NRA spent $100 million to elect Donald Trump
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This should surprise precisely no one . . . Audit shows NRA spending surged $100 million amidst pro-Trump push in 2016

The National Rifle Association’s overall spending surged by more than $100 million in 2016, surpassing any previous annual NRA spending totals on record, according to an audit obtained by the Center for Responsive Politics.

The explosion in spending came as the NRA poured unprecedented amounts of money into efforts to deliver Donald Trump the White House and help Republicans hold both houses of Congress.

The audit filed with the state of North Carolina shows that the NRA’s total expenditures exploded to more than $419 million, up from $312 million the prior year.

Chicago managed to reduce crime in one neighborhood (courtesy Chicago Tribune)

NEW FLASH: Chicago homicides and shootings down in one neighborhood . . . Chicago’s top cop touts reduced violence in Englewood neighborhood

Johnson credited the department’s use of “nerve centers” in Englewood and five other police districts for helping reduce violence.

The nerve centers combine crime analysts with predictive crime software and use gun detection technology known as “ShotSpotter,” as well as high-definition surveillance cameras.

“These state-of-the-art tools allow officers and civilian analysts to work smarter and faster, monitor gang conflicts in real time and make changes to our strategy as the situation dictates,” he said.

Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook Grayguns Perfection Action Package for SIG SAUER Pistols

Grayguns Perfection Action Package for SIG SAUER Pistols

Grayguns, Inc. today announced the release of their redesigned P-Series Perfection Action Kit for most SIG SAUER traditional double action/single action pistols. The Generation 2 kit (P-PAK Gen2) is available in both Self Defense and Competition versions.

Combined with a Grayguns custom curved or straight trigger – in alloy steel or aluminum – the kit is carefully engineered to provide a dead smooth double action pull, clean single action break, positive tactile reset and minimum overtravel. The kit includes the exact components Grayguns installs when completing in-house action work. Installation yields a reduction in both actual and perceived double action pull weight, while maintaining an appropriate single action weight for competition or self defense, based on the kit selected.

Just think how dangerous they’d be if they actually knew something about guns . . . ‘Literally Know Nothing’: Tucker Takes On Dem Over Banning MUZZLE LOADERS

Carlson asked New York City Council member Jumaane Williams, “So how many crimes do you think in the last, I don’t know, 100 years have been committed with muzzle loaders?”

Williams answered, “Well, once this new muzzle is created, we just don’t know. But, what you do a great job in, and it works for you, so I’m not saying you should stop. You do a great job of focusing on these single things…”

Tucker responded, “Oh you mean the facts? Yeah that is kind of my trade.”

Greg Steube hasn't given up on pro-gun bills in the Florida legislature (courtesy

The same old story in the Gunshine State legislature . . . Campus, open-carry gun bills could be in trouble for 2018 session

Proposals to allow the open carrying of guns and weapons on university and college campuses could be firing blanks again in the Republican-dominated Florida Legislature.

The 60-day regular session still won’t start until Jan. 9, but Senate Judiciary Chairman Greg Steube said late Tuesday that “at this time” he doesn’t plan to file two gun bills that have been among the more controversial issues in recent sessions.

One would allow people with concealed-weapons licenses to carry guns on campuses. The other would allow license-holders to openly carry handguns.

Steube, a prominent gun-rights supporter, made the comments after his committee delayed action on two firearm-related measures.

What made John Cornyn think working with Chris Murphy was a good idea?

Rule of thumb: any legislation that both parties agree on is a bad idea . . . Bipartisan deal on gun control unveiled

A bipartisan group of senators Thursday unveiled legislation to improve background-checks for gun sales, a narrow measure that attempts to address the recent spate of mass shootings.

The bill represents an incremental update to existing law but has the best chance of any effort to pass through Congress in recent years, with the weight of support from senior Senate Republicans behind it and no public opposition from the gun lobby.

The bill, crafted by Sens. John Cornyn, R.-Texas, and Chris Murphy, D-Conn., would attempt to better enforce current law and strengthen the National Instant Criminal Background Check system to ensure all background check information is uploaded.


