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The Truth About Guns is proud to pre-announce its annual “Big Bang” awards, scheduled for October 2011. It’s your basic “best” award, recognizing the firearms and firearms accessories industry for its product achievements. First, our Armed Intelligentsia nominates products introduced within one calendar year of September 2011 (since September 2010). A panel of TTAG writers chooses five finalists from your nominations. We test the products and report the plusses and minuses. You vote the Big Bang winners. Simple. So let’s start with categories. Um . . . what are they? Tricky business this. Best Rifle, Handgun or Shotgun by type, caliber, price, accuracy, innovation or all things considered? How many categories? Best Tactical Pen? Your help is most appreciated.

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  1. Best “tacticool” accessory, best firearms innovation, best holster. The list could go on and on. I think best pistol, shotgun and rifle by all aspects is best or we risk getting too many categories.

  2. Best leather holsters: Milt Sparks Holsters, handmade in Boise, Idaho to fit any handgun.

    Best long-range duck gun: DPMS LR308B, for really big, vicious ducks at ranges out to 1,000 yards.

    Best cold-weather lube/gun grease: Tetra-Gun products.

    Closest approximation to a Steampunk revolver – that Rhino thing shown above, if you add a clunky-looking, blued, long-eye-relief scope to it.

  3. This is a great idea! Can I get on the council?

    BTW – The categories are endless… I would suggest keeping it small and simple the first year, and then expand it as you go along annually.

  4. How does one compare a .308 to a .223? A plastic .380 to a gen-u-wine 1911? If caliber defines the categories, there will be a whole lotta categories. Can we compare a $400 entry-level rifle to a $2000 piece? Nix.

    We might focus on the new and innovative, quality and fun:
    Most innovative new (gun, accessory, you name it).
    Best customer service.
    Best new SD handgun (not caliber specific).
    Champions of the Second Amendment (open to anyone).
    Most innovative new bolt/semi rifle (finding even one is going to be a challenge).
    Most fun to shoot (subjective as hell, and that’s the point).
    Best skeet, trap and sporting clay shotties.
    Hall of Fame (older and retired handguns and long guns, both military and civilian).
    Most Bang for the Buck (focusing on affordable quality).
    Best new entry-level (handgun, rifle, shottie).
    Most useful new tool.

    Just random thoughts.

  5. Most innovative firearm, most innovative device, best self defense round: rifle/pistol/revolver/other/shotgun, best hunting round, best tool, best gear, best hunting weapon, best self defense: rifle/shotgun/pistol/revolver/other, best new caliber: hunting/defense, best in show.

  6. How about a monthly or quarterly Big Bang award for IGOTD? The TTAG Armed Intelligentsia could vote for The Most IGOTD and the winner (loser?) could have TTAG fame and notoriety for at least 14 minutes.


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