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Retired Secret Service agent had warned Stoneman Douglas about security failures

The term ‘sh!tshow’ doesn’t even begin to describe the school, the district or the Broward County Sheriff’s response . . .

Two months before the massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School, a retired Secret Service agent warned administrators that the school could be vulnerable to a gunman.

Gates were unlocked. Students did not wear identification badges. A fire alarm could send students streaming into the halls. Active-shooter drills were inadequate, he said.

The retired agent, Steve Wexler, said he made his point by strolling through the school with Post-it notes, attaching them to places his bullets or knife would land if he were an intruder. No one stopped him, he said.

In an interview with the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Wexler said he was invited to analyze the school’s security and presented his recommendations to four staff members.

“I said, ‘This stuff is blatantly obvious. You’ve got to fix this,’” Wexler said.

He never heard another word from the district, he said.

Chicago Chief Eddie Johnson Gun Control Police Gun Violence

Police chiefs plot new strategies against gun violence and mass shootings

We feel better already. You? . . .

Even as it is beset by gun violence, Chicago likes to claim it has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. “I laugh because that’s not true,” Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson said Thursday. “For the first six months [after the law making gun possession a felony passed], we could not find a gun out on the street. But it actually takes three times for them to be treated like a felon” by Chicago’s courts, where judges and prosecutors were reducing gun charges to misdemeanors, and the word quickly spread. Soon, it was back to violent business as usual.

Johnson spoke at a gathering of the nation’s big-city police chiefs in Washington on Thursday, exchanging ideas on what works and what needs to change to stem the tide of shootings in urban America. The Police Executive Research Forum, a Washington-based think tank that advises the chiefs on policy issues, then released an “Action Plan to Reduce Gun Violence,” which included items such as Johnson’s call for laws to serve as actual deterrents to criminals, stopping guns from entering the black market and improving threat assessments for possible mass shooters.

New York Times American Muslims Guns Second Amendment Rights

‘Make Sure Not to Talk Any Arabic’: American Muslims and Their Guns

The Second Amendment Is for everyone. Period . . .

Gun ownership was the preserve of white men since before the nation’s founding, when the colonies prohibited women and slaves from owning firearms and banned sales of guns to Native Americans. As the right to own a gun expanded, so did tensions. After armed members of the Black Panthers occupied the State Capitol in 1967, California passed a law banning the carrying of loaded firearms in public.

The American Muslims we interviewed recently said their decision to own guns was simply a matter of exercising their hard-earned rights.

One of them is Nezar Hamze, a deputy sheriff in Broward County, Fla., who is also active in the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a national civil rights group.

“I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it,” he said of the Second Amendment.

March For Our Rights Parkland Kids Texas

Parkland Survivors May Have Met Their Match — New Texas Student Group Urges Gov to Protect Gun Rights

This group doesn’t have a shadowy nation-wide collection of civilian disarmament advocates funding their efforts . . .

A group of pro-gun Texas students is challenging Parkland survivors in their attempt to push gun control after the Santa Fe High School shooting last month.

The group, called March for Our Rights, sent a letter to Gov. Greg Abbott urging him to consider its pro-Second Amendment viewpoint. The letter came in response to another letter sent to Abbott and signed by organizers of the pro-gun control group March for Our Lives.

The letter, published as a full-page ad in the Houston Chronicle, called for policy change and asked Abbott not to pander to the gun lobby.

March for Our Rights said that while it didn’t have the money to take an ad out, it wanted Abbott to know it supported the Second Amendment.

Oberlin Pays Ohioans for Concealed Carry Lawsuit Guns Parks

Oberlin council settles with gun-rights group that sued over ordinance

Ohioans for Concealed Carry makes them pay . . .

Oberlin City Council recently approved paying $31,000 to a gun-rights group for its legal fees after a lawsuit over an Oberlin gun ordinance.

The settlement came after Ohioans for Concealed Carry Inc.’s victory in a lawsuit challenging a 1998 city ordinance banning guns in Oberlin’s public parks.

Ohioans for Concealed Carry representatives attended a City Council meeting in September 2013 after discovering the 1998 ordinance.

Council amended the ordinance at the meeting, but Ohioans for Concealed Carry members said the change was too vague. The revision banned “unlawful” possession of firearms in city parks.

As a result, the organization and Ashland residents Brian and Janae Kuzawa sued the city in Lorain County Common Pleas Court in October 2013.

Florida Concealed Carry Permits No Background Checks
courtesy and Reuters

Report: Florida Skipped Background Checks on Concealed-Carry Applicants for Over a Year

Government is just another word for the things we choose to do together . . .

The state of Florida skipped background checks on concealed-carry-permit applicants for over a year because the employee in charge of them was unable to log into the system.