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  1. Greg Steube might be good for guns but otherwise he sucks.
    He is known locally for introducing bills when he gets upset that he is not allowed to do whatever he wants with properties he owns.
    For instance.
    Buy a house in a neighborhood and want to turn it into a rent by the night party house?
    Oh darn, it seems the county or city has zoning against that.
    Greg’s solution, lets take the power away from the local people and have the state make these decisions.
    Why should you have the right to enjoy your property when Greg the party host wants to make money on property he purchased for a short term rental.
    So maybe the rest of you might like Greg but I’m dumping as much as I can into whoever runs against hims campaign. Republican or Democrat, I want this wannabe 3rd world politician back to just running his mouth.

    • This guy sounds king of like my congressman, Steve King. Steve King’s legislative acomplishment’s primarily center around appearing on Fox News and saying incendiary things that cause him to turn up on the other networks. Politically I agree with Steve King on a lot of things, but none of them is enough to make me overlook the fact that he is a useless, wretched, self-serving sack of crap as a both a human being and a member of congress. Every two years the ballot section for the IA-4 congressional race is the one and only portion of my ballot where I will automatically vote against the incumbent without so much as a seconds thought.

      • Spoken like a whiny prog who had his feelings hurt one time. Get over yourself.

        King is the best Rep in the US House. Yes he will not apologize ever for being a Constitutional conservative and for standing for the traditional values that made this country the best, and unique, in the world. My Congressman is pretty good but I wish I had Steve King.

        • The thing about Steve King is that he talks big, but doesn’t really produce anything of substance. Despite being in the House for well over a decade he has no real legislative accomplishments to speak of.

        • That was Stephen King who has a mansion down the ways from us on an exclusive part of Casey key.
          He is ultra environmental and animal rights and probably anti gun too since it would fit with the rest of the causes he supports.

        • “Traditional values” being a euphemism for racism and xenophobia and homophobia and misogyny all seasoned with gun-nuttery, King wants to get as close to “The Founding Fathers” as possible with their slavocracy enfranchising only rich white guys. Like President Gump elected by the 71% of uneducated white guys, King is the worst of America put in office by the same troglodytic deplorables (Clinton has a lot of problems but she accurately characterized yall irredeemables. Thats the problem with democracy when you have too many ignorant bitter seige-mentality regressive dunskies, you end up being the laughing stock of the world…

        • I know it KenW, Im clowning these donkeys trying to concoct responses as risibly uninformed and irrelevant as they hit me with : D

          And yeah King owns guns and (like all mature adults) supports banning and/or regulation of the most deadly guns, like mass shooters seeming favorite the AR-15

        • “Racist”, “sexual “abuse””, “global warming/climate change/etc” etc whined so often by progs that all have become meaningless and just elicit laughter from by the normal folks. But it is sad that Barry needed to resurrect “race conflict” in order to achieve his personal goals.

          AND you don’t know what you are trolling about. GAO rating 90% NRA rating 93%

        • Over 70% of folks in the last poll Ive read recognize that climate change is caused by humans, over 60% currently see the effects and almost half are worried about it.

          Thats reality despite rucking fetards like you and yours claiming that “normal folks” think anthropogenic climate change is meaningless and funny, and parroting “FAKE NEWS” everytime reality contradicts your delusions.

          And people feel this way because they increasingly recognize the extant scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change.

          Even the Pentagon is aware of this and periodically issues climate change studies and will continue to do so despite Gump and his climate-denying EPA head Pruitt gleefully increasing CO2 emissions.

          I feel embarrassed for you that your family and friends are so blighted that you think its “normal” to be completely ignorant of well-known established science…

          Do you also think evolution is “FAKE NEWS”!? Heliocentrism? Believe in the weapon salve and weeping statues?

        • You become laughing stock of the world when instead of incarcerating a criminal you let her run for Presidency.
          No matter how many times you change your handle, we still know it’s you. Thanks for cutting back on invectives in your brain dead copy – paste posts.

        • @MedievalMentalities
          Polls and votes are not the way to find out scientifict facts. They just measure how well the propaganda machine works. I bet every poll in Nazi Germany would “prove” that Jews and non Aryans are subpeople.
          Eugenics had wide support in scientific circles, so did the ether theory.

