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Travis Pike continues to trawl the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s (CSGV) Facebook page on our behalf. Arriving in YouTube form, his most recent haul delivers more of the same ad hominem attacks on Americans who cherish their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. CSGV, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Everytown for Gun Safety – all the gun control groups continue to provide a home for irrational anti-gun animus. And censor comments that challenge, question or criticize the anti-gun gestalt. No surprise there. Still, it’s good to know what your enemy may be thinking – although “thinking” may be the wrong word for the anti-ballistic bile that the CSGV and its ilk encourage to further their statist agenda. Another compilation after the jump . . .

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    • I find the use of the Soviet National Anthem to be offensive. The soviets at least believed in something before the nut jobs like Stalin took over. Deutschland Uber Alles would be far more appropriate.

        • I honest to god considered this one, I actually have the soviet anthem on my phone and listen to it while I run, I just like it for some ungodly reason

      • I don’t know Russian well enough to tell, but the current Russian Federation national anthem is EXACTLY the same tune with a few words changed as the old Soviet national anthem, so this might be the anthem of the free, democratic Russian Federation instead of that of the free, democratic Soviet Union.

        Also, the originators of Bolshevism weren’t a great deal less ‘nutjob’ than Dzugashivili; Ulyanov and Trotsky were both cold, manipulative, psychopathic power-mad radicals who were willing to kill any number of forests to free some of the trees, and their sycophants were no better. You remember, of course, that Ulyanov hired Dzugashivili, kept promoting him and giving him more power, right up until about a year before his death. . .must’ve found SOMETHING to love, there.

        • You know how those things are. I would not let him borrow a cup of sugar, he is just a character around town. But it is like spraying Round-up on Kudzu sometimes–you know it is futile in the long run, but in the short run you enjoy watching it die.

          Why the old Soviet Union National Anthem? That is like a Freudian slip.

        • If you think a group other than the Russian Mob runs the FSU, you’re kidding yourself. And Putin thinks he’s Stalin. Unfortunately he’s costing the Mob money. He’ll back down soon. Or have a “tragic accident “(tm).

        • I agree. In my studies of pre Stalin Russia. Bolshevism wasn’t really something to write home about.

          @pwrsurge the Soviet national anthem wasn’t adopted until 1944, during the time of Stalin. You are taking offense to a song being used that was created during the heavy handed reign of Stalin while dreaming of the good old days of Lenin. Interesting.

        • Oh it is the exact same music. You have to remember that the Russian Federation is trying to regain the power of the Soviet Union without the socialism. More of a modern Russian Empire really. Given the history of Russia, they could do far worse.

          I take offense at the fact that Stalin is being compared to Watts, as a Russian Cossack, I find that to be very derogatory of Stalin. (Which should tell you something.) At least Stalin’s predecessors believed in something honestly and fervently (even if they were horribly wrong). What does Watts actually believe in?

        • I only checked a few parts, but it appears to be the 1977 version of the Soviet anthem. The opening lines are /Soyuz nerushimii/ “Unbreakable union”, and the third line of the chorus is /Partiya Lenina/ “Party of Lenin”.

          Fitting. Very fitting.

          Much more so than /Deutschland über alles”, which well predates the Nazi regime and refers to German unification under a democratic government (as opposed to the nobles who desired to keep the rule of their smaller duchies, etc.: a united Germany is to be preferred over all the smaller principalities).

      • Hogwash, Stalin was there before the beginning. He was actually boots-on-the-ground organizing workers while Lenin and the other intellectuals were playing word games and more Marxist than thou in exile.

        • As I said elsewhere… Comparing Watts to Stalin is a heinous insult… To Stalin. At least Stalin managed to turn the Soviet Union into something other than a speed bump for the Nazi war machine…

      • Well, the music is the Russian national anthem, which IS still a communist country. That is a fact, so If anyone is offended, maybe they should leave Russia.

