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Parkland Students Lauren and David Hogg Sign Book Deal

Of course they have. And look for an announcement soon about their new MSNBC variety show . . .

Lauren and David Hogg, two students who survived the tragic Florida shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, have signed a book deal with Random House.

The book, which Random House describes as an “in-depth look at the making of the #NeverAgain movement,” is titled #NeverAgain: A New Generation Draws the Line. It is scheduled to be published on June 5, and the proceeds from it will go to charity and community organizations. One such organization is Everytown for Gun Safety, a nonprofit that advocates for stricter gun control.


Ex-cop: NYPD gun license division was a bribery machine

This is what happens when government controls who is allowed to exercise a civil right . . .

They might as well have a had a hotline: 1-800-GIFTS4GUNS.

A former city cop spilled his guts Tuesday, telling Manhattan jurors about years worth of bribes he and his fellow officers received for doling out gun permits — everything from cash, prostitutes and expensive watches to baseball memorabilia and exotic vacations.

David Villanueva, an ex-supervisor in the NYPD’s License Division, said he and other cops — including officers Richard Ochetel and Robert Espinel and Lt. Paul Dean — were on the take for years from so-called gun expeditors.

In exchange, the officers doled out pistol permits like candy — even to people who should not have had them, Villanueva said.

Gun rights group suing DCFS over handgun ban at home day cares

A lot of pro-gun pushback going on in Illinois these days . . .

A Central Illinois couple and several gun rights groups have filed a federal lawsuit challenging a statewide ban on handguns in home day cares, arguing the prohibition violates the Second Amendment rights of the operators of the businesses.

The suit was filed Monday against the state and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, which sets licensing rules for child care facilities. A spokeswoman for the agency declined to comment on pending litigation.

Since 2017, Jennifer Miller has operated a licensed day care out of her house in Shelbyville, about 200 miles south of downtown Chicago.

She and her husband, Darin Miller, both have firearm owner’s identification cards and concealed carry permits, but they were told by a DCFS employee in March and April that they could not keep handguns in their home while operating a licensed day care, according to the lawsuit.


Arizona students plan to occupy state Capitol with ‘die-in’ for gun control

We’re sure they’ll wait until after school to die on the capitol steps . . .

Students with the March for Our Lives movement said they plan to occupy several buildings at the Arizona Capitol on Friday to demand Gov. Doug Ducey support stricter gun-control laws.

Organizers of the student group said they will stage a “die-in” protest, in which they will lie on the ground to simulate deaths from school shootings.

“We will be laying down to symbolize the fact that we are literally dying,” said Jordan Harb, a 17-year-old student organizer. “People are dying. Thirty-five people are dying every day in this country because politicians, like those here in Arizona, are not taking action.”


Gun control backers urge Boulder to pass assault weapons ban

And in other news, darkness tonight be followed by widely scattered light tomorrow morning . . .

Gun control advocates in Boulder are urging the City Council to pass the city’s proposed ban on assault weapons, bump stocks and high-capacity magazines as soon as possible.

The Daily Camera reports Councilman Sam Weaver said after a public hearing earlier this month that the proposal should be left to voters. But some citizens, including volunteers with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, are hoping Weaver’s idea gets overruled and the ban isn’t shelved until a November vote.

The City Council will follow up on Weaver’s proposal and deliberate over the drafted ban May 1. Councilwoman Lisa Morzel says the likelihood of council members offering revisions to the draft could push the ban to a third reading before it gets adopted.


Gun Groups Sue to Strike Down Vermont’s New Magazine Limits

Protecting the Constitution in a constitutional carry state . . .

A coalition of Vermont gun groups sued the state Wednesday, arguing that newly passed ammunition magazine limits run afoul of the Vermont Constitution.

The plaintiffs — the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, the Vermont State Rifle & Pistol Association, two sporting goods stores and one gun owner — are being represented by Brady Toensing, vice chair of the Vermont Republican Party, and Cooper & Kirk, a Washington, D.C., law firm that has represented the National Rifle Association in multiple cases.

