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Another prominent gun industry company is abandoning an anti-gun northeastern state for friendlier climes. Firearm and accessory maker Troy Industries has announced that it will be relocating its headquarters and manufacturing operations from West Springfield, Massachusetts to Clarksville, Tennessee.

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The company is moving to Tennessee in part because of the “changing climate” for the firearms industry in Massachusetts, according to Steve Troy, president and CEO of Troy Industries.

About that changing climate…there are bills currently pending in the Massachusetts legislature that would ban the manufacture of “any assault weapon or large capacity feeding device,” unless manufacturers are selling those products to law enforcement or military agencies.

The Bay State is also the home of Smith & Wesson, Savage Arms and a Kahr Arms manufacturing facility, but legislators are apparently only too happy to drive those jobs out of the state as long as it means being on the politically correct side of the civilian disarmament issue.

Troy, however, decided that it won’t be waiting around to see how the current anti-gun legislative jihad turns out.

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Gov. Bill Lee says the project will invest $7.2 million and create 75 jobs over the next five years.

“I appreciate TROY for choosing to relocate to Tennessee and am proud to partner with this world-renowned firearms manufacturer. When companies pick Tennessee to locate or expand their operations, it is a vote of confidence to our state’s business-friendly climate and skilled workforce,” Lee said. “I thank TROY for this investment and the creation of new jobs for Tennesseans.”

How long will it be before more Massachusetts gun industry jobs are lost when managers decide the hostility of the business environment outweighs the hassle, disruption, and considerable expenses involved in moving?


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  1. Troy employed an ex-FBI sniper who was part of the Federal Murder Squad at Ruby Ridge. He was possibly the actual shooter who killed an unarmed woman holding a child and a teenager, for the BATFE.

    I will never forgive them for that and will never buy anything from them, even if its free. The definition of Character, is doing the right thing, when no one is looking. Troy chose to do the wrong thing, so they are dead to me.

    • Thats funny, Troy is dead to me because they make shitty cheap product that all the NutNFancy humpers and “iTs JuST aS gOoD As” crowd seem to love.

      Good to know they are also a terrible company though.

    • Interesting. I’ve never heard that before. Curious to look into it.

      Links please?

      • If your joking, it went over my head. Troy Industry built a pump action AR15 for the New York market. And other slave states. The rifle was on the cover of Guns and Ammo magazine. I think 6 years ago?

        I have seen several positive reviews of this long gun.

    • In one way you have to hand it to Black Americans for taking it to the streets. Just the opposite for Ruby Ridge where a woman holding a baby was shot dead by a gutless wonder and no one marched for her. Then you have Waco where military tanks were used like bull dozers on buildings that were home to many people all because a Gun Control photo op went south. And today you have an election fraud turd in the White House who wants to appoint a Waco Jack Booted Thug and still no one marches.
      Now that Black Americans are arming up perhaps they’ll one day march for the 2A and show us how it’s done.

      Troy you are not getting the time of day from me.

    • I was gonna say Troy is a Statist Company with no issues hiring Statists. Find it ironic they are moving, this is the USA they envision why leave?

  2. So they’ll be right next to Fort Campbell Army base…..Much better atmosphere there!

    • @ American Patriot…….Yep, I’ll be there next month 21-25 June 2021. The Army has given Fort Campbell the go ahead to conduct this year’s (WoE) Week of the Eagles, 101st Airborne Division Screaming Eagles. I’ll be joining almost 800 other Vietnam Veterans (paratroopers) for this occasion, after all these years we are finely being presented and awarded our “Air Assault Badge Wings” in a ceremony.

    • Not so fast Ranger Rick. I would view them as a neighbor newly arrived from California with all their vocal and insane interjections into common sense law. If TN has ANY morals or foresight, they’ll push this unprincipled company right on out to some other state. In fact, I think northern Idaho might welcome them with open arms. Though the deep hollers of KY are closer.

  3. Ah yes the old “assault weapons/Large Capacity..” b/s terms created by leftists to demonize what they have decided YOU don’t need.

  4. About that changing climate…there are bills currently pending in the Massachusetts legislature that would ban the manufacture of “any assault weapon or large capacity feeding device,” unless manufacturers are ONLY selling those products to law enforcement or military agencies and NOT to any civilians in any state.


  5. Troy will forever be on my shit list of companies. They hired the guy who did not murder Vicki Weaver. Why does that matter? Because FBI sniper Dale R. Monroe, partner to FBI sniper and “woman holding a baby” shooter Lon Horiuchi, testified the only reason he did not murder Vicki Weaver was because his partner Horiuchi murdered her first.

    Yeah, there’s a stellar character reference.

    Troy also hired Jody Weis, the former head of Chicago PD notorious for being both anti-gun and a coward in the face of danger. When gun fire was heard the actual cops ran to it, but Weis ran away from it with his personal bodyguard all the way back to hide in police headquarters.

  6. Won’t buy directly from Troy due to the hiring of Lon Horiuchi (also at Waco in addition to Ruby Ridge). But I did clean up on discount Troy mags from gun shops left holding the mags when Troy F’ed up.

  7. I thought Horiuchi went to work for HS Precision or some other stock maker. What, he couldn’t hold a job there?

  8. Is this same Troy Industries that hired Lon Horiuuchi? The one from Ruby Ridge & Swaco? F em! Some sins are unforgivable

  9. 1. Bill Ruger testified before Congress supporting the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban.