          Geocentrism was so “popular” that it could get you burned at the stake if you tried to disprove it with facts. (See Kopernicus)
          That doesn’t make it a fact. But it reminds me of zeal with which Human Caused Global Warming, sorry, I mean Climate Change proponents deal with any opposition.
          We don’t know what’s actually going on in whole planet’s climate system. We don’t have enough data.

    • Steube was my rep in the house before moving on to the senate, so full disclosure:
      What the heck are you talking about? Everything dude does is through a libertarian lense. His entire policy premise is that property rights trump local NIMBYism. Short term rentals impact land use and commerce, both of which are pre-empted by the state. It’s the same reason local governments can’t regulate firearms.

      If you don’t like the guy, that’s good and well, but don’t push a liberal anecdote about local government power because you don’t like people being able to use their property as they please.

  2. /facepalm
    Can we give Tucker another Gun Hero of the Day? I just love seeing bigots trip all over themselves trying to justify their hatred of us.

    • Only the most insane gun-nuts(not even the majority of gun-nuts) want to return to the days of the wild west. Even in Florida (where I grew up and escaped from thank gods which dont exist) where they eliminated affirmative action in education and folks think gay marriage is a segue to marrying a chair etc, even Floridians as hidebound and bigoted as they are arent such retrograde loonies as to want to see everyone walking around with guns on on hips…

      I suggest yall start a community where anyone can go live wild west style, and be sure to include a huge saloon open 24/7, thats where it will become most obvious to yall what a terrible mistake youve made and the vacuity of your mantra “an armed society is a polite society” (and even if this were true who wants to live in fear of getting shot for whatever (pervceived) transgression)

      • Wild west shootouts never happen unless they happen in gang-infested libtard controlled cities that you all run with all the gun control in the world that doesn’t do shit to stop criminals. Thanks for the deaths you all cause by allowing criminals to get away with anything they want and never punishing any of them because of “muh feelz”.

        Also we already have a community, it is called America. We were here first. You anti-gun retards can move to Canada and Europe if you want your precious gun control and tyrannical subservience like the good little useful idiots you are.

        You libtards are all hypocritical, self-projecting, self-loathing liars.

    • Dearest Rank Stank Im a colleague of the esteemed Professor Manque, he says hello and that he was thinking of you the other day when he was confronted by an ignorant liar with zero integrity : D

  3. Isn’t it time we got something for that $100000000? Other than SCOTUS? I don’t even know if I’ll bother sending in my next FREE NRA membership…

  4. Kinda slanted reporting. Yes, the NRA spent 100M. Know what the context was? Hildebeast and her minions raised about 2B for 2016 campaigning.

    • My God, did you even read the article? Your hatred of the NRA is showing. They spent a $100 million MORE than ever before. Their total expenditure was $416 Million.

      • I defend the NRA. Have a look at the comments to this article. People are attacking the NRA. I am saying that their spending was more than justified (i.e.: they’re up against very strong forces, i.e.: well-financed Clinton machine).

  5. The city councilman from New York wants to conflate .50cal muzzle loading rifles with Barrett or other makers .50cal metallic cartridge rifles, once they confuse enough people (and the percentage of people who actually know anything about firearms is very small) they will be able to get more gun control easier. And of course the crazies shooting up concerts and schools and church’s doesn’t help either. Forget the fact that the NRA member took out the church shooter, the Media will stick with the self inflicted wound description.

    • Reasonable adults do not want to spead ARs around to increase our chances of getting to shoot it out with the next mentally ill guy with an AR, this solution is manifestly childish, the stuff of puerile fantasy a la Charles Bronson

      Likewise no reasonable adults are persuaded by your illogical and disingenuous claim that since regulations are imperfect we should simply abandon them. You wouldnt make this facile and specious argument in any other context ie uranium, child porn, spit balls.

      These are two ways you can tell you are heavily indoctrinated in the Cult of the Gun; you advocate policies that are manifestly insane, and you hold delusions you would scoff at as ludicrous in any other context.