The suit, filed in Washington Superior Court, came one week after Republican Gov. Phil Scott signed into law sweeping gun legislation to mandate background checks, raise the purchasing age for firearms to 21 and ban bump stocks, in addition to establishing the magazine limits.

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  1. Speaking from Arizona, it does not appear that gun control is getting ANY legitimate traction here yet. If any other Arizonans care to disagree please chime in.

    I haven’t even heard of any go-nowhere virtue signaling bills from the Ds in the legislature. like they aren’t even bothering

    • Why would it? Crime is on the decline in AZ outside of illegals and gang activity. So much for blood in the streets and Wild West shootouts that “they” promised would happen when constitutional carry passed.

    • Are they going to share their profits from the book sales with the other survivors or are they the only two people in the whole school to walk away alive after the shooting?

      • While it takes legitimate authors a year (even, in many cases, years) to write a book, these two teens have managed to write one in a very short time.
        Of course, one must wonder just who actually wrote the book. And just how long this book sat in someone’s office waiting for the right “author(s)” to come into the spotlight.
        Given all the public appearances these two are making, there’s obviously been no time for them to write the book.
        This is just more proof that these two teens are nothing more than puppets.

    • Keep a jaundiced eye, NJ2AZ .

      AZ is going through the same phase of color-change that NV has gone through. Once a thoroughly red state, a single county (Clark, wherein resides Las Vegas) is very, very blue with slave state retirees, and California refugees bring their ‘surely it will work here’ ways with them. Every other county in NV voted against the universal background check voter initiative during the last session, however, Clark has enough population to vote over the entire rest of the state.

      Tucson is thoroughly blue, Flagstaff is a bowl of fruits and nuts (NAU graduate here), and the greater PHX area is turning more and more blue each year with the same cancer of metastasizing slave state retirees and PRC refugees.

    • I think that’s really the danger in AZ, “citizen initiatives” can be added to the ballot by paid signature collectors & then voted into law.. Bloomberg can buy a place on the ballot & retirees from east & west can approve those measures by mail vote.. That’s how we ended up with sheriff joe for so long.. If you’re a retiree from jersey or ca, onerous gun laws aren’t important.

  2. Hogg and his sister can’t stay in high school forever. They’ll need paying jobs. Fiction writer and MSNBC contributor will pay well for a while.

    It would be interesting if Anthony Borges would ask David Hogg his location during the shooting.

    • Survivor? He WASN’T in the same building as the shooting incident.

      It like saying I survived a car crash that happened in the next block.

      • I might as well call myself a Columbine survivor, honestly. I mean, I was in class at the time it happened. Over a thousand miles away, but who’s counting?

        And the fallout I endured was far worse than anything the Hogg children and their compatriots could imagine. Clear backpacks? Our school district considered them, but decided there was still to much potential for concealing things, so no backpacks at all it was. Random searches? Didn’t have the manpower for that, so they just searched our lockers (every one) once or twice a week, and brought the dogs through almost every day during homeroom. Oh, and the “watch list” of “suspects?” The secret one that didn’t exist except everyone had read it within days of it being created? Yours truly topped it. So, that was definitely fun (I mean, I admit it stopped the bullying from students, but the teachers who didn’t know me sure upped the pressure).

        And that’s not even bringing up things like the fire code violations created by blocking exits in the name of “entry point control” (even though the outside of the entire school is made of glass and it would be easy to make your own entry anywhere). Our SRO, who by all accounts was a decent cop and a good guy, was a 30+ year veteran officer who thought Mexican carrying a Detective’s Special at the small of his back was wise. After one bomb threat, while we were all formed up on the practice field where we were supposed to gather, the response team called a sniper threat because they spotted other members of the response team on the roof doing a sweep.

