see Gregory’s willful violation of DC gun laws as “one rule for us one rule for them” elitism. I’m not sure if the looming battle over an “assault weapon” and “high capacity magazine” ban will divide across class lines, but hey, why not? Meanwhile memo to Sarah Brady: I know you are but are you sure that’s what I am? . . .

“How to get under the skin of #guntrolls – today I fell for and RT an apparently photoshopped photo [above]- they came out of the woodwork – touchy!” Sarah Brady’s Tweet.

Big Brother is alive and well and living at theatlantic.comHow Big Data Can Solve America’s Gun Problem 

“But an assailant carrying a semi-automatic weapon or a gun with a high capacity magazine could kill hundreds before an armed guard could respond — even if a guard were stationed inside of a school.” Better to wait 20 minutes for the cops?


Boeing’s CHAMP gives EMP preppers reason to buy another gun. As if they need one.

Funny ha-hah: Mexican Congress calls on US  for stricter arms control. [warning: autoplays ad]

Undertaker demeanor or not, America is down with Wayne LaPierre’s peeps. Poll: 54 percent view NRA favorably

“They’ve put me on the same level as a sex offender.” Lawsuit against the Journal News interactive gun ownership map in three, two, one . . .

The man who called me a syphilitic skunk gun porns the Colt Commander.

One of America’s most capable gun gurus shows you how to get into the game when you’re wounded [above]. We’ll be back at it tomorrow, of course.

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  1. Just saw Sam Donaldson on TV addressing the Tea Party, and saying “…it’s not your country anymore, it’s our country and you are part of it…”

  2. For some people, freedom is always a “loophole”. I ve been explaining total freedom to people with surprising success. Even convincing an anti that I should be able to mail an AR or a full auto hk 416 to my door no questions asked. Freedom is all or nothing. Giving one group of people, usually the gunvernment (sic), power over who bears individual weapons is ridiculous if you reduce to a “stranded on a small island” scenario. Historically, it’s also suicidal.

    • loopholes are viewed as bad.

      BUT, if there was a plantation, and a slave escaped, would you be mad at the slave who escaped, because it’s not fair to the other slaves?

      same with tax loopholes. Don’t get rid of the loophole, get rid of the tax on the people who are taxed. Keep the loophole and make it a bigger loophole. Murry Rothbard taught me this.

    • “Freedom is all or nothing”. Really? Surely you don’t imagine yourself living in absolute freedom. You’d be well advised to familiarize yourself with Hobbes, Rousseau, and others who influenced our founders and explicated the basic outlines of the social contract some 400 years ago. I imagine you’ll need to look this up so I’ll give you a minute….This gun-rights absolutism is plainly nuts. Should civilians also have Apache helicopters with hellfire missiles? M1 Abrams tanks? Subs with Trident ballistic missiles? Right then, we agree on limits.

      Reasonable people accept — and have accepted for hundreds of years! — that civilized society demands that there be limits to individual freedoms, and those limits include the ability to do massive harm to fellow citizens. Not acceptable? Go live in Antarctica.

      Back in the real world we accept that Joe-dickhead like you doesn’t get an automatic weapon. And more and more of us who are genuine sportsmen – rather than military wannabe gun-fetishists – support restricting the availability of 30 round mags, support restricting access to guns by mentally unstable individuals, and support closing the goddam gun show loophole once and for all.

      • FLAME DELETED even a so called “sportsmen” would know that full auto weapons are available for ownership with a tax stamp from the BATF.

        Better go to back to your Liberal/progressive land of denial and delusion.

        • Thomas, I’m well aware that one can obtain automatic weapons, as well as short-barrel rifles and silencers/suppressors and other NFA weapons, with a tax stamp. poorly worded, but the point is it’s regulated, and one submits to many checks and goes through the registration process. the point of my comment obviously was that there are limits to the weapons civilians may access, and the point stands that no civilian may own certain weapons of war.

          as for being a “sportsman”, you can go pound sand. I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, hunted deer, bear, and assorted small game since I was 12, still hunt ducks and geese and shoot trap / sporting clays with my brothers, and own 11 firearms. and I’m a registered Independent, owing no allegiance to either corrupt party or ideology. so f u.

      • Its easy to see that your land was never invaded. Letme explain to you: war is a unseen beast, that can happen everywhere, it will destroy and kill if it gets the chance to. In my country the people who had arms either had unregistered guns(or registered guns but buried them and claimed they had sold them or lost them) or they made them themselves. If you know anything about mechanics, engineering you probably know that making a full auto gun is easy. So call me a millitary gun fetishist, but know this: the bolt action rifle you are using was originally made as a millitary rifle, so if I am a millitary gun fetishist, so are you to.

    • i do like pistols with crosshatched slide tops where i can rack the slide on my jeans. Kinda like a cool zippo lighter trick.

    • I think Michael Moore himself is racist, he is doing what is called “projecting”, you put yourselves in somebody else shoes to see how you would think/react. That means Mickey here means that all criminals are poor and are black.

  3. I followed the link to the PuffHo article and it was about as bad as I expected. One thing I’m getting really sick of is all this talk about hunters. The antis don’t give a rats ass about hunting, but the whole “I support the Second Amendment but…” thing doesn’t work too well if you can’t come up with at least one kind of gun you don’t want to eliminate.

  4. It is getting really ugly out there. The level of dishonesty and aggression is growing worse at a steady rate, although it does appear that we have a large base of support too. I wish there were a good argument that could convince the antis, but at this point people are so entrenched that they cannot even accept the documented facts and accepted official statistics.

    • Time to marginalize them and simply ignore them. Don’t engage with them if they aren’t will to have a real discussion. Tool up and get ready to take back the country if it comes to that.

  5. I’ve written them all a few times but can only get a message to them through the NRA site. I intend to keep writing more frequently as this issue progresses. But I have to say that because of the way voting has been FUBAR’ed over the past few decades, I don’t think “I’ll vote for someone else” has the same effect as it used to. Unless we make clear that a sizable bloc of votes will turn against them.

    Yo Lance,
    Please not refer to the Donaldson as Sammy. you freaked me out! I just got up, I didn’t sleep too well last night after reading D/F’s ground work for a coup d’état.

    Happy New Year to you and all TAG readers.
    Sammy, the un -Donaldson

  6. What I want to know is, how the heck did that guy rack the slide on his THIGH?? Where can I learn to do that, or is my female thigh too squishy?


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