        • As I said, comparing Watts and Bloomberg along with their cronies to the Soviet Union (the actual country that used that song for that hymn) is a grave and terrible insult… To the Soviet Union.

  1. And, if we are going to be honest about it, we have to concede that pro-gun forums and blogs “continue to provide a home for irrational pro-gun animus.”

      • Very true, and yet, the antis won’t allow opposing views to counter or temper their own. Seems even in the nonviolent battle of ideas, the antis still insist on imposing their views and disarming others. I’m starting to see a statist trend with these people.

        • Jonathan – Houston,

          Progressives — which includes most gun grabbers — demand that everyone else yield to their idea of how and what life should be. They are diametrically opposed to our nation’s founding principle of “live and let live”. And that even includes thoughts. Thus we are “terrorists” for even thinking that we are free to own the personal property (such as firearms) of our choosing.

          Unfortunately, self-appointed elitists — who consider themselves the “ruling class” — have an unholy alliance with Progressives because many of their goals align. And thus some gun grabbers are from the elitist camp rather than the Progressive camp. But their goals and frequently their tactics are the same.

          As a result, comments that we see from gun grabbers (whether Progressives or elitists) reflects their intense intolerance of others. And that is why this will never end peacefully.

    • I welcome people who are anti-gun to come here and start a discussion about guns, and maybe they’ll even learn a thing or two about guns.

      Of course they need to follow some rules:
      – No profanity
      – No insults, whether direct or indirect
      – No personal attacks of any kind
      – No condescending or patronizing remarks
      – no lying

      If they can manage those things, then I don’t see why we can’t have an honest discussion.

  2. I find it amusing that about half the facebook comments had bad grammar and/or couldn’t spell.

    By the way, great work Travis.

    • Ironically, people who wish death on others in facebook or forum comments tend to be from two extremes: uneducated and ignorant or over-educated and smug.

  3. The mind boggles, and one despairs of having any kind of rational discourse with any of these folks. All one can do is look at them a long time, shrug one’s shoulders, and walk away..

    • Conway,

      Travis Pike exposed people who hate us because we are “different”. The people who he exposed are at best broken people and at worst evil people. As I mentioned in a comment above, those people are diametrically opposed to our nation’s founding principle of “live and let live”.

      For the reasons that I mentioned above, there is nothing to be gained whatsoever in any exchange with such people unless there is an audience of uninformed fence-sitters. Then, and only then, you can present simple facts and let the gun grabber explode into their insult-laden hate-filled tirades. The fence sitters will then see the facts — including the fact that gun grabbers are the truly dangerous people in our society since they advocate for imprisonment and/or death of anyone who disagrees with them. And uninformed fence sitters will also see that people like us, who promote liberty (which includes liberty of thought), are calm rational people who try our best to collaborate with others. Which type of person do you think is more appealing to an uninformed fence sitter? Which type of person do you think is more likely to sway an uninformed fence sitter?

  4. I stop by from time to time to comment on their anti-gun sites. It’s tedious, but sometimes I just enjoy stirring up the hornet’s nest. Sometimes I’ll just sum up their own arguments for them. Ok, anti-gunners, I keep hearing that

    1. I have a small penis
    2. I have sex with firearms
    3. I’m paranoid
    4. I will only accidentally shoot myself with my guns
    5. My children will only shoot themselves with my guns.

    None of that is true, and none of that has happened. I’ve carried guns for more than 20 years with no negligent discharges, and have used firearms to defend my life. (And I have excellent equipment downstairs, but those photos and videos are a whole ‘nother topic.)

    When one argues with histrionic anti-gunners, they must be continuously re-focused on the specific issue(s) at hand. Call them out on their fascination with the 5 aforementioned items. Ask them why it is morally superior to call upon an armed police officer with a 5-45 minute respond time when the trained shooter can immediately return accurate fire within two seconds. Ask them why they are better off “sheltering in place” / waiting to die than by returning fire.