        Not to go too far into it, but one of our bomb threats (yes, there were many, as almost every high school in the country experienced at the time. It was an easy half day/way out of tests for those lacking a conscience.) was smudged graffiti in a bathroom stall that a staff member decided looked like it originally said “bomb.”

        And this is in a small town, isolated from the actual attack by geography (full disclosure: one of the Columbine shooters briefly attended elementary school in the district), with no credible threat ever detected. And, by the way, most of us considered school to feel like a prison before the security theater. It’s sort of how public schools work. Thinking back on it as an adult, what scares me the most about real prison is getting on the bus every day to go home to my parents. Oh, or getting caught in the bathroom or by my locker after the bell rings. Or when the popular girls spread a mean rumor about me because I spoiled “Titanic” by telling them the boat sinks.

        I mean, basic training felt less like prison than high school did, but it sounds like they’re enduring the same measures many of us willingly subject ourselves to in order to attend a concert or sporting event. Let me know when a candidate for their class valedictorian spends most of a day in the office being grilled by local cops because the bomb dogs freaked out at their locker due to an unfinished strip of beef jerky.

      • No, he WASN’T even on campus, as he would later admit after penning an “impressive” “first-hand account” about the shooting. He was, after all, a reporter for the school paper.

      • @Southern Cross: Apologies if I wasn’t clear but, that was my point. Hogg claims a righteousness due to being a student at the school. Mr. Burgess was actually shot while shielding other students. He has a far better perspective than David Hogg.

        • No worries. I know what you said but I think Hogge has serious gall to claim to be a survivor of an event he wasn’t present for.

  3. Looks like Hogg has found his cash cow. His popularity won’t last forever when the MSNBC ratings go south. I doubt his book deal will ever pay for his publication expenses.

    • The end of the Hogg line is fast approaching, this ‘Useful Idiot’ needs to come up with something new before obscurity sets in.

      • It won’t be much of a “variety” show, NSNBC will get sued because muslimes can’t be on the show with Hoggs!

    • It’s not supposed to. It’s just a way to pay him for his outstanding liberal stewardship under the disguise of a book advance.

  4. It’s going to be a best seller (laughing so hard it hurts) so well written in five months after, what a joke

  5. It’s not even published yet and it’s already a NYT best seller. Soon to get a movie script I’m sure. Unfortunately for libbies, their hero, Harvey The Rapist Weinstine will to be busy dodging a dose of his own medicine on Riker’s Island, to direct it.,

  6. “We will be laying down to symbolize the fact that we are literally dying…”

    Then your mouth should stop talking. You know, like they say in the movies, save your strength.

    • And everyone should back (way) up to “give them some air.”
      I never understood that. Is there a vacuum around a group of spectators?

  7. I am a Vermont citizen and know Mr. Toensing personally. He is a good man and I wished him the best in the forthcoming legal challenge to the unconstitutional ban (by Vermont’s constitution, at the very least) on standard capacity magazines.

    We are in good hands here; I can only hope the case is ruled for the better.

    It was wise for them to challenge the magazine ban alone, as it is a simpler argument to begin with. Better to avoid challenging everything at once, in my opinion.

  8. Article 16 of the Vermont Constitution states:

    That the people have a right to bear arms for the defence [sic] of themselves and the State – and as standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be kept up; and that the military should be kept under strict subordination to and governed by the civil power.

    More cut and dried the the 2 nd. amendment of the U S Constitution.

    Gov. RINO Scott and his Leftist buddies in the legislature are going to discover that fact,however it won’t matter for RINO as he won’t be the candidate in the next election.
    Well Bye RINO !

    • Said it better then I could have. No one in our house will vote for philistine Scott this year!

  9. Parkland Students Lauren and David Hogg Sign Book Deal… #NeverAgain: A New Generation Draws the Line… the proceeds from it will go to charity… One such organization is Everytown for Gun Safety

    So two months after the shooting you’re signed on for book that will come out ~4 months after about a “movement” that has yet to do anything. Everytown? not exactly a group that’s short on cash given they sent you to D.C… Propaganda at its finest.

