No doubt about it: we shot ourselves in the foot with the latest WordPress update. Suffice it to say, our man Malenshak’s been on the case—sacrificing a case of Pepsi in the process. With SM’s fix in effect site performance will improve over the next day or so. More importantly, the Mal man’s sorted out the comment formatting problems. All your less-than-pithy comments will now appear properly on all browsers all the time until the end of time (including smart phones). What about the LEGO look of past contributions? Your humble servant is going back and fixing them all manually, one by one. OCD much? For you, anything! [WordPress claim removed.]



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      While at a French strip club in Canada, a friend of mine said that he want to get reincarnated in the next life as the pole the strippers were using. The women who danced there were perfect #10s and could have appeared in Penthouse or Playboy.

      • I thought that would be cool too. Then my friend told me with my luck new management would take over and rename it The White Swallow.

  1. Funny, I notice that nobody’s complaining about the “tree-huggers” now. What’s up with that?

    And RF, thanks for calling us “unique!” (Although, if we all try to be unique, I guess by definition we won’t be.)

  2. Is there any chance you can get the RSS feed format back to the way it was a week ago? The new format doesn’t contain enough information to understand what the article is about, where as previously it contained the full body which was great.

  3. I wondered why we were given an unnecessary picture of a hot sexy girl. (Not complaining, just wondering why.) After a couple minutes enjoying the view, I saw that she is about to shoot herself in the foot, which illustrates your first sentence, “No doubt about it: we shot ourselves in the foot with …”

  4. Not entirely on topic here, but it seems entire posts are randomly disappearing. I mention this here because this is tagged housekeeping. There used to be a post by Tyler about switching from .45 to 9mm which was generating a lot of comment and is now gone. That didn’t seem like the kind of thing which someone would demand get yanked. What’s with that?


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