    You will be continuously insulted, and when you are, point out their hostility and lack of rational arguments. Do not allow yourself to be sucked in to their ridiculous and narrow-minded belief systems. Argue with facts and reason. Ask them to point out a single piece of literature created by the NRA that promotes the murder of children. Keep calm, and carry on.

      • I find the following reply to the pseudo-Freudians shuts them up.

        The Freudian symbolism surrounding guns is obvious.

        Men who fear and reject guns as “evil” are fearful of their own masculinity, and reject that masculinity as something “dangerous” which they cannot control. They are symbolically expressing a suppressed desire to be eunuchs, if they cannot be female.

        They often recite the mantra “Guns have only one purpose – to kill”, but they know that is no more true than saying their penis has only one purpose. Aside from the fact it is part of the two-purpose male uro-genital system, it can be used as an instrument of pleasure in love-making, or a tool of defilement and hatred in rape.

        They attempt to deny the fact of that duality, and consider only the perverted “evil” view of the gun/phallic symbol, enhancing the guilt and shame they associate with their masculine nature. It is that masculine nature they fear and hate, and want to purge by becoming a symbolic eunuch.

        Those men who enjoy owning and firing guns, and take pride in their safe handling and skill with them, are rejoicing in their masculinity. They do not feel guilt, shame, or any inadequacy in their masculine nature, but are both happy and proud to be male.

        • @ The Bear You are welcome to put it to use. I sometimes include two quotes:

          “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”. —- Sigmund Freud (attributed)

          “No symbols where none intended”. —- Samuel Beckett

    • I wouldn’t necessarily recommend wasting your time at Raw Story, they are biased/corrupt all the way to the TOP. And I have proof of that from correspondence I’ve had with “Roxanne Cooper” at [email protected].

      I first emailed a comment I found abusive to [email protected], which she stated was not against Raw Story rules, so I sent her the link to another comment which Raw Story had been informed about, but did nothing about. Here is the transcript, in order from first to last:

      On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 6:32 PM, [redacted] wrote:
      I guess what we find abusive is debatable, but this comment isn’t allowed by Raw Story:

      It reads (with text emboldened added to emphasize the offending part. not in original.):
      “I’m talking about the pools I’ve been close enough to, to know. I can’t speak for every pool owner, although all the people who have showed up from nowhere this mornign seem to believe they can speak for all gun owners. (Pool regulations aren’t retroactive, dipshit. There are still unfenced pools, some of them with things like slides that make me believe there are small children in the home.)

      Y’all really need to learn to read.”

      This is a personal attack.
      I have already emailed Raw Story about this comment, however, nothing has been done. Please remove this comment.


      On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 9:33 PM, Roxanne Cooper wrote:
      No. You need to stop trolling.

      So now I’m being called a troll by their leader… classy. Shows you how respectful they are. I can guarantee you I have done no trolling, nor used profanity or made any insults on their site or in email. I’ve sent a reply asking for an explanation of why she won’t remove that comment, despite clearly being called “dipshit,” plus quoting the rule stating comments containing personal abuse would be deleted, but haven’t received any reply. That shows you just how sleazy they are. They post rules but don’t follow them themselves, and on their moderators even join users in on ad hominem attacks on their articles. If that doesn’t say “sleazy and dishonest” I don’t know what does.

  5. This is this exact exchange I had with a “Gun Grabber” on Face Book. Now he interrupted a conversation I was having with a “friend” who was on his high horse about global warming. I told the friend I thought it was possible the Earth was warming but what was causing it was unknown, then I posted a link to a one week old paper by the University of Texas’ Geophysical Dept contending that volcanoes under Antarctica are causing the melting ice there. Well my “friend” and his friend “Bruce” (I redacted his last name) went insane. Now Bruce knows I am a State Court judge and he still proceeds to make as close to a death threat as you are ever going to hear (I have thick skin so it doesn’t bother me). But the profanity used by anti-gunners is one thing they all have in common. Back them into a corner and the filth come flying out.