From February 2016 to March 2017, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services stopped using the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which checks an applicant’s record in other states, the Tampa Bay Times reports. During that period, the department approved tens of thousands of concealed-carry permits, especially after applications spiked following the June 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting that killed 49 people in Orlando.

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  1. “Because the employee in charge of them was unable to log into the system.”

    For an entire year! 😂 That is sheer, priceless, classic, government incompetence at its finest.

    • The worst part is, the guy running that department is non other than Mr. Adam Putman, a local to me who is running for state governor. You have heard about him recently right here, the “Proud NRA sellout” embroiled in the Publix Putnam donation controversy.

      Yeah, we expect the Leftists to latch onto that like a pitbull on a porkchop over the next few months.

      It is, however, a legitimate gripe. Putnam knew about it, why couldn’t he get the state IT department to fix it?

      • So the employee was lying. And she got away with it for a year. Great.

        Which story do you chose to believe?

      • The report says about 270,000 were processed in one year by one person? That works out to 2.5 per minute all year long. Does not seem possible

        • There were followup checks for applications that had already been flagged for further investigation. There were less than 400, but almost 300 shouldn’t have been issued.

    • “Because the employee in charge of them was unable to log into the system.”
      Is this a bug or a feature?

    • How much money did this save the taxpayer, and what problems were caused? I contend background checks accomplish nothing, should be dropped completely. Feel free to continue prosecuting “felon in possession”, just drop the useless BGC.

  2. Is Nezar Hamze a member of Florida Carry? If not, why not? Stop your whining and fight for gun rights. Or does he not need to because he is a deputy?

    • CAIR is a civl rights org? HA…..yeah…actually it’s pretty well established that CAIR is a front for terrorist groups at worst and an org of terrorist sympathizers at best.

      Oh…and no….since he is a Broward Deputy he doesn’t have to join anything…he is most definitely a member of a protected group. The Broward County Sheriff’s office is one of the most corrupt in the state….do a quick google search and you’ll be shocked at what those clowns get away with. The whole Stoneman Douglas cluster is just the tip of he iceberg

      • CAIR supports bringing Sharia to the US and remains a suspect as funneling money terrorists in foreign countries. Anyone who supports them is not to be trusted, ever.

      • Study Islam and you will find that it is really not a religion but a totalitarian political entity.
        Not one Islamic country is any sort of a democratic republic with respect for individual rights.

      • CAIR, according to the US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Texas is an “unindicted coconspirator” in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism case.

      • Yep, if you’re a member of CAIR then you’re supporting the Isamofascists.
        It’s that simple.

        There’s so much swamp to drain.
        The fact that CAIR continues to operate shows that the Deep State is still firmly in control.

  3. Florida thing sorry is not really true. You need to read deeper into the article. Tampa Bay times is a left wing rag so they published this story to try to knock down one of the leading Republican Gov Candidates….a man who is actually very pro gun.

    If you buy a gun in Florida you don’t go through a NICS check. Florida has it’s own background check system run by the FDLE(Florida dept of law enforcement). The SAME system is used to do background checks for our CCW permits(as well as a national database that isn’t nics)

    Buried in the story:
    Keller added that the NICS database is used for “non-criminal disqualifying offenses” and during this time, the department conducted criminal background checks using two other databases, the Florida Crime Information Center database and the National Crime Information Center database.

    So how many applications would have been denied with also a NICS check?
    Hours after the Times story published, Putnam’s office said upon learning of the lapse in 2017, it “immediately” reviewed 365 applications and revoked 291 concealed weapons permits.

    WOW…so out of the 200k checks done without the NICS check a whole whopping 291 “slipped through”…and all were non-criminal events(most likely mental health issues)….and when it was found out the permits were revoked.

    Then there is this lie in the article as well: The system will flag applicants who have served time in prison for more than a year, are convicted of drug use in the past year, are undocumented immigrants or were involuntarily committed or deemed to have a “mental defect” by a court or dishonorably discharged from the military.

    In Florida, it is also used to background check an applicant for a concealed weapons permit for any out-of-state criminal offenses and all other criminal offenses including conviction of drug uses.

    PURE BS….the Florida Crime Information Center database and the National Crime Information Center database are what catch criminal offenses(even out of state ),There is no system of people who are undocumentated immigrants….that would be then entire population of the planet outside the US!!! The only “undcoumentatd” immigrants in any system are those ARRESTED thus they woudl be in the criminal database as well),
    See what the Times did here? They try to make it look like because a NICS wasn’t run that all these permits had NO background check….never really spelling out that Florida doesn’t use NICS as it’s main background check.

    Nevermind that really… what if a permit went through anyway. Honestly….are murderers, criminals, and nutcases really going to be stopped if they DIDN”T have a permit? And let’s look at the cases of most of these mass shooters even…..did any of them have a Florida CCW? Was it instrumental in them carrying out their attack? No… has nothing to do with it.