      PS Eat the apple, #@*! the Corps!

      • Hey retard (yea I said retard, are you triggered yet?).

        There are 40 million AR’s in America. Millions more in the gun control paradise that is Mexico. Good luck getting rid of them dumbass or did you forget about how well Prohibition worked.

        Also more people are killed by hammers, bare feet, and bare hands compared to AR’s so you commies have your priorities whacked over a non-issue. More people in Europe have been killed by trucks, bombs, and grenade attacks than our mass shootings. Oh wait, Europoors have mass shootings too like France and Norway as well as much more that are covered up by a left-wing, biased media.

        Actually since you Demtards are responsible for the mass shootings in this country since they are of your ilk maybe you all should not own guns since you all are emotionally stunted children that cause all the problems.

        • Im happy to help you work through your delusions but its impossible with your incoherent evidence-free rambles.

          If you want to learn something, pick one issue I raised and give me your most concise and coherent refutation and link the evidence.

          Otherwise Ill let your screeds stand as self-refuting, and either way thanks for the laughs : D

      • Reasonable adults realize there are evil people around and take responsibility for their own safety. Therefore they get proper tools and training to be able to defend themselves.
        Reasonable adults don’t cower helpless and unarmed in dark corner, hoping the crazy mass murderer will overlook them and gets someone else instead.
        Reasonable adults don’t willfully render themselves impotent sheep, waiting and praying for good guy with a gun (wearing the uniform or not) to stop the massacre.
        That’s how you recognize reasonable adults do.

    • Another crucial fact is that Devin Kelley CASUALLY went to the gas station across from the church suspiciously dressed in his SWAT gear and no good-guy-with-a-gun intervened, and he SPENT SOME TIME shooting a few folks outside the church and no good-guy-with-a-gun intervened, then FOR 7 MINUTES he methodically executed folks in the church and no good-guy-with-a-gun intervened.

      So please dont ever again regurgitate this inane mantra “when seconds count the police are minutes away”. Only after Kelley had time to finish slaughtering 26 and wounding 20 more did your man “take out” Kelley. And after your man “took out” Kelley he ran to his car and drove down the highmay for several minutes…

      So lets get it straight, be honest about what was and wasnt accomplished by your man and presumably lots of other dont-mess-with-Texas gun-nuts

      • And your precious police didn’t show up at all.

        Way to go, idiot.

        You still proved our point that your precious government didn’t do anything but cause more people to get killed because they can’t be everywhere and have no duty to protect you. Warren vs. D.C. and Castle Rock vs. Gonzales.

        Good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun. Only evil, antigun tards like you downplay our gun-toting heroes!!

      • So, are you saying the police wasn’t several minutes away? You don’t seem to get it. Just because any good guy with a gun wasn’t there at the beginning doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a good guy with a gun who stopped the murderer. The police arrived after the murderer died and they did exactly nothing to protect anyone that day.

  6. First, they insist that the 2nd Amendment only applies to 18th century firearm technology. Then they want to ban muzzleloaders. Way to stay consistent, shitheads.

    • You misunderstand the nature of our constitutional rights under the 2A. Our society is ever evolving, our ethics, mentality, technology etc bears no resemblance to what it was in the late 18th century and of course Madison and Mason could not have envisioned what America would be like in the early 21st century. Our constitution is a living document via amendment, executive order, legislation and judicial review

      But the notion of the evolution of society is too complicated for yall to grasp and so yall cling to this childish delusion that the 2A somehow grants you the right to own any hand-held weapon ever invented… But just as reasonable folks decided machine guns in everyones hands was not such a clever idea, today we likewise ban or limit access to the most deadly weapons and NEWSFLASH if a phaser-type weapon or fission-burst gun is developed these two will not be readily available… and all of this is consistent with our constitutional stystem and our 2A rights : )

      During the first wave of mass killings using futuristic weapons your descendants by contrast will no doubt argue that the only way to stop a bad guy with an atomic pistol is with a good guy with an atomic pistol, and advocate (as you ludicrously do now with ARs) spreading phasers and nuclear rifles around so we can shoot it out with mentally ill folks with those same weapons…

      Its a privilege for you to enjoy this tuition gratis, youd be honored to received further instruction in what non-gun-nuts learned in 8th grade civics class.