    By now this argument has been in progress several hours

    Bruce _______: I hope someday, you have a “close, personal experience” with a gun, Joseph–one in the HANDS of someone with NO BUSINESS having one. One who doesn’t give a sh*t whether you “supported” loose gun laws or not, because ALL he cares about is WHAT he can TAKE from you! You will be SINGING with the choir, on that day, Joe, but it WILL be too late! You MAY become a “believer” after, though, and that’s almost guaranteed!
    8 hrs • Like
    Joseph Johnston: You fool, I am an NRA Firearms Instructor and I teach people how to survive a gunfight.
    8 hrs • Like

    I am a little embarrassed to say when I found out he had served in Vietnam, and yet hates this Country I used that against him. I thought he would have a heart attack, but now he ignores me!

    • Sorry for your loss of a ‘friend’.
      They say these things to rile us up, the same way they get riled up when presented with differing opinions (even though they have no facts, but that’s unrelated to emotions)
      Unfortunately, they don’t care about facts unless you are talking face to face.

    • I suspect when he was in the Nam the dope screwed up his mind in a subtle way. You just pushed the “Big Red Button.”

    • I don’t see why you don’t publish his entire name. He voluntarily and publicly put that information out there on the world wide web/facebook, where privacy is not to be expected, and I can’t see any reason to protect the privacy of low-character scum like that.

    • I have learned that you can excoriate someone far more effectively by NOT using any form of profanity, obscenity, etc.— especially when he is stupid enough to apply such tactics against you. You immediately have the higher ground morally, grammatically, and intellectually.

  6. What I find funny is this:

    The antis get all gung-ho about calling in the national guard, active duty and having drones take us out. Since we all know 95%of these liberal/progressives don’t join the military, who are they calling in to do their dirty work?


    I’m Active duty army and here’s what I have to say:
    Progressives f**k off. You’re pissing in the wind if you think we will.

    • Dude, don’t get pissed off. We know that the military won’t call in drone strikes and that that’s just ludicrous. They would have to get the president to OK it, and that would just show everyone how psychologically retarded they are. I would honestly like to see them try to petition the White House to murder millions of Americans.

      We also don’t need to use profanity, we have logic…. whereas all they have is profanity and insults and their “feelings.” They need to use it, otherwise they would have nothing.

    • Remember that “civilian defense force” that was supposed to be “EQUAL TO THE ARMED FORCES” that Obama was promoting when he first took office? I remember. It sounded to me like either brown shirts or black shirts would be the uniform of Obama’s loyal private army.

  7. In case the irony has escaped readers, I am going to point out a colossal opportunity with the type of comments that Travis Pike brought to our attention.

    On multiple occasions I have thanked gun-grabbers for validating my decision to be armed … so that I can defend myself and my family from people like the gun grabbers who desperately want someone to imprison or kill me and my family simply because we are “different”.

  8. There sure was a lot of “sour grapes” against “The View”. All of a sudden these people discovered they have hated that meaningless show for ages. It just took a few pro-gun comments to make them realize how wrong they had been about that show for many years.

  9. The funny thing is all these comments sound strong willed and concerned for safety…but are really relying on someone else to protect them and their children. They have a choice: have a gun (read: defensive weapon of choice) available and maybe get to use it, or roll over for whatever comes.

    “Women” in general are NOT afraid of guns. I pity the fool who enters our house. My wife will perforate their a$$ pretty much right freakin’ now. Ready, willing, and able. And she’s a better shot than I will ever be.

  10. I love the “if you don’t feel safe get help” comment. – Sure, all you anti-gun folks get a restraining order and then call 911, hoping that someone with a gun will come protect you in time.


  11. Funny question for Robert, Do you have the part “natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.” on a Macro on your keyboard? If you don’t you really should cause then you wouldn’t have to type it in. I’ve seen that statement made a boat load which means its been typed a lot; so time saver tip! <3 Also good video.

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