    Finally…all the Dem candidates for Gov and Dem politicans down here are screaming for Putnam to resign because of this…..YET these same people say NOTHING about their fellow Dems like Sheriff Israel…the Broward Schools Superindentent, etc who are directly responsible through their negligence for an actuall massacre of kids.

    • So the person in charge who couldn’t log in for a year and didn’t do anything about it is a lie? She had no idea why she was put in charge if it? The government isn’t incompetent? Hmmm…

      That’s the story. We have our own stories in Michigan. You’re not unique in being screwed up.

      • The woman in charge of it was fired, and when contacted, didn’t dispute the legitimacy of her firing.

        It’s crappy timing, as Putnam is running for governor, and was before this looking really good in the polls…

        • You’re ignoring the problem. Government hires incompetent people often. They stay entrenched for years, especially at the federal level. This person was just caught earlier.

          Too bad that it reflected on a good guy I guess. But honestly, the government is not managed well!

          I have friends who work for the fed. The .gov makes the states look like pikers.

    • that sounds a bit better…getting a florida permit is a a bit more of a hassle than in my home state…even if it is issued by the dept. of agriculture

  4. Why is it that the NY Times tells us that CAIR is a civil rights group, but does not tell us that NRA is a civil rights group?

    • Why indeed…it’s almost like there’s a CONSPIRACY. CAIR is a terrorist front-right up there with the Moose-lim brotherhood(just ask V.J.). It’s not Arabic we mind-it’s hiding true motives(my son speaks Arabic). Hey was the Pulse shooter part of them?!?Eddie Johnson is a patsy simpleton. He’s not alone in Chiraq…

        • …and considers the political arm of an oppressive/regressive terrorist organization (one that still practices human slavery) to be a civil rights group.

          In ProgressiveWorld, every day is opposites day…

  5. The Chicago top cop lecturing other police agencies around the country as to “what works” has to be the most ludicrous posturing ever.

    • Well the previous Chicago top cop was drunk on his ass, shooting street lights out in New York and other things, so par for the course.

      I used to live outside Chicago in the 70’s, and the rank-and-file cops were pretty chill back then, although corrupt. Which worked to your advantage.

  6. The Second Amendment Is for everyone. Period . . .

    No, no its not. Its for Americans, you know the “Ourselves and our Posterity” in the first paragraph of the constitution.

    Its not for Islamic extremists, illegals, their anchor babies or any other 3rd world squatter.

    • If they’re in the country legally they are covered by the constitution.

  7. “The Second Amendment Is for everyone. Period . . .”

    The Second Amendment is for “the people” alone. Who that is is the only part of the Second Amendment up for debate. The only two possible exclusions I’ve heard on this are
    1: Citizens only. Post 14th amendment and with the modern idea that everyone is a citizen of somewhere (as opposed to the time of Jesus when citizenship was a privilege of a few) this would largely mean that non-citizens (foreign students on legal visa ect.) can constitutionally be bared from possessing arms
    2: Certain government officials are not “the people” (“They consist now of the whole people, except a few public officers”). Unfortunately no laws disarming them have been enacted to my knowledge.

  8. On this I do not care who I piss off, what you think of me or any remark on good for me none for thee. Fuck Islam , fuck em hard and deep, nuke the whole damned mideast, wipe them off the face of the earth. Do unto others as they wish they could do to you. Allah Akbar, Felisha mah chao.

    • Congratulations, it’s people like you that alienate valuable allies like the Muslim community in the fight for our gun rights. Sunni Muslim society has its issues, but from experience I can say that a fellow Muslim is more likely to call out a radical in their mosque than some random person is. There’s a big difference between the ISIS goatfuckers and the general Muslim American community . The more inflammatory this community is towards the regular, law abiding Muslims in this country, the more likely they’ll vote for the schmucks trying to take our rights away.

      • Well Hassan if that is the case then we want to hear of a whole lot more being called out because i have not heard of even one being called out and publicly exposed by the islamic community in any western country. i judge each on their merits and so far islam, including the “moderates” who move to another country to work hard and make a better life have not been making much noise about exposing those amongst them who would turn they country the above mentioned “moderates” moved to, to the country that they just left

        • The sound of moderate Muslims protesting violent radical Muslims and their Jihads.
          Crickets. Crickets. Crickets.

      • Spoken like a true towelhead. Not accepting any blame, denying that fact that Islam is a backward ideology from the seventh century more akin to a modern cult than a religion. Don’t make excuses, either change religion or go away. True Islam is not welcome.

        • Why should I “accept blame” for the actions of terrorists who follow an extremist interpretation of Islam (Wahhabism) that I have nothing to do with? That’s like saying that we as gun owners are responsible for mass shooters, all whites should be blamed for slavery, etc. This belief that Islam is some “backwards cult” is because of the way that Saudi Arabia has exported Wahhabism in terms of both funding religious schools and sending Imams abroad. There is no “True Islam,” just like there isn’t a “True Christianity.” Each sect has widely varied interpretations and rules.

