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EDC GLOCK 43 Everyday Carry Concealed Weekend Carry

This is college football Week Zero. That means there are actually a few games on today, but no one really cares unless you went to one of those schools (are you all set for the big Duquesne vs. UMass tilt?). And maybe not even then.

But whatever, it’s still football and it’s also the weekend, when many of us lighten our EDC loads a little, the better to facilitate couch navigation and behind-the-eyelids sporting event consumption. This is Nwprepped’s weekend gear, including the eminently packable GLOCK 43. What gun does your days-off loadout feature?

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  1. My 9yr old girl carry’s that same multi tool on a paracord necklace I made. It hardly leaves her side. Great for when she needs to cut open an otter pop, carve a twig or open a bottler for her dad.

    • I carry a Gerber Dime along with a mini bic lighter. Surprising how many times those tiny multi-tools have helped do something. I also carry a full size on my EDC pack, and another in my truck.

    • That’s actually the Leatherman skeletool not the Style which is probably what you are referring too. The skeletool is bigger.

  2. Violent crime statistically is more likely on weekend days (Friday-Sunday) than Mon-Thur. I carry same regardless of the day of the week.

  3. Huh…loadout determined by Day of the Week…whodaknown? My selection criteria usually involves WHERE I’m going…town, city, hike in the mountains or hanging around the homestead. Knife and flashlight are constants…specific ballistic delivery device depends on perceived threat levels at destination.

    • Well if you are going somewhere to sit down and relax, why not go as minimal as possible and be comfortable? Do you change bullets/muzzle lengths if the threat level is low at the restaurant you go to? It’s possible you are taking this a bit to literal…

      • Too literal…me? Maybe.

        I may change caliber and firearm depending on where I’m going (my State does not restrict me to ONLY one registered, authorized firearm for concealed carry like so many of the ultra-Blue States do). Each firearm has a standardized cartridge (bullet weight / loading) that I use in that particular weapon. My carry rounds (except for bear loads) are LEO rounds as authorized by regional / local Agencies to minimize legal challenges if I’m ever involved in a DGU. Carry the firearm and loading that you are comfortable with…train with that combination to maintain your proficiency. Try out a local IPSC or USPSA match…exhilarating…and humbling.

  4. This everyday carry series that you insist on continuing ad nauseam has always been silly, now it’s silly and very very very tired.

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