      Youre Welcome : D

      • ” yall cling to this childish delusion that the 2A somehow grants you the right to own any hand-held weapon ever invented…”

        Still deluding yourself that the BoR grants rights?

        Rights can not be granted, they are pre-existing. They can only be protected or taken away.

        • Youre of course free to take such an anarchistic approach arrogating whatever gun rights you desire regardless of the 2A and its ongoing interpretation via laws, executive order and judicial review.

          But understand that neither “rights” nor any other concept or construction are somehow magically “pre-existing” as you imagine, they are of course formulated by people. No fictitious gods or reified nature brought them into existence, the political elites who decolonized from Britain brought them into existence in the late 18th century and they did not of course previous somehow exist in the ether or anywhere else.

          You simply dont want to face the reality that in America the 2A does not give you the legal right to own every gun you desire. So enjoy your fantasy of a Lockean/Hobbesian state of nature, your Rousseauesque thought experiment where every right you want magically already exists… but be careful, these are the kinds of gun use delusions espoused by mentally ill mass shooters

        • “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.

          Yep don’t see anything there saying I can’t own whatever I want so as usual you libtards lie, lie, and lie some more.

          Don’t give me that well-regulated crap. Regulated up until 100 years ago meant properly equipped, not controlled. You all can stop projecting modern usage on what the Founders actually meant and your lying but you libtards only know how to lie.

        • Yeah Raoul Duke clearly isnt able to understand my explanation(theres a word for that ie “stupid”) of the constititution being a living document that evolves with society, so the 2A of course does not grant the unrestricted right to own every type of gun ever to be invented.

          And Dookie cant think in any meaningful way so he scrawls out a favorite talking point about the etymology of “regulated” even though I said nothing about this and its irrelevant to the point I made.

          But to be fair RaFool knows very little about very little(again we have a word for this ie “ignorant”) so what else can he do but regurgitate nonsense and tactics from am radio and Faux News…

      • Sorry you didn’t get better teachers. Or maybe you just didn’t pay attention at 8th grade civics class. Bill of Rights is part of Constitution. You know, the supreme law? As such it can be amended. There is process for that.
        But executive order can’t change one dot of it. Supreme Court somehow started deciding which laws are constitutional and which are not. But even all nine justices together can’t change single comma in the Constitution. Your ignorance and arrogance is showing again.

        I’m going to use simple words and sentences, so even you can understand:
        We the People have natural, constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.
        This right shall not be infringed by government. (The whole BOR talks about stuff governnent can’t do under any pretext.)
        Which arms is up to us to decide. I didn’t find anything like “…except really good and useful arms” in my copy of BOR.
        Whoever works to infringe on our rights is braking the supreme law of this country and deserves what’s coming to him.

  7. Who wants bipartisanship? I voted for specific candidates because I didn’t want the other one to win. Why would I want him to cross the aisle and play kumbaya with the other party on legislation that he was elected to oppose?

  8. And the NRA is all for the removal of Americans due process rights. This is the last f’n straw. I’m done with the NRA.

  9. 100 Million of our dollars, and they now promote expanding background checks, secret terror watch lists that deprive you of your RKBA without recourse, and bans on accessories (with the direct consequence of all semi autos declared machine guns). All while the HPA/SHARE and reciprocity languish.

  10. “…The same old story in the Gunshine State legislature .”

    Florida suffers from the same problem as California, Washington, New York… pretty much all the states that have really huge metro areas. The State is “Red” because of all of the people not in the major metros but those same major metros are all blue and get all the politicians. Look at the political map of Florida, all red except for the Miami area, Orlando area, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee. Even the politicians with an R next to their name in those area’s are really just D’s who occasionally don’t vote D on an issue.

  11. Anti gun libtard trolls are out in force.

    Looks like Dan ruffled some feathers.

    Wonder how much Shannon, Daddy Bloomberg, and George Soros are paying these twats to be idiots.


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