        • True Islam is following the life of Mighty Moe and going on violent Jihad as prescribed in the Quran, Hadith, and Sira.

        • Hassan touches upon a big problem here.

          The Saudis are taking worldwide control of Islam and preventing reformation, through their ‘charitable efforts’ of bankrolling Islamic education worldwide. It’s like the days when the Catholic Church ruled Europe, only worse.

          Here in the USA, once a Mosque becomes rich enough to get its own Imam (Saudi trained, of course) it begins to transform into a subversive group, if not an actual terrorist cell.

      • Hassan, It is true there are moderate Muslims in America. I have worked with some.

        I also lived and worked in the Middle East for six years where are there are very few moderates.

        The problem is, people cannot tell the difference…taqiyya ya know.

        • I’m well aware of that. I’d say it’s mostly because of the fact that the gulf states are so heavily influenced by Salafi/Wahhabi ideology and that hardline sentiment has been deliberately spread amongst the Sunni world by the Saudis. Being in America tends to numb that kind of zealotry, but one can’t say the same for Europe where assimilative pressures are noticably weaker.

        • And a happy salami Lincoln to you…ya’ know my whiter than white son speaks,writes and understands Arabic. For DoD..I’d love for him to catch one you ”moderates”😄😏

        • Muslims are “moderate” until the discussion turns to Jews and Israel. Then they become lot less moderate and we then hear “the Jews stole Muslim land” argument. Jews did not steal Muslim land. Arab-Muslim states fought a series of ill-advised wars with Israel and, each time, lost more and more territory. Israel legitimately gained it’s territory by Right Of Conquest—the exact same way the boundaries of other modern states were created. Arab Muslims have no more claim to territory lost in war than Finns do to land they lost in WWII to the Russians or Mexicans do to land lost in the 1836 Texas Revolution.

        • Muslims are “moderate” until the discussion turns to Jews and Israel.
          Covers more than Jews and Israel. Moderate Muslim…snicker…snicker.

        • My cousin’s son is in the 82nd Airborne and has done numerous tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He stated that people in the Middle East think they are civilized because of their Islamic religion, but they really are not.

        • There are moderate Muslims and there are also albino elephants and their significance are equal.

          Islam’s drivng force is Islamofascism.

          Some moderate Muslim in America needs to excise all the killing, beheading, and raping from the Koran (which would then leave it being a 5 page phamplet) and call it Islam 2.0

          They then need to start Mosques on Islam 2.0 so that the country can easily identify Muslims still going to Islam 1.0 mosques as the enemy.

          Unfortunately no moderate Muslim would do this because their lifespan would be less than a week.

    • Whole-heartedly agree. If we nuke the entire area, 99% of the worlds problems go away, and we get dirt-cheap gas that glows in the dark.

  9. Unfortunately Abbott is silencing the pro gun voices and pandering solely to the gun grabbers.

    He’s a real piece of shit.

  10. “One of them is Nezar Hamze, a deputy sheriff in Broward County, Fla., who is also active in the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a national civil rights group.”

    Not the way to endear yourself to anyone who is not a Muslim. CAIR is a jihadi apologist group. And Broward County? Also, I challenge this:

    “Gun ownership was the preserve of white men since before the nation’s founding, when the colonies prohibited women and slaves from owning firearms and banned sales of guns to Native Americans.”

    I do not challenge the historicity of arms prohibition of slaves but women and Native Americans? Women could own guns and did. While there were some local laws banning the sale of guns to NA’s, I challenge the author to cite a federal, colonial (French, British, Spanish, etc.) or American statue for that. Whites legally sold and traded guns with NA’s throughout the colonial and post colonial period in North America.

  11. The Five Year Plan is perfect! The reason we have potatoes rotting in the fields is because the people lack the necessary revolutionary fervor.

  12. CAIR is not a civil rights group. They are tied to Hamas and other terrorist groups. Sublimation at its finest.

  13. So a Broward County cop proudly supports a Hamas front?

    I’m not sure that the home of Scott Israel, Scot Peterson and the rest of the Kounty Keystone Kops, the entire Parkland educational establishment, Debbie Wasserman Test and Little Boss Hogg can get any worse.

    But I’m sure it will. And I’ll be watching while Broward gets exactly what it deserves, right up the culo.

  14. “A fire alarm could send students streaming into the halls.”

    Since the halls lead to the exits and exiting burning building is the typical course of action, what does this guy want to happen?

    • Students can jump out of the windows?
      “The retired agent, Steve Wexler, said he made his point by strolling through the school with Post-it notes, attaching them to places his bullets or knife would land if he were an intruder.”
      Did he bring enough Post-its to wallpaper the whole building?


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