    2. Smith and Wesson worked intimately with the Clinton administration on gun control legislation.

    3. Gaston Glock publicly said his handguns were never meant for civilian ownership. And he was against civilian ownership of all handguns.

    4. Recoil Magazine lost ALL of their advertisers within a 48 hour period. After the top editor wrote that Glock hand guns should not be sold to civilians. He said only for police and military use.

    Now the question is how long are you going to be mad at any gun company? Did any of these companies change for the better?

    • I’ll be pissed at any company that does wrong but I can accept them making amends, redeeming themselves.

      Ruger recovered brilliantly. Bill Ruger was a great gun designer, this is true. And I have owned one of his guns continuously for a half a century. But it was the management that came after him that fully embraced the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

      Glock ran a brilliant propaganda campaign to build a near religious like cult around its brand. That cult continues to this very day. I see nothing in Glock to indicate they deserve my money.

    • Bill Ruger died, Ruger is very pro-2A now.
      Smith & Wesson has had 2 ownership changes since the 90s. I know several people who won’t buy their guns because of the Hillary hole.
      Never heard of the Gaston Glock comment. If he really felt that way he could have signed with a US distributor that only sold to LEO/military.
      I didn’t even read the article, I just wanted to see if the comments were against Troy. I won’t buy anything from them.

    • It’s like Trump said when he was asked why he donated to the Clinton’s campaign in the past; “I’m a businessman and if I have to support whoever is running”. He went on to state he donated to ALL candidates running in the same race. I don’t agree with it but I understand it. Same goes with these gun companies. ALL of them will state one thing to politicians while they continue to sell to whoever will buy their products as they know that is the only way they’ll stay in business while corrupt governments can outlaw their products with the stroke of a pen.

      Testifying for assault weapons bans speaks for itself as cowardly but as for the others I don’t like what I hear/read but you can’t believe all the written words these days. Recoil magazine has lost a lot of their newsstand sales and spaces on store shelves in the past several years but I’m sure a lot of that was due strictly to politics also.

    • The problem with Troy is their bad hiring practices are fairly recent and they didn’t really fix the problem until there was significant backlash. That shows they have a serious flaw in their hiring practices and management. It is too bad because I liked a lot of their products.

  10. Like the saying goes: Live free or live in Massachusetts (N.Y., N.J., Commifornia, etc.)

  11. Only thing good that ever came out of Taxachussetts was my family.
    & none of them ,I said , NONE of them have regretted it…

  12. I wrote off Troy after he swiped a lot of intellectual property from his employer. Not nice to start your company up with stolen ideas.

  13. GOOD FOR THEM … I hope the New England states eventually go bankrupt due to their leftist-liberalism and ignorance. That’s what they sincerely deserve.

    • G R A …… They won’t go broke because the powers that be in the District of Communists will continually bail them out with our tax money just like Commiefornia .

      • I’m afraid you’re absolutely right. Somehow it seems I remember something in school about us fighting a war (or two) over this sort of thing which supposedly ended in such issues being corrected … ???

  14. A couple of years ago I was interested in purchasing a Troy PAR in 300 BLK for suppressor use, but I had no luck finding one in stock anywhere. I contacted Troy directly, and they said they’d be more than happy to build one for me. Great!

    While placing my order with them I said that I preferred their Medieval Flash Suppressor instead of their Medieval Muzzle Brake on my rifle. The salesperson said that the PAR rifle comes standard with a muzzle brake- not a flash suppressor. That’s cool- but I’d prefer a flash suppressor, I said. That’s not how they come, was the response. I asked if they had any 300 BLK PAR rifles currently in stock, and they responded- no, my rifle wouldn’t be built until I placed my order. Hmm, ok…

    Now curious, I suggested that since the rifle did not yet exist, all their builder would have to do is grab the part out of the bin marked “flash suppressor” instead of the bin marked “muzzle brake” when assembling my rifle. Easy peasy, right? They said the PAR rifles comes with a muzzle brake- not a flash suppressor.

    Now borderline perturbed, I asked if there was a difference in price between their flash suppressor and their muzzle brake- the response… no, they are both $47.00. Uh-huh. So, I asked if they are both the same price why can’t they sub one out for the other? Their response… PAR rifles come with a muzzle brake- not a flash suppressor.

    Now perturbed, I asked what would it take for me to get a flash suppressor instead of a muzzle brake on the PAR rifle I was having them build for me. They responded that for an additional $47.00 they would put a flash suppressor in the box with my muzzle brake-equipped PAR rifle. Yeah. I asked if they’d be willing to install the flash suppressor on my rifle if I paid for it, and the response was… bet you can’t guess… the PAR rifle comes with a muzzle brake- not a flash suppressor.

    Almost desperate, I asked if they could simply delete the muzzle brake and send the flash suppressor loose in the box with my non muzzle brake-equipped PAR rifle. Nope- PAR rifles come with a muzzle brake, not a flash suppressor.

    Dumbfounded, I asked if they were willing to lose a sale over a muzzle device? Their response… that was up to me.

    I still do not own a Troy PAR in 300 BLK.

    Their choice.

  15. Unfortunate that Yankee Hill Machine will need to leave also, but the tax benefits might help ease the pain.

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