TTAG Commentator Victor: Chicago Handgun Permit PITA

I know I’m a little late to this argument but I just wanted to say that I just applied for my Chicago Firearms Permit. Here are the steps…

1 – Apply for your FOID card. This, you get from the State, not the City. Go to the Illinois State Police web site and download the application form. You need to provide your drivers license number and other information. Before mailing it in, go to Walgreens (or wherever) and take two passport size pictures. In fact, ask for TWO sets (you’ll use the second set later). Mail in the application with two pictures and a check for $10 to the ISP in Springfield.

2 – In about three weeks, you should get your FOID card. Once its in your possession, download the forms for the Chicago permit from the Chicago Police website. All the permits are available and they don’t need to be printed in color. When I handed my forms in, the police officer said nothing. Now, make an appointment with a trainer and take the four-hour training class.

Be sure to take a day off from work or enroll for a Saturday class. The classroom stuff can be boring but, as a beginner, I found it to be quite interesting. You’ll be surprised that the material isn’t all about how guns are evil. Pay attention in class since there’s a written test at the end. After the class, you’ll drive to the suburbs for range time where you’ll fire off 50 rounds. You’ll be loading the mags yourself, by the way.

3 – Take the paperwork your instructor gives you and fill out all the CFP forms. Make copies of all forms. Now, you might need to take yet another day off (or at least get into the office late) because you’ll take all the forms, the two remaining photos and a check for $100 to 4775 S Kedzie. It’s a block or two north of the Kedzie stop on the Orange Line. The office is in a mall (you’ll recognize it by the “city of Chicago” sign).

You must get there by 4:30 pm and they’re only open Monday thru Friday. Once you get there, go all the way to the back and you’ll see a desk marked “gun registration”. Hand over all the paperwork, then you’ll be asked to go all the way back to the very front and stand in line for payment. Once that’s done, you’ll go back to the original desk and they’ll take your fingerprints. Once that’s done, you’ll go back to the “gun registration” desk where they’ll file your paperwork and you should be getting your CFP in about three weeks.

Once you get the CFP, you can go gun shopping but I suggest that you go to your favorite gun store and make friends with the people behind the counter. Try out a few firearms (I am leaning towards the Glock 17 9mm myself). This way, you’ll be ready to get a handgun as soon as your permit arrives.


The City is majorly pissed that the handgun ban is overturned and will do anything in its power to make your life miserable and that includes denying registration if you are over the time limit.


  1. avatar NCGlockin says:

    Good luck Victor, and I am sure you will be very pleased with the Glock.

  2. avatar Victor says:

    Thanks NCGlockin. I was originally set on getting the Springfield XDM 45 but the instructor strongly recommended the Glock 17. He said for beginners (such as myself) the 9mm is a far better choice.

    Initially, I really wanted to stick with the 45 but I test fired both a 45 and 9mm (both Glock) and agreed with the instructor. Chicago does allow one handgun registration per month so maybe I’ll save the XDM for a later purchase once I get proficient with the 17.

  3. avatar Ismael says:

    I did all that got my FOID card and took 5 hour class went to go do CFP and Today got my ” i think cfp in the mail took 6 days” is it suppose to be wallet sized or original paper yellow card i filled out?

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