    Ex-cop: NYPD gun license division was a bribery machine

    Would it be nice to be able to do with the ATF NFA wait times. Hey, if you want express shipping you got to pay for it.

  10. Ex-cop: NYPD gun license division was a bribery machine

    No wonder we can’t have nice things like CCWs…we are not not corrupt enough to illegally bribe a police officer.

  11. I thought Hogg and his sister where in a closet when the shooting was happening. How can you write a book about being in the dark?

  12. I wish those little shits actually were dying. It would free up space and resources for those of us who respect and want to protect our rights. Seriously, this burns me up, to know that those indoctrination centers called schools are churning out these little fuckwads and I can’t do anything about it.

  13. Nice gig’s for Hoggpunks…must be nice when daddy is ex-FBI. Does he get a cut?!? Hey Jesse Jackson rode that BS death narrative for 50 years😧😩😟

  14. “A former city cop spilled his guts Tuesday, telling Manhattan jurors about years worth of bribes he and his fellow officers received for doling out gun permits…”

    I would be surprised, but then I’ve seen the movie Serpico a few times….

  15. Colorado has a preemption law which prevents municipalities from passing gun laws that are more restrictive than those at the state level. An assault weapon ban in Boulder would be unenforceable, just like the ban on concealed carry in public parks, which I think is still on the books.

  16. Hogg is leading the protest of gun control because of school shootings. He does not seem to object to be making a profit from his peers deaths.

  17. Climbing the corpses for fame & fortune!
    Gun control for fun & profit!
    Meanwhile Sheriff Israel has been strangely silent!


  18. Wow! The Hoggs are writing a book, and so soon after the event that they weren’t in. Whodathunkit? Makes me wonder who their ghost writer is and who that individual works for. My guess is that it’s all set up and paid for by Bloomburg and his disciples. My hope is that the book crashes and ends up in the red, despite the highest expectations of the libprogmarxists.

  19. The schtudants should take their afternoon nap at home. As for hogg’s blather : oink oink oink cried the little piggies, all the way home. Lets have a book burning party for the Hog’s new book.

  20. So as the clock approaches 15 minutes for Camera Hogg and his little sister, he has decided to write a pamphlet to explain the origin of the #neveragain movement. How much detail can there possibly be on the origin of a movement that took 4 days to start and got all of their funding and organization from Everytown and March for Women?

  21. The lack of comments on the IL piece concerns me a bit, because I would like to hear more about it from those who live there. This reads like an unnamed, unelected, faceless bureaucrat making laws. Did she get fired? Was there any basis in state law allowing her to enforce such an arbitrary rule? And just how did she know about who had a CCW or whatever, why did she choose to enforce such silliness on these particular people?

  22. Not a fan of either Hogg by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s clear they’re maximizing the benefits of their “15 minutes of fame”.

  23. Here in La our lawmakers recently told the gungrabber mafia to go skrew themselves.

    Meanwhile, I hope my Congressman, Steve Scalise becomes House Speaker. More than most, he knows what its like to be at the receiving end of a hate-filled leftist nutjob’s firearm. Scalise is pro-2A all the way.

  24. It is despicable of the Fake News Media that they didn’t immediately spurn Dave Hogg once Hogg PUBLICLY ADMITTED he wasn’t within miles of the school when it got shot up. Hogg is a pussy & a coward too; he only hopped on his Huffy 10 speed bike and pedaled down to the school once he heard that the shooting was over.

    Hogg is like a bloodsucking tick; leeching off this outrageous tragedy for money & fame. He is a disgusting worm.

  25. I can’t wait to read the book by Hogg and his sister, Sow. Maybe the title should be “Babe,” which was also about a pig.

  26. Does anyone else envision David Hogg becoming a corrupt mayor of a small town in his elder years, with an equally corrupt, yet incompetent Sheriff as his right hand man?

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